The Girl from The Ring & 9/11

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23-2-2017: Since
the CIA falsified about everything about 9/11, in comparison to the Pentagon,
we publish this
. We think that all compensations involving from this should be paid by
the government. For us it is an ongoing live threatening situation,
since the CIA is protecting the terrorists that harass & kidnapped us.

Since we
are prisoners of the one that can help us one moment can got hell and and the other moment they can not, in all my publication it will come back. I discovered that hanging on an
x cross in Vietnam lobbying for people to get us off, it is typical. On a cross
or not free the prisoners of slavery cannot go quickly enough, it’s the core of
anti-terrorism. It only can be one by killing or capture the terrorists.


Below a picture photoshopped by me obliged forced to, her at home one year ago – this article is already
shown to me to one year ago (?)- to test my memory and for the news paper and for…….being CIA or church and not democracy


She brought me
dead to hospital(also because I am her witness) – not only in Japan – ps we were raped drugged – the remains of my children we obliged placed in a trunk before I was killed -RARA raided her home to eventually kill her or wipe out her memory 
Why isn’t she
not questioned about me and my son offered and killed and raped on that set?
Just like this girl. By RARA members that is.
Ps if Daveigh remembers we already worked on this blog togehther with my kids……
other similar film sets we were killed and abused on,
my children and I that is
The news:
Girl from
The Ring questioned by police
1 hour
Chase (26), who ‘from the pit crawling’ girl starred in the horror film The
Ring (2002), has been questioned by police because of a man found dead.
was seen when she brought a man – who was obviously dying –  to the hospital. After she dumped him at a
hospital in Los Angeles, she quickly withdrew according to TMZ.
When the
man was found outside the hospital by staff members, he was already deceased.
to an entertainment site  a source had
told police that Daveigh, few hours before the death of the man, was still seen
with him.
police went to check her name, they found out that had an arrest warrant. Next
she was arrested Wednesday.
she would NOT be a suspect in the case of the death of the man. The police said
that it was a possible overdose. Daveigh just tried to get him  as quick as possible to the hospital.
Original article in Dutch:
Girl from The Ring questioned by police
1 hour ago
Daveigh Chase (26), who ‘from the pit crawling’ girl starred in the horror film The Ring (2002), has been questioned by police because of a man found dead.
Daveigh was seen when she was a man – who was obviously dying – brought to the hospital. After she dumped him at a hospital in Los Angeles, she quickly withdrew according to TMZ .
When the man was found outside the hospital staff, he was already deceased by now. According to the entertainment site had a source told police that Daveigh few hours before the death of the man was still seen with him. When police went to check her name, found that there was off an arrest warrant. Then she was arrested Wednesday.
Nevertheless they would NOT be a suspect in the case of the death of the man. The police have said that it is a possible overdose. Daveigh would try to get it right as soon as possible to the home hospital.

Of <


Dr. Nicholas Bartha 9/11 ps:

I was exchanged with this man on his brancard for fun, after flying through and from the towers, he was one of the doctor’s that guided me and repaired me constantly. Renee and Huub killed him for it becoming paranoid about the reparations and new brain sets. The man was happy to fulfil his war experiences again, “know I am going to be your magician and bring you our warfare”. They even exchanged his watch with my wrist and there were some fights with the fireman. The watch was a cheap Casio bought in Kijkshop Overvecht(NL), by RARA family members, Jacco-Erica-Martin-Marisse, not really a doctor would ware. I was obliged to wear it. For this murder picture I had to wear a watch again that was not mine.
smiley is a typical Jessica, she started to cut my
throat in the fire
truck, it his her famous that even
created the
smileys, obliged, for her mask


for the acid house
I have also memories on our heads being replaced on my body, exchanging a tire takes longer. => The pictures I had to take from the ladder(how can be) of the truck were done with war surgeon techniques I wrote about in the blog The CIA Brain Exchange Torture Method, in this case through head exchanges.
Dr. Nicholas
RARA just visited “empty” fire stations with camera people, the docu ones, to eventually serial kill the ones left behind, in which they managed, my trousers is stolen from one of the stations. One of the reasons why they still open fire at police camera people. It might trigger my mind. Like in Nieuw-Buinen.There was a stolen fire department ladder truck that I had to drive to his house, which was used to demolish it, as far as I can remember. John Brennan was next to the truck while I was drinving, he was going to blame me for it if he managed he said, for that pilot thing too. In storming judges laughed at him. John and Bernhard killed the doctor in hospital again. He might live, since I live too, still.

Ps this man’s hole in his back is done by
RARA member Marti B. with a sledge hammer axe – I as hostage had to eye witness
him doing it to this before he was done living man, he witnessed RARA being present
in New York during 9/11 – he knew what they were doing….John Brennan – CIA – repeated these words joining RARA at this spot…”he is I know what you are doing”. I took picture with someone else from the street I believe, that was saver. Is that not Dr. Nicholas at work?


My Son, pre aborted before Marisse my ex-wife threw him out of the window- I was next to her and behind her, kept captured – just to impress, to shock me and the world – was it black-mailing or just killing your Son she laughed back than – I was dressed by Hilary in ordinary clothes – short trousers – and set put in the window next to her(on some pictures I have to find)

Pentagon staff members showed my children and me these pictures with identification of their MOM around 2013 – after heavy fight with RARA again -they had to wait for me to have active memory on it, we hope, well I have…
“do you see what I see?”
they were to (modern)Ghotic compared to the other ones…
(non Mob/Church – @ the funeralceremony they said to me: we have a Church look, police & rara that is)


First picture of the day, I have to take it, the 9/11 terrorists just arrived in the states, regrouping: “do you see what I see?”
Renee has said that, knowing us, if that picture is going to be published and not Bernhard Jens two CIA agent storming in point out. Jens slams a spear through my head that is how we wipe that out. Renee was angry at him, no one was allowed to talk to me. My wife did agree, “today was for her and her terrorist man”.(her current friend) The agents were eventually evacuated by medics injured, like me.
A repro note I had show agents in New York
on 9/11. 9/11, all it took was three plan’s(arrival and second try they did not dare to stay in the planes, I had to do it), 4 attempts and attack Washington
for their innocence. A military operation on a note, a general’s nightmare but typical
for RARA. So here it it is gent’s whitin 20 years….
Woodstock went down like this too +-

====== Monsters of the River Kwai =======

Armenian – oeps American – women being crucified during the Armenian genocide 2013 – a remake of 1915
My children. his Royal Highness The King from Holland, Brennan, Obama, Comey and I sabotaged the distance between the two hills – we were crucified in front of our children – I believe I am the on second from the right or the fourth one with skinnen under legs and hollowed and broken back by sledge hammer and no head(I remember, by memory, them, Willem Alexander, placing hair on my shoulder and my head was in the hands of the photographer, go figure), than the second one is my Son, the fift my Daughter – other victims: The Queen, Cantwell, Hilary, Obama, the princesses, Comey, Brennan-CIA

RARA: Marisse, the Martins, Renee, Huub, Marti, Grandpa’s sister, Grand Pa & Ma, Falco, Linda etc etcetc Riek, Bertus, Marcel B.(like in the 70’s) etc etc

Jesus Christ Super Star ^2
A truck with wood poles, we really had no idea, ” let that be the difference”, the terrorists said…
1915(the first picture is fraud too with Charles Manson on the second last horse-vague memories on it – first horse is my Mom and dad with horse blanket(link Once upon a time in the west, I had them in my car – it made Hilary Clinton and Brennan very nerveous in 2011 when they saw them) – it looked like Greece flag that way -Manson was angry at his place number in the line of horses, he already betrayed my parents for it, although they participated in his murders with more cruelty – maybe John Brennan or Queen Beatrix can remember the first picture – he would try to remember – like the Pope he came running in on this scene -medics placed me on the first horse, they thought I would not make it – forgotten about micro surgery and after big fights again about hierarchy they quicly moved the victims to hospitals – I am the second cross I believe – mid 70’s – how could that be Charles? He was in jail., and nobody had to go to prison for it…again) vs 2012/2013

Developed in Amsterdam(’70), Brennan, Nixon and me, for us a change to
maybe change history, which was fascism, but there was no other way to please
RARA it’s exhibitionism and save one of the most terrifying torture pictures of
modern history, so hereby it’s anti fascism, we promised the Pope.  No back-up, no reaction of troopers at all again and still. While these are known terrorist with non-terrorist still living witnesses.
as if they knew nothing,  they asked Armenians where this spot was located

like Obama
always screams at the terrorists (&to gain troopers for us), 
we are his
. So as our ” sect leader” he had to go first, his own fault(not)

these scene make me think about what they did to us again in the Yankee stadium a year ago
princess Amilia next to me her at home, on the fisrt cross, fist pubilcation attempt “now everybody sees my fat *ss” (:she is in commando/bounty hunter mode)  
ps we are dealing with the killers of John Lennon, RARA said to provoke Brennan
the deathblow for Janick on cross two came from Bernhard Jens with a shovel, he needed to shut up

Me angry, jealous, hanging on my cross: “my daddy thinks he is a soldier agian”, he impressed instorming troopers and CIA

BIG PS the president is black, his body too, carbonized, KKK not in the USA RARA hooligans dance and scream…….how do they do that I can feel it(the heat) I saw it, I laughed , hanging, at the terrorists(my daughter too…), they cut off my head for it…..

I was involved in the development of both pictures, perhaps the color will tell, darkroom and Photoshop. After this crucifixion we were transported to ISIS beheading camps, again tortured, crucified on x-crosses. We managed to escape but RARA was able to capture us again. Sylvester Stallone(see previous link) touched the president’s body because he could not believe what he saw, the President Nailed on a cross, while it was not upstanding. Us troopers came in on the scene, hostage situation, they had to follow us to the mid-east, wounded, always to late, which is normal in principe. We hope they gain memory on this too for some final arrests

A couple years
ago, My children and I flew fighter jets into the Armenian court, the sawmill
and police station. Repaired we flew back to Holland over France until we
crashed due to no gasoline and got caught by RARA members next to a freeway
near Paris, they lynched us. We flew as much as we could above Route du Soleil
to stay invisible for our pursuers at extreme low level. We were stabbed killed in all three facilities…..and in jet planes it is self defense they think….

We have hand build the hills from the other side from which the camera would be standing, again no outside help, it took hours. We even had to construct the crosses alhtough we were on strike from time to time.

The Pope and his personal secret service troopers ran in from Italy in attempt to rescue us from the crosses, go figure I still had sight. On request before he died on his cross: Obama is the outer left cross…If I remember correctly. I had to black it out later. THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT CRUSIFIED (in front of his children)

My children do a one man down for me, I am, obliged by RARA filming. In the beginning you will see my brother and mother (and someone else) in the distance on the ground. Bernhard Jens and other Utrecht police officers behead President Poetin for giving us material for and teaching us how to create a flight plan……….or and we tried to because he facilitated us to get air-born, that is a attempt kill (and certainly wounded think of me as the pilot from 9/11) – and hostages – the schizoids become jealous and take care of the rest as usual….we even killed Marisse & Bertus with
those pencils that is why she is not filmed – it makes us think about beheading
the Utrecht police officer that falsified our DNA into schizoid – in front of
John Brennan his eyes, one of the reasons I stole gasoline(lure their divorcing
mom to police station and RARA), my children told me – we now where they live
too – for us non mob it is self-defense – that is how dangerous Mob and
certainly  towards non-mob or a traitor with false DNA – a attempt kill –
if we find out again behind on of their terminals……….the same reason why
my children and I beheaded the Judge & psychiatrist in Zeist – at
least we enjoyed it 
than with rape
 – staged that is – like letting my kids grow
up with their mob schizoid mom and friend is an attempt murder – it is already
in the enjoyment but most off all it is too dangerous

My children were so torured and beheaded, and I did not even know anymore what to film, one man down, ooohw ooohw filming jet fighters I said. they fly low The King laughing screamed in the same condition, he proofed it by lifting up cut off head from his neck. At school we all learned the only reason laws were there was to protect us from prominent people who practice fascism like: dictators, bad-cops, absolute-kings, well dressed mobs and even burglars etc etc: and not to protect them creating class Justice.


You read this right…

(again -> garden Pentagon + KKK meeting-> all crucifixions were organized by RARA 7 why are they not in prison? – we really did not like it, you name the president in Charleston, the Bronx, no troopers etc etc etc or to late and even more worse the perpetrators are still not in prison)


== horror part – Janick version 1 ==


this kid not Janick version 1 tortured for years within usa sects
not mather he said – it will be the same as in your family
cut him into pieces somewhere inside a hospital in front of our eyes – 1989
co-took picture – even with Brennan, Nixon and Reagan I believe
tried to burn him – RARA
managed to kill him in the end for as far as I know
was made in co-operation with marisse my ex-wife her eggs
current son is a clone I had to prep him under threat again – mid 90’s
I have memories that my family shown me a very
young sect pregnant Marisse, no damages compensations(black mail) brought to
 the Oklahoma bomb 1995
– CIA/Brennan maybe remembers


Daughter has a kind of simular sect history….me too as The Embryo

Fireman ray again & a picture made by Lauren and Janick
I pretend to prepare myself – rara looks at building where the fire was
The guards & The King had a moment to stab rara members and end the hostage takingeven the princesses were freed again – for a moment

My daddy used to write all those PIG & HELTER SKELTER signs on the walls while they were murdering in the USA with or without Charles Manson. Sometimes with my blood & limbs, I hope our pictures and website shows the difference between schizoids and healthy people like my children and I vs our family.

More PIC’s

Our children of the corn: “why don’t you
kids go play in the corn”, while our parents lit their torches.

Police saw at first a KKK meeting, but indeed.

Anus stuff
Inspired by the anus book from Dallas hospital – made with mushroom spores – derived from a photograph I was forced to make from an artist while he stabbed with knives in my children, some Jeff Butterworth:
Also cool that we are registered Americans born in New York – for if 9/11 was a Washington inside job –my children their old name instead of the one derived from illegally practiced law seen their Mom is involved and guilty
of serial killing – organizing & 
participating in 9/11 terrorism

The Reason – Lauren
Her hair is cut by his Royal Highness the
King of Holland his sabel, while beheading her in the hope they would not impale her, but
no, she was impaled alive, after CPR. And better than the princesses, he said, because with these terrorists it really does not matter what you say, that how often they do this to us and them, they were already done…..
For Judges:our protest sect, is a way to bind us three together, a sort of protest
witch triangle, this to hold everybody else, seen circumstances, we are hostage
and life threatened, as enemy for our self-defense issues against our family
members and co-hostages. Enemey because of being lethal victims of class
Anyone else
but Diplomats & Judges is seen as criminals, next, distribute the
punishments/law in a diplomatic way, yin yang politics. Church and state are
not segregated(religion is fascism, US raised and West Point military
education. “courses”, Purple Hearth owner), it is fascism and
absolute monarchy in practice, used or stimulated. Willfully or
And we are victims and then according to science you still have
to gain the hierarchy to call yourselves diplomats, because fascists are not
able too, they walk around in uniform for example to express that fact and that
is already a consciousness higher if we might say so. Ps we are type of humans
that not forgive or make friends with them, not even commemorate our mutual
dead’s, that is still different from fighting the war, not even after a court
in our benefit. It’s a cultural difference, and being, a demand for and to even
have partners. We accept no leaders outside our work enverioments, equals
Deocracy, for example and than to be hold down by class justice, which is the
same, is disgraceful. To see US and Dutch diplomats walks around like
international Diplomats, 
ridiculous, they still have to be born as Diplomats
seen their terror status, read they should wear uniforms because they practice
Willfully or
A General
his security disappears when his troopers do not perform as they should be, it
creates class justice and coupes are committed. If Judges are not working
correctly the government security disappears, it creates class Justice, instant
fascism, and coupes are committed. In Vietnam fighting everyday against the
same soldiers and RARA terrorists affected even the security of the Kremlin,
the Kremlin staff members had a look and warned us that they had to put in a
lot of troopers more to restore Democracy, their security, and that sounded
strange from communists but was oh so true. 
Nixon and Brennan analyzed what the
Kremlins said in the generals tent to be true and Democracy science.
America had to end the war. The specific vietcong villagers and RARA members who commited a couple coups should have kept killed or kept in prison for live, they did not manage or understand or they were repaired and send back to the camp. I was almost adopted by the red cross.

until today we are tortured so hard that they could wipe out our testimony for
Democracy with the movie Kremlins, to forget Vietnam creating an alter ego for
the word Kremlins. They is RARA.

Funny, althoug THEY are not in prison yet………
terrorists chained White House Staff members, The President, Brennan their own Boss, Hilary Clinton and
us inside the CIA headquarters office to the floor. To proof their right about
their enemy. And indeed, troopers removed us with slight violence outside with
a warning. One of them mumbled f*cking hippies. Well at least we were unchained
hostages again. RARA, THE terrorists from 9/11. Unbelievable! Liking hanging on
cross inside Pentagon’s center and everyone walks by.

Marisse raping me, after beheading, in front of The Oranjes, our children, White House staff members and RARA members including her friend Martin

Back from Canada being kidnapped we have
to make these awful picture from Janick and other pictures from Renee end
Marius for these Johnny player Tabaco warnings. Renee cuts of his toes and Marisse
his Mom pours acid over his feed his Royal Highness helperd her so The White House staff threw it over his children, the princesses too or tried too like in Colombia where they did the same. Also you will see the being skinned alive scarves
on his right under leg.

The real child porn/mob motive from MOM is, tukkers(mobsters) smoke black tabaco, you are invited….

I am the obliged photographer:

other pictures in the same range I was obliged to take:
Janick his hand

My own hands:


the undertaker issue (Utrecht-Amsterdam ditto) – ground zero

This is me hanged and tortured. Impaled up the *ss, it makes the body having convulsions, we did this back to a lot of RARA members too. A typical Berhard Jens, Utrecht(NL) police, torture. 
the eyes of my children, Hillary, Brennan and Comey had to puke and took the children away from that monster Marisse. There were fights when we were extracted with troopers, my children and I and the staff mebers were brought to the White House. The dead bodies of RARA members were delevered to under takers, the  repaired them again as they always do, big mistake. Martin Everts impaled me too hanging, he took over from Bernhard Jens what suprised my children I heard them say because normally they are really jealous when they kill. For my home work….serial killers. – xxx source

This scaffolding(York, Main I believe) reminds me about Woodstock 99 were I was kidnapped too. I was tortured like this to on a stage, also so by personel(terror/rara fans). The Red Hot Chili Peppers drummed on my ass out of protest, to remember me. They skinned and burned me on stage, the crowd did not know if they had to applause they screamed, they did to make them look like fools, that was an advantage for us hostages maybe.

For as far as I know this scaffolding was a memorial(unofficially-illegally but still there) for others and me getting killed at Woodstock 99, medics had a surprise for the crowd that was grieving and I was attended to the ceremonial, although than a disappointment, but they were happy. So rather sick the killed me again at this spot. Ps The Chili peppers showed up again, drumming again and pointed out that Guns and Roses were to as terrorists and that some (bad-cop) marines with the undertaker were going to repair them for if we ever would remember.

Undertakers at ground zero were also participating in fascism on the victims, other people tried to cover it from the outside world with sheets. They created with RARA members peoples with four legs, skinned them and impaled their skull with concrete iron poles and had them walk around asking how that could be, this after some CPR. I looked the same they said.
this is me, like that:

This is my son 12 years old, on Woodstock ’99 they walked me around like this too, I had mirror shards in my head like the statue of liberty, I too had a lot of convulsions while they hammered the glass in, read more about this pic made in the Bronx. His nose job is a Audrey Hepburn to intimidate Hollywood stars, read above for mor about Audrey Hepburn.

I am the Pilot – I am the Pilot – I am the Pilot








my kids and I


We landed with the space shuttle
and were followed by the choppers that rescued my children and me out of Afghanistan
away from RARA and their mother
This is me as the Stig again driving for this episode of BBC’s Top Gear, in Ferrari FXX!!!!drive without intestines, so Hilary and Brennan can prove I could fly the plain of 9/11 too, which I did…..