The Loganville Home Invasion Massacre 2013

Rara occupied this house – girl in question  who was raped and beheaded was my daughter – there were more juvenile victims including my son, I was skinned like my children
The woman John and I have shot Idd, I had to come to court, self defence – the real offeners are still not in jail – even the president was hostage – think bank robbery – even the president was hostage and the real offenders are still fugitive – cough – think coupe?
The rapist we shot down was he not the Marine from the Thalys attack?

press officer terrorism: neighbors heard shots maybe, you know the drill – by force(Renee) – that’s what he told the press what to do

Sheriff Joe C. was kidnapped from police station and taken inside he was beheaded for memory loss too – see his neck in second picture? Did Sen. Cantwell touched his make-up, to cover it up, no, to memorize what happened.


The sheriff has been visiting my home in Holland, 2013 I beleive, with amnesie hge was trying to fix his memory – he could see that we were hostages again, also at that moment.

And I had to do my dishes – girls on the street were watching him as Cloony George, who moments later joined the party and tapped the sheriff on his shoulder……RaY

RARA: Renee, Riek, Bertus, Marisse, Martin, Martin, Marti, Huub,Thalys Marine

How it’s Made
How it is made, Mc Nuggets factory – Discovery filmset

Our Heads and Brennan’s have paraded here … ..

I recognize all people in video – wind umbrella’s – ours also –
we were skinned alive for showing off – his Royal Dutch Highness too – despite the Highness his prayers  not to do so…… .what a degradation everytime

We tried to analyze video before – was difficult, most had no memory … ..
I had to come back on it -erased

linked: Cantwell

Mom her murder photos among others made by me

And just as An and Eefje RARA thinks they may kill everyone en get away with, it was not only Dutroux, I was lockedup with them, eye witness, even arrested for being in the cage…..the fought about it, killing them. too
Publishing rights and privacy rights abuse to murder and rape. This blog was initialy placed by Janick and Lauren with my permission, later removed by family, that has nothing to look for in my house. Talking about an ambush!! You may defend youselves from out an ambush and kill back!! We already did and we are abused in court room in the USA and the Netherlands, there is know ohter way for us to reach honest judges than to re-publish. All involved tried to kill for eventual publishing so we thought, well than there must be someone there able to help us. Also RARA beamed our misery, being raped cut to pieces etc movies on a screen in de US Senate, they violated our privacy even more.
Mabey the Police will be so nice* to print this family album, because RARA already assaulted me (and us) in the Printerette Utrecht. I already reported this URL anonymous. I complained about them not sending me information or pictures about my children……….
all pictures are already discussed with both my children her at home with White House staff members CIA and Royal Dutch Family members
where others float in a river, for those that may be killed a thousand times

like all the other being skinned and or impaled pictures from us, the hostage takers, all RARA members, skin us to look more like Jesus for them, maybe a professional psychiatrist without this Jesus illness knows what this means

my son -sledge hammered- removed skull & most brain
he “wears” my cut of bi-ceps
“Removed and scarved tissue, so you must remember,” my
son said running back into my home a year ago
the rope did The Royal Highness(WA) with me too as suggestion
to cutting of my head in the oil drum
for the head hole the Kruger Hells Angel and Wilders* his Lawyer
tried toblaim others with the making of boy against wall
picture, see below at the end –
*kidnapped with us from out the court room, his lawyer,
Knoops, speared the back of  his head  
(professionally already a coupe, even police that screams at a boy)- 
we also knew again how they kidnapped us
Customs at schiphol, laughing: “what are those red drain plug
doing in the back of your noble heads”……

Why are these beautiful pictures? Their victims were. A serial killer you zip up….
Mom her murder photos among others made by me. These are my children murdered by their Mom and other RARA members like both Martins, Riek, Bertus, Renee and Huub.

As hostage Obama, Hilary, Cantwell, Brennan and me under guidiance of the King of Holland, because we really did not know what happened to us and why they did this to us, made these pictures.To be found on Terrorist as hero’s to be found on the internet or worse like that Spencer Stone hero, who did these kind of acts to my daughter too so I f*cked him up with back-side sabel and fists, at home and in a train, he should be in prison. That’s my identity and not some Maroc terrorist*. These pictures are all real!!! Not art but plain serial killing.

*These pictures are shown at the KLPD Driebergen, police station refused to have look at them, so they could not be held responsible, that’s how they were going to protect their superiors, their superiors came down and were not afraid to give them those orders too in front of our face. The orders were to scientifically research them and to hear all witnesses on the lie-detector including me. And not to abuse our amnesia due to torture and being forced to make these pictures. And spiffily not to here to Mom only because she is one of the year later(three can bee said too) nothing happened, we are researched on the lie detector, I say we because then I would have done that together with my children. So they deliberately took advantage of the amnesia of their superiors, which is technically committing a coupe seen the accusations.

The philosophy of the 8mm club(not only child porn as you can see) is to keep serial killers out of jail, kidnap the president and be the boss of the world…a 44 yr old hostage
The photos I took from Ellen shoul belong her too……

We knew a Judge we worked for as bounty hunters whit our assignments like this drawing
next to each other, Einstein’s 2d in 3d, on his desk. And whit his wet finger (or
voodoo) he determined which assignment needed to be done first. Just to remember
this drawing on his wall, just to remember why is not circular something,
justice, maybe a tip – and we also drew indeed it rara to the 

* corpse maim/shooting bank robber is a matter of court approval, because it really has to be a serial killer to have effect
instead of corpse mutilation solder an fake additional ROM chip on the motherboard of your pc in a police office, 
your schizo colleagues will be around you, not taking it for granted, you are already in real gun fight(Brennan did in Paardeveld)
the speed between 1 and 2, in normal operations, has to be done with l light speed, the eyes,
 my sergeant and police drill instructor learned me, or else you walk around with a paper,
when they saw they gave you one in the ass, for saying, only militia does for real or worse
Did, me and
my children, scan a drawing like this, in the House of Representatives? Did we
not send it with an email address from Poetin personal, to Russia, with Hilary and the President. Serial killers (schizo’s) will call it highly secret military information or
something. Healthy people will call it a way to create Democracy that is no secret.
We had too and it is nice test to test the mental health of who is going to
make fuss about it. Who made us should be more interesting, they who make a
fuss about it, do know it. They told us, and Hilary in court room about knowing
them (rara). We, so called, did not. So they were going to proceed with the
court about the email
¿ We already
gave it to a rescuing Russian soldier, in Russia, because our hostage takers
were fighting about, and would that not be the same as e-mailing it
¿ Or did we pretend to have send it, to test our environment and they made us, mabey, send another e-mail. They are very quick with courts against Democracy, that is 
remarquabel in 
comparison. I was skinned and impaled, the court wanted to see me like that. The FBI boss was cutting the throath of my son, John Brennan made sure I saw it. They and I(forced) did the same too the FBI boss too make him a victim and it was an opportunity for the other serials. Maybe like at the shooting school, shoot the hostage, depriving attention to himself to get the full blast, to save my daughter, because….she gets the full blow…. It was staged I remember, for the Utrecht press officer his innocence, he skull f*cked my son whit those words, meanwhile he tries to slam the head from my daughter time after time with hid iron “walking stick”. See neck bruises on yawning girl picture below.


The philosophy of the hostages, try to make beautiful pictures(“”) instead of the regular terror pictures in the hope the terrorists, our hijackers would put them online. They took the bite, so enjoy……

my son – I have looked like too this 20 yrs ago..

 a protest against the fact that the police pretending to be interesting with our murder pictures on the internet, our bodies

my daughter, all particpated in cutting,
which gave permission, see our reaction,
in bathtub, or other kung fu tricks


my daughter? I made black dots, see eyebrows too and theeth,
I saw my mom Riek knock the sizors in, her head is somewhat
crushed by  big sledge hammer, to change it


my daughter


my son
my daughter

This is my Son: Brennan, Comey, Lauren and me were forced with guided hands to remove his eye by Marisse. Martin my brother & Renee stabbed his neck with a piercer tot tell themselves this is Vladimir Son Of The Dragon. We already knew that they would put the picture somewhere on the net. They used my hair with skulltop again. We have to take turns, it’s made possible by Berhard Jens from the Utrecht police who holds us down with a spear through our backs.

THE MOM… Marisse, beheaded by Renee on purpose to create innocense for keeping the children, I took picture – they staged my children and I did this – by guided hand – we wished – we were too wounded – with s steel pipe there was beaten a bite out of her thigh as so often happened with our heads(for she took a bite, she is mob) – in Odessa it worked too, Renee mumbled cutting of her head(they also did with 9/11 and with the Oklahoma bombing – escaping by making themselves victims)

my daughter, the under leg is my brothers:

my son(or me), on four legs is done tu us too a lot,
they turn our limbs or something
also on hollywood sets, also with girl stars together
Suicide Squad & Wolf of Wall street I beleive
even the President and I tried to say woef to each
other on 4 legs in the White House, incoming paranoid and excusing
generals because of the coupe arguments….
Marisse Their mom’s head torn off I
with our bare hands and butch knives, my children
and I*, a very proud dad, I had to learn everything
again from them, special thanks to the people
that let and make us too for more than a decade
*with a for me devastating surgical background, just like me indeed
my daughter, knife work after after ax blow(mom)
in the mouth region, Marisse and Renee,
Pierrot too, jaws and teeth are knocked in with force
necklace is from Sen. Cantwell –  on ISO 800, a
discussion between my Son, the King and me.
they repaced her nose with Marisse her nose and writing
about it is perhaps my nose top
my daughter, death, with baboon jaws – on the street!
switched eyes with me, go figur
Note that her mother also used the guts to create this
the muscle tissue is damaged with a surgical crest
John S is there too, like press officer
“Mouse”(muis – armory/foerier),
ex colleague dutch army – New Millingen
did co-operate with this murder – obvious one of his brands
they did this to me too in the army(92-93) – look at her ears they cut in mouse shape


Renee his serial killers brand
Dutch customs officials were already wondering what Renee was going to do
with the toothpicks from my garden, so I could remember

my daughter, pure knife work,(Marisse and Renee, both) a little make up to make it fake
grape branch pieces of wood from my garden that I had used for a fish dish 
which I had to hand them over to Renee
the black hole in her mouth is from a spear(brute force), 
I have to recall who did that, Martin, Marisse, 
Renee or the press officer, normaly he does that
-Marisse did it, I was not allowed to use it for our divorse she said
I did groceries like this in the Nettorama, Brennan, but his man, did not even see it, my children did
the guards of the Royal Highness behave like tis too
I hope it is smink, for you, says the cashier, go figur
I see no pain in her eyes…..
This is also done to us with hot French fries in Mc Donald’s Amsterdam Nieuwendijk and others all over the world.
See my mouth and the my daughter pierrot seral killer brand lipstick, they obviously blaming me for the murders, they say those thing when creating the dead bodies of my children, normally they use their own brand in clown make up
my daugther(again), Cantwell and I
really tried to prevent this one
fighting with Renee,
princess Amila took the picture,
John and I lifted her up, her dad’s orders, message is,
we are equals for terrorists, HELP!! They cut &
torture them too, must be better then a bullet
the squad teams always think
a rara follower….big mouth i guess

I have been used(my children too) as scarecrow in several Stephen King movies, They still make art with us, for them it’s serial killing and hiding their prey.

me again(and / or my son, remember both), same setting, see witch above
do bone cells contribute to human’s memories
my son or me
The King’s or my daughter


sledge hammered me or my my son (both at leat in a studo?commercial?)
eye brow cut > cut army boot sole(Brennan, kids did not understand)
they sprayed with black stuff out of a can in my mouth, even with my children
they used gold leaf foil and black paint – so I had
nothing to complain, his Royalty also may not complain
they used gold leaf(after shooting at his gold carriage)


Janick my son without eyes and
torn open mouth – I made picture and put
on the latex on his torn jaws
in the upper left corner the finger prints of
his sister and the princesses of Orange
my daughter -a real cut and cut off nose
a typical police or judge victim – justice that
provokes violoence & threats by doing nothing, both
self-defence but than you will have
no justice – so they are mob  in most cases
easy to find
they stiched my mouth a lot too during my live
even in work clothes
Renee did this with on their accordance
and presence, A’dam judges, Utrecht police
this is a real samorai sword cut suture
given by a judge linked to Robert M. case
I could realy look into her skull for 20 cm’s
they repeated it twice for this picture….
some good old USA velvet
with her permission, my aunt Ali, shallow (NL) 2009 photo created in Maarssenbroek
forced by presidential guards with house standards
witness John Brennan, Lauren, Janick
my son at airport, Marisse Zuidema had to beat him with knuckle-duster again
, tortured, raped, not a real guard, Renee, Marisse and I did make up(poop) on his legs
i took picture.., picture from youtube, a lot of small pictures from
RARA to be found there,Sen Cantwell and I Photoshoped this at our own decision
for my Son(“if that’s me it’s ok”, he was again memory less)
(pubic)hair on limbs is fake – could this be my brother? we wondered too
i just remember i had Photograph my son like this, that he was ashamed like this, for me
thumb is my son’s, eyebrow to look like martin is make up


Picture made by Grandma Beeren and me – “The Royalties”

Revenge for US Comfort picture
Cantwell – Janick – Brennan




our beseech, my son in the background he had to walk like
fake police cop on Neeltje Jans Island makin next picture
my son killed cruel, by Renee and John – the dear horn is also typical Johns way to kill people


Janick – Lauren
John Brennan in hotel room to destroy his carreer, yhat was the set up, the terrorist were very
paranoid about the similarities with the hotel roon just before 9/11,
the room were RARA kidnapped pilots for their suits…
Oh this is not only make up, it’s being done like how they put my spine and skull into Gollem

* strange phenomenon is that if you appear
for a judge for it, with CIA help, and you don’t agree with that identity
theft, which is already practiced communism
(equals fascism),

 , and they make no change to get me
in prison for it, just like Dutch court, they cancel they court. Which is in
fact a cover up, communism and that’s still a war crime.
Even the CIA
help is staged so go figure it out…..they must think I think, Brennan declared me healthy for it. People who make
this kind of art have the same disease, explains maybe why they don’t have to
go to prison for it. Of course beiing democratic is than obstinate and childish under the schizo’s….like bombs on Germany…..

I hereby complain the royal family and my family for publishing these pictures without our consent as trophy of their disease, like there is no difference, my children and I as a known trophy among the serial killing schizophrenics

All family names in our blogs are mandatory, but with pleasure of course……

paying dept for chernobyl??, you think you are well treated in a hospital…, some Dutch secret service bullsh*t under it:

some more of my children, we had to play wolves???:

we are compared with the WWII Wolves
that try to kill Hitler, they are bugs bunny’s, see below
my daughter, death, Renee positions finger
& the brush is anchor point to indentify that
it is my daughter’s


a death Lauren, Renee modeled her hand
(see germany train photo or dracula photo’s, typical his pose),
I had to lift her and make picture(together with Sen. Cantwell & my Son)
before we left for the USA, Lauren did some
dishes over here @ my place in these clothes
The princesses were dressed as medieval fairies here, and killed with knife too.
Lauren her repared fingers the surgeon and I position her 
lifeless fingers,to show the nonsense, she died right before
his Royal Higness and I took picture,
in the right corner you will see the meet skinned skull from my
kneeling son Janick, Cantwell rotated my camere to get him on
fortunate, according to disagreeing press officer and renee,
his skull pasted together, the press officer and marisse,
 beated it half off with spear
Janick with removed eyes
my son’s thumb, beaten flat by Renee,
had to look like my hand at least
after some photoshop
i took picture, his mom’s new
knuckle-duster(the old one)
Marisse killed him with it, his blood,
his dead hand, after he posed for boy with open
mouth without eyes above picture, mom’s mercy
“help us they only take pictures”, the skinned him half
alive after this pic, see above pic in right corner
My Son, look also like me when I was young
the “gay” ahnd is typical my mom’s serial killer
I took picture, not sure where, eye lid removed and lips,
hands are real too, double-checked
it’s a smelling sweater from Tonnie R**x,
I had to wear it too for this murder when I was young
my children and I hanged with crane on bridge by her mom, in video
we had to rope each other
my son vertical impaled lifted by the Utrecht Police press officer
JOhn Brennan bursted in and touched the spear, in video
With special thanks to The Royal Highness of Holland for setting the shutter speed on our camera’s for all special effects in our murder photo’s presented on this web site.
So they are not Photoshoped Gentlemen.

Typical RARA member(family) clothes: Renee and Marti afters some robberies, real blood, real victims, I had too take picture(witnesses White House staff), burlap and latex president masks are also being used


my Son and or I thrown from roof by Marisse (Cantwell – Willem Alexander – Brennan – eye witness)
jeans I wear are from brand American Eagle Outfitters, ordered online at my place, Cantwell mad me fit them,
meanwhile you see no order troopers whatsoever, they just let us leave the country with the terrorists?? How long
does it take for internet orders arrive, even the King of Holland was hostage again
it’s bank robbery situation and you have to call 911 I beleive….

linked: Quarter make camp holland, RARA did these things with me and my children, even kite with our remains to impress the boys and to emphasize the fact of the coupe and as knowledge level.

latest pictures:

Queen Maxima witm me and the children,
mine and theirs,to disrespect
The King, we had no recognition,
for his revenge….
Me witth my son’s head and arms and one leg
breasts from Marisse and Cantwell
Marisse with a strange girl for us


a rara memeber, could be Marti


me with Renee his arms and head
breasts from Marisse and Cantwell
me, they sledged out a piece of my skull
with a iron cylinder and sledge hammer
The King of Holland took this picture
I beleive, I saw him on top of the stairs
this pipe us used on my children and me, to gave us holes in our skull
in my garden 2013 – see picture above – hammer damage is removed but visible
renee – the martins – marti- marisse – huub


The King or me with my or his skin and
meat just back on(see arms), and some children
My Son and or me or both


My son de-skulled, his brains are mounted back, his eyes not, I had to take picture with The Pope, a factual disgust for mom, that’s why she placed her pics on, she and her friends forced me too. as a young boy they made me walk with this new invented helmet in the White House, made me a bit famous in Hollywood, the stole the helmet from the director it was still a prototype for the upcoming famous Star Wars movies – George Lucas three years ago pointed me out that they, I, made a picture like this from my son, found it!! He was kidnapped to I guess again…. I took pic leaded by means of a spear from the Utrecht Press officer one of the kidnappers, of the Royal family too at that moment and White house staff. The Pope himself gave my son these clothes, we had to walk around naked.

My Son tired, very tired, the eye lids are real, removed:

my daughter, the three of us are raped and killed
in this car, my son and I were reanimated
to witness and co-take this picture
arm muscle is temporarily removed
Guns N’ Roses again present, 
they could be kidnapped my son said
I spilled some blood from my broken nose
kissing her goodbeye – Janick remember it like that
“your blood”
upper jaw is cut from inside, eyes beaten with steel rod


My Son and mine legs – my daughters body- ribs – I (co-)took pic
my hips and vagina – I was mass raped…..
my body no head – my head and Amilia took pic I beleive – identyfied by her and my
some time ago(arrows steve o and me)
Utrecht police press officer, Bernhard J, pushes hard a spear into my daughter her head,
just see how it bulbs – camera is on ISO 400 shutter time – I take picture – The King of Holland 
holds my spear through body – (John Brennan just eye witnessed this to fro Berhard)


Feet removed with axes and machetes, face removed and rebuild,
I walk on my extended bones… I have raped and ubesed like this transvestite on the Right Light District Utrecht-Amsterdan and The Hague and a TV-show(or something or it was this foto session)

my Son, eyes removed, hammered skull,

her eyes are for beaten inside with steel poles and removed
maim limbs this way and skull model with hammer is typical of the mafia family Zuidema,
a matter of knowledge and complicity in denial,
even I have heard from the police that this is typical for thrm…..?

My daughter, doubt, but the same hands…i took pictures
I had to place this picture, under threat of a gun and knuckle-duster(by her mom), from her mother online, together with my daughter, she is now 13 years old and I and we still consider this as child porn(we hope the police too), she is raped multiple times during the making from this picture by grown up serial killer gangsters

we had to make love like this – ….
baseball bat is from Margot Robbie
My daughter with cut out jaws, Renee did her
nose with nail, while see was alive, her gaze was meant for me – dito
done by the Martins, Marisse and Renee(they tried to involve Brennan)
the same scissors are used by my uncle Bertus Colet in 2013
in my garden to cut my children’s faces to pieces
she pulled a thousand faces befor this one
oh they did this to with some Oranjes – talking about pleasantries
my daughter was just repaired and a local police officer. the one with
beard used the sciccors in my garden again to cut her face like this again,
some time later they send me to a psychiatrist to decrease my credibility
a 400 dollar bill !!

source: – a site we* created ourselves incl. design, for some yin yang comparison with this blog, more stylisch(this blog did not show our origin and that of our hostage takers therefore), about our adventures with terrorists, the same who conviscated this site because we stole their pictures, enjoy we don’t hope to post some more. *the children of Barak, Brennan, Oranje, Moesker and their parents, they made us make this site…:

my daughter her head is cut off in cage
my brother his hands
we moved the cage a bit, see neck
the birth marks are blood stanes


my daughter her lips are cut out
sge had my eye balls in
I have her’s and take picture
my daughter, iren pieces are slamed into
jaw bone, also by Slash (Guns N’ Roses) – forced he said
her neck is sliced by her mom
this done to me at atheneum school to when I was young
(+- 27 years ago, I know remember)
her eyes are for beaten inside with steel poles,
on her face is some white powdery substance for the picture and mob clown
I had to pull the lids out a bit, tweezers, for the picture, what you see is not a mask
I have some flashbacks on Eddie M. and me like this on the filmset
Mad Max Thunderdome(linked wolf claw knuckle dusters)
linked: the movie Sinister, I was “alowed” to play the mask man, see trailer
we needed to shut up about it…..
I believe the coat was from Lauren M., a singer too
my Son murdered (axe, head)by Renee, me and Brennan had to take picture
naked in the water
my daughter, my Son check’s with hand if she is alive,
Brennan ordered him to

See my mouth and the my daughter pierrot seral killer brand lipstick, they obviously blaming me for the murders, they say those thing when creating the dead bodies of my children, normally they use their own brand in clown make up

my daughter, I took picture, I had to prmise to Photoshop her
breasts or els they would cut them off and put bigger
ones on…..I did at over here

My daughter smoking to humiliate me, it had to be in the movie….:

My daughter without  skull, without arms, intestines hanging on her spine,
we had to hang her like this, they used samorai swords for cutting

My daughter raped by this Dutch Judge in a art gallery, in the USA – I had to make porn movie again…


One of my children with my head, in Marisse her bedroom. Marisse and MArtin did this, there is a piece of wood in her back, Marti holds it, I remember that my brother gave me those fingers

Me or my Son, Brennan also they tortured likes this, Arnold and I already reported this to the police, back then during the Terminator films. They did it againn…… Justce Minister van Steur waspresent at this torture to, maby this is him with meat parts from us – did they do this us to in his garden/home?

My Son, me and i beleive Cantwell they drowned like this


10 yrs old……..they killed her with sword through
skull, vertical down
she did not like to be on the net like this,
she wanted to let know
see also distended vein right brow,
which is identical to throw-up picture above
Lauren – she does not live here – her mother cut her heart out before
I have to take the obligatory photo – my son is held by Cantwell –
her tong is pulled out after she died
paint breasts are from Marti – connected is Canival Limburg, for his memory – self made
he showed me in his barn the kidnapped me too
my son pointed out that they broke her jaws
This picture was taken by my kids, they have my hands are beaten flat with a hammer
and I got a spear through my back through my body to stand still.
This in revenge for our website
terreur: macht en kennis,
My Son was killed for this picture, I had some quarrel with his Royal Highness
about using widescreen or not
killed and positioned with place holders even on the back of it’s arms
very professional by the way, half robot, abused for a movie again?
– he is upright by a iron stick through his skull into his body
done by Martin M and Bernhard J
my daughter. 11 years old…, her toes are cut off and points pinched
and beaten with hammer inwards, she stands model
with no anesthetic, I am obligated, again, to shoot the picture’
Marisse, her Mom, and her parents already, as being mob,
tortured me like this around 1995 at the pionstraat , Utrecht[NL]
My children or I, we had to take pictures ouselves, Photoshop them,
place online – we are partially skinned alive and impaled
by Rene and medics and the rest of RARA
lenght-face-hair- this one could be me
Willem Alexander van Oranje duwde ook spies in mijn rug
zo zag Vladimir de spieser er meestal in mijn opinie, als een draak en niet als reetkeverige draken jager
(donky shot syndroom figuren)
still  see them  work with the shovel while skinning us
the Eagle had to remove the doubts of the kidnapper, so it could perhaps be placed online
my daugter, skull is splitted with sword
my son and I place a mouth stich, the star, I have a snow flake tattoo
so we can remember
My Son he had figure like me in the movie Sint and now as he is, one of the
Ghostriders, the fluid is car oil
I took pictire too, the sword stab is real, his Mom did
also in Platja Dáro
I shopped it also windescreen and had to place it online
on different sites
is his neck they placed a few haires from
he was angry about it


This what it took to kill me…..I could
feel the pain in the breasts

the breasts are borrowed from Anneke Adelaar
my intestines are removed not to damage them
first they killed my Son like this, I said something
like dare tot this to me f….s, child murderes….
her I stand model wiht open skull, see brain structures,
still they publish, murder is commited just like Hollywood,
I did not even get paid for it
John Brennan pointed a gun at me to put me out of my misery,
hence the staged (I co shopped it) splashes and smoke
no skin and paint on my flesh
The buzz saw split – this one is done to my
daughter with a big grinder by Renee, Riek, Marcel Kruis and Marius
they also created some child porn movies with us – see my one notes
the wooden skull filling was tailored to fit on spot  with knive
even John Brennan and His Royal Highness Willem van Ornaje
scraved the wooden filling just so they could remember it was real &
in attempt to take it away to prevent further damage
I was obliged to Photoshop the picture…..
a dragon eye, so it one of us, for their amnesia after making this,
they stab each other in the head for or due to fighting with us
the background was delivered by a guard
my son with my skull top with long hair
his top was also removed with sword
compared to the grinder he said….
i took pictures
a fight to expose nose, they chop with sword into his belly and
pull his intestines to the ground, stomping on it, so it is better for the picture, for the parable
one of the bravest kids I ever met
killed by Renee Beeren, Berhard Jens, John Brennan and Arnold Schwarzenegger
althoug they pushed Arnold inside, he had to cut off his nose, he did with John,
my son died on it, that’s why he and John are in his face
I thought my son molded my hand but it was because they exchanged our brains, so
we concluded examining this picture, technical death that is
and or I had to go first, yeah, that was the key
even the Pope was there again, was he hostage, see also his worried eyes in my son’s eyes,
for all I know it could be his eyes too – with them…. he totally dis-aproves what they do, he was saying
pointing at my son
on his shoulder you will see cut lines from skinning
the hostages from RARA, inc White house staff – beheaded with pig heads
a sledge hammer flaterned face from me or Brennan, my son
wears his Ghostrider helmet
The Charles Manson PIGS is the message
they painted the heads on spot
my son holding me with a miniaturized skull etc
typical a John Brennan family kill* – we were both killed
*John mad me write this, he meant his hostage takers, rara
my son his legs, RaRa member Renee my uncle his cut of hands
Brennan and I took picture and dubbelchecked the in two splitted body
my daughter 11 years old, some anti campaign, mom made her and herione
junk and so it must be on a picture –
well they did with my son and me too…not addicted still
raped by Renee, Huub, Senator Canwell her husband and James Comy
a camouflage of my father, this is me,
he lures his prey before he murdered them, in 70’s
he showed this in the White House,
same rection as now
lovely but to do with it….
having me posing it is luring again, thei enemey will not feel
I want to kill them with photo analyze
it is being used to kill South African farmers and
with me dressed like this rara raided-robbed the Praxis Maarssenbroek
in around 2009 before we left for the USA – police it takes a while they are kidnapped
7 years later notting happened not even with the Praxis police report
a personal picture from His Royal Highness Willem Alexander Van Oranje
– must be enough to repaire yourself he said while uploading it
My mom. Renee and Marti do make up, Janick and Brennan teardrop
a take picture – my daughter – death in on piece this time – but still beautiful
Martin Everts my son his stepfather cuts his arm off,
I am held to the ground to film it, Ido not know why they do this
my son is ashamed of his stupid sneakers Brennan takes over to hold e
down, to make shure I film it

my daughter some what younger,I take picture, cut out jaws already typical torture, the teeth are hammerd in with a bump out hammer
and RARA members make my Son and me Photoshop it
the terrorists do not understand why we paste the Big Ben in….
2 woman an man from Groningen child care were present when taking the pictures
and participated on cutting jaw – White House was present and hostage taken
This was done to her after thePraxis robery, see ostrich picture above
i took picture with my son – see died while it was done to her –
resuscitated by terrorist paramedics – they cut of both legs almost vertical
and made her jump rop to have maybe a laugh and they did, the legs were not stiched

Our version, that’s how the mob and mom see us, this is what they actually wanted me to create, while making it Queen Elizabeth tabbed my shoulder, makig the terrorits nervous, the star had to be removed, a jew star cause we are prosecuted and sentenced by the mob, the nazies with the same cruelty and amounts, starvation we wished yes, and yes daddy likes everything about you except the mouth when staring at the picture. Oh and so through our life the old Nazi top has also ensured with their terror that we can write this,even fims sets for WWII movies with trains, authentic concentration camps and gas are (ab)used for it:

my Son, with his approval, for his manhood( & therapists…), he is dead, grandma did some make-up, me too, Lauren his sister and I thought it was beautiful to put some moss on his face, to say goodbye, before we took picture, there was some discussion about it, he was buried, he was killed by Renee, Senatto Cantwell and husband are witness, my mother did make-up to make him look like Cantwell:

some what younger, killed by Riek Krijvenaar, and Marisse Zuidema, also make-up, this is what they call stoned as a link to Utrecht Red light District and have a look at Marisse her Pipo hair in this blog, he looks just like me when I was young, they always say, if you have no children we show you with mirror or else with pictures, in our family, suffocated in blood by sword in throat and have a look at the dark plater work spot on his nose, they removed a piece in wig form to create a Michael Jackson nose, most probably for them to recognize their “gang” origin(they suffer amnesia to because of the fights between us, troopers and them):

proud at him saying f*ck you to his killer
even when he is dead
declared dead Brennan and Comey
witnesses: Clinton


This is me, skinned and paint brushed, other than normal they left the skull top on and cut of the facecof my son and me and switched them, the breasts are from Sen. Cantwell, skinned by Renee and her own staff members, they make us they make us, My Son takes the picture with my face on, I hear and see my daughter say, impressive again this all We thought the Senate promised us something if they would see her breast again like this….they through the air in the Senate a couple years ago……
the face pealing is typical Beth she said – she is right I remember too
the breasts are from Sen. Cantwell, I cut them off myself was the intention from the medics,
we managed for her approval “” to show Lauren’s child porn, just breasts, on the net
so we show hers too, she ripped of my skin too and cut off Lauren her breast

just some fascism indeed indeed,, a little like my tattoo

but as you can see I am too wounded, it was an idea from Senator herself
all RARA members are that extreme
she volunteered and also not, for not be cut in pieces again <= that is the key for their precense I think
The Senator had her doubts about publishing the picture, but for anti favoritism where we also victim of she did

here they gave beth a face peal for her so called innocence, it is my son his head
we have to do this but not without toll – meaning his head


My daughter eaten alive, grandpa Bertus K. started it and also by this woman and my brother, I took picture, she asked me too, she died before I did, the do this all the time she stressed
hand tattoos are a link to mine according to the cannibals

my Son with his sister her breasts, at reviewing and still wounded(raped) very hard to deal with but place it online as one of the last, we hope, look at his belly, his heart is cut out, the smink is there to cover it a bit, look at the nose hole, there they ripped his heart out, my daughter and I took picture, eye-witness, see blood spotson chest and -side, his mothers ripped the heart out, medics made a more beautifull hole “” – again a repost the first one I did with my children last year – it was removed while we were sleeping – taking the picture from the side was an idea from John Brennan, see the height of the garbage container – so we could remember this was my son – Marisse grabbed Lauren her hand and stabbed him open – also a reason to take picture with her – I also checked if the hole was real – see also the spear head stab wound from Bernhard J and colleague, Utrecht police, like a misbehaving soldier doing a Vietnamese kid – he hangs on a concrte nail hammered into the cement and a nail hammered into his back spine – also typical for my daddy, a serial killer, that’s how try to dump bodies, more chance that people walk by….oh and plz notice the iron stick under his skin in arm and the monster teeth cover the fact that that they cut away his upper and under lips – to show some skull – and yes he was crying

declared dead Brennan and Comey

police report for the two above pictures:

Lauren and I pretend to cut him half too, Renee knew what we did, we had to take picture together, he was removing poop from Janick his intestines, I made the blood stains with hand and argued with Renee about it…….They have cut his jaws in two through the mouth entrance, to make it possible to stretch it longer, see his sister her vampire photo with flame on the tongue.

Dutch pathologists are present to establish that it is impossible, happily the gangster’s do not take it and their jaws are also cut in half and their heads are smashed with spears. A little disagreement was enough already to play them out. In the line of our self-defense they are the highest to kill first, so we do not care no more, The gangster’s do not understand. Some judges rushing away gave us permission to play them out too for what they have seen. A no conviction on spot again. The RARA Terrorists had so see and feel this, a change in the line of self-defense, from us to towards the two agents arresting El Chappo, for what ever it ment……

My Son or my daughter, at least it is my hair, how can be? I did make up is Viking as possible or Obama would kill me. it had to look schizoid, my Son I think, they cut of my skull top for, they do all the time and I had to be involved some more. I believe he is dead although he is standing. In his Eyes, Renee, Martin and Jacco as I recall too. They could not even look at this picture his murderers, instant schizoid staring and massive fear. They were carried out of my house for treatment. Little make-up, little hate, good photographer and some police homicide knowledge. Nothing we are not going to do back my daughter and I said, no one helps us, so it is self-defense. The make-up is from you and me.

In fight with the terrorists, also about who took all these pictures, id-theft and recognition, also his idea,hid Royal Highness and me,ps the girl is a terrorist that abused us:

Also a picture I had to take from RARA gangsters, read more, this one with permission from Margot


VERSION TWO OF THIS BOG!! Abused by the Dutch and USA government as boy girls – a father and with photo’s

Landhuis Lord Philips – Willem Alexander

Videoclip voor de
verkoop van het landhuis daar zijn mijn kids en ik naar toe gevoerd…2013 geloof ik
In deze scene is hethoofd van mijn zoon en ik om de liefde van Lauren te winnen er af geslagen – de
liefde van de prinsesjes ook namen ze aan
De bokser is
onthoofd voor geheugen verlies, is betrokken op negatieve wijze


Getuige: KH. Willem Alexander
Ze vroegen zich op
een gegeven moment af of terreur ook de rijken is
Het antwoord is nee,
weet ik weer
Niet allen is
Hoessein en consorten en etc etc etc – snapt de politie niet – het is te mavo voor ze
Gek om weer terug te
zijn in dit huis…..ik kwam er al toen de zoons er nog woonden
Gek om deze advertentie een paar jaar naar dato opnieuw in de krant te zien, wel voorspelbaar
wederom een melding van misdaad
misdadigers: terreurgroep RARAOok ben rond 1998 in het Evoluon leven gevild, zo lietenze me rondlopen, tijdens televisie werkzaamheden door RARA leden(huub, jess, renee), dit gebeuden ook in het PSV stadion, Philips familie leden die te hulp schoten werden ook ontvoerd.

bron: cadeau geweigerd door nerds van Everts, Zuidema, Beeren, Krijvenaar, Moesker jaja wat een … Weet de famillie Philips wie ze aan moet klagen ,,,,,

Gelukkig heeft papa de bonnen nog, ik ga wel ff op en terras zitten, a wing suiter back pack dat was de bedoeling XXX

een jaar geleden, terug uit Cambodja, met mijn kinderen op dit terras
gezeten” met Zijne Koninklijke Hoogheid, Lau jarig,
weer die twee jongens en die mooie meid, iets  teveel Jess, aanwezig, dezelfde It deal beslecht met een fles wijn, een jaar geleden was de Hoogheid zo beleefd de fles open te trekken en op te drinken, dat moest van Renee, weird……dezelfde mensen weer te zien…ik werd gevild toen en dat meisje wilde ook wel eens met een alien piemel, zo kan je dat onthouden zei ze ook uit angst


By my children, Obama, Brennan and me, a testimony that no one wants to hear, or will act after

Fighting to stop it? Obama and Hilary and partners did not even know why they were in the towers, hey were kidnapped by my family memebers, that I remember…..
Obama Barak thrown out of the tower and me 2nd time, flattened with sledge hammers, Paper Mario man they called me.

We are repairing
our own, we are waiting for ambulance, you are good at it I see, proceed, kill
that camera man, pay him, tower in, tower out, tower in, tower out, tower in,
tower out…..

Throwing us
from the towers is for the terrorists a psychological debt payment, they have to
do it too each time to escape from police or marines. They still jump from buildings
and wingsuit plateau to escape from arrest. Even their mom does it. Or like
Odessa or Oklahoma, they escape as heavy wounded victims. Meanwhile leaving us
behind as heavy wounded victims too, needing a lot of attention……..


I have been in studio’s* where the trie to give falling man a face, like they said it’s gambling
mabey this one is better, they already had thoughts on it since Obama was there too, kidnapped
a sort of Tokyo studio’s within the Pentagon

Me thrown out of the tower 1st time, in pilot clothes since I flew the planes, the throwers: RARA members, Marisse too:


Marisse, my ex wife, dyed red hair, for her innocence, our guild:


In the documentary The miracle of the 9/ 11 surfer I see some recognizable stories and faces, some of them visited us over here at my home and or fought along against RARA again…..

a forgotten victim, the  one of the Boston Bomb, like it’s a normat to treat victims like….

Next thing you know they abuse you to film with a GoPro simular scenes, jump from owers, in Hollywood films like the Matrix and Mission impossible movies…..

Obama and my son sledge hammered:


They try to kill John Brennan now like they did with Ray in Dallas

“They try to kill John Brennan now like they did with Ray in Dallas” my children screamed loud trying to get help.

After our adventures on The floating abattoir (USNS COMFORT) and wing suiting trying to break records landing without chute on water an fights on that beach, RARA hijacked the air force one to fly to Cambodja, Siem Reap, Temple area.

I was skinned again and we went for visiting some old temples. John Brennan was already there, technical as a hostage. Also on the Comfort.

We walked had transport from Angor Thom to West Mebon. On the cross road John’s agents “staged” his dead bij shooting like Renee did in Dallas. Through the head and vertical through his body.
President Obama were given guns by our children and we shot at the guards. We lost and Renee and Marisse cut out our eyes.

On West Mebon they sewed our eyes back on. A perfect Arena Renee concluded. The president, my children and I were wondering the authenticity of the architectural excavations. Happy we had vision and our eyes back. We don’t Cambodian soldier smiled.

The Cambodia army flew in. They always do that RARA agreed disappointed. It took 30 secs. My kids were jumping they immediately shot Marisse, their mom down. They were jumping, nice nice nice, then they already know who they are.

Back in Holland, or before, we got skinned on stage on Decibel Outdoor during – Paul Elstak & Neophyte. RaY


same type off gun, kiddy, more easy to smuggle in…..

West Mebon Arena


The USNS COMFORT (T-AH 20) – my favorite hospital – a lot of guns

Most probably one year ago (9/11/2016)
And Yes, as
true war and terrorist veterans RARA boards The USNS COMFORT (T-AH 20), a
seagoing Medical Treatment Facility.
terrorist and their, some already 44 year old, hostages are living dead. Full brain
surgery, full brain replaced war veterans The living dead from TV!!!! And they
know it. Does the crew know it? Does the crew know they are the ones from 9/11.
Does the crew know there are the bosses of the world. Does the crew know we are
going to slice them? Does the crew know we maybe have too, BUT only their
serial killers we said as true warriors, to impress the terrorists. WE ARA
RARA!!! Trying to expose them.

On a working visit PAAAh shouted the onrushing Dutch Queen with daughters to join her husband. That not realy a hostage right know, Renee, remarked for his judges.

What do you
mean? said a female doctor, cool to see again on Discovery, she gave me a new
brain. Well so we can pay our surgery I smiled like a full grown serial killer,
o sorry, bounty hunter.
Well they
did not know what to expect. They comforted us with they the presence of the
president, Sen. Cantwell and Hilary Clinton. But it were serial killer in
uniform that comforted us. Oh Oh me and my children knotted towards each other.
I was partiality repaired on this ship, on
the 14th apparently
Then I watched so called live on TV on the
1th, go figure
The ship entered New York on the 14th,
at least that’s on the net


And indeed
like on the Nimitz and Abraham a slaughter party was risen. Do they always are
like that? Why are they not in prison? Is it true what they say. Too late. Why we
are not briefed correctly.


Do they
abuse your, and yours to she beckoned the president, abuse you war trauma’s.
That’s slavery, that’s acute communism, terrorism, that’s a code red mister
president. Is mister correct? I don’t know a said. They already smashed his head again. Let’s all try to remember.(ours too, wounded can be important??)
I saw one
if the doctors is still collecting mosquitos’. Mabey they remember 
we werefully skinned(1), we werefully skinned(2). They are still not in prison. They are still abusing our war traumas
and those of the White House Staff.Oh yeah we were spotted with wingsuits!!

One thing we learned that you can repare beheaded human.

they take this code red seriously, because with 9/11 we had to beam the twin towers
with projectors on the wall to keep the senator off arguing with internal
terrorist/serial killes. The one with leather under wear just like us but
different. No twin towers but a lot blog with images? And Video and our own video’s
the Kids

I am now wondering if this skinning, see pic and blog happened on board of this ship, could very be, I know for sure right now…..:

my children, Royal Dutch family members and I
after flyng into tower 1 and two they skinned me like this too
as standard procedure, the showed my cut out embryo son, but different
they were checking how roasted I was……and they were pealing my skin, they showed me…
legal vs illegal

The floating abattoir predicate, to bad we have no certificates, you now may use.……..(rara)

During the fights Pins Harry lands his plane, a Harrier, on the deck. He got’s stabbed in the head immediatly. For erasing his rapportage and date abilities, Renee smiled. Well if his crew does the same……
And if they did, because it’s a coup, a code red……… 🙂

I had to place a warmong filter on this picture before Renee allowed me to upload this picture on the net, so the white of the US Comfort would not be recognized, a blue filter, it’s hard to restore:

After this we did some wingsuiting and we went to Cambodja temple area, to be continued……

After wing suiting we got drunk with white house staff and some other hostages from hollywood.

Janick was hungry and bought himself some duck, it was raped in some paper, Renee torched it, his Mom made a picture from it, strange to fiend all ouer terroist pictures on this blog, like realy all our trips to China are on it:

My Son I beleive, a picture taken by Obama Barak and me I beleieve because they do this to us too he stressed, more pictures like this:


Is terrorisme gebaseerd op ideologie – per definitie nee

Ik heb dat ooit geleerd als vierjarig Vietnam Veteraan, terwijl ik vingerkoot tattoos van de jongens kreeg omdat de beste man niet wist hoe hij het me anders uit moest leggen. Mijn kleuterjuf bij thuiskomst was zwaar gechoqueerd, ze zag mijn tattoos niet eens. Terrorisme te noemen.

Terrorisme wordt bedreven door serie moordenaars, ik mijn geval is en was het beter geen ringen te dragen maar vinger tattoos. Serie moordenaar zullen In de ban van de Ring misbruiken om van mij Isildur te maken en mijn vinger te mogen afsnijden om de ring te bemachtigen. Een spelletje spelen, lekker schizo te zijn. Dat doen ze ook zo met de Bijbel en de Koran. Ideologie is dat niet te noemen. Die gasten switchen van Marx tot Mao, als ze maar kunnen moorden en regeren(gijzelen). Iedereen die anders beweerd, er op afgestudeerd of niet, heeft geen ballen verstand van Terrorisme. Fraude te noemen dan.

zo staan beroemde mensen zich te beschermen tegen paperazzi tijdens terreur anders hoeven ze WEER de gevangenis niet in
ik noem hem maar ApartheidApartheid (IS IS – RA RA) – de terrorist maakt aanspraak op godsdienstvrijheid en rassenapartheid, een ras te zijn en komt daar mee weg
ik heb zelfs voor de gein van mijn ontvoerders wegens deze apartheid die zelfs
de terroristen opvalt in de cel, op Robbeneiland, samen  met Nelson Mandela vertoefd,
met Charles Manson ook, maar dat is een ander verhaal, dat hoefde niemand te weten van hem lachte Nelson
een typische pose voor Robben eiland gevangenis, een aantal jaar geleden moest ik weer zo op mijn knieën zitten
in die gevangenis, Marisse sloeg met een grote hamer mijn handen door mijn schedel

Alsof de soldaat de vooruitziende blik had, mijn vingers zijn wel meer dan 5 keer afgesneden om mijn ringen te bemachtigen. Voor het laatst in 2012 in het LDO, te Utrecht. Ondertussen heb ik mijn vinger tattoos maar weer terug geplaatst op out Vietnamese wijze, met een naaldje.

Wat terroristen nog meer doen met “gummy beitels”(bij de Google baas ook zo gebruikt) zoals mijn ex Marisse zal laten zien, zijn al zijn deze foto’s zijn special effects, zo staan ze immers op, en zo mogen ze op het internet.

Voor al jullie domme mensen, we kwamen terug van wat in bomen hangen en spelen en de dames wilde nog wat foto sessie doen met ons nep gijzelaars:

John Brennan, baas CIA zijn hand, net echt:

Marisse haar hand, John was boos, ik heb mede tattoo gezet

Janick en mijn handen zijn zo gedaan:

Doktertje spelen met papa, met mij, ook net echt, dat varken, let’s kills some pigs.…:

RARA is bang voor niemand, dit moest wel heel snel, ik hoop dat dit ook te repareren is, de foto’s waren zo goed, we hoefden niet eens te fotoshoppen. De Utrechtse persvoorlichter politie Utrecht duwde een speer door mijn lichaam terwijl ik de foto moest maken. Dat heeft met hiërarchie te maken:

Lauren haar handen gelukkig alweer in het ziekenhuis, er was nog ruzie over het ziekenhuisbandje, dat mocht van renee niet op de foto:

Mijn zoon en ik hebben zo’n hand gekregen van moeders met een “gummy beitel”, dit is nep natuurlijk. We weten alleen niet wiens hand dit is

Janick zijn hand, zie sok van huub, die deed gauw zijn schoenen uit zodat ik die mooi op de foto kon zetten. Dit noemen hun skinnen, nou eeeuhhh

JAJA zelfs RARA en de Utrechtse persvoorlichter worden gearresteerd, ze hoeven vreemd genoeg nooit de gevangenis in. De kapmessen zijn van Janick en mij, de afgelopen jaren steken wij maar piloten overhoop in pogingen Brennan, Cantwell en Clinton, passagiers en alle RARA leden levend te verbranden, dit soort mishandelingen en pogingen moord te voorkomen, we krijgen soms op de grond hulp van mensen en soldaten met vlammenwerpers denk MH17, dat is ook gewoon een ongelukje:

De-groeperen, in de gevangenis gooien zo bestrijd je terreur. Wat je uit mijn blogs kan concluderen is dat terreur anti-terreur gegroepeerd door reactie snelheden te vertragen, dat is bekende strategie. Gerechten en vergaderingen verstoren, dat begint al in het maagdenhuis bijvoorbeeld. Dat uit zich als bijvoorbeeld ruzie in de groep. Daarom is het van belang binnen 24 uur te reageren, dan houd je de groep anti-terreur in stand en verander je niet in een terreur staat. Er drie dagen over doen om Irak aan te vallen en het ging al bijna niet meer door bijvoorbeeld, het is dat de beelden er niet om logen.

Ook mijn kinderen en ik hebben recht op een vrij leven! Wij kennen elkaar zo goed, we hebben elkaar zo vaak recruiter getest dat we de test resultaten niet kunnen vergeten meer. Dat geldt bijna verder voor niemand. Dus moet iedreen na ruzie weer aan de leugendetector. Het reactie vermogen van het anti-terreur is terreur geworden. En zo wint team terreur en is democratie geen feit.

Net als als in je peleton. Je sergant sneuvelt en het maakt echt niet uit wie hem opvolgt want zo voorkom je ruzie om die machtsplek en van je je terug op elkaars specialisme. Maar nee gewoon recruiter testen voor je aangezicht, een paar wel, een paar niet, dan loop je te macheren met criminelen zonder het juiste regieme, zoals de Engelsen en Russen dat doen met gevangenen in het leger. Gewoon mixen, was dat niet melting pot?, gewoon mengen die peletons en gemengd houden. Niet gevangenen aan het werk met gevangenen in de wegenbouw, zonder bewaking, net zo logisch. Gaat het mis dan doe je gwoon anoniem aangifte via internet. RaY

=== Utrecht kook festival ===

Mijn kids en ik, ook die van het Koninklijk huis naar die gratis eet festijn gevoerd, het terreur ging uit zijn dak met al die lekkere hapjes om zich heen, lees de kinderen. Onder andere de Utrechtse persvoorlichter stond als een waanzinnige kinderen met zijn speer/lans neer te steken in onderstaande tent, zo ook onze kinderen. Dit jaar te vinden op het oogstfeest op Hoeve Ravenstijn. De ambulance dienst had het er maar druk mee.Vandaag is er ook weer een kook festival. Ik koop me eten wel weer een keer. – een anonieme aangifte


Kinderbescherming Groningen en de kinderboksbeugel zaak – schokkende beelden

Marisse haar boksbeugel, een foto die ik genomen heb in Holleeder  zijn huis als gegijzelde….
motief voor foto: de zussen van, en Holleder sneden de ledematen en hoofden van mijn kinderen er af,
van te voren had mijn zoon de boksbeugel van zijn moeder gerold, ze worden jaloers van dat geweld en dan wist hij het wel weer, zie Jakarta foto beneden…..dus voor de afleiding en roem maar een foto maken voor dat ventje

Mijn kinderen werden
geïnterviewd over PAPA deze teksten zijn gebruikt in pleidooien

Of dat nou was in
een Humanitas gebouw, ik geloof het wel
John Brennan was
erbij en werd gedwongen de kinderen te onthoofden, ook door de
kinderbescherming dames
En net als wij vlak
na een onthoofding, moesten de kinderen alles maar weer op een rijtje zetten
Ze praatten als
imbecielen en heel langzaam
Papa had een cavia
en een papegaai
Papa heeft een huis
En motor
Oh ja woont in
Nu moeten jullie slechte dingen zeggen over PaPa anders onthoofden we jullie weer” zeiden de
Papa heeft altijd
ruzie etc etc
Door hun acute
amnesie duurde het gewoon even voor er herinneringen kwamen


Toch is dit met
bewustheid zo opgezet
“En anders slaat Mama het er wel weer uit met haar boksbeugeltje
Ik ben met John Brennan, CIA, op meerdere plekken in Nederland verhaal wezen halen hierover, terwijl we belaagt werden door familie leden. Te weten Kinderbescherming Utrecht en politie bureau paardenveld en stadskanaal. Wederom hebben we moet aftaaien wegens geweld.
Mijn zoon na zijn moeder haar boksbeugeltje. Ik heb hem zo moeten opmaken(baard en okselhaar) en zwart verven. Ik moest ook naar het ziekenhuis en heb als assistent aan Janick zijn hersenen moeten opereren ivm gedeeltelijk hersentransplantatie van andere raciale herkomst. Dit was in Jakarta. Meer over dit verhaal. Zijn zus was ook zo bewerkt, tegelijkertijd, door een vriendin van zijn moeder. RaY
Dag lieve jongen voor de duizendste keer en meer
ik moest het t-shirt omwisselen met de persoon naast hem en hem die overhemd aantrekken,
ik heb hem iets opzij getrokken in de hoop het ooit te herkennen
nog meer boksbeugel mishandelingsfoto’s van hun moeder en vrienden onderaan in deze blog
De boksbeugel doet me denken aan degene die Marisse in een ijzerhandel heeft gestolen 2005 Alkmaar. Ga nooit met een serie moordenaar een winkel met wapens in. Ze sloeg mij en de eigenaar ermee neer. Een typisch Alkmaars winkeltje, Brennan had al zo’n vermoeden en was van de partij en RARA ook. Er ontstonden rellen op straat en mijn kinderen en ik zijn leven gevild. Bij deze alsnog een melding hoop ik….
linked: wapenkamer kamp Nieuw Millingen leeg plunderen, mishandelingen(spies en villen) 1993, ook Marisse, Jess enCecilia aanwezig alsmede de rest van RARA
linked: molens, geheel Nederland, USA

Dienstbevel geweigerd – muiterij – staatsgreep

3 jaar geleden om
rara te arresteren een schakelen, 2 en 1 jaar geleden zijn machteloos gaan bloggen over deze staatsgreep, de blog zijn uitgewist en opnieuw geplaatst
Gecontroleerd door
kids, Brennan en agenten van beide origine – dat kwam goed uit, ons
leesvermogen was danig aangetast door hoofd wonden
De generaals leggen
het lachend op hun bureau hoek, ze staan de ministers, de Hoogheide en leden van de raad uit te lachen. Ze verdedigen zich door RARA leden informanten te noemen. Zo verkoopt iedere terrorist zich, dat is er een uit het boekje, maar goed. Van een verse infanterist daar verwacht je zoiets van eigenlijk….
Hun spionnen zeggen dat er geen aanleiding dus doen ze niets, dit terwijl de aanleiding, regeringsleiders en White House staff) voor hun neus staat met leugen detectors. Die wilde ze nog wel even bestuderen maar wij gingen het toch vergeten dus deden ze niets, net als die Amerikaanse generaals die geen einde aan de coup wilde maken. We, zelfs de president, werden notabele in de gevangenis gestopt, terwijl de bewakers/spionnen daar horen te zitten. Onze hoofden zijn daar ingeslagen door soortgenoten met halters. Voor het vergeten. De generaal werd voor de zekerheid wel even onthoofd door twee bewakers(die van Brennan of de Koning), voor het vergeten.
Uiteindelijk zegt
hij in het dialoog tegen de raad dat hij geen dienstbevel heeft gekregen
Hij maakt misbruik
van onze amnesie
Anti terreur wordt
bezig gehouden met de aanslagen in Frankrijk en wordt machteloos gesteld, het nieuws wordt met censuur gebracht…..Wij zijn hier in Utrecht levend in een vuilniswagen, voor het militair hoofdkwartier gegooid door RARA leden en Renee, dat kregen we er nou van schreeuwde en lachte een betreffende generaal. De kinderen werden door de machine onthoofd en ik werd met de Hoogheid samen geperst. We zijn naar de Van Heutszstraat getransporteerd waar ik woon. En blijkbaar tot leven gewekt. Dit is ons al meerdere keren overkomen, tot aan de afvalverwerking AVR RIjnmond toendertijd.

Dit is ook in Amerika zo gegaan met de president

kinderdag verblijf Amsterdam – Robert M.

Een van de vaders van de getroffenen ontvoerd, verkracht en onthoofd mijn kinderen en ik om het Amsterdamse gerecht te “dwingen” tot schadevergoedingen…….dit terwijl hij participant is in de mishandelingen en verkrachtingen en pogingen moord op mijn kinderen ism met RARA, waaronder rechters

In de drama en voor journaal moeten mijn kinderen en ik en regering leden granaten schieten op het gerechtsgebouw en Angels place en een rechter en de school zelf.

getuigen CIA en regeringsleden zelf. – John Brennan, Rutte, Wilders, Willem Alexander

het gezin met de hoogste vergoeding voor zogenaamd onschuld – in 2013 hebben leden van het OM amsterdan mijn kinderen en ik hier tijdens een afrekening thuis proberen om te leggen

Marisse stemt in….uitwerken


Bananen wikie – en heksen orde De Orde van de Zwarte Banaan

Waarom heet onze heksen orde De Orde van de Zwarte Banaan, is wel eens gevraagd.

Misschien hopen we wel dat Nederland een bananenstaat wordt, dan ben ik over zeven dagen uit huis geplaatst en woon ik weer bij mijn vader.

Bananen wikie, staats vormen aan de hand van een aantal gast colleges* gevolgd op Havard University USA:
Bananen staat: justitie reageert gemiddeld 7 dagen na melding van slavernij(kinder mishandeling, -porno, -moord pogingen etc)

Terreur staat: justitie reageert gemiddeld 12 maanden na melding van slavernij of helemaal niet

Westerse(democratische) staat: justitie reageert volgens Universitair model binnen 24 uur op een melding slavernij

De gemiddelde agent in Amerika en Nederland ziet veel landen bijvoorbeeld in Zuid Amerika als terecht als Bananen staten. Er zitten ook terreur staten tussen.

Wat wel opviel was dat de politie in die Bananen staten het zo druk hebben om die 7 dagen deadline te halen dat ook zei het nieuws vervalsen. Het zo druk hebben met criminelen neerschieten dat ze bijvoorbeeld kartel maar even de schuld geven omdat ze geen tijd voor rapportage hebben.

Net zoals mijn kinderen iets hebben van liever een Bananen staat dan een terreur staat.

Meester waarom is het in die landen dan een terreur staat? Er verdwijnen mensen, mensen krijgen soms geen gerecht, hun identiteit wordt ontnomen, er worden mensen gemarteld. Meester hoe kan dat dan, die landen hebben toch ook leger en politie? In dat soort landen laat die groeperingen de mensen in de steek, uiteindelijk zien ze ook liever een geüniformeerd iemand aan het hoofd. Als er zelfs maar een enkel iemand zijn identiteit kwijtraakt, door geen gerecht, dan is er al sprake van een dictatoriale regeringsvorm. Zo snel gaat dat. Dat ligt dan aan de leiding of justitie en leger. Of beide.[wie griezelde niet bij dit onderwijs op de lagere school al? Democratie is heel eng.]

De Orde van de Zwarte Banaan
niet overbodig: Binnen 7 dagen een brief of een sepo, is ook nog een terreur staat, helaas

een foto door mij en Zijne Koninklijke Hoogheid gemaakt tijdens het ontdekken van Bananen chips,
democratie te noemen, weliswaar en wederom als ontvoerden, ons eten voor dagen, weken, een tv serie films set uit Hilversum dit keer – je groen en geel ergeren heet te foto en wat lekkers voorhouden** – gefrituurd zijn alle mensen het zelfde
terruer meiden die olie stelen vs een liter olie krijgen van bananen republiek politie omdat wij niet vroegen om dat soort vraagstukken – pure infiltratie

* +- 1993, 2009, 2012 – soms op brancard

**De bananen chips staan symbool voor een bijbel, de boeken van Marx of Adolf Hitler, oneerlijk/onwaar nieuws, iets lekkers voorgehouden krijgen. De bananen voor je groen en geel ergeren in een dictatuur te leven.

Je zal me maar een
bananen hannibal 
zijn, dan staan ze elkaar
elleboog stotend, van wij weten meer, aan te kijken. En ken je dat een bos
bloemen voor je vriendin,(in plaats van) een stapje harder zetten. Voor je
gezichts verlies? Ondertussen zit mijn dochter zonder vel en vlees op een keuken
stoel in
deze blog
, zonder gezicht. “Niet”
jullie vriendin, wel jullie werk…… Wij en de Oranjes willen in Peru wonen,
die stoppen tenminste Jorans in de bak!!!

Net als die bombardementen  laatst in het nieuws, die heb ik met de prinsessen en mijn kinderen gedaan, wel een aantal jaar geleden, hoe je in de cockpit komt moet jeje eigen afvragen. Dat bommen op terroristen moesten wij maar doen, goed voor ons ego zogenaamd. En zo stoer zijn hun, ze flikken dat iedere oorlog met ons. En er tussen flikkeren of dat aan RARA over te laten, willens en wetens. In de gevangenis in hoort die generaal zijn kennis te misbruiken op dat niveau door terreur niet wetenschappelijk maar als bananen chips te benaderen. Die camera beelden zijn van ons, en mij, en met onze camera’s gemaakt. Zie mijn YouTube kanaal voor andere piloot filmpjes van me.

Some more alive skinning by Mom and friends

Shocking Human skinning pictures!! Remiss vs Accessary
The smell of our bodies they use as weapen too, to keep us hostage

Our Crime report:

A + B Africa Uganda
Marisse skins Janick, the Royal Highness and I try to prevent, Renee punishes with cutting of his feet and forces in a monkey head inti his skull

She does that also in Europe – Janick and Lauren in tree, I was skinned like this too, I remember that Marissse and my mother gave us socks, it realy hurted. Marisse and Marita did the skinning. They were laughing, they allows complain about those socks they mumbled, they do not even know their current condition. At this spot, this is what Marisse and her friend did to Sandro, although he is als a RARA terrorist, I am the photographer

D + E:
I am skinned and used on the Predator film sets, Utrecht press polic Officer slams a hole in my skull with spear. The Predator movies are also contra proof that our lives at home do not change while years pass by.

did Sen. Cantwell an I took this picture from Arnold Z., Renee and Marisse their work.
Me(ray), Sylvester S. and John B.

We do this with humans too, my children and I, Amilia was privileged to take pictures from her parents, for a change our guests. Janick, Lauren, Maxima, princesses, Willem A., Poetin ad me had to skin each other like this for this occasion. RARA how can be? I have some more fat, for identifying, and we did our best on their request to skin the Royal victims as beautifully as possible. We did for those sweethearts. Analyzing the picture made us wonder if one of us was pregnat, how long ago was this…..was it an issue at the moment. See also their naval cadet’s shotgun hole in his chest, Renee shot him together with Marisse, they both pulled the trigger..

G + H + I: See these blogs about being skinned by RARA: blog 1 blog 2

Ray & Arnold as skinned predators, RARA did make-up too

Adventures in Jakarta
This is my son Janick after Marisse kills him with a knuckle-duster (boksbeugel) in front of my eyes while RARA members hold me still with a spear through my body. Cecilia took care of Lauren with her knuckle-duster. I can not find pictures from Lauren. I placed some black hair under his arm. On the other picture I helped creating the beard, like and with opa Rotger, after they changed his clothes. The cut off his head and placed on another body, a picture I cannot find anymore. His skin the browned with some oil. His hair they painted black John Brennan CIA was just too late to stop Marisse. The rest of journey he was covered in without knowing what happened. She already practiced it in Groningen, but in Indonesia with a darker skin a broken nose would look more authentic.

The CIA showed the police in Holland these pictures too, they just don’t do nothing. It is like that girl with the broken jaw, she lives already at home too. One thing I was there when her jaw was broken and again my ex wife did that with a knuckle-duster. So the police is lying, unlawful and fraudulent protecting Marisse and not the children in Holland. I am photographer of these pictures. Dying his hair and skin was for his sister, Hilary, the Royal Dutch Family, Brennan, Cantwell, Obama and me our goodbye, we were not allowed to touch him differently or to talk to each other. You guys are nagging like I try to dump a grown up man Marisse laughed “like” a schizo. Well you try to dump Raymond and his sister like this more than once madam, John Brennan said. Also in Arabic hospitals.

I co-assisted the brain surgeon in the OR, also for decision making. Some brain tissue had to be replaced by donor material. We have no problem with that to stay alive.

The cut in his arm was internal sign from Mom self, a bran see more of her cut work on her daughter in this blog under chapter Dijen en Bagatelliseren
is someone did this, like they also did with woman and child on the mh17 field, with a trash bag, you would not say he’s crazy? kick it, throw it, slash it, hit it, like mad man

Janick, Lauren and me, after Janick was repared tried to kill an Utrecht Holland terrorist, by skinning him too, after we killed him. We tried to take over power. The terrorists skinned me for punishment, after we were captured again or we skinned, Brennan also, skinned the man while I was skinned. In the picture you see the reason why, the skin of the terrorist. Huub cut of my eye lid, I was still living, and my Mom put on some make up. Marisse, Cecilia and Renee did the skinning. Janick made the picture I beleive under protest of Obama, he, and Trump joined the group as hostages again. I have vision memory on it, so that is bizare cool and we discussed this picture already. Hilary gave me some dental whitening. You realy have no idea what they did to you, why they cut of your eye lid etc.

ps snipers skin sometimes too, to prevent reparements, we learned in the mid east and Vietnam
now I understand my nick name The Reaper or The Ghostrider some beter
anf why people stare at me when I am a hostage

Om our way back to the Air Force One RARA created another picture. They just beheaded some people on the streets and some fellow terrorists. Hilary and I had to create the plate, it is our hand writing. Just like on the film set of The Walk Back.

Again as hostage a day out to a latex
print factory

A+C: My Son’s feet, on the net presented as being latex, I am the photographer, In picture c you will see fresh scraves from being skinned, this was after C in the most above picture
B: my skinned penis, it realy hurts, making love to, I am the photographer
D: Janick Lauren and RaY togethter finally, we may pose, our feet and toes are cut off and covered with latex
– see latex differences on google
see previous blog with our limbs

current penis , this penis is removed in Holland at n*uk’s place

I picture from myself, my children put some Lybian sand on me for sun burning, I even walked like this for a while, again mounted animal skull inside one of our skulls, see picture A in above picture, or this blog about alien skinning:

I picture I had to assemble into a movie for YuoTube
an iguana tail for the eagle-eyed only
Comey, Renee and I butchered the iguana, we even had to go to court for it, it was a protected animal, we ate it
my son one year old, Mom was so called learning to skin, the monkey tail was attached to him, see his finger, thats human
South American army(Colombian) interfered with it, skinned her together with the colombian president and me and put her skinned head into the bear clamp  and the rest of RARA – we were repared, they were left to die
they used a some kind of tallow to cover him and the tail stiches, beleive it or not those are your worries when they put it on
they stammed on his head to flattern it – cool he stil lives for the claw

Adventures in Wales, UK
My children were allowed to say goodbuy to my skull, We were worried about the paint on my bones. Hilry Clinton and Sen. Cantwell guiden my children togehter sad away. I remember them kissing my bones, go figur. This was desert right after Jakarta. The Englisch repared me rather quick, I was brought home by prins Harry in a Harrier jet fighter, he managed to make a touch down on the Vleutense weg.


On this site you will see some picres and movie about SFX, Hollywoond special effects, we were taken to these people. Brennan had to skin my arm. Even the meat slices are taken from not only me, the children also. In the movie you will also see the creature the morphed me in to during my live. Accidential, who knows? Like that monster, in The Fly for example.

A list with film sets they did this to me and my children – 2015

ps the initial blog from the above material was already composed by all people involed including the children

Lauren – Janick -Raymond – Amila haar ouders

I think, I ever learned military and normal, this is called a coup *, given the situation continuation

Geef mij maar Rotterdam

* is it therefore not a matter for the generals? It is certain in their job description, I believe ……..

Some Pictures Huub, Sen Cantwell and I created from Lauren her skull, please please only us natural material reparing skulls!! She still lives, they could repair her!!:

only strategy we encounter is justice ignores the hijackers, do not give them
power. Like a scared angel runs away on his motor cycle as the smartest thing to do with RARA. Except for the fact he
does not carry a gun. Except for the fact he is not kidnapped. 
Except for the fact he has no prisons.

are always a lot of game script writers around us, book writes too, sometimes
victims or they become victims. This is a famous for us skinned zombies scene
that ended up in a game. “do I have to shoot them?”, a game developer
asked himself scared and wounded.