Woodstock 1969 – it should have been The biggest scandal of the century

RARA my family decides to go to Woodstock I
don’t want too. They are drug users that always start fights when they us
drugs. Again they hijack airplanes to got to America and even on JFK they steal
chopper to go VIP to Woodstock. They even killed the gasoline man after he free
fueled the chopper.
For as far as I can remember I was there
as cloned embryo sewed in the shoulder of Marti. And as a 4-5 year old kid. I danced
with this woman from the Woodstock Youtube movie Marihuana, film partially shot
together with my family, they were hanging around.
My father was showing of with a chopper full with security of the president making fun of them. He was been giving a navy hair cut for punishment for having me skinned. “You are army Son”, he fought the war they were trying to say. He just grabbed the chopper saying I am part of your army now to the President. (In my memory also is that Woodstock 1969 was held in 1976, but I could be wrong)
undertaker/dead conveyor repaired my daddy and other family members after they
were shot on the festival terrain. The same families/companies are fighting
against us (my children, White House Staff members, Oranjes and me) trying to
kill us up until today. A
nd they are very active in repairing  RARA members like on the scene durin 9/11 My son Janick remarked that at the riot in Long Island. Read more at the bottom of this blog.
Due to severe being skinned and tortured
and cut of limbs I was taken away and placed in a plane by Hilary Clinton, John Brennan, President Nixon and a
Obama Barak, I was taken out and burned alive on the big field. Lately I was
more often burned alive without skin, so you can survive that, as they did with
my children on a
Richie Havens revival in 2009

I filmed him in 1969 and had to promise him to have the same gitar skills as him in the song Freedom, me or him, he checked me several times in my live on that alslo her at home with my children in 2013. I kept promise. They tortured him with ice picker up his nose but the show went on, they payed back with almost all dead body pictures from my children. They even manged to emerge The Who coming from the UK or else I or my clone get killed. 


Burned alive three times, skinned most probably,
in the pink circle. In the night before and during the end of the day and in
the evening, it was crowded by then. You already see the burn marks. My dad
from the chopper: “the will never be able to reverse engineer this one”. North from the circle my family had a seat, and I was burned by my daddy to impress the crowd. Some hippies made me a molotov cocktail and we threw that over my daddy. Judges did not convict my family they just came to give Nixon false hope. Audrey Hepburn a famous film star tried to convince the judges, they assaulted her and she got killed numerous times, as being a witness, by my family. As far as I know even in 1993 when she died.(Huub, Renee, Marti)

I flew back to Europe in and with Led Zeppelin their private jet together with medics. Thet brought me to the Queen of England she hoped they would make me a secret agent now but I was brought back to Woodstock. I remember I had to clean garbage, better than being tortured, some were crying, the wished they could hide me inside their backs. I was burned again with piles of garbage. My date of birth, official is 1972 August the 12th.mmmmh Also I as embryo, burned was allowed, to create a new one. The Sherriff took away my relics and I was still alive. The Sherriff took away my relics and I was
still alive.
When I was three or five I was allowed to open a silo with
nitrogen. The showed me the burned remains of my previous me, totally repulsive, White House staff members were civering hteir mouths, and started to
repair him although I have(shared?) memories and pain them sawing my legs in half. He
had to go back to be frozen so I could catch up with him. Woodstock 99, the
same happened to me. Hanged burned and they had to saw in my body.

On both coasts there were held ceremonies to
throw my ashes (or those of the unrepairable remains) in the sea. Even I did together
with Jimmy Hendrix in LA. My dad did not even want to touch my ashes. Not that he not dare too, putting his fingers in my hand palms. He had war trauma, amnesia, no recognition.

— notes
My son, his eyes are stabbed with ice pickers, I believe by Yara and Davin with guidence, Marti and Renee I believe, his hair is done by my mom, is neck hair is fake hair, his nose is done with latex clay – The Richie Havens ice picker nose job


edit–Me and Bruce Lee, protecting me for The Great big Burning at Woodstock(the can happen -I say that too lately when I torche people to dead), by my Dad and Brennan,, They tried to refilm this with my Son and de-frozen Bruce Lee, but The Court martial started a big fight with RARA, maybe now I understand why I have memories on
Overvecht (Utrecht) without tower 
apartment blocks from out my baby
car. I also know this from Bruce Lee his Son. The other man was I believe a security agent(CIA/Pentagon) addressed to me. Now I understand why my children congratulated me with my Abraham a few years ago, 
we did some delicatessen groceries in the
Kanaalstraat. They tried to burn me alive back them in the grasslands of Gageldij(Overvecht), they just in time skinned me – so maybe it is in the Utrecht police archive..

Puzzle for Marines/Commando’d and their chiefs: 1. i am top level 2. buying an ice cream for my girlfriend was insulting for her – how come? (like buy dress for her – while you are glamour, work for government on boulevard) tips: knowing how to lay down a plant or build one, practice terrorism or university vs sceurity level(glamour), your girlfriend lives in the mud of terrorism, one security lever lower than you, you walk around you brought her Democracy – so she is unsulted on, buy a dress – Jup Jup she broke off with me on an ice cream, see video, somewhere in Tokyo I believe – Mannn now they going to show off to impress her, to get her back, that wont help, Bruce and the guard -while some people had to got jail or killed – bounty hunted like marines really have to do to be superiors of even the CIA – The clothes I bought myself from my bounty hunt money, ice cream too – I was so proud!! I bought also a real golden tooth – the only one available – go figure – they called me tootsie for it so than this movie was shot in the 70’s I think – My mom Trees C. and Hilary C. teared me apart for it, clothes an meat….skull jaws etc in the middle of the street – gold fever serial killer wschizoids….like they did with a Amsterdam Judge in 2013 again….so… schizoid

the video
this video is briefed together with my children here at home 2013, because this is scary stuff
it’s the second publish attempt, the first was removed

Me as three year old, the outer left kid with stop sign on his trousers, with a navy hair cut, my father and family tried to kill me for it, it might bring memories, they even escaped from hospitals to crash the plane, more about this story(operation baby lift) Even J.R.R. Tolkien was reading out from his work to the man and me. He even did that on Hamburger hill before my first version. What he was
trying to say was, are young to listen to my stories or are you guys are going
to start to identify and make proud and take that hill….

–Rope Boy

Rollingthis man’s Rope was one of my task as the only US child soldier, they killed me
for it at Woodstock, for their career – I even had to upload comment this movie
here at home under threat. This rope is covered up by hanging us a lot.

Area 51 – as briefed
This is me, the picture is taken by Nixon
and my embryo stitched on to his finger, skinned, my feet still burned from Woodstock, history had to be
falsified, to create instant communism/fascism, establish the coup, to get my
body back. I also see dents on my cheek from the brace knuckles  my dad used on  my durin Woodstock, they still do.They still do this with my children too, see more in this blog with movies

the initial woodstock burnings……even Obama and Brennan saw me
burning it is in the glance of my cheek muscles, the were bikers involved but
it was my family who did it. Obama: ”

what a surprise for the white race” (linked: burning Utrecht police officers ’90’s)
and maybe I was just on stiched his forehead and not a clone
my dad cut open his chest to impress bikers & CIA – I felt the pain too
“they did that too”, they said as veterans I guess or as contra warfare
I also have memries it was Manson sect kid, from one of his woman
but they burned me too and cloned my embryo – and mabey this is my son
again – I am involved in the picture taking – could also be a modern picture taken
on the film set of Area 51 after they burned Janick – I was not allawed to touch his ribs – they would bring Janick
I could not believe my eyes so I did – I could feel it still hurted- he was burned in front of the Pentagon building by Renee, Martin and Marisse – or this is from the B1 bomber exhaust burning , read at the bottom for more
even van Acht, taken hostage(69 and present), had to dress as one of the atopsy doctors
“the clone is born” , it is my dad’s hand I believe I total disagreed with what they did to my hands,they also did this to my Son so it could be him too, jup Brennan was obliged to stab him in the eye – or else – those are my hands -marbey they exchanged our brains again.
my Son 2015

my daughter 2015

us, incl White House staff members the Obama’s, Sen. Cantwell and my children – witness Obama
I took picture and was skinned some later with Obama and placed these tables too

For all further animal, Dutch and USA,
clone concerns/issues them being fascism or not you may question me, since I
was present at those experiments. The answer will be Yes.

Woodstock 69

A couple years ago I was brought back from
hospital to the film set of Nikita. RARA hijacked it. My children were
protected by my clone. “This is my daddy”, my daughter screamed, “No I am your
daddy”, I screamed. We almost fainted, my Son to. The other giving me a middle
finger for my tattoo, saying he was going to place them too was killed protecting
my daughter, beheaded by Bernhard. Although it can be repaired. I had to
promise Nikita to explain all this.
A police officer I filmed for eating my ice cream, he was checking if
there were no drugs in it with my family since today I was government, top level.
President Nixon had to work that out, Brennan too, I think it they attempt a coupe right now. Over here in Utecht 2013 he bought my kids two ice creams. For always stoned with my family and their fights causing war trauma.
From my carrier shoulder I can remember
this kid, this is me 5 years old in 1977. In 2014 Some people from Woodstock recognized
this kid as someone they danced with on Woodstock and I do too. 
A picture before and after my dad beheaded
me, also because I looked like him. On the second picture you still see footsteps
from the Dutch army and medics.
Around 1975 in the White House eating breakfast soup with the Nixon’s Obama was almost fainting seeing me and being the only one with memories.
They are doing my children the same way, their Mom even “hired” RARA for it. Maybe they used a Latex mask on the Nikita filmset ….. than I was burned alive. With clones you share thoughts, transmitted like radio signals we found out, a bit like brain replacements.this is me torched without skin in the Bronx 2015:

ps RARA also burned me in the warehouse while I was kidnapped with Heineken,
also for the movie, that was more honest – also the Heinekens than have to throw up –
my children I have to ask, I believe so – yes they burned and skinned them too

Already publishedin 2013 after a big street riot by RARA her at home, by Woodstook crew, stars, people from this movie, Rolling Stones 1969 Altamont crew & stones, CIA, the Oranjes, White House staff members and my children and I.

For Woodstock 1999 they did they same, with my current Son as embryo and me as wounded hostage. the kid from 9/11.

The same young kid vs embryo trick, AND ATTEMPT KILL, with my daugter as embryo they did on the beach with a house concert from FatBoy Slim @ Big Beach Boutique – Brighton Beach – 2002 

Woodstock 1969, like with the Manson murders I was dressed like Chucky(horror), maybe police remembers or child
care, the Chucky movies were a protest, and hopefully not, Hopefully it was war
trauma. And like Forrest Gump was some sort of a parody on my alter war veteran “” ego.

A picture from Manson I took with my daddy, how can be? Like almost All his pictures, how can be? The stripe is my Dad’s jealousy, “recognizable” a Nixon smiled at me. “indeed” a Brennan said touching the picture with one finger, “touching a serial killer his art work”.

Charles Manson: “he did it he did it” My dad: “I say nothing, he is just an embryyo inside a doll” – years later I even tattood, obliged, Manson swastika on his fore head, or as embryo on  finger, at least tortured: “you belong with him you belong with him” my family said putting me in his jail

Chucky with my GOV Colt Mustang I believe, the right gun was taken from Comey
Berhard Jens demolished Chucky with his stick giving him this obliged head scarve

my 4 year old Daughter because we did not shut op about Chucky, also done by her Mom, done with Stanley knives. The Jew star was held in front of her before I took this picture in 2006.

linked a little bit my film material too, I helped camera people and or as embryo….:

Ditto, Jimmy declared Dutch as a old Viking real mother language for Yankees, in the USA and not the German language trying to be fancy, like a lot of Cocaine addicts/mobsters do. One of the reasons Jimmy burned his guitar was out fear they would burn me again on stage. It was pure to please his hostage takers. My Family, RARA that is.

Images I shot as tal as I was – Jim adopted me against his family($$)

ditto, I was complaining about black & white films

ditto – Meat Loaf – Paradise By The Dashboard Light

A buggy I for real drove in!!! Also on his lap!!! A photo co-taken be His Royal Highness Willem Alexander, to old for lap sitting. he was crying about it, and me….

Jup we were the “happy” few

the undertaker issue (Utrecht-Amsterdam ditto) – ground zero

This is me hanged and tortured. Impaled up the *ss, it makes the body having convulsions, we did this back to a lot of RARA members too. A typical Berhard Jens, Utrecht(NL) police, torture. 
the eyes of my children, Hillary, Brennan and Comey had to puke and took the children away from that monster Marisse. There were fights when we were extracted with troopers, my children and I and the staff mebers were brought to the White House. The dead bodies of RARA members were delevered to under takers, the  repaired them again as they always do, big mistake. Martin Everts impaled me too hanging, he took over from Bernhard Jens what suprised my children I heard them say because normally they are really jealous when they kill. For my home work….serial killers. – xxx source – Two from my neighborhood Utrecht police officers
Edwin and companion, already reported for such crimes in my garden, were
beheaded by the Marine corps for not stopping trying to skin, hang, impale and cutting my children
into pieces.


scaffolding(York, Main I believe) reminds me about Woodstock 99 were I was kidnapped too. I was
tortured like this to on a stage, also so by personel(terror/rara fans). The Red Hot Chili Peppers drummed on my ass
out of protest, to remember me. 
They skinned and burned me on stage, the crowd did not know if they had to applause they screamed, they did to make them look like fools, that was an advantage for us hostages maybe.

A girl maybe RARA – we were involved(a good image towards child care), raped together , and she protected my
children – she made Edwin H. Utrecht police officer jealous – and stabbed her with police knife
I broke off with her with Maria Golovnina, a journalist, creating this picture with her
the same officers succeeded in killing Maria
Maria, my children, collegues and I were kidnapped from our Hotel room
starting to write on a laptop

I guess
you cannot hide or protect yourselves against RARA is the message


they abuse top
level intelligence – despite the law is on our site 

as far as I know this scaffolding was a memorial(unofficially-illegally but still there) for others and me getting killed at
Woodstock 99, medics had a surprise for the crowd that was grieving and I was attended
to the ceremonial, although than a disappointment, but they were happy. So
rather sick the killed me again at this spot. Ps The Chili peppers showed up
again, drumming again and pointed out that Guns and Roses were to as terrorists
and that some (bad-cop) marines with the undertaker were going to repair them for if we
ever would remember.

Undertakers at ground zero were also
participating in fascism on the victims, other people tried to cover it from
the outside world with sheets. They created with RARA members peoples with four legs,
skinned them and impaled their skull with concrete iron poles and had them walk
around asking how that could be, this after some CPR. I looked the same they said.
this is me, like that:

RARA was looking for this spot and we were in the back of cars down the coast line of York, Main.

RARA: Martin M., Martin E., Martin S., Geesje Z., Rotger Z., Marisse Z., Erwin G., Bernhard J. Huub B., Renee B., Marti B., Riekie K., Bertus K., Rob S., Paticia van K., Marcel B, Jessica K..

Hostages: Oranjes, my children, Hialry C., Obama B., John B., James C. and me.
One of the spot we stopped at:

ps rara visited this man to he was obliged to show our latest tortures, Marisse gave him the pictures, “that’s your mom”

This me I believe, my Son was not shure between him and me, since the exchange brains. At least I was changed into the othe creature after this picture taken


My Son dead, pictures taken by John Brennan and me together


This is my son 12 years old, on Woodstock ’99 they walked me around like this too, I had mirror shards in my head like the statue of liberty, I too had a lot of convulsions while they hammered the glass in, read more about this pic made in the Bronx. His nose job is a Audrey Hepburn to intimidate Hollywood stars, read above for mor about Audrey Hepburn.

Woodstock ’99: “they were carving me,
i see your brain coming out” and which hippie with a mirror in his hand is
not allowed to entrance a festival, the guard were crying ad soso sorry – I was obliged to make this picture from my Son for them to memorize these tortures…
“they bypassed us with their own guards”


my daughter…Brennan and I quicly take picture, Renee has amnesia, or else….shark “oohw yeah you guys take pictures”

Oxygen tubes are brought in our neck vertebra’s, with knifes, by
Bernhard, Renee, Marti and Huub, my children and I believe this girl too have
to perform in this tank 

All mermaid pics you I was forced to make under threat here at home. I had to make them look like they were taken from YouTube movie – we hoped the resolution would do the do…..

rara terrorists: Lisa, Jess, Marita – I took pictures


The Drill: (these) serial killers/ sect people
take over top level*, the general removes his maps with murder pictures. Killing
them, identifying them has become self-defense. Serial killers kill everyone
that has seen them commit crime or bad behavior, if they did not succeed they
will be back. For example: We visit my ex with police, or police visited my ex.
You saw a bottle of liquor, that was/is already enough to raid/take over police
station Paardeveld and Stadskanaal and look for their families, and in this
case even the Pentagon and also they got cops inside. *With violence visited:
The General his tent, the Pentagon, Parliaments, Police stations, The White
house, The Court houses, The Vatican etc etc…which they did. Oh and serial killer do not take pictures, I was obliged to do……normally the police does. Despite mutual competition, their relation with other serial killers like the Manson sect is friendly, is killing togheter. Attempting coup bring them their victims, with us as hostages.

Difference with my children and me and all
other normal people, when you ring our door and I am drunk, I will do nothing. You guys even survived the weekend. That is how fast they work.

Does it say something to those half afghans over her?… Hello!!! I re-ditrubueer child porn for months now, not from Poland No from Holland, it is likely allowed…i guess???

One of the pictures RARA, obliged me to make too, so f*ck them too

my son afte CPR and being impaled with iron pole by a Utrecht police officer Bernhar Jens, it is his own blood – look at him perform out off fear – “I have too dad” while I take picture

It makes me think about how Bernhard Jens
from the Utrecht police on Woodstock 99 repeatedly did this to me while
everybody was laughing or so it seemed, while I was trying to get up. He was laughing now too, we did not even had memory on it and what this meant, like father so son. Jens also did this with ad random F.C Utrecht supporters to schock the ME police laughing at their bats, you guys won’t even remember. Why does he talk Englisch? A couple years ago.

The Woodstock playhouse

Everything with Woodstock on and in it had
to be destroyed.
Obama and family, the Oranjes, my children,
his guards, Hilary were hostage of RARA incl Marisse.
With flame thrower fights we tried to kill
RARA who we left for dead, by the way the other hostages too almost on their own request – beheaded in this house incl the owner who invited RARA.



We also burned the president his car for
date marking. They tried to burn us their the same way marines and medics took over.

A couple years ago RARA kidnapped us again
and Mom has already starved my children, the already look like reapers the
smiled. During our journey they obliged me to take this picture from Janick.
Witnesses: White house staff members, Oranjes.

My Son again I was obliged the
photographer, with removed radius under arm bones – how sad – that Mom of how
did actually the removing with some medics without anesthesia. The Dutch
premier Rutte also stamped on his head to put him out of his misery(van Acht
did too with me when I was young and was accused for Libya practices what they
do themselves), they had to do CPR to bring him alive for this picture. He was
sad for me too, Berhard Jens had spear through my body while I took picture, go
figure. His eyes are stabbed in with a spear/iron pole, the skull top is from his sister cut off with a machete. Again like in the Bronx two marines just showed face laughing
at us. — 
also did this with the princesses, on this flight back, Rutte could not kick their skull in, so RARA
did it themselves with our hands and axe sledge hammers, first showing the king those arms he
did not understand what he saw lying wounded on the floor

another Code Red in this kid his face…
a picture I made and Photoshopped in the Dutch government airplane
it was a color picture
real blood, real bruises, true blue smashed eyes
with a pair of pliers Renee and Bertus were wringing his arm around with the bones still in it

my arms
are done like this to and stitched on Renee’s
he chops the
princesses head in two with axe sleds hammers
My Son with my skull top, after CPR, they really cut our skulls in two for that

My Son first killed by Marcel Baas, broken extende jaw, CPR, that they, Marti I believe, kille with this spike

My Son dead by hanging him on steel nail to wall -oh no he his impaled with a a long stick through his anus and schoulder mounted to the wall – killed by it

My son

My Son. we really killed some RARA members with siccors togheter(Brennan, Come,Janick and me) – it had to look real

I believe Birdy – a better than being tortured picture

My Son with the breasts of his
sister, just spear stabbed in the back and head by Bernhard Jens Utrecht
police, he could not move no more….the knife cuts are the work of his Mom it
made her boyfriend jealous, the cooperation between Jens and Marisse  Janick
is in a mayor pain rush…

my skull, my brains with eyes attached, cpr-ed took picture with my son – de-boned
they used saw to cut it open – without anesthesia

This is James Comey(FBI) or me, we both
have to do this. James is obliged to smallify my skull with brace knuckles and
or the other way around – I do remember to calm the children, Janick&Lauren
and the princesses of Oranje who take picture together with “it is just a
shot gun” – the girl in picture forced us too and is a known terrorist –
evaluating the image together mad us clear why they make my nose smaller since
all my life

Janick murdered by Lisa P.
Lauren – janick and I take picture obliged

Janick – broken nose and jaw by brace knuckle – his Mother and opa Beeren did that

Lauren dead

Janick after he and I killed RARA in total with tthis knife, even White House staff members were shacking in a corner – I took picture – “was that you guys” Lauren asks proud and giggling

And agian with these weapons…quilty – I take  picture from my Son and Me – after group beat upping me with brace knuckles see below and killing Lauren – we killed all with medics & marines – Lauren got quickly repaired – we thought they were smoked loin – see three pictures below – and used clean and separate kitchen utensils…

Janick, Sen. Cantwell and me, near by dead – Lauren takes picture

our plea
I lure this wolf so my children can kill him, to say we are with them and to eat it. Them is the Marines not instructed enough, they were identifying on the scene. Like “they laugh at you, they are the terrorists” a drill that should be started at morning appeal. We shoot
more at marines than at the terrorists, it is a disgrace, that how miss-drilled
they are and or criminal, the court martial disobeys even direct orders from
the President to punish drill instructors and or Generals. In Holland ditto.

I, naked too, made clothes from this wolf for my naked children, their Mom thought that pigs had lk that color they did in the freezing cold. The Judge in court gave me permission and no convict, that is how crazy RARA is. They bring us to the Judge for it, go figure. That Obama and Hilary really think they can get away with anything. They wanted to feed my children to these
wolf to make a comparison with their Mom and her RARA. Feeding to wolfes(and Lion, sharks, crocs, hippopotamuses, piranhas) what they already had done with my children and me behind the scenes of a Discovery Wolf docu.


We eat Ray
and Janick they, by their own smoked, thighs, obliged by RARA member hijacking
this film-set Cut out under supervision of marines who do not know who we are.
If we are cannibals or something. The President eats it too. Drilled like Goofy’s.
And our new martial leaders are eating like jet-setters. Marisse and friend Martin do the main cutting…my Son askes is this a whipe out? How do they do that…….

princesses of Oranje and my children fearfully with shaking legs ask me did we
hang in that smoke cabin, did they smoke us alive, or again. Has it any us to
ask these thinks, “kut zooi”. The King cannot even breathe to see his kids in this condition. Somewhere in the
USA in broad daylight, no troopers, a Pentagon general comfort his future voters
I think the means pistol smoke. One year later I remember The King comfort me,
one year earlier, naked in a eel smoke factory in Voledam, broad daylight, no
troopers, he comforts me just be glad they h angs us like the eels, with iron
sticks through our heads. To answer the princess, yes they smoked us alive. Read at the bottom for us being smoked pictures in plane exhausts, yes the princesses too. The troopers know who we are what is being done to us, the Generals too, even the Pope knows me, he knows where I live, still they let this happen, for 50 years now, still they do not mage to keep RARA in jail. 
Read at the bottom for us being smoked pictures in plane exhausts, yes the princesses too.
a movie I was obliged to edit, put smoked loin in as text
walked in on my Son and me taking this one allowed, by RARA, picture of my
daughter. They could not interpreter what they saw, pretending not to know us
hostage, not even Obama. We showed them the picture, for something like the
world upside down mannnnnnn. “now that is Goofy”, they said, those imbeciles. Now we have a camera – they have their guns – are you raised like that? Jup River Rats he – they point at me – Vietnam? – see pic @ bottom
My Son posing with sword his Mom Marisse Zuidema shoot him with a 12mm bullet -“do you got him” he screams “she always does” that – ask them, the Oranjes(Royal family from Holland), Hennis-Plasschaert, Rutte, Google Boss

first line is your villain colleague – they will shoot at you or try to kill you, just like the enemey
these are James Comey or my hands – forced to stand model-my left hand have the same finger prints-
so picture than is mirroredThe Mob also drill their gangsters/serial killers/religious people the same way
– a non gangster Son(top-level both sides) from a gangster –

my Hand….it had to look like a Embryo – they drawed the stiches with my Embryo hand – or from my children…for micro surgery

====== PAGE 2 ======

My Son just killed by Granma Riekie Krijvenaar, with adding the drup she say’s ” Than should have us those” meaning fluid acid/lsd – I took picture

my Son with his skull top and mine cut/sawed of in the water with machetes -standing after being inpaled with stick in soil like they did with me on Woodstock and Lowlands festivals – see below

me (as “lamme Greet”- stoned this time they laughed) impaled on broomstick hammered in via neck,butthole into the soil


Janick and Senator Cantwell – Lauren and I take picture

RaRa terrorists Marcel B and Bernhard J – impaled killed raped by my children, (Marines) and me (after I took Janick in water “Tarzan” pictures and me impaled on climber)- the girl is raped by Rutte as last one (corpse lover out of jealousy) he thouht it was Lauren – I raped  and beheaded him too for his memory- marines killed after we stamped his skull togheter too – my Son screams we reaaly won’t have thta this gov people have put our picture online 4 the wrong reason – so we are going to kill them” – if he rapes your daughter it is ok he thinks, just now we are going to kill him, we also burned Obama on that cross and your King remember?” – he ain’t our king we are Yankees – what color – dark blue

Wizard Me – my kids take picture – I just had group beat up with brace knuckles in my face – killed – CPR
group: Marcel B., Erwin G., Rob S. Martin M., Martin S, Brennan, Comey, Obama, Marti  and cousin

My Son Janick dead after brace knuckle job – hea wears his sister Lauren her skull top with hair – I took picture

My Son like us captured in Vietnam – there was a bullet in – like us they pulled, his Mom, some later indoors, the trigger – whiners she called the other RARA terrorists

Me killed
with sledge hammer axes – my son wanted to say goodbye – only he is permitted
in this wolf suit – he said goodbye for his sister too – Martin M, Erwin G. and
Rob S did this – “at least I can say could by, also for my sister”

My Son beheaded wearing a goat’s head -Berhard his stick in his back is holding him strait(RARA: Marisse&Martin, Riekie, Simpson, Bernhard, Renee, Marti) Brennan, Lauren, Senator Cantwell, Hilary
Clinton, the Oranjes walked into police station Paardeveld with Janick like
this in a try to report it. 
some sick f*ck joke?
, “no this is real”. They are lying the RARA
medics lie, while mounting his own head on behind the bar. Berhard was laughing
it them, they would not even remember him like this, waving with his stick.
Police officers asked me what that stick was, I did not remember,is he wounded? Yes We were kidnapped away again
back to my place…. The Pope and I have drawn the converted cross with the words
“alahelipsilumhocuspocuspiltuspas”, Janick could talk to us with his
soul and conquered the gouts soul. 

My Son I believe, I added left upper broken piece of the string – like they did with us in Maarssenboek and we with them to repair us I took picture – PS in this way you will collect preferably donor brain material….for MASH -Janick his Arab “”(?) teacher co riped his brains out so I cut his teacher bran ou and gave it to the medics – I/we aslo did at school where he did it again -Janick also told me that he was not allowed to got V.W.O obliged by Royal Dutch Family & his MOM, it would make the princesses jealous who happen to be lesser IQ, and this with with his grades all A’s – we want compensations for it


The teacher who participating in practicing
fascism in the USA and at school with RARA – he was laughing at Janick because
the school belonged to his level after brain replacements he explained, so he
is now veteran too and a lesser teacher. 
He if you kill my Son, we or I going to us
you as guys donor……it is warfare what they us
e. Upper picture: the teacher his new brain we can not say anymore. And we cut out the princesse brains too as donor for the Kings behevoir and they are schizoids go fugure how predominant our cells are in comparison….

My Son dead – Lauren and I took picture -they left him there…he was brought back alive after CPR -typical MOM

My Son with extended REAL MEAT FLESH EXRENDED LEGS!!! without anesthesia !! I TOOK PICTURE!

OurPersonal Being Abused Pictures – Downloaded from Mom her websites to distribute
our child porn-abuse- there are famous people involved I we guess she wants to
be famous….


At the
request of a judge, about a year ago: earlier explanations about me making
almost child porn advances towards my stepdaughter were done obliged, under
threat to be sliced again, after we sliced into pieces and she was put on top
of me by John Brennan, Marisse and Hilary Clinton. In the end I did not touch
with a finger but the house was full with RARA members, press and Judges. “Good
for your face recognitions a Utrecht or Amsterdam Judge laughed, that’s how you
do it”, he hoped my stepdaughter was going to appreciate it some day because
she would be thinking about compensations, which she is entitled too
differently, already. “We are all stabbed in the head, so it going to take a

My children and I were thrown out with and without parachute at this record attempt – one of our Red Bull connections…..


This stunt I am obliged to do this stunt on
this hijacked BBC TV Set, about The Marauder. With a diagonal cut through head. So with one eye, my
children are watching with their Mom who is part of RARA who did the cutting,
in this case Martin and Bertus. First attempt report we did here at home with the show presenters. 

In this
episode a Hummer and this car are exploded with 4 C4 blocks under it, with my
children and me in it. There were no cuts in expenses made by terror group RARA. They
were in a good mood after a series of car bomb attacks on my children and me,
and two new cars where bought.
Lauren to Judges and worried Senators on spot: “Papa wears always these nice clothes when he has money”
we know honey we know they comforted her
A example how they abuse us in Hollywood, my children and I are kidnapped my children have to watch do dangerous stunts and see me being tortured and die from those stunts. I am pushed around like a slave, everybody is laughing and the producers to. This how it looks, for example My unpaid stunts for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (here a list of 1400 movies they abused me in) –My skull is skinned for real and burning!!!! – for maksing they uploaded ghostrider movies on Youtube – on the Hollywood sets I’ve really been stuntman luxury
RARE:  Nicolas, Lisa, Nikki, Bertus, Martin E + M, Marisse, Marita, the Orange, Rutte, Tuesday, Huub, Sandro, Erica, Jacco

under left: Marti bowed my neck with a baseball bat, like the did with Lauren
left upper: after landing I was beaten to dead with sledge hammers by Huub, Renee and Marti
Let’s say
per movie:
6(up to 20) serial
killers want to kill us per stunt right after each other because it is hierarchy/jealousy
We do 20 small
and big stunts times an average of 5 cuts
They also
do this to my children so that makes 3
We are
abused in 1400 movies
Let’s say
for a fascist attempt kill you will get $5.000.000 compensation
That will
make a compensation of $12.600.000.000.000
Let’s say a
stuntman earn $1.000.000 per movie so time 1400 makes $
That will
make: $ 12.601.400.000.000 –thank you very much



understand why they ignore us……
12.6 Trillion dollar baby….. 


We understand now
why judges gave us, introduced us to, advance compensations like this, we made these
pictures because we were kidnapped again…..we already had Royalties on our
with diver Marines & torpedo’s we blew up the first yacht with RARA on it
my Son, for the Judges, my father listens tu us, we just killed a entire submarine crew and the divers, he is lifting up a torpeado fur us -we know submarines –  White House crew is involved – participating – killing them is self defense on the lie detector

+- 2016 – RARA hijacked this boat, my children and I were recovering on the boat with amnesia from being tortured. Personnel and we are severe tortured, skinned,
cut with scissors etc. and raped by all RARA members. They even used sledge hammar and axes on us and the boat’s interior. Marines that came in to help us participated
in also demolish the boats furniture. The stairs with carpet were set on fire.
They even tried to stage that I was sleeping on the boat with Paris and also told
judges that I slept with personnel. The judges were tortured and raped too but managed
to get them on shore. Even my ex stepchildren were rioting. A navy girl wanted to marry me and helped the judges with her team. Lucky on the lie dtector it was not our boat, it was the same boat RARA used in 2012/2013/2014 on the cannes film festival with us. I picture I was obliged too take and upload to wiki, smart???? The Cannes film festival managenet is ivolved in inviting RARA terrorists…they made thta clear to us, maybe John Brennan finds it interesting cough

Cannes 2015

picture was taken I was beheaded with an actor
He sporty
walked the stairs up and down with my head – like with skin – he over took my consciousness
I believe actor in circle



Initial we
typed this together in one note with my children – It was erased – the actors
were total wasted by seeing Al Capone
RARA: Riek, Marita, Sandro, Obama and first lady, Brennan, Paris, Hilary, Trees, Bertus K and children with partners, Bertus C, Renate and husband, Jacco, Marin M., Martin S and daughter, Marti, Huub, Linda, Grandpa his sister, Toos, Fred, Renee, Stephan, Renee B, Falco V, Comey, the Oranjes, English Royalties Marisse her parents and sisters and (ex)husbands. wingsuit Jeb, Beth, Granpa and Grandma, the regular Utrecht police officers and their commissioner(she drank from the bottle behind the bar and that you can remember), Michael van der Plas, Micheal van Tuyl, Jolanthe and sister.

Minus government people and Royalties, my children and I and you got RARA, we do believe the police officers and some Judges are involved, but only a lie detector can prove that at least to us three. That truth can be taken from us too. It is military
experience to see this all only can be done because police and Judges are
involved, also that it needs to be researched
. Whether it is in Iraq,
Holland or the USA. Hilary did not mind us going to shoot the topedo with her on board, do what you have to do it for them to prove different, it is them protecting the wrong ones, the police officers, too. (It is self-defense and not a coupe or something?not code red – like 3 year old would say) The ones that shoot at hostages first and that is typical for schizoid mobsters. They even got killed by other schizoids for it because it is communication too about their identity.


My children and I
even had some education from judges how to let staff apply and search for staff. They told s that we had to look for non mob people in our case, non religious but that was the same. They asked my children if knew about the two spieces of human, they nodded yes.

A whole department
of the Washington Court was working around us, much saver they hoped, laptops, printers etc. etc. And who know maybe it was the Court;s presind his boat. Bernhard and colleague
were already released from hospital and could not believe their eyes, traitors, they left
to get reinforcements. The Judge helped also back at home to type the first
letters of this blog. They hate amnesia too.

my daughter, cut with scissors, ridiculous:

miraculously repaired with microsurgery last time she was at home here

Staff already knew
that daddy drinks coffee and whiskey separated, that was cool. The boat was restored when we cam from hospital, the judges and we were injected and we were brought back to Holland illegal.

This boat was used also on Cannes Film Festival(2015 I believe looking at the pictures) with me impaled on a jetty like this. The boat was placed over the jetty and inside the boats was a after party. Some movie stars touched me, I was dying slowely. This is me too last year in the USA, again impaled, my kids take picture.

A typical example for it does not matter what we do as hostages, after his flight my son was skinned and burned in a B1 hot exhaust and running engine. They were going to do with me too, RARA is watching, I am the pilot that blows away the spotters . The man with pink t-shirt is Michael van der Plas(Barbie&parents, and parents from girls from prom described in this blog), he skinned Janick too and heped Marisse to throw him in the exhaust.

this is Janick…after being smoked

On this
time lap they through around Janick his carbonized/burned body in an orange awning(body-back),
which they were already doing, showing Lauren and me. Even both Grandpa and
Grandma’s all six of them were doing that too. 
Marines used almost flame throwers at RARA
members but took possession of our bodies.
They slaughtered MP  with swords to enter this military base, very sad to see too, no matter what spieces…

His Royal Highness, although RARA??, is
filming on purpose, de harde kern(the hard core off) van RARA, we did not kill
him for it, tit made the hooligans already more quieter, their schizoid narcism
is fed by camera’s, and we started my plane, hoping for the best. The King
finished my Son of with stick, I think the marines wanted to check that. During
flight I discovered I was carbonized too if I am correct, it was a goodbye
flight to my old body, my Son would have liked that to the King said after
landing the plane, I was killed to by him in the cockpit by beheading. Next the
hospital were in the end the King and I fought about chicken meat to distract
the already again present RARA hooligan to challenge them to steal that
meat so they would not chop up the children again.
RARA the A10 crew they called themselves this time

the A10 movies we removed these matters, on YouTube some less”, Bernhard Jens

I do not know in what psycho profile it
fits but they were admiring my flight show???  Stef T.was there to – skinning.

All our work, this all too was destroyed by RARA again…..the Judges their laptops too….the same Judges that resqued us from this air port and the boat…

Ratko Mladić & Slobodan Milošević 
These are the same people, like Michael who have made it impossible for me, more than once, to witness against Ratko Mladić & Slobodan Milošević who have practiced fascism* on me en public by fascist torturing the Judge of the international court The Hague. What would mean like with the old Nazis their convict. Like with Nazis it hard to find witnesses without amnesia about their wounds and torture. And that is why we call their full names.* Skin, burn,
impale, folter, creature creating, torture and having shoot at civilians in mass graves under guidiance.

Fascists you cannot arrest with form
faults, one of the reasons RARA plays anti-fascist and try to bring my children
and I to (international) justice, dragging us around like animals. While they
are the fascists, the animals.

For as far as I remember were Lauren and I first repaired, they lifted up my head to show me my carbonized/burned remains and those of my children. Next doctors showed me our almost intact skins and the bodies they were recreating.

Me posing with my Son, he was repaired I have to say under still being threatened, and these picture are briefed with Janick also here at home. My daugter Lauren takes picture, I had to dress like a doctor or else it was not allowed. She only was allowed too, even the doctors were scared for the present RARA terrorists and their Mom. Falco Verweij is in the pilot’s chair to handle the throttle with Marti and Renee, they gas up to burn my Son. The in storming sheriff from Dallas, the black one, tries to be our witness, he hoped but they kill, by beheading I believe, I would understand why, he had new memories were his last words.

Bernhard Jens held him in the engine with his stick

the day my children and I could walk this is being done to us, not only on army
war area’s but also all movies/ film sets/ Discovery and NG docu’s with planes in it, or for
example movies about war.

the president ofAmerica, smoked on a cross

The sheriff his new memories, after the Dallas shootings:

Tv director
wagon – I am released from hospital the sheriff and I are skinned in the middle
of the street, broad day light.
I have to
wear his skin – his skin takes over my consciousness, remarkable
The sheriff
thought so too – he now there are two sheriffs he tries to laugh
Martin Simpson
and Brennan are in the director wagon assembling the Dallas shooting images.
They threat
us not to speak about what happened.



They repair
us – my skin takes over again – my children happy

Chopper – Paul and Senior
2003 tortured and harassed by RARA
quarrels – after slavery and torture
together – being fascist victims together
and died together 
and won together 
build bikes and had (911) ride together with my children…….



have been at home here almost killing “” me for not blogging them….they even stopped the show…

14 years and 4000 brains later….
they might even came in with the marines in the above and eye witnessed it……the B1 burnings “do you know who that is do you know who that is” pointing at Michael
A typical movie I-we hostages(co) recorded

PS Miley and me, my children are hostages -rara obliged us to this perfomance, Renee vomiting – I do it too well, not to kill my children, we really have marriage problems…..she was at my home with my children to choose this red still,,injected..we are eeuh…. ps for soldiers … a perfome like with 100 nazies behind you – see B1 bomber images… My
children and I were skinned on stage, they doubted to lit us on fire(Renee and my brother), I was
obliged to perform so they could say, Yes he was on stage and he misses his children.

Renee played the shark… a good performance toooo 🙂


At least the Russian
government showed some decency not to have elections anymore out of respect for
us victims since they also were taken hostage to by my family. We think the
upcoming elections are very insulting, again. 

Even Miley was there for this police report, I forgot to mention her:

This Phantom is used in Vietnam to burn me too, skinned, my father did that, I took picture with Nixon , Brennan and Prince Willem Alexander – I had to look like a plane accident – the plane was transported to this spot – Also these jets without wings were used,
before we invented House music, to race on wet rice fields. Big gambling
deserved a big mob punishment so I was burned to warn them and wipe out memory.
At least my memory, 3 years old and I was one of the Jet Race boat pilots
already.  A cover up for the gambling………my boat:

On recovery my children and were watching this picture inside The Pentagon with agents, they were convincing my children
this was my speed boat when I was three years old, it helped to make my children somewhat more happier
we talked about killing Hitler and called it project Erase Frog

The other extreme a picture my children take from be burned and still alive -for police the pain as you can see like drugs addictive & un human I think the New York police knows us like this too –
RARA Brennan, Obama etc etc threw us in the coffins from the state funeral of
the two dead police man in the middle of the street. I still could see my kids taking picture

for eye comparison

read more

–news flash
I danced as youngster, minor with these girls. It is recorded at 12-o2-1970, that would mean, since I am born at 1972, that my version one was repaired from the Woodstock burnings!!!  I even cheek
kissed these woman a couple years ago, and for my brother….And again CIA abuse, mob like liquidation list, visiting people that might know something about the embryo with most of the time torture and deadly violence..again I was skinned laive and burned alive before these recording by Brennnan and my family

, he fought for our case after they burned Janick &
Lauren at this concert, skinned that is, at the Pentagon. He is a victim who tooth got ripped
out, beheaded on stage at Woodstock, I was co-camera man, still he proceeded his performance with
this catchy song, Freedom
For Janick: (phantom)V1 was called Jan(tje) too……funny 😉