The Bronx Grinder murders

more about this “charlie chiu” murder picture from me at the bottom
ps. Charlie Chiu, like Mc Donalds
a favorite restaurant for RARA to rob and worse

van Kok’s quarter, he saw me tortured like this before,
there is one
between my lips, the perpetrators still not in jail,

 court would be to expensive
The Chalie Chiu Mob corpse mutilations cover up 
became the staged, by my family, heroin smuggling in body backs gate.
KISS – they took their make off for me – not for cancer
The coin is also that I am a capitalist.,..

A blog(former The Winschoten Grinder murders) police report: Police is
just being very professional and just see no marks, they say to war veterans……eeeeuh

posers they called us with these declarations, the world is more hardcore these days, especially since we are veterans now……eeeeuh

My children are 1-3 years old, my family and I are at the Welkoop Winschoten
Holland. We buy a small grinder which is for sale.
RARA storms
in, but White House staff members too. We almost cannot do anything. They keep
us en you with your children now hostage.
They demand
Voltage, Their Mom and Renee B. start to cut the skulls of my young children. Mine is not spared too. Shop personnel is shocked and cut down the voltage, the ritual is continued
next door at the Praxis.

Even their
almost new stepdad Martin introduced himself, I believe in long serial killer
dress and touched the grinder. He swore the instorming King of Holland that he would make him walk in that dress to punish his always being present curiosity.”You do that, they remember”. My brother, Mom and husband, grand elders,
Marius and Marcel K. were there too and participating. The grinder crew.

Poetin en two KGB agents tried to confiscate the grinder, the were working on it with screw drivers, “maybe that will help??”(think Hilary email), they told Brennan, than it would have been a KGB adapted grinder. “we fight terrorists too!!”, ”Yeah I know”, Brennan said. “it won’t help them right now”, looking at us and his agents. “their nanny mode doesn’t really show off fot their intelligence, same as for the court and judges, we are still their tested superiors and they walk around differently”

2013 x-mas at the White House RARA used grinders to damage the marble and I am afraid us too, just like crazy hooligans

2013- beat up here at home, they use the small and big grinder on my children and, too bad we were already too wounded

2015 – Kidnapped
on tour with RARA again, this time some Utrecht gangsters you may call them cut the skulls of my
children and me in two pieces, “This one is somewhat bigger than the
other one” Renee mumbles.
The Winschoter grinder
2004-2005 mom and Renee split skulls of my 1-3 yrs old children in Winschoten NL at the Praxis and Welkoop(cut the voltage) with this grinder,thet damaged the blade on purpose,for the pain for the joy of it – a scary repro “” pic John Brennan my children and I already made
My daughter Lauren
2015 – in her eyes an American dream killed – so she is a Yankee

The buzz saw split – this one is done to my
daughter with a big grinder by Renee, Riek, Marcel K and Marius
they also created some child porn movies with us – see my one notes
the wooden skull filling was tailored to fit on spot with knive 
even John Brennan and His Royal Highness Willem van Ornaje
scraved the wooden filling just so they could remember it was real &
in attempt to take it away to prevent further damage
I was obliged to Photoshop the picture…..
a dragon eye, so it one of us, for their amnesia after making this,
they stab each other in the head for or due to fighting with us
the background was delivered by a guard

This is Marcel K. one of the grinder murderes as I had to photograph him.This how he looks when they are serial killing. In 2014 he wlked from the Daalse tunnel to my house with a big blue grinder in the air.

Like being clowns, wearing long pajama dresses, they make us too…, serial killers call this their “alter” ego. They were pushing my bear naked body through the streets with spear through upper body. A famous Utrecht and USA mob appearance, after the Daalse tunnel he scared the **** out some police officers and croud. They could do nothing because we were hostages.The doll is famous I know since I was young, as victim of all abuses.

Some more Mom:

This is my Son: Brennan, Comey, Lauren and me were forced with guided hands to remove his eye by Marisse. Martin my brother & Renee stabbed his neck with a piercer tot tell themselves this is Vladimir Son Of The Dragon. We already knew that they would put the picture somewhere on the net. They used my hair with skulltop again. We have to take turns, it’s made possible by Berhard Jens from the Utrecht police who holds us down with a spear through our backs. in his orbit you can see the tooth bite marks of Mom Marisse & partner being too schizoid to raise children


Mom is not yet done with her fetish, Janick has to walk around in Houston City USA, we end up in a Horror bar, I have to film him, we got tortured again, it is uploade on Youtube with a 2010 date in our precence, even the CIA boss Brennan his precence, he could not say if these were his man with those privileges(they have terrorized a YouTube office(publish on their request!!!) with us as hostages for those privileges), it is recorded at 2015. I paticipate in disguising Janick. Yoe will see a bit of his removed eye from above it is been plac back fortunately on the floorof this bar were we were again totured en public. An other man wih th same disguise was prepared too.

All three of us had removed eyes, they really told the public that it was genetically inherited…… 
Houston, the RARA procession thought they had audience on the streets, typical like schizoid’s do, but we do it too. It turned into a RARA beat-up a bit. The public tried to stop us being kidnapped, and hoped to get some clemency for since they were rescuing their President, for if they were not hallucinating, they winked me smiling….see dad they know you here too, us too, we are famous too, not only for 9/11. Some police and the public did not manage to end it, because of the brutalities done to us, the hostages. We were never the less glad they did or else every trip is like that empty street Hollywood movie.

Note for ourselves, the president’s daughters and I had to appear in ninja clothes
in a post-production operator room, like we espionage Janick into the movie, staged that is.

Christmas Maarssenbroek + – 2007 – snowman was used to smash into our brains – they just cut of our skull tops for that horizontal – by both martins – RARA even robbed “” Tuincentrum Overvecht for new ones -my turn to have the children with Christmas – we even saw Christ in this picture ate the bottom(bending your head 30 degrees to the right) and a snowman with tear.

Christmas Voodoo: my Son 2015 if you can reproduce this picture, we will than be suprised too he smiled, you can say, it is the same tree brought to you with Cristmas Voodoo a curious Pope said having a look at it and us…..

A true Crist appearance, in the Pope’s presence. Meaning murder has been commited of the worse kind. Not thorns but glass. He, said the Pope isn’t that what murdere said too? Doing it…..

org pic

some later near the Mosk :raped & skinned in this (again) empty tent last year – RARA complete arrived up till Anouk & Anneke(a’dam) – witness: Brennan, his Royal Hifgness and crew – the pics were removed by RARA – in this hood ISIS they joked (see pic info for sat info)

my son again, the steel wedges in head are hamered in by Renee, Marti and nephew from Marti(see bat picture below I made of him as hostage) and ex former colleagues Marcel de Kler, Jeroen de Kler, Pieter van der Sluis that is how he is killed, a staged sect kill –  I took picture, we are helpless, he had his sisters breasts, not for the first time, see this blog below — I had to create his ears, and hided them between some muscles..nice job dad

As witness: this kid really suffered a lot of pain, not visible but they were really raw on him and it took a long while, a couple minutes, before he died and did not suffer anymore……..

Also in this murder is a revenge for the Bontekoe film set resistance we delivered by exploding canon’s which fragged these terrorist’s…

Ps I reviewed this pic already with my son and daughter and the rest of the crew, in good helath that is…..

The drawings symbolize hang torture assets the Pope carried in……marines took them away…he excused that he took it away from Marisse because she and her boy friend was hitting people with it…is that is correct…multiple people confirmed….. it is for impaling people on stages..they understood why we killed the Pope every time….we don’t!…….he explained this picture and the cult drawings, think my flying cannibal hollocaust blog he said….even here at home

We managed to show this picture, although still surrounded by terrorists, in The Pentagon, it caused heart problems…….a American dream killed…..the same terrorists did this, still the same terrorists who also did this on ground zero to a lot of bodies in 2001 Back then aid people asked me why they do that to peolple, now I know they are schizoid serial killers. Terrorists laughed at us, “they should be in jail”……the same terrorists….ps the pictures are uploaded by us being hostages inside The Pentagon, go figur. The kitchen was already closed and had to be opened, Bernhard killed a general in their just because….ps this also paying debt they mumbled for the victims of Chelyabinsk., they mounted parts of our meat and brains on a meteorite in 2013, read more at the bottom of this blog about the how… they already did this to him in that specifiek school from the news – with a lot of witnesses…even Vietcong looked out of their eyes when you killed them(sect born in secret in the USA)…American dream killed…..this time A righteous one, saving his sister and daddy with fighter jets for example, he sister did too…if they still want to serve the army, they already veteran……tired of dying… obvious….a bit like the Dutch princesses really…and for the General staff…too see your own toopers like this….we hope you send them home….”American dream killed, can u repare hime mother fucker?”

He wears Sen. Cantwell her eyes, she volunteered,
go figure, I obliged had to remove and place although I was to wounded, just
to give him the rebel(religious/schizoid) eye glance. The blood is real, saved some make up the
gangsters and medics satisfied agreed.


The glass in his shoulder was for reporting that RARA shoved his
head over a glass splinter her at home in 2013,

one of
the slowest and cru kills ever seen, professional in their way

his skul top is moved to the back and someone holds it up(and his boby), I believe Marti

just see his disappointment
on his cheeks

they actually make these drawings before they find spots in the USA to be creative like this
or even over here in Holland 
he had a lot crossed eyes and white foam while he was slaughtered
my mother quickly cleaned it for I was witnessing
even the Marines cheated on us, participated in killing him,
 man this kid was really disappointed, he show a seal in his, 
undeserved (the voodoo would else never show it),
to tell me he told me, I see a seal in his eyes too
they just keep on prosecuting and man hunting us with big groups
a dad and two kids who than would not be happy to see seals or police
even on the play ground they have no teachers that would help them
that is how it looks really with total insane and even children, people

like with the Mc Donald’s massacre there
was some public too help us eventually

and “Papa can not not help” – it sucks to die, so many times already
also:”are there bounty hunters in the neighborhood can you help we maybe still have money
also a yankee killed by commies is in his eyes

some like this, mom’s navy seal upbringing:
Lauren and I did CPR*on Janick, held up a mirror
piece, he wanted to die,
that is not me anymore, somehow we managed to kill
most of them, 
they were so disappointed he was alive, they did not
we even staged skinned them and shot at their skins
on chains with rocket launchers, 
, we tried to burn their skins on the camp fire and
got shot by the police
they were totally upset by how Janick looked, not,
they followed Janick , us and the public
back from buying gasoline that is what they did to
the police got shot too and we flew and were found on
some dike
knew who we were, the also victim ones



fromNew Orleans 2005, were
RARA blew up 
the dikes 
they read our blog dad!!!

In science he just died and is disappointed in the USA tolerance policy towards fascicts/terrorists.

see picture elow for me being skinned, torched and paint brushed at this pary
how the marines found me – after analyzing these pictures there are three other options for my eye exchange. They eyes I wear are not mine, first I thought they exchanged them with my Son’s but they could also be from Jess her Son, Sven L’s or Beth’s, my eyes were in surgery but I had take pictures from them
*medics let us do it because or else they are the only crazy ones to repair us every time

With James Comey FBI together, as hostages,  in condition shown below, we stabbed them to dead with knife see picture below, so hard that the knife entered three finger phalanges, it didn’t help the kept continuing their brut work…..his left under arm is painted red by Lauren, Cantweel and me, the picture is also for “not true” Brennan joked “What will the Senate think from this…” flash backs, they used me too for this in movies, the finger thing….
I had to appear in court like this, by the terrorists and was send out……..
like all the other being skinned and or impaled pictures from us, the hostage takers, all RARA members, skin us to look more like Jesus for them, maybe a professional psychiatrist without this Jesus illness knows what this means, all serial killers have it, like pooping on everything

more about this pic ade just afterward by my
already repared Son, made by his siter Lauren
just to prove he was alive again or else would have
made it, they really want to….kill us
see this blog at the bottom
Marines with torche: is this for real RaY?
Above torture took place over here, we think and remeber a bit in the silo, at SUNY Maritime College, Pennyfield Avenue, The Bronx, New York, not really a dike we see, at leat we were at the door and at the grass field, they dragged us out of our home with dad to behead us at the Azotod for this Bronx picture, read below, cat picture. We are also dragged and driven to other places in the bronx, also we had fights on the island NYPD department(Rodman Neck). I believe the boy with holes in his belly picture was made here:

Hart Island The Bronx, we were also here with a boat(stolen from City Island Harbor), finding the right spot
to dump at least me and my children
My children the Royal Dutch family and I were impaled on vertical spears in the Yankee stadium, there was relative big riot around, the crowd cried they were going to forget it most probably….

boy with hole in his belly, read more at the bottom of this blog, a grinder is also used to cut the holes in his stll living body, he tried to show statue of liberty before he died, he told me, I see her a bit kid, to tell his sister andxz me where we were. Barry Simpson Coca cola’s Chief Information Officer again like in their office commited fasism violence on my children.

antother revenge for the common police intelligence, you called RARA new kids on the block. in Dutch “hang jongeren”. My daughter hanging on a butcher meat hook without arms and legs, so thank you smart guys!!

This is me at home, see curtains, see my skull muscle skinned head, this was before we left for America, we hoped it was enough for them, even fingerprints are recognizable, after photoshoping Rene approved it could go online, he had doubts because of the curtains – they removed my jaws for this too, with scissors, “are they really doing that”, I asked, “you die from my children said” and you really do……I have been transporterd to an airport like this, my Son cheated to customs that they removed my jaws, Customs had to let us go we were hostages, they checked if we were aware of that fact………Comey had to put on the watch, not for the first time, it is a sign  from a famous serial killer, my dad did too for him….it was after Halloween I believe… Son said “I hope they do you or else they going to cut off our skull tops again for your hair”, and it really doesn’t matter if I say this because they do this all the time with us and certainly when we go on the road, they can make people say those things, indeed

A picture which reminds me about my mistreatments on stage with the rock band Kiss, since the 70’s until last years, lately together with my children and our mutual “” fights against RARA, on stage at their homes. After being kidnapped to the USA again November/December 2015 her at home my son asked: “did you played guitar on stage with Kiss? for hiding yourself” “Am I right? I got new brains too…… that’s a lot of witnesses, they even cheered for you mannnn” “than blog it ok, going to take year again I guess” – “ok”

Police Chief Constable Pieter-Jaap was witness for a minute while they were cutting me into pieces, he reminded me that looks like those animal skin video’s on internet. Gentleman Police is involved he said and disappeared, came back and raped us too. My Son: isn’t it a coupe?, yes it is. To be encouraged to they’ll plea again I guess, is it?, no he calmed my Son, brown curtains…… His Royal Highness said that is Pieter-Jaap try to remember… ps Marcel de K. was complaining that my being beheaded blood was destroying his make-up, he
had to do all again. If you squeeze your eyes a bit looking at the picture, you will see were my nick name “Snoopy” comes from they gave me when I was young, go figur, never too old…..

between my lips is a coin – like they do with prostitutes
nice craft work in principle, we were a
bit jealous, but it was murder

artists: Martin E., Martin M., Renee B., Jeroen de K., Marcel de K.
Brennan and Comey did not manage to stab to dead for mercy
in the end it was not necessary anymore…see picture
linked: Bank robberies 2002-2003 – Hoofddorp and Nieuw Vennep
the same people involved showed me as (this)clown to the security cam
ps it is for me a well known corpse desecration used in Vietnam, also by the same Dutch families
cut away the cheeks and you have a “gook insult”, a buck teeth oriental
The White House Staff and my children kissed me goodbeye on the moment I died – I remember
and still can see it a bit – my Mom too but she was one of the murderes
all pooped on our heads and floor – they air dried my hair after
washing it out, still wounded, in the shower
this is also done to me at the NOB TV Depot while working there, the watch is maybe from Aarton te flight back we were naked & my children and I managed to hijack the plane back
we killed and raped all was the intention, it was staged, we were too wounded,
, my kids were happy, now I knew who RARA was
and what they did to me & us before we left, they hoped I could blog it
together, they slept over we already managed right after. although 18+,
but that is our live unwanted, like all the pictures we have to shop and upload for them
we got shot by the pilot’s and killed them too
they dragged our bodies into the cockpit to drop dna material as much as they could
the rest we did with sword and big sledge hammer axes

my kids and flew on to shell, felt happy together in the cockpit, we did concession
dead injured like in the planes from 9/11 we can feel that, they smiled proud
did they rape to dead in those towers for hours?
it was dark, late, even shell looked romantic
childcare and Paardenveld were closed my kids Said dissapointed
the police should have brought us to an orphanage we smiled to each other,
next time if they kidnap us, we will try again, they could not wipe out 9/11 i guess dad
we even laughed louder, blood gushed out of our mouths, beautiful red teeth mf
just know this is staged too, do you see those two agents, they were there too with 9/11 weren’t they
no you say so, don’t think you guys did this on your own they said entering the cockpit
we acted repaired Brennan since he is pilot, and for the you do it,  put his spine and skull back etc etc, 
electrodes on his head, cutting his legs off, put him in his chair, smiled at him, just like 9/11 was not it
look at you Brennan said, my son was mounted inside my belly again
and he is an inverted witness against those wipe out people, also mob my Son
said looking up from stiching, than do your home work(he was right)
Brennan landed the plane – have a look what you make of this on he smiled
it is all staged he smiled – we acted all we smiled back
thank you agents?
A judge sent us home. Somewhere he hoped we could make some of it.
We had help from USA Senators, they jumped, keep also hoping for them….

Second try, if they remove this picture he will remember after year because of his again war trauma amnesia, a new set of brains again, which’s shows his level of torture. Renee B an my Son Janick wiped my raped ass while the above picture was taken in front of my curtains and indeed after a year I remember ieeuwh Oh and they smeared semen on the couch and urinated on my new $ 400,-mattress which is destroyed in fact that way

This is me tortured for RAF pictures, my nose is cut off, same pipo, same make-up, same de Kler’s murderers, my head is beaten flat by knuckle-dusters from Brennan and Comey, see pictures below about knuckle-dusters:

RAF slaves? RARA calls us hostages

During a riot in police station Paardeveld, 2013, police officers I reported for skinning me and impaling me we walking around too with coins in their mouths provoking their colleague officers, they were asking me, while Bernhard J was pushing a spear through my body, why they were doing that, and that impaling too, at the time I said I don’t know nobody did. After doing some homework my answer would be, they are the Mob, serial killer schizoids.

An other sick picture I had to makr from my Son, we were both confused about the hand because they look very similar, at the moment and here at home. Terrorist message to defend Berhard J police officer is: “This is what we(my kids and I) call being impaled”

at this pic Berhard is ramming a spear in the back of my daughter her head, read more

me again, skinned, my bones twice as long, we photographed it,  it was hard to walk alone and like all the other being skinned and or impaled pictures from us, the hostage takers, all RARA members, skin us to look more like Jesus for them, maybe a professional psychiatrist without this Jesus illness knows what this means, all serial killers have it, like pooping on everything

A bit like this job they did to me, read more


this is me, scalped, with my son his face stitched into my back, my fingers are enlarged with my son his fingers, this is not photo shopped! it was done without anesthetics on both of us….(by my mom, surgeons) – Marti hs under jaw, Renée his nose -could be possible too
A very common Green Barret trick, to stich your friend his face into your meat when for example his skull is removed, pure for transportation purposes to a hospital. PS the back of the head, had no bone tissue anymore, it was squezzed togehter to kill me….

my son his fingers:

This is me with a transplanted vagina, it explains why my pubic hair was back at once after this journey. The other man hostages were encouraged to rape me, we got them back on the plane home. Before the picture was taken my children placed some black dots with eyeliner. Mabey you than remember you have no penis anymore. Also I was raped like this in plane back, read Charlie Chiu picture, without penis, they do this with my Son too, I have some pictures in my my One Note from this and on my google drive. Raped by RARA members that is.

mrs do lil 

My my dead Son, for reporting these pictures with his Sister and me to the police, notice the cut off hand held high with iron rod in throat, slammed in very hard:

Next picture is my Son I photographed him, it was meant to show my children are schizoid like their mom too. His neck is still bleeding from being beheaded. On the arm you will see real knife stabs and cuts from being skinned. He did not had to act, almost, from being wounded like this, it is also the course why his arms are swollen. In contradiction what their mom might want to express with this picture is that they kill the children and me like say everywhere and also dump our dead bodies everywhere, one advantage ambulance personnel can reach us than because thy carry weapons and fire arms. My Son got dumped and repairen under the tree in the background.

His last words while his mom and her boy-friend killed him were: tree oh tree cherish me, tree oh tree do you want to be me, tree oh tree than take my soul and hope never to return, he hoped the ambulance people would have look at our web site, he hoped to scare them away with some witchcraft sounding words. We already reviewed this picture together, so he was repaired again, big sough, a thank you….but they understand it. Meanwhile some marines confiscated kerosene from other RARA members. Thet already used it in Mexico with that stuntman burning out of protest they were not allowed to burn us, like little children “”.

The breasts are fitted with samurai sword
the eye shadow was symbolic for slamming in
ttheir eyes with iron poles, see next picture from my daughter, or read stories about it
for his sister and me who had put it on, it was a link to Clock Work Orange

My Son killed by Erwin G., I tried to stop them with making the brackets and got killed but took picture, the glasses are from me or Jacco D. His nose is done by a knuckle-duster. His eyes are done with muscle tissue from me. See also the forehead for a knuckle-duster inprint.


my son: they split his tong without anesthesia, he is almost unrecognizable, he wears a extra front tooth, the realy gave him a fist beat-up in the belly, he died on it, I think he was 9 years old here, is ears are recognizable, I took picture, this was done by Matheus/Mathijs an old colleague from me at Flashlight Utrecht BV. We tried to certificate this picture in The Pentagon with a lie detector but Bernhard J. killed the agent for it with spear in his head, but I think we managed. His skull had to be opened on the street, all the bones were in shatters and with finger pressure they made this from him:

it’s also very Comey to cut tongs in two, some treatment
with a knuckle-duster and even we, the man, are licking
his penis he looks like his killers, most of the time your killers are visible in your face,
police uses that too, in this case Renee B., Mathijs, Sven L., Martin M, Marius.
the all used brute force in turns, what a hero of a kid this is less people know
his skin is burned from knuckle-duster beat-ups
janick: next they think you are one of their children or the cut of your face,
too bad it isn’t a choice, all schizoids have it, although it is hard for us too
new technique they are trying, but you are the photographer is that is too obvious
I assisted in cutting him open to stitch his organs, even his hearth was broken
anesthesia was unnecessary he was declared dead
his tong was riped open with two tongs by Marita,
enough to kill a young boy medics explained
his sister and my forehead felt burned too, that is how we discovered it
Mom did us my daughter said – I remember
I put my samorai sword into Brennena, he said this is how you guys need to work
– I went Oh Oh can you guys repaires this[staged] – Yes – if you blog the same way
ps Time Photographer from Vietnam girl video/photo’s was present as terrorist – he touched camera too
– but also mistreathed my son too in killing him
even my daughter Lauren did dent removal she had small fingers,
very convinient for the moment

I made the three spots on his schoulder with Lauren, and we had to past chest hair on him, both pictures we had to upload and they were laughing at us. Placing the dots started a big heavy fight because it was forbidden to look like the criminal jail house three tattoo dots symbol, they needed to shut up about it……:

With American Marines, Senators and other upright government people we killed Brennan and his man for this on spot, and not least for dening this was my son on the camera screen, which also has taken place in Utrecht with Utrecht involved police officers. Next picture too.

Brennan took pictures on behalf of the CIA seized, even here at home, I had to upload them for him, they are found back in dark hard house music YouTube videos. Senators were no match for the seizure, he may now be sued for terror as he commits himself.

I now remember, they used gold leaf to diffuse me and us: this was done to me also with knuckle dusters, from Comey, Brennan, Marisse and both Martins, same skin burning feeling, more in this blog, it was for Tv or something, my skull is total flat

some more knuckle-duster abuse pictures from their Mom and her friends in Jakarta
both of my children, flesh skinned, muscle groups are removed from their arms, killed and worse, I took pictures(read more)

killers: Jacco D., Martin M.

like all the other being skinned and or impaled pictures from us, the hostage takers, all RARA members, skin us to look more like Jesus for them, maybe a professional psychiatrist without this Jesus illness knows what this means, all serial killers have it, like pooping on everything

this me, zombie skinned by my ex Marisse and Mom during a kidnap, the pictures had to be made Red Army Red Army, just have look at my feet, just like the above pictures I had a rest after long tortures, my children said don’t matter dad, we have that too. Renee took picture with my Son, Lauren did not dare

With the making of this picture from my Son Bernhard Jens slams a spear just like with this picture into my son his head to give him schizoid eyes like his Mom has by nature(when they are free to show them, serial killer eyes) I took picture, he is dead already, Renee hold up his finger….


me with samorai sword, o backwards backhand ctting out Renee is jaws with one stroke after doing the Pope, sliding on my knees, turning, bending for other swoard of guard, he missed, I sliced his head in two, although wounded, standing up, I was enthroned with my skull top again by my daughter and so it felt, I was brought to hospital, my Son and daughter too, you gonna make the judges jealous they laughed, proud, scum backs….(read story about Jesus picture above)
“why are you proud at him” Brennan and the president asked – 
the woman thought it was me, I told her so – it was also on a movie set – with them you never know
[they dragged you around like a marionette dad to perform this, Oh Oh o, too bad, jup jup jup]

talking about marionette dolls, my daughter cut in pieces, alive & no drugs, for a stupid picture, I photoshoped it with some gradient to make it some what more coputer graphics, so they could publish their serial kill art work….obliged that is of course…The toes are spread by the Orange princesses, for their being good….

for this movie my son and I have to stand
up straight while they practiced it multiple times on us with a chain saw,
because I blogged about it – it ended a bit like they above picture – the blood
is real – the incision is made first by also by my hand(forced) with a knife and
then the saw enters my Son his chest(he has his sister’s breast stitched on) –
the second man standing up is me while they shove the saw in me with force- it
has been repeated with several other terrorists the girl needed some practice but they were in a hurry – “we had to be glad that they repared us, always doing everything back”, the King said

my has to stand behind his sister or me with (other) breasts I now see and remember, my kis and I had to create or research this animated gif, just like all the other pictures, so their mom is not guilty(?), we left this frame in on purpose, too bad we recognized it, you can recognize my son is nose and his mouth with lip stick

Another RAF murder picture, done by Brennan Comey and “girl with big breasts and freckles“, see source site It is my daughter or Son, I believe my daughter, they tried to make me rip pieces from the cheeck with a tong – they made me photograph it. “she was hit by knuckle duster not killed” – “we are overmand” – a axe was firts used to hit her cheeck open – you can they from that my brother laughed, he or Marisse Z. gave her that axe stroke, again Marita B. & old man from breukelen(aka jopie) were very busy with their  tongs. See side head for Mom’s Brass knuckles imprint.

Lauren remembered she was afraid of losing

that is in her eyes, not only for the tong in my hand, I
was looking cross-eyed, she was afraid I was schizoid, Janick was
already killed and burned in front of our eyes, they skinned him before, and then she would be alone,
after a knife stab in my head they shoven a steel pole in my had to push me towards my daughter
we were very surprised that medics could repair Janick
without scarring, which has advantages and disadvantages,
the police abused already, towards small (my)children,
laughing threatening us,
for convenience they forgot tu use the polygraph 
to be honest I am glad I assisted the surgeons,
for the eeeuh nth time
, this happened in
Germany or

even more east
she died seeing me like this, I guess I love her
Mom’s Brass knuckles.

“the above red picture made ma paranoid and changed, although temporally to this Brass knuckles.


within one or two ours with RARA:
this is me with flat military boot kicked head, and beat up face with Brass knuckles, see skin, Marcel K. and Renee are the murderers, I do remember Renee squeezed my nose, strangely enough



my children and I were doubting about this on, we believe this is me, it’s being done to all three of us, a Brass knuckles beat by my natural mother and my aunt Cynthia holding my daughter her hands. Mt teeth, see open skull for brain tissue.

my son or me, I/we experienced both, my hair got removed by bold head skind and beaten up with iron poles, Janick’s too – on of the murderers was Harry ex classmate College de Klop Utrecht Holland

Or did we commit suicide in that plane, we killed the Oranjes, the other government people, trying fly the plane into shell, Brennan did not dare to either, f*ck…..another year without memory, another year prisoner from nazi gangsters. Even Pieter Jaap I had too rape, cut of penis and head to nobel kill him back, and than to see everybody who did this to us is still not in prison after a year. Disgusting. As if a police press officer  or a Utrecht commissioner is higher in place than his national boss, in this case. We even tried to stab the Utrecht police commissioner woman to dead with my manchete for stabing the children, that is how crazy that woman is. She was in the plane too staging me raping Pieter Jaap, cutting off his penis. “murder me too, I do not belong to them” the constable said, trator they called him.

=== ===
If I recall correctly this picture is taken first school day last year in music stage Azotod, de Meern
RARE: Catnwell, Marisse, Marita, Renee, the Martins, Brennan, Tuesday
my kids were beheaded on the floor too by Marti, Comey and Brennan
my blog about my platja dáro beheading and my son getting stabbed with sword by his Mom
in left eyeglass see we believe Falco cheer, also my former employer was present, who brouht the dead cat?

more murder pics from mom’s gang

De Audi Gang

Tot 2
keer toe als speelbal(met de Oranjes en mijn kids) gebruikt met de waarde
transport overvallen – ik moest claymores plaatsen
komen van 2 generaals en minister van justitie en defensie(huidig 12-12-2016) – ik heb er ook nog
in moeten rijden
mevrouw, de minister van justitie, al eerder door het hoofd geschoten in
Afghanistan voor messen in mijn kinderen steken met CIA agenten, als ik maar wist dat Marisse dit allemaal organiseerde. Vlak ons niet uit zei Renee.
moesten we nog even aan Brennan uitleggen – agenten waren niet jofel(rara) –
het hoofdschot wel (dan is het goed zou Brennan zeggen)
jolig en in de lijn van de bank overvallen in de USA van RARA.
is getuige
ter plaatse was perplex deze vooraanstaanden zo bezig te zien, ook met mijn
kinderen, en dan ook nog dienst auto’s gebruiken, ze zijn aangevallen door RARA
leden met priemen.
kon ik de Hoogheid zijn aanwezigheid ooit uitleggen ik was erg gewoon dat geeft
kwam aanrennen die stond achter de hoogheid en de kinderen mij moesten ze nog
even bekijken al stonden de kids voor me in.
De gearresteerde Mo is wederom een cover up – op coupe level, communisme
De Minister van Justitie en RARA heeft mij naar zijn optrekje gevoerd om messen in mijn kinderen te steken en ze te verkrachten. “Daar kunnen ze mensen toe aanzetten lachte hij, Schiet je mij nu ook in het hoofd”, er zaten “helaas” geen kogels in “mijn” Colt 1911(van Comey, ook ontvoerd), hij ging wel over. 

Op de vlucht deed ik alsof ik een stinger
uit het raam hield, dat moest, misschien was het een echte, de politie Helikopter taaide af, RARA heeft idd dat soort wapens. Op de A27 geloof ik.
Twee rara
leden, nadat ze winkel personeel hun hoofden hadden ingeslagen met knuppels,
voor wat geld(wij bedoelen echt belachelijk dus), ik nam foto met Sylvester, ik was te gewond om knopje alleen in te drukken. We probeerde ze nog te redden door te schreeuwen dat mijn kids hadden gestoken. Om niet medeplichtig te zijn, RaY
Linked: priem gevechten op het bordes tijdens formatie tussen rara en de rest van kabinet. “Waarom doen ze dit”, vroegen ze mij, “waarom doen ze jou dat aan”, “zijn dat jou kinderen”. “Ze plegen een coupe”, zei John Brennan, “dat is alles wat ik nu nog weet, hij gaat ook alles vergeten, de kids ook”,  “doen ze dit in Amerika ook?”
Renee en Huub, USA(2014-2015)

Ik vermoed zo gewond als mijn dochter hier, spiergroepen verwijdert, gedeeltelijk geskinned, meer uitleg over deze foto reeks – ik leek wel een oud mannetje lachte mijn kinderen bijna

Dit is wederom mijn dochter, haar moeder slaat haar met een bijl in, ze zijn niet blij met het resultaat dus ze proberen met een honkbalknuppel haar hoofd er af te slaan, er ontstaan blauwe plekken in haar nek. Een foto dan maar zegt Renee, hij propt kaak delen in haar mond van Janick en mij, haar neus top word er afgesneden en die wordt vervangen met die van mij, haar broer of haar moeder, om het makkelijk te maken voor onze speurneuzen,  ze en we doen er make-up op, haar haren worden zwart geverfd nog even, ik moet foto maken. Ze repareren ons op de grond en ik zie even later mijn dochter weer gewoon rondlopen, de blauwe plekken moest ze maar verkopen als zuigzoenen van haar vader zei Renee. Met Zijn Hoogheid van Oranje staan mijn zoon en ik nog te debatteren of we de foto met een shutter time van ISO 400 of ISO 800 nemen gaan. Zo konden we het in ieder geval misschien onthouden. Het leven van een gegijzelde, op klaarlichte dag:

Aangezet worden tot: je ogen open je vraagt je af waarom iemand je hand los laat, je een mes in je handen hebt en waarom je die nog een keer heen en weer haalt. Net als met dat pistool in Van de Steur zijn huis, het helaas kwam uit de mond van twee RARA leden. Wat Marisse hier doet is niet aangezet zijn tot, hoe bang je ook bet, en dat weten wij slachtoffers, normale mensen doen dat niet, behalve uit zelfverdediging tegen een gelijkwaardige vijand.

Aan onze gijzeling is nog geen einde gekomen, wij staan hier nog steeds die foto te maken, we leven in angst want ze kunnen dit ons gewoon weer aan doen, ze lopen op vrije voeten rond.

The Carpaccio Factory – modern rich delicatesse

44 years a US & NL  hostage victim on coupe level, what does that say to you, daddy? – well, look for hostage takers, they do not belong on gov level. Than we have government victims. Who are the victims, violence is used which is definitely. Injury compensations… 

— — intro
my Dallas(USA) neurologist knew, after a new pair of brains he gave my this homework: “you are
44 years an hostage victim on coupe level, not a police officer“,”e can work that out my son says, before they keep you”. The president his presence was confirmation enough for the medical staff, not in good health and company that is or was or is, they are not in prison that is. The neurologist PROGRAMMED* in that the president his daughters and the Dutch King’s daughters were shooting with us, you can even see it on the Dallas video’s something no one understands why the CIA finds it so hard to kill RARA. Now the children had to do it and it is not even the riot it deserved to be.(*schizoids believe that you can programm people) A NBC female reporte callen me a traitor in hospital and police officer. Some later I was the shot down officer in the news.

Another funny but unusual, not for our company, was that my children and I did some micro surgery on our butt holes while we were standing on silver trays, without legs that is. Good for memorizing. See picture below.

The King of Holland: “Now yo know why you are more operations than police and army, in both countries”. They are not in prison, and try too keep us seperated == mutiny/coupe maintenance.

We hope the police finds our blog more interesting then the book of the Holleeder sisters* about who is who on Schiphol Airport every time…. retarded as always – observing people that observe people
* a social tactical police opreation, as ex  military I know it is the wrong approuch, it will bring war, it brought war, 9/11, it is what police did wrong in all war area’s, it brings the wrong kind of oversight etc etc at home they may do everthing like communists do??? – they also cut of my penis, those sisters, with them ot in prison it has no use to enlarge it, like at them now, they are sofisticated re-intgrated(they know they are mob-schizoids-serial killers) but it is to dangerous to enlarge a penis with them not in prison. Is the police accessary for kidnapping us, the King etc? For sure, it is their resposibility. Amsterdam court people looked satisfied at the sisters co-hijacking a government plane, the say I improvement in environment. We did not even had drop our trousers on our ankles, while we were raped and nod having some swinger bisexual party…. That was strange indeed they observed, they did not understand. Their heads were chopped of too I beleive. RARA totally cut us to pieces and raped us that trip. On the airport Jacco D. was stabbing anti-terrorism troopers in the head, Brennan tried to stop him but failed ang speared through his back by Utrecht police officers, the Vanessa P. reports ones.

— — —
More than once in my live with my children together and when I was young, our cut of heads were served at dinners at the White House by RARA members. Which is a coupe too, they will deny because they are not government but they keep the President hostage at those moments and for the simple fact they are not in prison and will do and did it again and again.

My Son kept recognizable by the White Ties, paint brush as used in other pictures by Marti, White House staff, Lauren and were not allowed to help them create this Horror table 2014/2015, for our memory sometimes better, to touch what you not believe to see – after Dallas, Housten I believe. Cantwell my children already posted this picture but it has been removed. This typical Marisse, Renee and Marti and MArtin. Marisse and my brother behead him. Sharon D. tried to or did a (slave)neckless around his neck, she works for the VVD someone said jealous.

[in our photo analysis we also see in this picture: the American Revolutionary War  – independence declaration – while the offenders see pigs]

his eye was removed, so his head had to come off, we were in some horror house in Houston
the even raped his eye hole, this boy died well deserved differently after extreme tortures at the moment
he survived and his sister and daddy were glad that we survived again
the red “make-up” is from baseball bats and real tiger claws, also in his neck…
there is police involved so than you can do this freely apparently
the mosaic blacked out people are involved in producing  the video and stabbing my children n a TV studio
the tiger claw used by his mother she also used at random public, on a girl i believe, this was paying debt on her Son
I was eye raped like this to at Dutch lessons in college,
after that the teacher was declared dead I heared

We should not have called them cannibals? Just know who serial killers are, like rara or the sisters, I haven seen judges pea in ther “trousers” arresting them with Washington police, and we as bounty hunters “”, my children & I, to explain them it physically. “My mom is one too”, they knew but they were hostages now too.
Everybody especially in hard porn country know us now like this, to be ashamed is for us and no one else, it’s their fault, so publish it dad. That’s how famous we are. We had to do this in a full Senate(usa), really really really embarrassing, so Comey is our witness, he knelt on his knees too….pretend…he…eeeuh., “”can someone stop that man*”, the president guard screamed, but he did that to remember it, so we can remember. *what he meant by that Brennan did not know, the one from youtube movies with demon head.

self righteous suicide
“aka the Wonderland Elephant Man” * – My Son and I had to be raped  in the plane – creating a contra  rape for Brennan  & Comey –
this picture was fot making it up Renee said laughing – the prisoner underpants is for our memory – i am a hostage
“I guess we have to do this again for them” – I can not say that that thought does not fly through your head
– to turn over in bed was somewhat more difficult, it made my daughter laugh – normaly not supposed to

Modern rich
people delicatessen, even my children and I and cannibalistic dinner in the
White House and in some Royal families their palaces. (With Nixon the gave roasted fingers in soup. With Reagan they gave us monkey brains. With Obama Carpaccio etc etc etc. And NO the Presidents and we are and were not cannibals………..or swingers…..or…..)

If you lucky
they feed you XXXL-penis Carpaccio. Or else something else cannibalistic. This throughout my my children’s and my life, it is not a big secret.
If you not
lucky you have penis like this and smuggle, in Muslim garb, penises like this to Europe. This
while have done police reports about shortening my penis. Probably in the hope that
I am happy with my XXXL version and that I keep my mouth shut up about it.
If you not
lucky you have penis like this, and your 12 year old daughter may give you Oral
while White House & The House Of Orange staff members are forcing us to do
so under threat of being skinned or beheaded. Or like with Gostriding they will
not repair her brother.
The penis
is removed on an airline toilet last year and been put back on for customs, they removed it home over here. Hereby our second attempt to blog
this and make it an police report. Y children and I dared to publish this in
front of them, it got removed, we almost.

During the flight back all hostage man, CIA, FBI, GOV, including my Son and me were given the prepared neck like that of my daughter, my bigger penis was cut off and they were humiliated with it and also raped by RARA members including all present Utrecht police officers, who also participated in the neck preparations and beheadings on the plane’s floor. All RARA woman participated in the rapings. They tried to make me behead the CIA boss’s head, I refused and was too wounded traumatized to hold a knive, he touched me for his memory.
This neck upgrade method is really a revenge for our complaints about, “can’t you wide up their necks” when they vertically impale us, or in this case our on spot complaints about how they treated the alien skinned girl, my daughter from the blog Mysterious Terrorism

flash-backs: most probably mi- or aivd co-operators(they are behind the terminals in the back of the plane) used my body to axe-sledge hammer the princesses their heads in two, the king was observing it, they needed to shut up about kidnaping us or else it would end up in lie detection, the Queen they already beheaded, in the game who regains memory sooner afterwards. In reaction my children, I and The King killed almost everybody in the plane, beheaded that is, the carrying my body, we could repaire Brennan, my Son and I were joined together by the same guards “”.

The White House? we call it The Carpaccio Factory… our slangMy Mom Marisse and Catnwell suddenly looking in love, finally nevertheless he has his lolita, they also meant it, seriously schizoid … nono she is making a fool of them, Hilary does, janick says quicly standing in front of me.
also present: Comey, Brennan, Everts, Martin, Renee, Bertus
Before depature and during flight Miljuschka, Lonneke and the two sisters were raping me constantly with this big penis.

CIA wifes doubted to make love to me like this since it is their husband lazy we are kidnapped,with even the President. How do you know, the precense of medics for example and what they do on crime scenes will de-man you. That mean you have been too lazy. What you might feel maby when politicions visit the war front. etv etc. Well some were divorced and eeuhh….
protest: We want our penis sizes back!


My daughter was beheaded and her neck was temporarilyadapted for this movie, on a carpet floor. I’m skinned thinner and have received many syringes steroids to swell in my veins. A second actor was present. Lifting weights before was becoming a normal, for my son too. 
My Son and I have touched the surgical material physically both, you never believe your eyes namely over there. The just remove a circle of meat, that’s all, the president than say’s, mark the small p.


Oh… and the police officers already reported by me, fidt deep throated me like this too in 2009, police station Paardeveld. colleagues were asking me if I knew how they did that. Util I died, my 7 year old son witnessed.


RARA and police did this, wide up our necks, also with my children and me and some whores on the Utrecht Red Light District, out of being schizoid serial killer it was one of the reasons to close it too, they are just removing memory triggers and meantime they create them?? My children their Mom is involved in offering the children to these people voluntary, she is even participating in the cutting, not they we do not doe back but the police is saying she is a victim of them to, but no one arrests the police officers. So that is we guess the counter poalice report, it is pure fraud and child porn and there is no one to help us really but ourselves….
As usual, no anesthesia, our junk parents, as seen by themselves, mine too, use it for themselves, medics give it to them out fear and in the hope they give us some too while they cut.


Strange facts: Comey smuggled my old penis under his penis in the airplane(he did not wanted to be cut again, think green picture of Brennan Janick said, they slam him to the floor, think impaled ray with mama, see they read your blog), Amalia wanted to know how they did those things……and if that is too dangerous to ask …. … ….


* Japanese Emperor slipped into the room while they skinned me to have lesser fat and more muscle, that’s how I prepared you too to defend the palace, remember it is possible, I think he means The Last Samorai dad, Janick said. First fight than become Samorai. I remember. Use the force, they might even put it online not recognizing you……..oh ps the quote his made by The King, he hoped to remember saying it on spot and at my computer screen

My Son buchered to create this picture, with my skull top with long hair to replace his removed skull top. Now I know what meant saying to generals and police chiefs, we ware your stipes over here. Look at his shoulder, you will see a cut line from being skinned to kill before I could take picture….

more pics we took like this

my daughter -a real cut and cut off nose
a typical police or judge victim – justice that
provokes violoence & threats by doing nothing, both
self-defence but than you will have
no justice – so they are mob  in most cases
easy to find
they stiched my mouth a lot too during my live
even in work clothes
Renee did this with on their accordance
and presence, A’dam judges, Utrecht police
this is a real samorai sword cut suture
given by a judge linked to Robert M. case
I could realy look into her skull for 20 cm’s
My daughter eaten alive, grandpa Bertus K. started it and also by this woman and my brother, I took picture, she asked me too, she died before I did, the do this all the time she stressed
hand tattoos are a link to mine according to the cannibals
The girl above is this girl, a picture I had to make too, His Royal Higness was standing next to us, like above was her mother…again with can paint brushed tatttoos
I was raped to make love with her in this car to show my children maybe that pa sleeps with their murderers, like my Maarssenbroek ex.

Our daughters swinged like Tarzan through my legs like this lady before I took this picture. To fight against what Marisse wanted to put down. This one did hurt some more, is the name of the picture. I guess she meant the big penis in the above picture. She was somewhat more heavy…She joined the party too give me a bad name with dating porn like ladies, a serial killer woman or something. We were at her apartment also, she beheaded me I believe in her kitchen, no one was holding her….. I dated her until we left for home, so she would not cut my children, she was even here in my apartment. She went home with hopefully Brennan his man. I demolished her private spots, she wanted to show to a judge over here in Utrecht. They had her kill Janick and buried him, Me and Comey left the group, for personal reasons sinse he was wearing my penis, we created a quarrel, we excavated and gave him CPR .To cut this woman in pieces in my living room they, Comey and a agent, tried to make my children to, they refused just like Comey and Brennan in your hall way dad if I am correct. Comey tries to storm in and say well good too see them in one piece again……

my photo because I am the photographer, she said, so do many models
“Ï would choose a lie detector definitively”
Comey: “you guys don’t even know she heheaded you, just like Marisse married you, but write this down”

I tried to confiscate the knuckle duster she was using on the heads of my children. Renee Marti and Huub gave her a beat up with on her bed. She was showing towards Marisse, a big name in gangster country.

PS Those police officers and generals even made us, around 2012 including
the Dutch Royalties, including all the children, including Brennan retouch their old
skool DNA sheets. This after some Paardeveld riots. Just so they can say, on
the lie detector?, they did not falsify their sheets. Being serial killer,
being schizoid is visible we all know from biology lesson’s. For what it’s


To serve as snowman for the Oranjes on their ski
Is there a holiday that they experienced
without terror and us and me and  
that we did not served as a snowman for
Royal House of Oranje 
They were not so happy with this new
exquisite they were supposed to like
I can still remember the princesses to put
snow on us
So that is nice cool with such wounds,
 Maybe you will remember it will take
some time
I say secretly in English, we are
hostages, I cannot speak freely


That is a coupe indeedps3
On radio silence, as US marine, sometimes the CIA gave us photos like these on our machine guns. And we knew what to do how to kill or arrest. Victim: my daughter Lauren. In her face: Queen Maxima who suffers at that moment the same*. Fear: without Maxima she or her loved ones are doomed, most probably also the King of Holland and his eeuhh. Offenders of victim: nearby family’, colleague, hole in nose points to cocaine. Are there witnesses? It is a hard one to figure out. Laptop, maybe not……were we the only ones that operated on this level? Isn’t one pic enough? This is a coupe, most probably than also the President….. The girl still lives. Well I see some my family members in her face as offenders. Have look at the laptop…’s your daughter that’s for sure….gentleman gentleman …radio silence please – we escaped from Nam once again without the offenders but they are still not in prison… These are famous people easy job
Does he knows his involvement in 9/11 they ask Brennan, well he does now, we got memory loss too he explains to me


* the photographer and hostage, although for my daughter too late, also terrorist attacker, so witness

ps4 We
on David Letterman/Larry King with our 911 story

The kids
hostages like us, those of the president, the Oranjes, the Hiltons
humiliating, the kids were jumpy, maybe it was our breakthrough
allowed to admit we were the ones from 9/11
We were
allowed to say we were hostages and that it was a coupe
Paris her
father and me were executed like renee did with me on the dallas streets
Again by
In bars
people did not dare to tell us if it was on tv because marisse and renee were
still there
knows mom, you see dad
Just like
about it, the Hiltons they do a long time too I remember – her dad too – like


to the new schiphol hotel  – last time I
believe – same story
Hilton Hotel Texas after the Dallas shootings –  a hotel Sen. Cantwell tried to make me remember – Paris: don’t say Fred Flinstone – if I remember correctly a Flintstone car from the movie that is was arriving.

Inspired by the anus book from Dallas hospital – made with mushroom spores – derived from a photograph I was forced to make from an artist while he stabbed with knives in my children, some Jeff Butterworth:
Also cool that we are registered Americans born in New York – for if 9/11 was a Washington inside job