Our Strawberry Fields Forever

Fascism and
his two faces, inspiration for terrorism army groups as RARA(RA^2) and
Mabey with
a I can explain with a story about how the Beatles got rich with our song Strawberry
fields forever.
somewhere in the past, we got imprisoned, tortured and butchered into thousands
pieces. The next day we were send back to our camp in one pieces. How can be.
No one believed us. Not even the surgeon were believed with their testimonies
about micro surgery. I even was allowed to do micro 
surgery on my long hairs to restore them, hair by hair beacause of sword fights with my mob family. Gentleman gentleman that can be repaired, that is fascism
what they tell and for some even Vietcong behind Vietcong.
In broth
daylight they just observed a nice village with even a school, for God’s sake.
We don’t bomb.
After a
couple repletion’s we deserted, robbed and stole landmines and booze, got naked
and lay on top of them. Hey when someone felt over it caused a chain reaction
and we all saw strawberries flying around. They even injected us with LSD for
We got
repaired, saluted out comrade lieutenant, got executed for desertion, repaired
and just stole some mines. From cong or the other army. So what was the
difference, we were camp prisoners, surrounded and no one believed us. Man they
even hanged us in our own tents. And RARA still kidnaps us back to Vietnam to
repeat this ritual. Up until 2013, I even made some pictures. They did Strawberry
fields to me as embryo, youngster and now also my children.
Sense they
are still not dead or in prison we are there hostages, we are still camp
prisoners that even in Israel gained respect. Fascism is Fascism. Are we suicidal,
not really, a mine just cuts quicker.
even Vietcong feared, a bit like a Gestapo that even tortured Hilter, like
Mengele did.
Why are
they not in prison? They are fanatic, and very good in what they do, most off
all they are all serial killers. And can they repair a human shredded in thousand
pieces without scarves? Yes they can. And if you don’t believe that for
whatever reason, fascism will always win.
Like the
White House Staff members, there and my children, some Royal families, a for 44
years now tortured camp prisoner. Camp prisoner? Yes, in Holland, in the USA,
Israel, Irak and stil lVietnam you named we were on those crosses again, even
in the behead camps. As we were the one that published our espionage pictures
Is flyingus, through both Twin Towers, The White House, twice or more The Pentagon, fascism?
I say yes it was equivalent to the other tortures.
A happy New
Year? NO, new year’s eve made me think about RARA and schizoid local police
officers dragging me out of my house, holding our Royal Family members, beating
our skull broke with brass knuckles, showing brains to public watching the
fireworks, behead and raping us, and even did some firecracker things with our
heads. We were brought to bars to prove our necks were black burned, got
stabbed by barman. Was that fascism or terrorism approximately one year ago?
Yes. So hereby also for the Royal family a small police report. (Details in
OneNote) Police reports? Reporting to generals?……..Strawberry fields forever.
fields forever, 2012 or 2013, my children, Comey Brennan and I on mines singing
Strawberry fields forever, booze all included. Just like just before 9/11. We
were brought back to the White House, in straw berry t-shirts but naked. Got shot
or those t-shirts by schizoid generals etc etc. He was jealous because we showed our
Veteran??, we shot him back after being repaired. Strawberry fields forever.
Why are
they not in prison? Why may the hold us as camp prisoners. We are not villagers
or government, no we are camp prisoners because some people, and still the same
families, may still practice fascism on us. Everybody was so busy repairing us,
keeping us tortured time after time. Guys if you are not able to bring them to
justice, please don’t. We rather sing our song and commit suicide, that is how
bad fascism, our lives, is, that is how bad Auschwitz was or trying to escape from it


fields forever. And yes the Beatles could not believe their eyes too, some even
got shot for knowing it. Strawberry fields forever. 
The Embryo, or was I a strawberry, on that mine,
General? Well he already lost his head….

[linked: the general called me little red worm, vaguely Prince his song little red corvette is linked to it, he was not allowed to say little red worm or something, or that his how they could remember to have fought in Nam too]
Kidnapped, threatened, making this picture(source), it got deleted, 2013…
This was Strawberry fields forever not our blog. I took picrue impaled by  Utrecht NL police officer Berhard bended, my son touched the button. Even Barend B. was there again…
they even made drawings from this gate, Yippie-ya-yay!, read below
my children and I and some blacksmith’s did some forge working on this gate
they even believed even my brought alive dad(?) participated in the blacksmith contest it became
we made one of the two center curls, oh no both*, the hooliganed the fence with a car, 
so we had to repare it, we were impaled on it,in the past and modernity
*the left one symbolizes my Libertel mistreatments, mid 90’s and right one made by Janick and Lauren symbolizes our Debian mistreatments early 2000’s, also remarked by Linus T., Brennen gave it a curvature
blacksmithing to express, we have to pay their debts, well we don’t think so
example toture, my son:
my son again, the steel wedges in head are hamered in by Renee, Marti and nephew from Marti(see bat picture below I made of him as hostage) and ex former colleagues Marcel de Kler, Jeroen de Kler, Pieter van der Sluis that is how he is killed, a staged sect kill –  I took picture, we are helpless, he had his sisters breasts, not for the first time, see this blog below — I had to create his ears, and hided them between some muscles..nice job dad

As witness: this kid really suffered a lot of pain, not visible but they were really raw on him and it took a long while, a couple minutes, before he died and did not suffer anymore……..

Also in this murder is a revenge for the Bontekoe film set resistance we delivered by exploding canon’s which fragged these terrorist’s…

Ps I reviewed this pic already with my son and daughter and the rest of the crew, in good helath that is…..

The drawings symbolize hang torture assets the Pope carried in……marines took them away…he excused that he took it away from Marisse because she and her boy friend was hitting people with it…is that is correct…multiple people confirmed….. it is for impaling people on stages..they understood why we killed the Pope every time….we don’t!…….he explained this picture and the cult drawings, think my flying cannibal hollocaust blog he said….even here at homeComey went down on his knees on the stage and the Pope acted to hammer it in for the Marines….

The glass in his shoulder was for reporting that RARA shoved his
head over a glass splinter her at home in 2013,

one of the slowest and cru kills ever seen, professional in their way

his skul top is moved to the back and someone holds it up(and his boby), I beieve Marti

just see his disappointment on his cheeks
they actually make these drawings before they find spots in the USA to be creative like this
or even over here in Holland 

more tortures
even more torures

We held night vigils with soldiers like this, with disappointed cheeks like this, the least thing we could do, make it impossible to repair them. That disappointment should tell you we are not able to bring them a more civilized world, we failed them, they should not even be soldier but rich. But hey we are The Suicide Squad. At least that was our upbringing, our debt, our training.

It explains the make up on a lot of victims, my daughter:



Some family nam picutes


some typical nam totture, in this case Holland 1999 Waalre, done by my ex wife to mary me, hardcore style, they were happy with my distended face, this will cover IT too


2013, So many bottles(source pic)
My children came running for me and right before the mine exploded they said that they kidnap us too for their innocence, think 9/11 and their compensations, pointing at Brennan, the King and the president. We don’t have to kill them like continues for nothing. They already blew you up three times now. So many bottles already, we try to count them….. Some
Senators incite my children to tell me and they know I am that pilot and for
that moment just have yourself blown to pieces together. And maybe it is for their innocence, you know what we mean? We hope that A Judge finds it important to de-kidnap my children away from their gangster mother and gangster friend.

our kidnappers: We found this picture again in a burned safe, in the old Best beer brewery. Very spooky.
vague story, we end up with RARA in the Best Factory, a film set we know to be tortured on for
a Discovery docu, they ritual burn this picture

The song, we had the privilege “” to upload this version:

notes: I got
memories on my family crash stopping planes earlier than 9/11 in the twintowers, after being wounded from hospital they start their serial kill parties,
like drunk end therefore so called innocent people with me and in modern times
my children as hostages. For example Woodstock 69 and after Martha’s Vineyard.
I guess they tried parachutes and staged the plane crash. My
children and I hope we payed debt for our misbehaving family by spying for the normal non “hooligan”(read
serial killer) people by being the pilots of  9/11.