Under The Coney Island Boardwalk – Bounty Hunting New York

For Mr. Tax, we were obliged to bounty hunt against our will, kidnapped.
A couple
years ago after the riot in The Pentagon some Judges and Bounty Hunters helped
my children and I to start a living in America. At least it was a possible
reality. Better than ours and of course to have share on the money we had,
under guidance, help with killing a serial killer family. We tagged them and
bagged them and brought them to the sheriff. One in Washington I believe.
RARA, and
their Mom were watching, just a matter of paperwork they said. We worked on and
retrieved the money in a suite case. We placed the money on a bank in Rockville
Washington. Enough for a pick-up truck, a house, $30.000,- cash and bank card We had
internet and were already looking for schools including world schools, that
choice we had to make ourselves the judges said.
We ate shawarma
and went to a shop to buy a battery drill and new lock system for the doors to
stop eventual falsifying Ma and my gangster family. We bought a house in New
York, in the hope to buy some time for them to look for us. We had three other bounty hunts that day we really worked hard for it, got wounded, payed the hospital for $70.000,-….
entered the shop and they gave us headshots, they moved us to our home and got
beat-up and beheaded. They were doubting to bag us, we woke up in Holland
There was a
big fight outside the shop between crowd & police versus RARA and even a
chopper crashed due to a rocket launch attack. They tried to kidnap us back and
forced police to tell were we lived.
dragged us through town even to the nearby beach, screaming is this wat you want is this
wat you want, trying to bury us under the board walk. Again police helped to
stop them. Where is the army …..

ps we were even welcomed, although harassed by RARA, the major of Long Island, as hard working people, enjoy our pizza he said, because that is how famous we are, daddy makes pizza’s….
we really really had some good time and rest on the beach my children and I, until…..
It went
down something like this, very in a rush, that is for us, we were head wounded
and almost tripping.
We had to
make it on our own, they judges thought it was an option to get rid of RARA
because we really should endorse a big amount of excuse from the American

The judges were beheaded in Rockville and on the Boardwalk by White House officials. A big crowd came to help us, they lynched RARA and the government  people, buried them under the boardwalk and we pied on them back. We were brought to hospital. Of course I was arrested, almost, for urinate in public. Maybe that crowd wasn’t so us and also strange was that Obama was already looking at us, it was ok, RARA was beaten for now. Some KKK priests with burning torches came running in, giving me a toch too, screaming South American “Goaaaal Goaaaal Goaaaal” and disappeared, “as protest go figure” they screamed. Police Officers were scratching their heads. Hilary Clinton: ” I do not know if you CANNN blog this, but I hope you manage I guess, typical Americans…”. Marines & Police: “we let him live for that”

Our passports, bank cards & paperwork, social security numbers, custody parental paper work everything was stolen again.

RARA demolished
the house totally. Back in our old reality. We had to deliver, under threat, our cash to Hilary Clinton. As usaual this all was most probably staged in attempt to kill us again. The Kids. 

RARA: Marisse, the Martins, Marti, Altrecht  people, Renee, Huub, Riek, Bertus, Hilary, Obama, Judges, Amsterdam Lawyer, the House of Oranje, Bruce W., Beth, Nancy etc

*Role of the politicians…. we really do not know, the troopers really let them down in case they are not rara rioteers, and money is no problem for the government…so we don’t know, we are in self-defense mode…
my children and I mounted our flag, the King of Holland gave us the honor, touched it too
A CIA safe House I guess


Chopper crash spot, we try to flee with it:

Bounty Hunting
This is me walking toward my children already beheading two serial killer with judges, the might as wel seen their lives isn’t that different.

Made up by game producers, judges and the weapon dealer.
The long sword was in real a shotgun for creating some fata morgana.

I beheaded the out storming, towards my children (I looked stupid like a serial killer that was a mistake), third serial killer with the gun, I waited for him, I had a small back for is head.

I had to pose like this for an artist but was wearing a cowboy long leather coat.
Quake helmet, shoes and iron knee shield for being one of the nine in Lord Of the Rings….
$300.000.000,- 15 + 45 minutes work.
Police assistance for guiding the truck with expensive load.

We had to share it with the team.


My kids and I had to pose like this too, this is how we looked all three, this is what the see in skins of animal we kill, a little sect behind us as link to Justice…Janick up front showing our sword fight wounds…after the hunt, holding the front of my skull, I was wearing a chainsaw mask, see left hunter – loss of face typical mob – marines helped placing Renee his gun(linked wonderland murders) because RARA  members were holding a torche and my face with skin in the air – Oh jeah it was John Wayne, he gave to me when I was young, his gun and if RARA harassed his home he always said to te police “if this gun with the broken trigger is not enough to scare them away you guys have to work harder with them”

clothes from the Court Martial: the see us so often, we must be Sheriffs
catch their drift Genrals?, we now too

to be
honest me and my children love life live and these were our horse drive
clothes, we are world famous people with apparently a lot of fans that wanted
to see us horse driving, not enough guards, hence the human bites(-holes) in
Janick his clothes. Well that happened to me too in disco’s when I was young


a mouse I drowned, see black hat in skin

Justice Department 

Because of Justice Department I had to self-defense my children and myself with this axe. There will always be revenge in for slavery, embarrassed by the identity of and being surrounded by the people that slaved you. Judges that do not know about this in the right way did not take their responsibility towards the Mob, they would know about it that is for sure. Or they are wounded slaves themselves. Justice Department did not know about it and is therefore guilty to our slavery. Totured to do things for people that slaved you. Sex, drugs fabrication and -usage, yes even murder, mthis all just to amuse the slave holders his ”aristocracy”.

RARA kidnapped us, the Royal family too, to the national drink water company in Holland. Those people were actually concerned about their product. Everybody outside Justice seems to know who Bernhard, Renee, Martin and the rest are?! RARA…..No, Justice is concerned about their product differently. In New York we killed two kops killing my children. I have never seen such a big funeral, that’s showing that you are concerned about your and responsible for your product.

And even when we walked into buildings from Justice, also in Holland, with our long black leather coats, there was not a single agent that did not checked if our bodies backs had content or not, with an eagle eye and swwaet on their fore heads that is, very remarkable indeed. (memory link for the other victims: during us being tortured at Coca Cola head office, again a drink company how accidentally fot terrorists) We just wanted show our wounds to some police officers, see cowboy picture above. Police officers quickly brought bran cards for us, Renee got paranoid because it could trigger my memory about 9/11, some police officers screamed “Oh is that the pilot from 9/11”, they lost their humor. Ohw now they say it mumbled the King Of Holland traumatized, maybe we can break through with that…. As promised a blog for saying thank you.

the Greener GP 12 Gauge Shotgun

This was my Father his favorite shotgun, one of the most famous gangsters in the underworld after Capone. He used to enter Woodstock 69 festival and all his USA serial ill kills, of course in night pawn. I grew up with it, even killed him and my Mom every time we went to the USA since I was three years old. He explained to me that they don’t make these in the USA…the Greener GP 12 Gauge Shotgun. Cool to have found it on YouTube for my kids…..we survived with it to shooting at their mom and rara, with same underestimation as my daddy, the CIA smiled, they had memories on it….

[for our personal independence declaration]
My children and I also had a lot of letal shots at our family with this rifle, it had a apart airpomp from the gun, and diverse other more heavt models.(I write this for my kids their memory too). People and terrorists gave us the guns, for evt. damage compensations. We shoot because they kidnapped us, indentity robbed us, not only the rear name issue, tried to liquidate us, tortured us to dead time after time, last but not least on the lie detector self-defense. And next time we going to kill them again, as we did so with the media muslim pilots from 9/11. We even received some navy fire guns to finish it. Until our identity is acknowledged without deals, we are too famous. 

For those, if your work is your enemy of the day, and that should not be, in hierarchy, police Utrecht or a front soldier although both would suffer the same. The enemy will be in your tent if you do not do your work. The next time too. We are still top hierarchy hostages and (and because) the hostage takers are still not in prison.

What is strange, un fair, not right is that Hilary, Obama, the Dutch King, Brennan and “lately”
Comey are always the ones that get the RARA terrorists out of prison, since I
can walk, that is for over 40 years now. If necessary with falsified paper
work & true violence, I can witness that. Or….were they present and kidnapped, themselves they say they than still are kidnapped by RARA, so why are they not in prison? It are the same peopl that hijacked the CIA offce early 70’s, they are not in prison and therefore we have no CIA on top level. Just like us, they are not in prison so we are stil their hostages. Pentagon has to do it and they are hijacked to, the Russians try to help, like the said in Nam, but meanwhile they got hijacked too. But like on camp delta “we” have to do it ourselves, it’s “our” camp delta. The enemy managed to stal their dead bodies…..

According to helping US marines the White House members did not belong to RARA.

Abused by the Dutch and USA government as boy girls – a father and with photo’s

Abused by
the Dutch and USA government as boy girls – a father and with photo’s
This is how
are sexually abused by the Dutch and USA government, me for over 44 years now.
Thank you MOM!!! For trying to be famous!! We have talked obliged in reverse from her, also to police…..(if you still may worry about your children their development)
This is my
son, with surgeons I placed some muscle tissue in his left foot. For
recognition and so I did not have to rape him too. Their Daddy is obliged the photographer!!
His face is made different with Brase Knuckles!!! & cut out jaw elements* They broke his foot with a baseball bat, he pretend to be strong or else…., if they see it in the picture they will kill him….. skull top with hair: Paris Hilton(she out manned the terrorist by stabbing him to dead)
* Obliged : Brennan, Comey, Orange  voluntarily: Marisse
my Son & Daughter assured me(eye-witnessed it too) there are abused like this at school and so it did not matter anymore to publish, they his other parentst, dragged him through school like this
me too when I was young…..in slavery…due to continuous held trauma
his fingers are again enlarged, see right hand
[Janick his dirty hands:Janick learned from Hitler jugend, shoot your father,
you than may see de Fuhrer, we agree go ahead, so we can kill him]
Police is in silent mode, like schizoids(future political talented), like mental nurse do with schizoid patients, accuse them, to have some time to make save a sandwich peanut butter, I was one too in training…. Insulting schizoids to tame them, man that is what mental nurses do one milli secomd before injection..Only, like
fresh man soldiers, they do with non-schizoid victims too???? like us…like fresh man, and they than think they can father(us Pa) my children, like some judges while those children are veterans, it makes us sick in the tummy……like soldies explain to children why they are in their country, because the police works the other way around in your country, so why don’t you stay at home they that ask…..one thing we dont rape and torured them so it was already ok….not for those Utrecht police officers that kidnapped us….killing that child for opening her mouth – fresh man insults made by justice leading to angry mobsters leading to us being prosecuted and sentenced by the mob, the nazies

I personally executed Bin Laden with my Son (and some others mabey, ps we are to famous not to just blog about it, I already looked like his dead body her at home out of revenge) in de hope to create resources to monitor RARA, his Mom, my family, with arrests, because indeed they REALY demand presidential resources in monitoring, in everything….if we might hope soMy children, some constructors and I mounted out of protest gypsy trailer wheels on the White House outside walls, mounted a pull lorry, warming up a Monster Truck and played gypsy Mob music on a ghetto blaster. We got stopped. A protest because our family hijacked The White House for more a couple hundred times and also important, with us as hostages. Not only staff members. Bullets did not work. Medicine did not work. Jail maybe? A whole family? Genocide behind bars……. face it seen tactical, if you have a family, you can hijack the White House, new church norms and values……over and over again…just let it happen….go with flow…. just say to the victims they must belong there….don’t they?? Bullets did not work……thank you CIA…for that gypsy music pala bamba pala bamba pala bamba

pictures are also a combination between rape and serial killing. He order
between both is varies…my Son and me – Brennan positioned my right leg in the hope to remember my nervous shaking leg – how he knows me behind my old desk at my old job. 

Stabbed in the head for cross eyes:


me with cut off penis, raped by all RARA members, also in the plane to the USA and back to Holland
my mom did my nails, my kids took picture

Raped in is eye hole by government people, me[forced]& the terrorists also in the public!!!!! Comey and I have removed the semen from its eye socket to make this picture……(lucky for me he said, you have the same wounds, I had to euh rape you too, so you can and publish it for me for us) – in his orbit you can see the tooth bite marks of Mom Marisse & partner being too schizoid to raise children

enlarged fingers and his skull is realy broken in s lot of pieces with a hammer, his are removed and the holes are used for raping him

Raped on the street, killed against wall with grinde and knives they cut holes in his belly!! In the Bronx.


AFter being killed x -times, look at his wound from being skinned!!!

Me as Fakir killed after being raped

My daughter is raped like us too, like us us even in all Red Light Distrects!!!!, more pics wil follow

Some real cannibalism, she died from it, my daughter


my daughter, I took pictures with my Son, in her right eye there hase been shot a bullet from a kruger gun(Marisse), the make up is for the gun powder cover up

before kruger bullet with Brace knuckles(Comey), same hole with ice picker(Beth)



her head is beheaded in cage, the hand or from my brother holding her up as one of the rapists

Papa’s lolita 12.13 years old“, she aksed me to download this picture
and while taking it to report the face mister on her arm for sexual abuse
and tattoo her, one year ago we could remember it was Lisa her son. Grandpa Bertus beheaded her with a sharp blade on a broom stick, right through her hand also, it made the surgeons angry. She knew beforehand, she comforted me with “they have worser ways to kill us dad, you are impaled, just take picture”…Daniel and Bertus started a big fight because it was Daniel his art work so it had to be his kill.
My daughter dead, a the Kler brothers art work “”, self declared
the flowers are done with ice-pickers, while she lived
like little children they wanted to do a ice-picker kill tooooo
cut out jaws – woosticks from my grape plant


for their pleasure they let us put our pictures ALL OVER this resource site, total humiliation!! For us that is…  http://the-wizard-of-gore.tumblr.com/ & http://darkpassenger1313.tumblr.com/ – both told to my children, by their MOM, their class mates and they told us!! Just put a PSF file online, you know what me mean, we agreed, indeed – the cross-pollination in terms of pics is ours
(ps my children and I raped back, killed, beheaded, verical cut in two all models on this websites, not only because these are our pictures, guess who had to go on a lie detector)

One thing
RARA(INCL. Utrecht police & MOM) and Guns and roses raped the president, me my son
and my daughter in this car. The also forced me, Comey and my Son, the King of
Holland TO RAPE EACH OTHER. It is hard to analyze. And maybe they beheaded us
in the Azotod out of mercy, like we killed them in the plane out of mercy and maybe
that says enough about out heroin factor AND THEIR TORTURES. And remains the

There is
something in reality like we go first, against our will and that they go….maybe interesting
for analyzes. Because for 44 years now, side to side with the president I see
the same people across the president taking hostage of him, the rest and me…….

my killed raped and skinned daughter, this all just to
rape and kill my daughter


Remark I: our great government leaders approve more than often that people, we than meet,
may stab us and more, because they work with criminals, so
in the planefor us was not suicide but just killing and raping them and
us three raised each other to continue doing so, out of self-defense of course with fascism back, nerds to call tham selves our leaders arent they? Hereby we accuse the governments of the USA and The Netherlands for
practicing fascismtowards us, in
continues slavery form.

Remark II:  My children and I are also tortured out of
self-defense because of what our family members do to others and children,
we have also that right and are always the last ones that may self-defense
back, at that momemnt with help from others because that we are already wounded. We are at the bottom. The security leaks you call that I believe.
Therefore innocent, victim of a misbehaving government (entity) staff member. 
In all honesty we are also victim of their mutual act tough in murder
people, in this case us. On battle fields we do to, but those battle field are staged and
that counts 
certainly or at least for us.

And if an honest report child slavery takes longer than ordering a hamburger, don’t call yourselves a Democratic government. It explains they harassments at all those Mc Donald’s. That is how you fight facism.

final but not least: my daughter(&Son) 11 years old! On Hardstyle 2015 -Reverse Bass Revolution, they are stuffed with XTC, Cynthia beheads her before and Comey kills Cynthia because you can see it in my daughters face. Stuffed with XTC(John Brennan, together with Marisse gave my kids provocative  the XTC, they even robbed dealers on during the festival, although staged on Brennan his behalf, they confiscated the drug to prevent more pumped into my children, although staged again) to blame me in the end. I co-film my daughter dancing. I am threatened not to publish, they show me where to find my daughter in the video clip, that is right after a girl with a batman t-shirt. Since I(we) was mistreated on all Batman film sets.

have a look at her fingers…flash backs from the battlefront they give me

I was not offended I had to promise my daughter, and I really was not, she really tries to have good time seen her abuse….my Son, Daughter and I are abused(& to dead) on this festival in public, together with her brother we made  up these dance moves because I looked like, was tortured to She Monster again with hanging hands, see red picture above. Just right before this movie her mom hit her 12 years (also stuffed with XTC) brother to dead with brace knuckles in public, she holds strong to tell the camera about our dance moves, so maybe we remember  some  day….I filmed but saw it too

Naked in
the Nazi gas showers of Auschwitz.
Naked with the Dutch King and Queen, their
daughters, The American President and First lady, together with daughters,
Hilary Clinton, John Brennan and James Comey. Hilary pretended to wash me so I could
remember her.
All naked!!
We do not get used to it!!
My ex-wife and
Renee, both from the terror organization RARA, opens the gas, we got gassed!!! we were happy with it!! The ovens we already burning!! Paparazzi lowered their cameras out of respect
although it looked like a normal diplomatic visit to Auschwitz.


I believe
during the recordings of the movie “The walk back”, read more.
Let’s research why I use big & fat letters in this blog!!?? oR Let’s wonder why I neglect my Facebook.….why are they not in prison?? and why are the people who think Apparently that
RARA members are normal not in prison with them. Normal people together with
normal people. Those police
officers from Utrecht
were pushing us into the showers of course out of

My children
have to take police officers and judges for serious that don’t shoot their Mom
down for her war crimes, they simply can’t……..me either.

more pics on my latest blog’s example

my son his fingerprints, it kills me differently and both

A picture from Hilary Clinton as co-hostage, humiliated, RARA showed Hilary like this too in Holland to police chiefs in Amsterdam, she is a witch she is a witch, if they remember…..Bernhard his role was awkward according to them too….Hilary was killed by my Mom just before this picture…(knife in head or beheaded, I tuned away to try to make stop or narrow down her showing off) She watnetd to say,that is ok to me, our reality: I am KKK baby…….

“if you don’t recognize me I kill you”

I believe my Son again, I did some pimpels to but was very wounded like him (spear through head -bernhard/renee -dead – helmet on – cpr – breats from on of the hostage ladies – smink – photo)
– “our dutch space cadets”(weet and reddish hair and freckles) RARA wanted to dare the Navy


my daughter 12 years old, “presented by Utrecht police” on their child porn website literally, on het under belly you will see almost invisible sect tattoos – I took picture and I really do not want to at those moments, they really have to force me, the other hostages and the terrorists……out of discust….
marines bursted in on this scenary, they helped me taking the picture, Hialry Clinton pulled back her efford. Punishment: RARA hiijacked us to the Pentagon to upload the pictures with deadly consequences… the picture had to be taken anyway….Mom and her gangsters try to copy dad’s disgust…there were some generals and daughters trying to help us during these picture taking and the skinned – torched and broken arm picture of Lauren below

I moved the cross to the left for her, away from her heart

dito with implants, I obliged did make-up around breats, obliged to make love with each other for that Angel look – we get killed after every picture we take, also seen on this website also the other hostages – to create war trauma amnesia – every minute extra is hope some one tries to help us like marines or non mob police, logic the President is always there too – the peircings are done with a ice picker – if we are lucky we may keep our jaws open – this time she had no luck – a very brave girl….posing like this

The implants were removed in her full classroom
at home to threat he co students too en to embarrass her,
alo done by her Mom and boy friend


I believe this is me, a new appearance, see red picture above
dead – brace knuckled jaws and damaged hand – linked band – four non blondes

my son with my long hair(skull top)
– dead

my daughter in hope this was enough – see arms and hands – but no they had to be skinned – torched and broken

in the pink circle we placed with photoshop the skin of my head, after being partially de-skulled – we told RARA that it was the trees, my children and I, they left it in

my son, steel poled right eye, left eye dito, pulled out with tweezers, knuckle duster on upper lips twice, same for jaws – a cross brand marked – a present for the Pope – theeth replaced with braces


recursive – collective suicide to have a stoppie
it has become an algorithm – Justice ease
an algorithm that works
for us stoppie to stop torture
recursive creates infinity, 
a piston that rotates the engine democracy infinite
without taking infinite memory, but
a calculated amount of

 memory in computer language


my son 13 years old
he has to from mom
pure child porn to look like my brother with hair jel
online for over a year now…jan 2017

Pictures uploaded from Ip-numbers belonging from the White House, The Pentagon, The Dutch Palace, Parliament etc & my home…there you have it, how strange…how strange..We all know that schizoid serial killers like to eat insects, like grasshoppers. At least the (schizoid/mob) food industry put down a good looking and probably a good tasting product. My kids and I can nots say that from the USA en Dutch government. Our pictures don’t look good, it are real murders on our address and tortures and they, see picture above, do not taste good because we are different, non schiziods and indeed we don’t like insects etc etc and also try to stay out of jail. And we don’t call those dead bodies of us little art works etc etc

my Son again I was obliged again by ghis Mom and our other hostage takers – rancid

my daughter killed, her eyes are steel poled in, she is de-skulled – still alive – they repaired her
James Comey(Boss FBI) and I took picture, he touched her hair, for me to know this is not me, because of hair similarities in black and white -ice picker nose job

My Son I had to paint him black and was painted black too, for his penis lenght, 12 years old in child porn , taken from a small child porn movie. “suck my cock”(dikke lul) that is not child porn some judges said laughing @ us after we showed them these pictures, her at home taking the children back to their Mom, who is the brain behind the porn:

My Son again…some extra embarrassment they thought after all that porn, real breasts etc etc very very humiliating  for a and this boy again, school friend are sometimes, like this time, made witness…his nor us CUT smaller(repaired later)

My Son again, like Mama want to see their children, as RARA terrorists, again mounted real breasts, one breast with implant thta is, it saved tim to do one breast, from his sister & it were real bullets, Brennan opened them, some KL soldiers checked Brennan by doing so too, again protecting the terrorists, we did not got shot right away to protect the terrorists, it happens more and more, we already had to kill soldiers and police officers to protect our selved and or the President, it is not what I have learned during training? First shoot the hostages? In Beslan it was just prevented. In the France terrorist attack’s it went wrong.

my ex taking advantage of me be being wounded forced and abused taking pictures etc from her in the USA, war traumatized


my Son and-or me, just have look at his thumb, squeezed with a pair of tongs, pure torture and you are in auto shock

my son, an other grinder murder, real stiches, real vertical cut head, neckless from Dutch politician, I took picture, skull top with hair is my daughter’s, my family had too stich this time, to show off, they were jealous at the medics present, also present Stef T. . The necklace is a creation of James Comey his wife and Sharon D. (PvdA) -spionage.

my daughter with srew driver in back of her head[by Marti – ,Renee Beeren & James Comey(boss FBI -I knew why –in his case reaper worship – he thinks I am)], I took picture and had white mask her eyes for recognition

my daughter and I swimming, I took picture

my daughter, with family fur, we see a wolf girl or and a white bear, I took picture

They did this to us too with enlarged horses penis after being impaled with steel construction poles, RARA including government people threatened us before and laughed at us after this, showing us this movie, made for my children and I. (2009-2013-2015 & + – mid 90’s). My daughter tabbed it’s penis, like the girl in the movie, I still see her doing it….amazed, also about being still alive…Hilary Clinton, Obama Barak, John Brennan, His Dutch Royal highness and family, their guards were present- “delicatessen for us, if want to believe it or not”, Obama said. [Linked: +- 20 fired Dutch Marechaussee(Royal
MP) stationed to guard the Royal Highness his stables -cover up


Summarizing What does a horse do to a 10 year old girl – I wa sobliged to upload this picture while they laughed at us – Lauren had some idea’s what they were trying to tell us… Marisse: “and you guys really need to shut up about it, we will do it agian” – well they already did….


Obama kept on denying it this happened to
us in front of Judge, the Hells Angels(Althamont) present got angry and shoved
a hand up right through his thought. That is wat you got with such friends the
Judges and we agreed smiling.

my son, his eyes are stabbed with ice pickers, I believe by Yara and Davin with guidence, Marti and Renee I believe, his hair is done by my mom, is neck hair is fake hair, his nose is done with latex clay – ice picker nose job

This is me, total constructed with a vagina and breasts, I even remember they put a piercing in my belly button. They removed muscle tissue, see skin lines on my arm, skin that goes with it and shortened my thumbs, raped me, the breats are from a American Senator I believe….anesthesia again was not used like they don’t with the children and other victims
witnesses: White House Staff members, my children, the Royal family The Oranjes, John Brennan & James Comey carefully touched me with one finger…..My Son and Daughter obliged took picture, one year ago we already discussed it before we suffered amnesia about, and even Sen. Cantwell had a look but was already stepping in amnesia

And we
wished, my Son and I, see upper picture, we did not complained to US Senators
about the fact that they, or their 
colleagues, only compensated the Vietnamese/Taiwanese prostitutes for $ 30 million because
they had vaginas. My children and I were also prostituted at that same brothel
where American Officials abused the prostitutes & us. 

We hope the Senate disagrees with RARA’s punishment.” We are going to punish them for you”. We should compensate them.


with wood stick, hitting my legs and feet they positioned me like this

linked is this picture from me that came next, because we were nagging about it, same breasts, dead Senator – and that we have to drop our accusses towards the government and for their manager not.

My children and I were obliged o create my new penis ourselves on a kitchen table, this is not meant as a threat, for the terrorists it was in the end, but inspiring. In picture two I was obliged to have oral sex with my daughter, 11 years old, by RARA members. We had no recognition due to being tortured. Half we recognized each other. The animated gif image is all over the internet published by their Mom. Her at home, last year, around new year’s eve 2016, AZU co-operators down sized my penis again to 13 cm, 8 cm shorter than it’s normal size. Some Dutch Judges spied on “us” and were very suprised we could create a penis…….

Reaction from the King of Holland/government/RARA on our torture pictures, the children get their Mom’s, who is terrorist, rear name, as they promised us to do one year ago. For them it is a game, for us it is being humiliated and survival -What they do is practicing fascism on us, and can you insult fascism?

For the Dutch National Recherché: By the
way his Royal Highness King from Holland was obliged by our hostage takers to
type this letter one year ago under threat, it is confiscated by them It is
possible that, since he is still a hostage, the hostage takers are not dead or
in prison that it is falsified. He typed it in my presence in his palace, I was
held captured by RARA/Family(with knife in my head or neck) members and their type of Judges and Juristic
staff members. Again S.L. de Koning his role was that of a terrorist. His Royal H
ighness tries to sabotage it with my signature, it reminded him, my condition, of the Teeven deal, but he had to print it again.


they must be crazy…..elections papers….., after 18:00 both in the mail box


My Daughter….

my Son shot with a double barrel shotgun…i took picture

A Dutch judge tries to calm me with, “lucky Marisse has the gun, I don’t think she will shoot, we are also in favor of her you will notice it”. Marisse shoot of his head and the judge was beheaded by Marti. Well it was learning about my ex indeed. Here she does it again on film.

The kid got 100% repaired, I was allowed to help in hospital and did some micro surgery too, amazing and thanks!

Story behind this picture: Me ,3 years,
old makes a photograph from exploding soldier 1 meter in front of, a judge may
no convict me, he practiced fascism, he has it written down, Brennan warns for him, 40 years later he
gives a paper with murder idea’s to Marisse, they watch too. The same counts for the Spiderman – skyscraper & Mc Donalds hot coffee cup cases, Judges that practiced fascism and should be arrested or killed.


my Daughter, for her shortened fingers we already shortened the fingers and penis of Rutte, Obama our KIng and the rest of our big leaders

this is me, RARA members cut thgrough my eye muscles to turn my eyes around, the breasts are from I do not know…..they did something with my mouth
more dead than alive, again without anesthesia

This is me mistreated by my ex and my
family, first impaled & killed by poles, Marisse-Renee-Bernhard took turns in killing me very agressive with the pole, next this SM session, in front of my children’s
eyes. Must be around 2005. This ritual is repeated with also my children, other hostages(high placed (police)people) and me, for example in Hotel Tivoli 2010 LA, in front of CNN camera’s. Ans also in front of Dutch Jestset in the gov airplane back to Holland last year. These are typical Marisse and Renee tortures. We hostages have to do this to each other also, or at least they can make us.

His Royal Highness, co-hostage, thought we entered a minor school gym, because of the closet on the left side of the image. All this unpracticed after more than 10 years no anal sex.

It was in Groningen I believe, a lot of
police busted in on this scene. Marisse was first brought to prison and back
home by two other Judges while I was discussing and signing house ownership and
life insurance paper work. The Judges laughed at us because we were all going
to forget it due to war trauma amnesia. It was like with bullet holes where you put your finger in, they feel nicer filled, but the medics haver better solutions & it was like they do children in child porn.
source movie is on my google drive,
source site, my children and I were obliged to upload these movies
– reminds me of an animal clinic of Discovery channel where a doctor had to do this to me
obliged after being impaled by RARA in front of my children, yes I was killed again
This is
me, in the video you will hear them giving me electric shock with iron stick
through my skull into my brain, this after being kidnapped, beheaded by my ex
Marisse and other gangsters, it was a painful torture in front of my worried
young children, I also had to make other movie in a car for example, me penis
is now also because of these movies half sized- already reported to the police


witnesses: Oranjes, White House Staff

My daughter, dead, enlarged tongue and pole slammed in eye holes  RARA & RAF violence, that’s Mom

My Son, dead or almost dead, after cpr, with my skull top, cut off nose, Lauren and I took picture – tortured without anesthesia by RARA/RAF members, sad sad sad and so were Lauren and I too, they just don’t stop

showing some fighting spirit this guy

My Son on the moon with cut off legs – I took picture with his sister (Renee & Huub cut them off) 

a revenge for publishing this picture

My Son Janick -12 years old – I took picture – both tortured and kidnapped by RARA – we just recognized each other, from being beheaded by these decent people(as they do with the (ground) crew), but kept it still or else the picture would have been forbidden – typical like wingsuiting with them – it is just to hide their serial kills
more spave adventures “” from us on http://treeotree.nl

Space suits are under threat and ad hoc sewn together and gathered

Me posing, more humiliating than it looks, obliged by other grown up, my children have too light up the flames

My dead from tortures Son, back on earth, Lauren and I take hastily this goodbye picture RARA quickly tried to escape from the landing spot – One of the most beautiful (murder) NASA picture
ever made, at least we think so

This picture I made hanging on a weather balloons, the marines rescued me with a chopper, with my children in it – the shuttle was supposed to fly against me, make no mistake but the wind saved me – the terrorists were very disappointed in God, Allah and the Voodoo

The mega grinder, RARA also known as the grinder killers did not dare to grind the shuttle in two, I took picture pffff

Initial blogs about our space adventures we did with Dutch government PR managers, they thought it was a nice add on for our wounded personalities.

There he is our milky way – my children
told me about so they went back with me. Now I also have seen this in my youth
with Von Braun in a capsule, we added small wings ourselves in space, nobody believed me
in Holland. From out the USA it looks like another one but that is just the
reflection of our Sun star
. Our never to return being hostages journey.

and not as I reported earlier: we
collected stone, black diamond we thought from the ring

which we offered in the USA Senate to the Russians for the Olympic games medallions
giving pieces of meteorite was a cover up from RARA 

the Russians came to check worried about
our health as hostages after this journey,
we thought that was sweet, in our own
countries the government just seem to perform with (inter)national disasters,
they show no interest in this already 50 yearold coup,



with us as victims, the Obama’s, Hilary, Brennan, the Oranjes, Comey, my children and me
My children and I gave this galaxy a code name and hided it on a network share at Nasa
a Manager pulled a gun asking us wath we did, we said nothing,
it better be good he said, the guns is for your family

My children and I with a painful nod to 9/11 as pilots again, hope you guys can see it

RARA steals again a space shuttle, my children and I are the pilot’s, the terrorists sleep, and we took care of that. We decide to fly the space shuttle into the Sun, we killed all “crew” members with ice pickers. A small planet really, not bigger than our mother planet. We took this Hr pictures, +- 350.000 miles from the Sun, with a normal cam. We did not manage to kill RARA and ourselves. They recovered and were blasted to by how small the Sun was. Well we know that from religious people, the earth is square for example. Yet we claim this picture. We had volcano suits, who was fooling who….we walked on the Sun!!! It has like earth continents.  My Son and I were buried on the Sun after 9/11, as being the victim pilots (& astronauts), but they repaired our skin, so we were brought back in 2001. At least they gave us some normal ceremony in our lives instead of satanism/fascism, sect life. – obliged to put in planets in published version – oh there are tides on the Sun! Euhm we did not kill His Royal Highness his Queen and princesses on board, he prevented us to fly into the sun, so that could mean he is not Mob, not schizoid. The rest we killed except, also, The White House crew, maybe, I have to less memory on that, Comey, Brennan etc. The terrorists were running around with Geiger meters for their type of courts, after hijacking a Shuttle(they still not in jail for it, too crazy I guess).

my children and I had to walk on the Sun with witch broomsticks,
they only burned holding them into the lava, very surprising

we studied quickly some graduation scripts, there were safeties in about the Sun being gas….just to be safe  The terrorist were brought back to life apparently. For this picture renee hits my head, in the space shutlle, because it was world news and I had to photograph the sun in total – I love lightning…….We are happy that everybody has a good name on this planet and we don’t literally and figural…we have received Mom’s rear name go figure….eeuhw…and they call themselves international law over here…well at least having arguments with the Gov people is how the terrorists and in fact the court plays us against each other, the terrorists us very sick sadistic, known as fascistic ways, torture that is

A picture from their Mom I took on the Moon, a RARA terrorist

I had to take pictures from the Space Shuttle outside, it left with my children in it. I was picked up by the second shuttle. Look at it’s pulse drive…….

Janick obliged to pose for MSN terrorists,
pieces of skull are removed and neck muscle tissue, ditto intestines, as aliens is not uncommon
in their tribe
his Royal Highness says to me, I am obliged to take picture.
Also his finger are extended with bone and meat tissue from me. Without
anesthesia he had to be CPR-ed to even stand up

My marriage started to really get strange with these kind of picture taking around 12 years ago, me, later my children as sect victims, with Charles as a known family member, a RARA member
the pictures are taken by CIA agents, John Brennan and my children +- 2004/2005 -kidnapped by Mom her gang, beheaded a nice contradiction


Already Famous

This is my Son, world famous, cut out of his mother his belly, shown in the mid-east or Nepal as one of the (embryo)pilots from 9/11 to the world press. They removed his brain, we had not the brain too organize a 9/11, and carried him on the streets. Huub, Marisse, Marti and Renee that is, even Barend participated in cutting his head top off on the streets(I believe in Gaza at first instance). Inside the Pentagon Janick was asked if he already remembered something. I could have been repeated when he was older. At home medics had a look in his Mom her belley again, they showed me his skin and hoped again(9/11) for the best. I was kidnapped from Home by his Mom and her gang, go figure. As usual with beheading.

Janick-his leg still burned from 9/11 – I took picture, Obama Barak insisted
I even placed the green towels
my son showed me this picture here @ home, whether I knew something about it,
at home they had been bluffing about it towards him
the picture is stolen from us by press people –
it was a White House Staff member his camera -we even talked about
my ex her dad’s cam Jeroen K.
Somewhat later at home in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht(NL) me was told with an ice picker and beheading never to have this picture on my screen or else. Done by the same family members and my ex-wife. …

Dutch, USA & Israeli surgeons briefed me about the burning spot left for identifying him as one of the pilots of 9/11. Knowing my family they would cut him out some more. 

My Son again I was obliged the photographer, with removed radius under arm bones – how sad – that Mom of how did actually the removing with some medics without anesthesia. The Dutch premier Rutte also stamped on his head to put him out of his misery(van Acht did too with me when I was young and was accused for Libya practices what they do themselves), they had to do CPR to bring him alive for this picture. He was sad for me too, Berhard Jens had spear through my body while I took picture, go figure. His eyes are stabbed in with a spear/iron pole. Again like in the Bronx two marines just showed face laughing at us.

real blood, real bruises, true blue smashed eyes

Obama Barak, witness: “That is what they want to say, That is what they want to say”.

My Son after beat up from Marisse with brace knuckles and being raped by Comey and Brennan, Janick sick and tired: “they have too“, they had to rape me too. Then again that is how they protect Bernhard Jens too, Hilary Clinton says and he is schizoid. And if they do not who is? The up front hand is mine. He wears my skull top with hair.

even A nurse would call homicide to see this code red on our face,
which happened, with the question, are they perpetrators  escaped or something?
One of the reasons Martin and removed their pictures and youtube movies from internet
in our presence



VERSION ONE OF THIS BOG!! Mom her murder photos among others made by me


killing +- 2000/1999 delhi pakistan – killing street children – as a new hobby with bin laden
better than south america he invites them
To scare
us troopers we had to make the bin laden troopers movies
hostages and on our “” way back to europe or the USA
WTC take
down – we need to shut op about serial killers
obliges to use the bin laden movies for news
obliges involved arab terrorists to form el quida – we together make up the
They were
they live…..


Like the
name IS and later ISIS

Our Strawberry Fields Forever

Fascism and
his two faces, inspiration for terrorism army groups as RARA(RA^2) and
Mabey with
a I can explain with a story about how the Beatles got rich with our song Strawberry
fields forever.
somewhere in the past, we got imprisoned, tortured and butchered into thousands
pieces. The next day we were send back to our camp in one pieces. How can be.
No one believed us. Not even the surgeon were believed with their testimonies
about micro surgery. I even was allowed to do micro 
surgery on my long hairs to restore them, hair by hair beacause of sword fights with my mob family. Gentleman gentleman that can be repaired, that is fascism
what they tell and for some even Vietcong behind Vietcong.
In broth
daylight they just observed a nice village with even a school, for God’s sake.
We don’t bomb.
After a
couple repletion’s we deserted, robbed and stole landmines and booze, got naked
and lay on top of them. Hey when someone felt over it caused a chain reaction
and we all saw strawberries flying around. They even injected us with LSD for
We got
repaired, saluted out comrade lieutenant, got executed for desertion, repaired
and just stole some mines. From cong or the other army. So what was the
difference, we were camp prisoners, surrounded and no one believed us. Man they
even hanged us in our own tents. And RARA still kidnaps us back to Vietnam to
repeat this ritual. Up until 2013, I even made some pictures. They did Strawberry
fields to me as embryo, youngster and now also my children.
Sense they
are still not dead or in prison we are there hostages, we are still camp
prisoners that even in Israel gained respect. Fascism is Fascism. Are we suicidal,
not really, a mine just cuts quicker.
even Vietcong feared, a bit like a Gestapo that even tortured Hilter, like
Mengele did.
Why are
they not in prison? They are fanatic, and very good in what they do, most off
all they are all serial killers. And can they repair a human shredded in thousand
pieces without scarves? Yes they can. And if you don’t believe that for
whatever reason, fascism will always win.
Like the
White House Staff members, there and my children, some Royal families, a for 44
years now tortured camp prisoner. Camp prisoner? Yes, in Holland, in the USA,
Israel, Irak and stil lVietnam you named we were on those crosses again, even
in the behead camps. As we were the one that published our espionage pictures
Is flyingus, through both Twin Towers, The White House, twice or more The Pentagon, fascism?
I say yes it was equivalent to the other tortures.
A happy New
Year? NO, new year’s eve made me think about RARA and schizoid local police
officers dragging me out of my house, holding our Royal Family members, beating
our skull broke with brass knuckles, showing brains to public watching the
fireworks, behead and raping us, and even did some firecracker things with our
heads. We were brought to bars to prove our necks were black burned, got
stabbed by barman. Was that fascism or terrorism approximately one year ago?
Yes. So hereby also for the Royal family a small police report. (Details in
OneNote) Police reports? Reporting to generals?……..Strawberry fields forever.
fields forever, 2012 or 2013, my children, Comey Brennan and I on mines singing
Strawberry fields forever, booze all included. Just like just before 9/11. We
were brought back to the White House, in straw berry t-shirts but naked. Got shot
or those t-shirts by schizoid generals etc etc. He was jealous because we showed our
Veteran??, we shot him back after being repaired. Strawberry fields forever.
Why are
they not in prison? Why may the hold us as camp prisoners. We are not villagers
or government, no we are camp prisoners because some people, and still the same
families, may still practice fascism on us. Everybody was so busy repairing us,
keeping us tortured time after time. Guys if you are not able to bring them to
justice, please don’t. We rather sing our song and commit suicide, that is how
bad fascism, our lives, is, that is how bad Auschwitz was or trying to escape from it


fields forever. And yes the Beatles could not believe their eyes too, some even
got shot for knowing it. Strawberry fields forever. 
The Embryo, or was I a strawberry, on that mine,
General? Well he already lost his head….

[linked: the general called me little red worm, vaguely Prince his song little red corvette is linked to it, he was not allowed to say little red worm or something, or that his how they could remember to have fought in Nam too]
Kidnapped, threatened, making this picture(source), it got deleted, 2013…
This was Strawberry fields forever not our blog. I took picrue impaled by  Utrecht NL police officer Berhard bended, my son touched the button. Even Barend B. was there again…
they even made drawings from this gate, Yippie-ya-yay!, read below
my children and I and some blacksmith’s did some forge working on this gate
they even believed even my brought alive dad(?) participated in the blacksmith contest it became
we made one of the two center curls, oh no both*, the hooliganed the fence with a car, 
so we had to repare it, we were impaled on it,in the past and modernity
*the left one symbolizes my Libertel mistreatments, mid 90’s and right one made by Janick and Lauren symbolizes our Debian mistreatments early 2000’s, also remarked by Linus T., Brennen gave it a curvature
blacksmithing to express, we have to pay their debts, well we don’t think so
example toture, my son:
my son again, the steel wedges in head are hamered in by Renee, Marti and nephew from Marti(see bat picture below I made of him as hostage) and ex former colleagues Marcel de Kler, Jeroen de Kler, Pieter van der Sluis that is how he is killed, a staged sect kill –  I took picture, we are helpless, he had his sisters breasts, not for the first time, see this blog below — I had to create his ears, and hided them between some muscles..nice job dad

As witness: this kid really suffered a lot of pain, not visible but they were really raw on him and it took a long while, a couple minutes, before he died and did not suffer anymore……..

Also in this murder is a revenge for the Bontekoe film set resistance we delivered by exploding canon’s which fragged these terrorist’s…

Ps I reviewed this pic already with my son and daughter and the rest of the crew, in good helath that is…..

The drawings symbolize hang torture assets the Pope carried in……marines took them away…he excused that he took it away from Marisse because she and her boy friend was hitting people with it…is that is correct…multiple people confirmed….. it is for impaling people on stages..they understood why we killed the Pope every time….we don’t!…….he explained this picture and the cult drawings, think my flying cannibal hollocaust blog he said….even here at homeComey went down on his knees on the stage and the Pope acted to hammer it in for the Marines….

The glass in his shoulder was for reporting that RARA shoved his
head over a glass splinter her at home in 2013,

one of the slowest and cru kills ever seen, professional in their way

his skul top is moved to the back and someone holds it up(and his boby), I beieve Marti

just see his disappointment on his cheeks
they actually make these drawings before they find spots in the USA to be creative like this
or even over here in Holland 

more tortures
even more torures

We held night vigils with soldiers like this, with disappointed cheeks like this, the least thing we could do, make it impossible to repair them. That disappointment should tell you we are not able to bring them a more civilized world, we failed them, they should not even be soldier but rich. But hey we are The Suicide Squad. At least that was our upbringing, our debt, our training.

It explains the make up on a lot of victims, my daughter:



Some family nam picutes


some typical nam totture, in this case Holland 1999 Waalre, done by my ex wife to mary me, hardcore style, they were happy with my distended face, this will cover IT too


2013, So many bottles(source pic)
My children came running for me and right before the mine exploded they said that they kidnap us too for their innocence, think 9/11 and their compensations, pointing at Brennan, the King and the president. We don’t have to kill them like continues for nothing. They already blew you up three times now. So many bottles already, we try to count them….. Some
Senators incite my children to tell me and they know I am that pilot and for
that moment just have yourself blown to pieces together. And maybe it is for their innocence, you know what we mean? We hope that A Judge finds it important to de-kidnap my children away from their gangster mother and gangster friend.

our kidnappers: We found this picture again in a burned safe, in the old Best beer brewery. Very spooky.
vague story, we end up with RARA in the Best Factory, a film set we know to be tortured on for
a Discovery docu, they ritual burn this picture

The song, we had the privilege “” to upload this version:

notes: I got
memories on my family crash stopping planes earlier than 9/11 in the twintowers, after being wounded from hospital they start their serial kill parties,
like drunk end therefore so called innocent people with me and in modern times
my children as hostages. For example Woodstock 69 and after Martha’s Vineyard.
I guess they tried parachutes and staged the plane crash. My
children and I hope we payed debt for our misbehaving family by spying for the normal non “hooligan”(read
serial killer) people by being the pilots of  9/11.