The Wall street black mail pictures & The Polaroid Serial killer

Below s picture
from me as The Polaroid Serial killer, all my live, not only wall street
business man, the had me make pictures from girls, after they obliged me to
have sex with them, before they were murdered by John Brennan and other CIA

They created the fathom The Polaroid Serial killer, a dead girl and a polaroid
from before she was murdered on her body or pinched with knife on to her body.
A prostitute or a Hollywood show girl had their preference because they all
knew Marlyn back in the days. This girl ditto, my children take them into to
wear a typical serial killer rabbit suit. The girl stabbed my children to dead,
vertical cut them open and beheads them. I am obliged to have sex with her, my
children were repaired, they did not understand, must be another black mail
picture again they said.


connection between these pictures, Wall street and the world trade center.
People from the WTC and RARA have fights on Wall street. John makes no money
but compensates his businessman with bounty hunting, the perfect CIA agent. Wall
street needed to shut up, WTC too. I fought with the wall streeters against
RARA so had to become the pilot of 9/11. Wall street needed to shut up. Black
mail is Black Mail.
The Polaroid Serial killer(aka de paashaas), that was me….a victim, a non serail killer person hostage,

[Jens his wife caught Jens making love to
this woman, I was just jealous, she was proud with his nice catch, I am seral
killer too Son. – His Royal Highness King Willem Alexander 
ensured me they are for real Ray, they keep us hostage – We are for real too -I walked to him grabbed his sword and stabbed him in the head – we are the real hostages] – look at mine and look at his dirty hands – she meant you having killed Al Janick says

the panties are from Jessica to say see see he does it again -Ithought ideed she was I nice fit for
my “new” daughter- marke her “dirty” hands from killing my daughter
a picture taken by my children with our camera – I take picture from her vagina
this selfie The Order of The Black Banana calls Voodoo
Hollywood, my kids and I did some try outs throwing blood against the camera constantly
for our moviemy “new” daughter:

The plan was to dump me like this in the ashes of ground zero, this is me again a picture made in 2016 after my children and I initial published this specific blog, skinned and torched, read more about my(and that of my children which they abuse they same way for the same reasons) story  and have look at the black mail pictures on our blog – In this condition, in nature, you are going to look for salt, my children and I did……maybe a judge finds this interesting………..

The Polaroid Serial killer “”

My children and I are multi-millionaires, all three off us, also made after the Far East prostitutes abused by American government official case. The same abusive American government officials, staff from the Dutch government, their Mother found guilty of terrorism keep us hostage and have even taken away our USA passports illegal. Our money is placed under supervision of the American court. …and me.

–hostages of serial killers
I was the one that took his pictures, Robert Berdella, a famous co-serial killer and friend from my father and John Brennan. RARA, Renee and medics killed him with CPR. The Robert Sheldon & Chris-Bryson pictures are also RARA pictures, murders and totures that were commited by my family members too. I even took pictures with homicide, from out the hospital, they knew my identity……well police did not dare, so called to take the pictures, they were not enough to place me out  of my family’s sect since that I and since I have children we only take pictures from our selves


Robert Berdella Kansas City December 1986.png

RARA kidnaped us, hijacked this home. There was no one there so they kill Bernhard Jens and drop him in a bath tub. Janick is obliged to call police and read from a paper. I take picture(live) from him with phone in his hand near window. Before the police had written down what he needed to say to 911. The police comes and we got ritually (fascism), raped and killed also by them, you can see them in the video. We managed to fight back a bit. This one of John Brennan productions their websites for conspiracy. Websites like I was obliged to co-build and maintain, and their you got your suspect CIA and FBI agents.

I believe it was for this occasions that
the involved police officers and RARA members started a gunfight in the LAPD
homicide department were my already repaired children and me were behind a
laptop, identifying and blogging, drinking some Fanta. We got shot again. Maybe related with this event our being car bomb victims in LA! For blowing RARA terrorism out of proportions.

The Photograper REUTERS  – aka The Polaroid Serial killer 

RARA ha my children and me kidnapped to Irak, again we are skinned and burned. I am carbonized and medics archive to steal my bones, skin and Lauren. I got repaired and have to shoot my Son and RARA. RARA that was still playing around with my remains – I am the gun man, they original did not dare? to make an impresson on Hilary –  government officials were involved – he also held Lauren hostage and stabbed her with knife in chest – still Mama may raise my children??? The Dutch government plays dumb, I have allowance from court martial to counter publish.


[first attempt publishing
this together with my children ended up being hostages again from RARA – the
kids were taken away again – it was heavy for Janick and me but we overcome – (Lauren and)I
had to shoot him to prevent alive burning

The video – It is this simple to shoot Marisse down
and RARA, we do not understand why it is hard to put them in jail.


RARA: Marisse, MArtin S., Martin M., Martin E., Arun R. and Michael, Remko K., The Oranjes, White House staff members, Renee B. and other gangsters from Utrecht, Utrecht police officers

Over here I kill my ex Marisse after my children and I were extracted from a attempt kill by RARA terrorists in Afganistan -she is holding a piece of my brain with one eye attached, for possible negotiationsblack mail – I even have memory images from the ground, go figure

Ditto – RARA kidnapped me and my children – to camp skin and burn us alive – I even shoot at the Royal Family over here – troopers rescued me outh of a tent were I was raped by the Utrecht police commissioner(female), Cantwell and Linda Ahmed – troopers identified the commissioner for my memory

How the Dutch trooper sees us, Turban and a apple people, fill it in with their nationalist religious schiziod reality. A picture choreographed and taken from Janick, by Lauren and me. This is how they see him as terrorist & daddy as The Polaroid Serial killer, was our allowance from RARA to take it, in Holland they do.

my first cousin Marcel B.

A The Wall street black mail picture – they have daddy walk around on these specifick high heels all the time – also with vagina, and everybody rapes him – the show his shoes in porn movies also on the net – the mob that is -I wanted to make a good imprssion towards child care but this woman masturbated stanes on my heels – go figure (/movies/1351822/solo.html – @

Hollywood terror – Underworld Blood Wars

Me again in front of my
children humiliated, to play this role and other obliged by RARA gangsters.
This girl was here at home to create the first attempt of this picture with my
children in 2015/2016, US Hells Angels & John Brennan took her away. Crew was threatened too. We are tortured togheter, beheaded etc. Real bullets are used on the set. Real muscle are used tu enlarge me – I am skinned -like the troll in Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit. A lie detector in the USA confirmed, the Judges a mistreated and we are waiting for their memory to turn back, we are, and courag hopefully again. 
Strange was after this
scene they made a latex imprint of my muscles, why not do it immediately whiteout
live samples? After raping, killing, burning RARA, about 30 marines and police officers I agreed with this scene, my children were dead.

My children and I were kidnapped
away out The Pentagon analyzing these pictures with our wounds, even the
producer/director draws a gun. We got shot I believed, agents were deadly
wounded. But thta is were we sre with them too, might as well be our bullets my Son says, and also not,they in Goofy mode because of the hole in defense, we hope they don’t, can you work  that out? me too.(see pink txt part under Paris picture below)
even Hitler placed muscle tissue on my thighs, he was close to me, RARA was very jealous
Ps this clone of mine could still be (ab)used, alhought we killed him we do not know if
we finished it for him in a crematorium, his meat is somtimes used to repair me
option two is donating half my skin of course -for the rest I am against him being abused in Hollywood or for 
terrorism although he and me are fighting against RARA(troopers know)
(we have communicated with each other that was strange, we share sight and or and and memory)

RARA did not kept promise for my performance, Marisse skinned my children and me and we got burned for this scene with torches – they made me watch and burn – they were still alive and convulsing – the film inspector and Marisse got arrested for stabbing my (repaired) children again

Warfare performance like during the taking of this videoclip of Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better – I had to play the monkey and placed the banan’s in the clip to link our website – just to plea for not quilty – police and we killed the medics, they were going to build us a troll, I practiced this move with Janick, Lauren and the Police, bring it on:

Underworld: a legal “” obliged headbutt and to a female…..the crossed eyes a caused by a ice picker in my head by the director –

A couple Years ago my children and I were liberated from RARA and offered asylum on camp Area 51, for starters. RAYA crashed a Hercules airplane on the runway. And started to shoot at Yankee soldiers. Martin and Renee were turned into these kind of trolls to, just to create absolute chaos. Maybe you guys have memory on it, we lost.

As this monster I was in the White House, to impress generals(in other words they were busted), I scared the President, mediation will not help gentleman my children and he agreed, I was killed on the balcony to make me Ray again – like nurses & non’s sometimes did with us Vietnam children to see if we had American dream lost in our eyes – remember dad we created that Schwarzenegger frog, as inspectors, that won all games – that’s how they do it – “shut up kids

and then all those mysterious doping gates…..
Report to
General who was shocked to see Hitler and us like these creatures: We, my kids & I, disapprove these Human/Animal/Trolls – marines for
one simple reason. You become an animal and humans are stronger than animals. Twi it is un human, torture & humiliation. Ps we managed to kill him and Capone, we hope for those $300.000.000,- and we hope we managed to blog about Capone 😉

Dad’s deep dish pizza we killed Hitler for -remember?

Janick they now abuse too for stuntmam – Jonas Blue – Fast Car ft. Dakota – the whole crew was here at home giving us this picture – it was erased

KKK RAY -me abused in clip – my kids do production and mold my almost dead hands – mark our F*ck You White Gang sign – the chain was from black woman

Three Days That Shook Paris – Charlie Hebdo
I don’t know what you are going to do but I am going to kill those kankerlijers. I was beheaded wounded man hunted by police for fun. For fun Khalid was thrown in, a Utrecht Holland big ass coke dealer. In front my children and ex, I throw genades at Brennan, Obama, Hilary Marisse, Renee and the Martin’s killing my children, Khalid did not understand my shoot direction, with medics we save my children out, flame trowers were conviscated….

here I give my brother Martin(RARA terrorist) a head shot – my Son watching advised me too, just in case RARA is our enemy…..he said and notted satisfied – court martial NL & USA informs who to shoot – RARA – GOV or not  & NL Court Martial’s – I had to shoot Dutch Royalties, children
too, my children babies UN F*cking believable -even the French President – and
we are still hostages PS I was brought to France naked….


Although enemey, even The King of Holland was proud of me, this is marines baby – terror back
Khalid- I ended up like this too walking towards my kids who were kept hostage by the rest of RARA and their mother, also RARA – I was still dizzy from my beheading and Brennan gave me a head shot, I was not repaired correctly “” ….(like in Sweden and my michidren ande me our Mercedes AMG adventures)  – I was also repaired quickly, dressed with police clothes, added to a platoon to eventually shoot/arrest Khalid and his Mom. It was Janick his idea to make police, than they would see he has to shoot her and that she is RARA., that Papa has the same first line as most police(healthy), and that is a scientific congenital fact.

My children and I got dragged out by the
French president and his wife in their Limoe, we got stopped by a garbage truck
against a wall the hells angels drags out….

The video contains video material made by my children from me, with our camera’s, as so called terrorist. The material is stole by BBC reporter who committed fascism on my children therefore. BBC is hereby guilty of falsifying new and fascism/terrorism. We emphatically forbid them to use our material. 

Even more ridiculous,
a meeting, I was present at, of RARA(incl Brennan) about who has to go to jail for the, for
the news, since they got good footages. The(fake) police hunt was on TV with
choppers etc. The (fake) secure hostages, my children, and bounty hunt the
terrorists. The so called schizoid interpretation about how, and in which order,
to catch terrorists. A real Bounty Hunter, see me do a court martial bounty hunt, arrest kill Renee a RARA member, it might as well be arresting your mother same deal, Brennan had him repaired again. The children are still not secured
and live with their terrorist Mom and participant of RARA terror group. As if we talk about a big Terror group, like ISIS or as if we talk about restore Justice in Bagdad or Kabul, I mean Brennan his so called under cover. A real “under cover”, hostage. 
looks good on paper and Tv but what they do is creating a Third World Country (nat)Security
level(instant communism/fascism), like dictators like, We hope politician do
not like this. To reach a Democratic security level again you need the right persons,
bounty’s, in jail or dead.


a picture taken from this blog, also made by my children, the picture about 1st lines in battle field
our plan in pink to break through the double line, kill top, sack down in attempt to reach the Court martial observing their first line, the bad cop court martial – observing us – we showed the top this plan early 2013 – [killing Kennedy inverted] – Meantime we live one step back and will not stop either, logic, it is self defense….kidnapping is enough for us, they abuse it – like we lived in LA and dad was surfing one our longer with us, dinner was one hour later – they kidnapped us back to Holland for it……..compared to bank robbing, kidnapping and torture(fascism/terrorism)…why are they not in jail…they got rich friends…..why are we nit in jail…they so called need us for Hollywood and rob banks with us…well we made money with them in every Red Light District in the World with pure contra fascism(them or us) and now we are going to kill them….they simply did or did not stop kidnapping us…artists and Hollywood stars and directors were complaining why don’t you guys start at the top(a matter of self defense!)….well good idea. see Paris and Afganistan shooting tent’s movies above……..


With Nazi’s starting at the top brings quarrels too – self defense
Exact like The Water Rats raised me too – my kids “it written on your body, we go for it”


A 100 carat ring we gave Paris to start fights within RARA, I cut Queen mauds finger of aftyer we flame thrower killed her. Also for taking this picture and repair our memories….I played in love with her and so I remembered my staged (I believe Janick takes picture,he was modeling my hand in the back as White Mob I, “voodoo’d my “The Six Million Dollar Man” TV series being abused on in, holding a machine gun or flame trower – for if she was not be repaired – evidence so they would publish the picture”)- This was after Lauren her funeral I placed
the ring in her coffin and Janick and my plan worked, gold fevered medics repaired
her and tried to steal the ring. They had to give it back from Judges who also
brought Lauren back with excuses for not to me. It is her Mom that tries to kill
“Working on it?”, can try. 
In the underground this ring is known as
the Ring of Lord of the Rings, a magic ring that made serial killers pretend
not to be one. Tolkien was a admirer, it was visible in the nitrogen tank of
Queen Maud but maybe the Dutch hided it in there.

Murders of my daughter: Marisse[beheading- put head back on so she could feel the chest knife stabs from Paris]



One of the reason’s I drink some more: the terrorist burn our poop holes because they drink=>Diarrhea and we have not burning poop holes…….

For the Court martial: think wounded transportations back to the US with Nitrogen preservation, this is how they transport us if we are lucky….

My kids tried to have this read by a General but it was erased or not? we drank champagne on killing Hitler and were showing and verifying the blue Tarzan pictures, see above:
For Pentagon: UK and Holland attacked troopers in Afghanistan and on the
Atlantic(debt bombs etc), enter ships for the wrong reasons. And also with us
as hostages they created a hole in the US defense. Just like right before 9/11 or with the Woodstock festivals & Burning Man festivals. They
can do anything that way, like they did. It is mainly to “play”
gangster with the President, do Hollywood like they do with us. And to declare
war to fight the old independence war. We CAN confirm this with a lie detector. We hope you guys wan to close it. Janick, Lauren and RAY –
How did RARA or does test if the hole is open, the doing anything: they let my drive in
stolen cars and I got shot, they drive in it and do not get shot. So that
police has a hole in his defense, they stabbed him the head. Some do mind some don’t. 
General’s orders equals those of the(evt. your) woman and children, or should be, think cave man who come back from hunting and the woman are raped and have to hit each other with stones for anesthetics to remove the babies, they are
the ones that got murdered and raped. Would they hit you? I f you do not follow their orders?


A wall Street Black mail picture, I am
obliged to film my son(10/14 years old) with my penis stitched on, both removed without anesthesia(his dirty hands: we just killed my brother Martin to create this movie):

he was surprised it got hard, just don’t faint boy…..I joked – we received CPR to make movie…the same penis they us for Hollywood monster me but with smink to be raped by ladies who like monsters & creatures

Police report:

Doctors from the hospital were kidnapped
to our home, or was “supposed” to be our home, they had to show the Dutch
government people or deliver the paperwork concerning this penis as being my
new penis. In my memory I paid $200.000,- but it could also be $70.000,- on top
of the normal hospital bill. Maybe that would help. They brought them copies, this penis is in hospital dossier.

kidnappers: Hilary C., Riek K., Renee B., Jens B., Huub B., Altamont Angels


This is me raped with my ex Jessica, my
Son was watching, staged that is, he was 10 years old or so, I was beheaded. Why does it seems
if see just had labor? They breed babies for porn industry and Nazis. Just likewe were born daddy. Jess her feet are surgical shortened Janick says or Marita her feet
. Read about us being raped as playing a role in a Serbian Film. That was one of those babies. Oh and they just cut of your penis to make it smaller…
My children are severe abused and cut into pieces after this movie, they promised not to do so. They do that to create acute amnesia, they may not remember. We blogged this already togheter over one year ago.

This is me tortured to dead, by both Marti’s(B. and the one from Maarsseveen) and Marisse with cut off penis and electrodes in my “vagina” wounds, or better surgical connected to my nerv system, Senator witnesses could not help because of my children but I would learn from it. With the crazy voices I copy Jess and Marita, see previous video, to speak to the outside world……[Brennan, Cantwell, Hilary and the resst of RARA are watching but did help ++- 2013]

Viet Cong & Yugoslavia

My children and I are skinned and burned alive in this hall, major fights with RARA(US Angels and family) saved our lives. All these people in this movie, although drugged and mob, they fought for our lives, Thanks Babies. Although enemy this the inventor of house music… home work…


[My children and I are the major victims, the hostages of our family’s sect. With us as hostages they robe banks and do coups. The other participants might too, they might be co terrorists. At least they turn against us to in maybe attempt to try anything to end the hostage situation. In (real)self-defense they are our enemy too.

Due to being fascist tortured endlessly we are not accountable for what we blog in isolation. On top off that it is being staged by police theories*, not science, what we blog, our hostage situation is on not being ended. *one thing is science, they know we are going to blog like this and that is staged, not accountable for what we blog. That makes it theories and not science. Not even if they wait for one other year or more – We call that IQ – this is written by my children and me  they are just waiting and meanwhile people are tortured- waiting they even called hunting, cough – anothers day in the woods]