Under The Coney Island Boardwalk – Bounty Hunting New York

For Mr. Tax, we were obliged to bounty hunt against our will, kidnapped.
A couple
years ago after the riot in The Pentagon some Judges and Bounty Hunters helped
my children and I to start a living in America. At least it was a possible
reality. Better than ours and of course to have share on the money we had,
under guidance, help with killing a serial killer family. We tagged them and
bagged them and brought them to the sheriff. One in Washington I believe.
RARA, and
their Mom were watching, just a matter of paperwork they said. We worked on and
retrieved the money in a suite case. We placed the money on a bank in Rockville
Washington. Enough for a pick-up truck, a house, $30.000,- cash and bank card We had
internet and were already looking for schools including world schools, that
choice we had to make ourselves the judges said.
We ate shawarma
and went to a shop to buy a battery drill and new lock system for the doors to
stop eventual falsifying Ma and my gangster family. We bought a house in New
York, in the hope to buy some time for them to look for us. We had three other bounty hunts that day we really worked hard for it, got wounded, payed the hospital for $70.000,-….
entered the shop and they gave us headshots, they moved us to our home and got
beat-up and beheaded. They were doubting to bag us, we woke up in Holland
There was a
big fight outside the shop between crowd & police versus RARA and even a
chopper crashed due to a rocket launch attack. They tried to kidnap us back and
forced police to tell were we lived.
dragged us through town even to the nearby beach, screaming is this wat you want is this
wat you want, trying to bury us under the board walk. Again police helped to
stop them. Where is the army …..

ps we were even welcomed, although harassed by RARA, the major of Long Island, as hard working people, enjoy our pizza he said, because that is how famous we are, daddy makes pizza’s….
we really really had some good time and rest on the beach my children and I, until…..
It went
down something like this, very in a rush, that is for us, we were head wounded
and almost tripping.
We had to
make it on our own, they judges thought it was an option to get rid of RARA
because we really should endorse a big amount of excuse from the American

The judges were beheaded in Rockville and on the Boardwalk by White House officials. A big crowd came to help us, they lynched RARA and the government  people, buried them under the boardwalk and we pied on them back. We were brought to hospital. Of course I was arrested, almost, for urinate in public. Maybe that crowd wasn’t so us and also strange was that Obama was already looking at us, it was ok, RARA was beaten for now. Some KKK priests with burning torches came running in, giving me a toch too, screaming South American “Goaaaal Goaaaal Goaaaal” and disappeared, “as protest go figure” they screamed. Police Officers were scratching their heads. Hilary Clinton: ” I do not know if you CANNN blog this, but I hope you manage I guess, typical Americans…”. Marines & Police: “we let him live for that”

Our passports, bank cards & paperwork, social security numbers, custody parental paper work everything was stolen again.

RARA demolished
the house totally. Back in our old reality. We had to deliver, under threat, our cash to Hilary Clinton. As usaual this all was most probably staged in attempt to kill us again. The Kids. 

RARA: Marisse, the Martins, Marti, Altrecht  people, Renee, Huub, Riek, Bertus, Hilary, Obama, Judges, Amsterdam Lawyer, the House of Oranje, Bruce W., Beth, Nancy etc

*Role of the politicians…. we really do not know, the troopers really let them down in case they are not rara rioteers, and money is no problem for the government…so we don’t know, we are in self-defense mode…
my children and I mounted our flag, the King of Holland gave us the honor, touched it too
A CIA safe House I guess


Chopper crash spot, we try to flee with it:

Bounty Hunting
This is me walking toward my children already beheading two serial killer with judges, the might as wel seen their lives isn’t that different.

Made up by game producers, judges and the weapon dealer.
The long sword was in real a shotgun for creating some fata morgana.

I beheaded the out storming, towards my children (I looked stupid like a serial killer that was a mistake), third serial killer with the gun, I waited for him, I had a small back for is head.

I had to pose like this for an artist but was wearing a cowboy long leather coat.
Quake helmet, shoes and iron knee shield for being one of the nine in Lord Of the Rings….
$300.000.000,- 15 + 45 minutes work.
Police assistance for guiding the truck with expensive load.

We had to share it with the team.


My kids and I had to pose like this too, this is how we looked all three, this is what the see in skins of animal we kill, a little sect behind us as link to Justice…Janick up front showing our sword fight wounds…after the hunt, holding the front of my skull, I was wearing a chainsaw mask, see left hunter – loss of face typical mob – marines helped placing Renee his gun(linked wonderland murders) because RARA  members were holding a torche and my face with skin in the air – Oh jeah it was John Wayne, he gave to me when I was young, his gun and if RARA harassed his home he always said to te police “if this gun with the broken trigger is not enough to scare them away you guys have to work harder with them”

clothes from the Court Martial: the see us so often, we must be Sheriffs
catch their drift Genrals?, we now too

to be
honest me and my children love life live and these were our horse drive
clothes, we are world famous people with apparently a lot of fans that wanted
to see us horse driving, not enough guards, hence the human bites(-holes) in
Janick his clothes. Well that happened to me too in disco’s when I was young


a mouse I drowned, see black hat in skin

Justice Department 

Because of Justice Department I had to self-defense my children and myself with this axe. There will always be revenge in for slavery, embarrassed by the identity of and being surrounded by the people that slaved you. Judges that do not know about this in the right way did not take their responsibility towards the Mob, they would know about it that is for sure. Or they are wounded slaves themselves. Justice Department did not know about it and is therefore guilty to our slavery. Totured to do things for people that slaved you. Sex, drugs fabrication and -usage, yes even murder, mthis all just to amuse the slave holders his ”aristocracy”.

RARA kidnapped us, the Royal family too, to the national drink water company in Holland. Those people were actually concerned about their product. Everybody outside Justice seems to know who Bernhard, Renee, Martin and the rest are?! RARA…..No, Justice is concerned about their product differently. In New York we killed two kops killing my children. I have never seen such a big funeral, that’s showing that you are concerned about your and responsible for your product.

And even when we walked into buildings from Justice, also in Holland, with our long black leather coats, there was not a single agent that did not checked if our bodies backs had content or not, with an eagle eye and swwaet on their fore heads that is, very remarkable indeed. (memory link for the other victims: during us being tortured at Coca Cola head office, again a drink company how accidentally fot terrorists) We just wanted show our wounds to some police officers, see cowboy picture above. Police officers quickly brought bran cards for us, Renee got paranoid because it could trigger my memory about 9/11, some police officers screamed “Oh is that the pilot from 9/11”, they lost their humor. Ohw now they say it mumbled the King Of Holland traumatized, maybe we can break through with that…. As promised a blog for saying thank you.

the Greener GP 12 Gauge Shotgun

This was my Father his favorite shotgun, one of the most famous gangsters in the underworld after Capone. He used to enter Woodstock 69 festival and all his USA serial ill kills, of course in night pawn. I grew up with it, even killed him and my Mom every time we went to the USA since I was three years old. He explained to me that they don’t make these in the USA…the Greener GP 12 Gauge Shotgun. Cool to have found it on YouTube for my kids…..we survived with it to shooting at their mom and rara, with same underestimation as my daddy, the CIA smiled, they had memories on it….

[for our personal independence declaration]
My children and I also had a lot of letal shots at our family with this rifle, it had a apart airpomp from the gun, and diverse other more heavt models.(I write this for my kids their memory too). People and terrorists gave us the guns, for evt. damage compensations. We shoot because they kidnapped us, indentity robbed us, not only the rear name issue, tried to liquidate us, tortured us to dead time after time, last but not least on the lie detector self-defense. And next time we going to kill them again, as we did so with the media muslim pilots from 9/11. We even received some navy fire guns to finish it. Until our identity is acknowledged without deals, we are too famous. 

For those, if your work is your enemy of the day, and that should not be, in hierarchy, police Utrecht or a front soldier although both would suffer the same. The enemy will be in your tent if you do not do your work. The next time too. We are still top hierarchy hostages and (and because) the hostage takers are still not in prison.

What is strange, un fair, not right is that Hilary, Obama, the Dutch King, Brennan and “lately”
Comey are always the ones that get the RARA terrorists out of prison, since I
can walk, that is for over 40 years now. If necessary with falsified paper
work & true violence, I can witness that. Or….were they present and kidnapped, themselves they say they than still are kidnapped by RARA, so why are they not in prison? It are the same peopl that hijacked the CIA offce early 70’s, they are not in prison and therefore we have no CIA on top level. Just like us, they are not in prison so we are stil their hostages. Pentagon has to do it and they are hijacked to, the Russians try to help, like the said in Nam, but meanwhile they got hijacked too. But like on camp delta “we” have to do it ourselves, it’s “our” camp delta. The enemy managed to stal their dead bodies…..

According to helping US marines the White House members did not belong to RARA.