My pregnant wife was eating too much, I said to her.

Well it is
that we have other plans with you guys. Marisse helped my family members to cut
out my baby boy, and forced me to feed him with food. Without anesthetics and
there were no plans to give us anesthetics either. You feed him thy said
laughing and drunk.
You will
never look the same gain at blue birth stripes on pregnant woman they laughed.
beheaded me, put my head back and we continued our meal. I had no memory right
after it so we continued our meal.
The other
plans were sending my son and me through the twin towers with pales. Hopefully with no
memory at all and if we would survive we knew how our live was going to look
like. Marisse promised me.

Well not
without a publication because apparently she and her White House staff member friends and my
family members can and behave this way. Even publication they did not care
about, but I have to raise my children about their existence. RaY
Since my
children and I already typed this together she let us made this picture that
comes with it, now we may publish she said. My urinating ex-wife in gangster outfit…….one yaer ago, I took picture. In Groningen offical reports judges and police write  that I have not seen my ex-wife since 2009, in our face it is tested on a liedetectora with falsified results… me ex after I did a recruiter test to prove she is schizoid serial killer, what she suspected I would do:
staging idea behind picture: threaten the government that no compensation may be paid to us
same clothes as they showed me her once working behind a window on the Utrecht Red Light District(jami jami) – where she has
exploited me and my children from since they were baby’s

Brouwers advised and removed Red Light District Utrecht customers not to have
business with


this woman in this
serial kill schizoid condition, she ordered an immediate prison contention
to, to bad bad cops,
the children had to be under mine parental guardianship immediately, she became a hostage too

He was really
eating!!!, He moved his lips, that robust little guy.
Please read out mem dump on9/11.

This is my 11 year old daughter, after being raped by those same White House staff members and family. If I would not publish these pictures they would kill her. Quicly we drunk together to make a toast and forced I took the picture, just do it dad, for maybe, after forced waching them raping her. The slammed me on top of her right before.

you should not have made us the future
Plot: They killed before and after this picture, raping in this case
was used for what we call sand dusting.
They cut open her belly to let the wine flow out,
and for the sand dusting….
That’s why she has a face like this…
Brennen plays his role as CIA, Renee shows him the
empty belly, look there is no alcohol in
Brennan wipes his hand satisfied, just like movie*
Brennan killed her with baseball bat very hard in her face
he slammed it in time after time

in next pic we hit John as log as we could in his face with basball
bat untill he had a face like that
the schizoids & grime did not understand why his face and
eyes got broken over again

poor basterd both ways he said to my daugher

if RARA staged it we do not even know…
no no it was Marisse and her friend Martin no one would beleive it
and to be better parents and to make it up of course – well they do it to us too…

were feeling pity, eeeuhw, we had wound age amnesia

he asked with almost Chiniese voice: You take picture for me?
First I need to wipe my hands I said

Brennan wanted everything to know about this picture on our blog

* my Son said, thinking, what movie?, that was real too, also with us as victim like the butchering in Lawless

Also we fight against our great masters, just to commit suicide, they kill, I had to learn from my kids on our journeys, you will then come in a haze, it brings lesser pain for tortures they do, they do it to themselves too, they are heavy junkie, so for junky reasons and to forget their sins. Writing about it, I did that to in Vietcong camps, like the others, before we were sliced on crosses, as prisoners of war. We were quilty of committing resistance, White House staff members told us, who happened to be nearby. No court they than say……… We did not always manage to committing resistance, then it hangs on how hard they beat you or not…it is sad w have to live like this. Calling them nazies is not being obstinate for us, but science and for them in practice, proving again they are nazies(serial killers)

In Dallas, after the Dallas shooting, were I was shot down as the police officer, they showed me in a Dallas hospital why, most probably. I had received a new brains so they could show. My brains were total brown colored and dead caused severe torture here at home in 2013. RARA members and government people, the same already mentioned. With steel pins on voltage they tortured my children and me to death because we had new brains already and all their torture of that day was for nothing. My children and I were allowed by the medics to take a picture from it, Renee removed them from the camera.

Please accept my
2013 – – a beat up
here at home, my children were skinned in my garden, the used my old x-mass
tree to put their skin on.
2015 – I want to
buy a x-mass tree at the Alberth Hein Damstraat, Jonh Brennan, Martin Moesker,
Renee Beeren, Cynthia Beeren, Senator Cantwell, Riekie and Bertus Krijvenaar, Marisse
Z., Martin E., police officer Edwin Hendrix en colleague with beard, and the
current Alberth Hein take me outside and smash my skull with a x-mass tree with
clod. The take me home via the Kanaalstraat. I was allowed to take a picture
like this. Or better I was not allowed to have a x-mass tree at all, it might
trigger my memory.
2016 – last night
30-11-2016 I recognize the Alberth Hein manager, behind the Tabaco bar he has
cut with a knife my children. He cut of head via the mouth entrance, typical
him my son said in 2015, he looks a lot like you ols account manager at
I-Company(2001), Robert. The all know each other from mistreating you and us.
I waal outside and
they dropped (almost) the same x-mass tree on the street. I took it home and
made an identical picture. In bucket.
I think they want
to say something.
Regards Raymond
Our abuse report
is published on
ps they showed my children and I were they would store the tree in the Alberth Hein in 2015. I think they beheaded us, Janick said, I know nothing no more. Meat was stolen from my fridge. The tree bucket was slammed on my head by multiple attackers on the street, Bernhard J. was lucky to be in the hood to show the rest of RARA how to do it, he slammed a iron stick into my skull, here he does with my daughter.

After ourjourney to the USA, my children and I slept in my bed, in the morning and
during the night they said I guess you are my dad, we still did not totally recognize
each other after being repaired in a Hospital. We decided to replant the x-mass
tree in my garden. After we were done we recognized each again and RARA came
back. Removed dirt form my garden replant table, took my children and x-mass
tree. Being in bed with strangers they arrange like this too dad, now you know.
Hope you manage to publish it, we wrote these texts together but they were
erased. Other people warned RARA in the garden, he worked for Tuincentrum
Overvecht, and he learned how to recognize trees for nursing. The needles of black pine tree are used medicinally also a reason or else they would have given me drugs….. My kids and I already improvised decorated the tree with red and black licorice laces, all wee needed was some candy canes. 

Candy Cane reminded us being kidnapped a lot of times to the rich in Hollywood last year’s being COCAINE and all that. My children and I took advantage to do Tour The Candy Cane. They stole ours to in Maarssenbroek. We still cannot decide which one is the best. Lonka’s are ok, the others too. First publish than buy?

Cantwell was spying on us in the Alberth Heijn, having no idea what we were doing. Candy Canes were forbidden. Candy Cane reminded us being kidnapped a lot of times to the rich in Hollywood last year’s being COCAINE and all that. My children and I took advantage to do tour the Candy Cane. They stole ours to in Maarssenbroek. We still cannot decide which one is the best. 

Tour The Candy Cane, they even tortured us at The Tour De France Utrecht & Prologue….we might remember something, totally schizoid again…

Now we look like Marti & RARA –
just making pictures of pine trees
mob factor: to put on your grave
we love the tree we hope you guys do…

ps we remembered that our purple hearts were given, this on top previous blog about our purple hearts. That’s what they always do, we have multiple versions because of dad. I gues we wanted to say we are not mob, although mob get them too.

Most probably this is one of them being photographed for this webstore that we remembered. Also these pictures.

and purple hearts are registered in with name, we also got to see in the Pentagon, who would want to steal someone medals?

The punish picture for this tree, my skull top and long hair, my son his body, the Pope his eyes, look for pictire on this blog. I asked the pope with my daughter if we need to take picture? Making everybody paranoid….

How it goes down – taking us hostage – (think big penis Amilia says in my lobby)
Brennan CIA calls a situation staged, at judges too, when he create a hostage situation with putting man down by beheading, stabbing them in the head or threatening with it. Well pre thought murders are in some sense staged but is not the same. I hear noises in my house, grab screw driver stabber, Brennan and agents are inside by removing a window, they show my Son on the street, with a sword against his neck.

I give my screw driver, and we both got beheaded for a journey to the USA as always. Lauren is already beheaded PA, just give, than we are together at least. I killed too in wars and took prisoners we were not allowed to take hostages and prisoners always scream that they are taken hostage. In our situation everybody takes advantages of saying and acting on it in all ways possible.

It is simple illegal what they do, we might even commit self-defense against them but after beheading that is impossible. Sometimes it got staged with help, when we recover, we then think we did it to because there is some victory in. Hopefully one day we might and even more hopefully we get a court against these illegal practices.

Before we left for our adventures they put this in my father is bullet hole in his head, executed in garden, to clean his CPU fan, I promised my son to rewrite this, they will delete this, I had vision still, I saw my CPU, they just keep on going. Just to stage: did I shot a bullet in his head or did I behead him. My Son told my mouse to put turds on my stove in about a year when I had my memory back, he did, so I needed my small vacuum cleaner and is broke.

2013 – 2015 I bought 2 cans of beer and groceries, I had to walk home, Brennan, The King, my children, Martin and Renee, Cantwell and Rutte run towards me. Marisse and Martin follow. The push a spear in my back and opened beer can in the air I had to walk on showing everybody I drink beer on the street. The street answered we do to. You guys use drug in front of the children on the street. There they right they laughed. Did not make any sense. Brennan is really diseased, when I was young he was alcoholic during work time, so every opportunity he can point that out that other people do to he does. Not to be a rehabbed good cop, he is not, just because he is schizoid, serial killer and he really is pestering people with so called fears. He is mob and all mob is schizoid, he is one of the guards that takes care the mob stays schizoid only. Those things they say loud.

Extra note, work out:
They used us and me all our lives after being skinned, our skin with head, not only for kitting but also as airplane advertising banners, from out Hilversum airport to the Maarsenveen, and other Dutch beaches. In America on all three coasts.

This is their mom I murederd and cut off her arm oooooh yeah,….WITH  HER(COUGH) CHILDREN :-), next pic this is their mom before got maried. Van der Steur his right arm….cough, well with some creativity we present our art, Renee tried to cover it up. Willem Alexander, the kids and I took picture, my children, the King and I chopped her up, proud proud proud – arrest us arrest us – arrest us – all mighty Van de Steur – our true King of Holland 🙂 – you looked like this just before – my son said

some samurai gossip to his emperor – or
was it my famous double pirouette
Van der Steu coincidentally on scene
you lure me you lure me you lure me
arrest him not renee that is how i
want you to work

the picture my son talked about:

This kid without skull and eyes wille be our Emperor, and we will fight.…. we hope we remember kid – the order of the black dragon – so he happens to be my Son….

We really want people to be fired for having our daughters and ourselvers being identified like this. Or executed.

Volkert van der Graaf

Mink Breeding Riot +- 2002-> Marisse
asks Volkert van G. to cut my bay out of her belly, what he does in front of my
eyes. Before he was skinning Janick with Renee.
Next we have to die, he’s serial killer.
Hence his presence in the Yellow castle with a gun and media parc were Rutte
and I dumped Pim his body. After killing him for fascism.
Volkerts judge is guilty of Fascism, not
only by his class justice verdict but also because he tries to help Volkert in killing us. He
stabbed my children to dead in a court room in front of my eyes so he would be sure
I was the next one that saw too much, typical a serial killer.
In Apeldoorn +-2013 I shot Volkert multiple
times with police trying to stop him stabbing knives into my children their
head. Marisse took over from him while he was repaired by RARA medics.

The same counts for the Spiderman – skyscraper & Mc Donalds hot coffee cup cases, Judges that practiced fascism and should be arrested or killed.