The invention of House music – Talking Heads

me obliged to pose during a kidnap for RARA & RAF
terrorists, heavy wounded, stupid clothes &pose

The invention of House music – Red Cross – Child Porn 

House music was invented in the Vietnam War as reaction on psychological
warfare. A beat that (not)kept the officers and war criminals way.

My family, a famous war criminal family, was present and as often they harass famous stars like The Talking heads. In 1983 it happened, the singer, in
revenge on my family’s harassment put’s a ghetto blaster on stage with the
forbidden, even by the Pope’s, beat. 

Out of pity, I was severe tortured again
they made me co-camera man. A legend was born. The other House inventors from
my platoon busted in, not without us, they were removed. As promised a remark,
a claim on the most beautiful music on earth.

Like the singer of talking heads always said, “he we play guitar on it”
co-hostage & witness lisa marie presley

The House Consortium & our parrot in revenge on RARA terrorism & in co-operation with the Talkin Heads 2013

This is music history!! At the same time a police report.
the video, just hear the public react on it, like in Nam…


Talking about Talking heads, my children and I met this girl’s roller skating, we were forced to make this video clip. My head was cut off and put on the back of this camera car from, this, being a helping hand Rock and Roll band. Cet Faker – Gold

Political leaders like Obama, Brennan, Oranje, Comey, Clinton gave it their approval for their compensations, because that is a cool too…we are The Victims, not them with their self arranged swank…???? According to helping US marines the White House members did not belong to RARA.
My Son and I also play the chimps in of their videoclips, my Son got shot for real in that school, they symbolize it with some studio work and a fake hole in his chest.

The White House & me

Vietnam 1975 – operation Baby Lift
Just saw some about in on National Geographic, I was on board as Orphan. Nixon gave it a go because previous attempts to separate me from my family failed. I recognize everybody in the Documentary. Nurses, pilots and journalists. My family was killed but at least, I believe Huub survives and smashed his Mig or A10 into the cargo plane. Through hospitalization, as often they escape through it, I was taken back to my family. We survived the crash?!
RARA, amongst my family harassed the recordings of this Documentary with war violence, my kids were present. They did not give allowance, in a Mob sense for the recordings.
RARE: Marisse, and Pedro Martin, Renee, Tuesday, Brennan

It could be that I am the boy with the stop sign on his trousers, and if not secret agents her at home told me it is understandable. It becomes authentic with memories, because Bush has fought there with your family, we hope you find the time to get memories. But I do remeber the stop sign and a look a bit like my Son. A stop sign on my but, very ambiguous in my case was everybody his thought. It was trousers from the Red Cross medics I believe. The hair cut was done by the navy. I needed a diaper while I was potty trained, I still remember! Standard regulations.

and like all other plane disasters where I was part of, it was an organized assassination attempt

I even walked hand in had with Bush, RARA tried get me back from him……that gave doubts, they were still alive.
Some more head stuff
my Son shot with a double barrel shotgun…i took picture
A Dutch judge tries to calm me with, “lucky Marisse has the gun, I don’t think she will shoot, we are also in favor of her you will notice it”. Marisse shoot of his head and the judge was beheaded by Marti. Well it was learning about my ex indeed. Here she does it again on film.
The kid got 100% reapred, I was allowed to help in hospital and did some micro surgery too, amazing and thanks! We were fired from hospital and walked out with the same Judge, he did not recognize us anymore and felt into wrong hands again. We did not recognize him either.
According to the Dutch court our mother is not the aggressor and hostage taker apparently, 
we even get her rear name ??? What will they other witness hostages think about this, like the White House Staff members and Senators?
more torture and murder pictures from my children, the same reason why a lot of people wanted me to grow up outside my family
My children and I do not talk to police because we are not heard on the lie- detector, and if CIA or the court does they falsify it. We do not talk out of disrespect because of it, either it is for hospitalization or imprisonment, they make fact written down up. One of the reasons I was fired from mental hospital for having a burn-out and not psychoses what Brennan made up. Baby even I know better lookibg woman than my Mom, look at Dad’s scrores & pictures, I website “co-founded” by my children and I to publish, by us stole child porn images from Dutch and USA terrorism, already legendary…..(our child porn they placed here too, even the Royal Dutch Family, Obama, Hilary) Just for their compensations, kids got tortured. And No they rasther f*ck within “their family”, they did not touch any of the girls photographed, my Son and I were obliged too.
Mom as they like her, eeuhw, a RARA/RAF wh*re
My daughter, 11/12 years old, , a reward from John Brennan, he
likes to rape her too, just like the Royal Dutch King. “But hee he makes me rape
his princesses too, so it is payed according to them”. And boy there are hot,
they think themselves….and they were suposed to feel better seeing my
daughter like this, so the guards, also the guards, let it happen. “My daughters will still look better doing that, though she did what befits her class”, the King said on this film set half crying. Remarkable. But they
will never look this good. It sounds sick but it paying them back with their
own child porn.
At least we wish it to nobody and they could have gone mad.
Sorry? or just HELP? We think they are the mad ones.

Lauren, 12 years old, is hotter
babies…we are  very angry because after each pornography scene she got
slaughtered, beheaded or skinned out of jealousy or to impress for that reason,
very sad sad sad. Ps Janick and I fabricated her long fingers, obliged, for Mom
and RARA their innocence. We considered this publication therefore to be
self-defense. Towards the Judges we also want to emphasize that this
conflict/vendetta between RARA and us is not like a conflict between motor
gangs, but a conflict between aggressor vs self-defenders, like the
lie-detectors in between already confirmed!
Janick his nose, according to my Son this could be him to – they raped both
I got memories on it to kid

My daughter, dead, enlarged tongue and pole slammed in eye holes  RARA & RAF violence, that’s Mom


My Son,dead or almost dead, after cpr, with my skull top, cut off nose, Lauren and I took picture – tortured without anesthesia by RARA/RAF members, sad sad sad and so were Lauren and I too, they just don’t stop
My Son and me raped together – by his MOM and friends
A world famous child porn commerce picture, my +- 10 year old son and I both beheaded to lose recognition, he wears the skull top from his sister and her vagina. John Brennan, CIA boss, starts to recognize us, after being beheaded and separates us quickly. At home Marisse forced me to make these animated gifs. Beheaders: Marisse, Marita, Bernhard Jens(=Brennan) and Renee,Vagina: schizoid medics witness: Oranjes,White house staff members, Comey(FBI) – status: briefed with my SOn
Picture first blogged from The Royal Palace one year ago, we had a big figt with RARA members and some Utrecht police officers, the children were killed again…….
he was obliged to rape me first, he thought I was a terrorist too
totality Islam/Christianity (it needs to be filmed to enjoy it, ahh now we know why they need Hollywood for their love)
It makes me think about how I had to obliged f*ck & rape a Queen
and Princesses over here I enjoyed that too?
expression – giving your opinion
like this letter from their King
giving this kid his Mom rear name and letting him live with her
– for such diplomatic Hollywood stars, no, not jet set,
Hollywood stars, media wonders, a media game,
according to The King his own words
we stage these rapes – they even like it when we rape them back – their wives too
but way really don’t like them & don’t want it – we like it without consciousness, drugged, traumatized
by phisical wounds and punishments – torture

 This being media ingenious combined with ID theft, think I am the 9/11 pilot, makes them kill
people, to stay Hollywood 
ingenious, it is the government’s ID vs ours and we are not going to  give in on our ID

And and if
the Royal family does not fit in this previous media algorithm, who does? THEY

typing this letter by The King was also distraction for keeping blogger on the screen, more about this letter in middle of this blog.
After that big fight between the Mongols
and the Angels in our presence as hostages we were brought to prisons. My Son
and I(and a High placed person) were raped by about twenty black prisoners to
dead. Foam and poop came out of our mouths. Again I was impaled through my
butthole wit iron stick by Bernhard. The queen checked if what see has seen was
real, the foam and…..
My Son, 10 years old, has to film me, he and I were forced to flash on the street by Marisse and her friend Martin in Paris in front of John Brennan(CIA) – kidnapped from  the LDO 2012 together with Salvation Army staff members from Utrecht
xxx source
Already Famous

This is my Son, world famous, cut out of his mother his belly, shown in the mid-east or Nepal as one of the (embryo)pilots from 9/11 to the world press. They removed his brain, we had not the brain too organize a 9/11, and carried him on the streets. Huub, Marisse, Marti and Renee that is, even Barend participated in cutting his head top off on the streets(I believe in Gaza at first instance). Inside the Pentagon Janick was asked if he already remembered something. I could have been repeated when he was older. At home medics had a look in his Mom her belley again, they showed me his skin and hoped again(9/11) for the best. I was kidnapped from Home by his Mom and her gang, go figure. As usual with beheading.

Janick-his leg still burned from 9/11 – I took picture, Obama Barak insisted
I even placed the green towels
my son showed me this picture here @ home, whether I knew something about it,
at home they had been bluffing about it towards him
the picture is stolen from us by press people –
it was a White House Staff member his camera -we even talked about
my ex her dad’s cam Jeroen K.
Somewhat later at home in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht(NL) me was told with an ice picker and beheading never to have this picture on my screen or else. Done by the same family members and my ex-wife. …

Dutch, USA & Israeli surgeons briefed me about the burning spot left for identifying him as one of the pilots of 9/11. Knowing my family they would cut him out some more. 

Also my children and I, The President and
Dutch government were briefed on board of the Abraham Lincoln, that this kid
for the second time leaded too or contributed too the war in Iraq, with Iraq.
Well Hoessein practiced this fascism too on my Son and Holland is still a Nato
Country so it was a good practice or something……. [the same General/Admiral wanted my children and me to place these dots one year ago while he had a look our health here at home just back from the Bronx] Briefed with incoming Amnesia due to war
trauma. It was my Son, victim of his Mom & friend. If it was done to the princesse needed to be researched, him we know for sure.
This was
done to me too in Munchen Olympics 1972, princess Beatrix doubted if my eyes
could be repaired. The Palestinian dead’s were distraction.

Obama Barak, witness: “That is what they want to say, That is what they want to say”.

The same kid as above, my Son, pre aborted before Marisse my ex-wife threw him out of the window- I was next to her and behind her, kept captured – just to impress, to shock me and the world

Pentagon staff members showed my children and me these pictures with identification of their MOM around 2013 – after heavy fight with RARA again -they had to wait for me to have active memory on it, we hope, well I have…

Pizza PS:
At this fence my children and I ate pizza during being hostages of RARA, they did not understand what we were doing, just eating pizza at the oldest pizza joints in New York, not like them scoring for drugs. We were able to order pizza but the owner warned us that we maybe were not able to eat. Our jaws were cut, we looked strange. The street asked if RaRa and the white house crew did that to us and started to fight with them, RARA that is because White House(incl Oranjes& The the Hague) fought in our direction. Unfortunately it may say nothing. We were brought to hospital.

After shooting this video, obliged by RARA and suppoerters my children and I were skinned. Willem Alexander, the King od Holland was obliged to put our skins(with face skin) on this plate in the hot oven. We could even communicate in a stange way and had laugh about, in the order of at least we were pizza’s. Mario the Pizza man stabbed my(our) children with knife-witness: James Comey FBI.

Nicholas Bartha 9/11 ps:

I was exchanged with this man on his brancard for fun, after flying
through and from the towers, he was one of the doctor’s that guided me and
repaired me constantly. Renee and Huub killed him for it becoming paranoid
about the reparations and new brain sets. The man was happy to fulfil his war
experiences again. They even exchanged his watch with my wrist and there were
some fights with the fireman. The watch was a cheap Casio bought in Kijkshop Overvecht(NL), by RARA family members, Jacco-Erica-Martin-Marisse, not really a doctor would ware. I was obliged to wear it. For this murder picture I had to wear a watch again that was not mine.
I have also memories on our heads being replaced
on my body, exchanging a tire takes longer. => 
The pictures I had to take from the ladder(how can be) of the truck were done with war surgeon techniques I wrote about in the blog The CIA Brain Exchange Torture Method, in this case through head exchanges.
Dr. Nicholas
RARA just visited “empty” fire stations with camera people, the docu ones, to eventually serial kill the ones left behind, in which they managed, my trousers is stolen from one of the stations. One of the reasons why they still open fire at police camera people. It might trigger my mind. Like in Nieuw-Buinen.There was a stolen fire department ladder truck that I had to drive to his house, which was used to demolish it, as far as I can remember. John Brennan was next to the truck while I was drinving, he was going to blame me for it if he managed he said, for that pilot thing too. In storming judges laughed at him. John and Bernhard killed the doctor in hospital again. He might live, since I live too, still.

Placing this Blog in the White House
Together with our children and the Google Boss we placed a 19” rack from Google in the server room of The White House after our Bronx advntures!!!! last year.