If you are good to the Woods the Woods are good for you…

Last year my children and I tried to find colleague “” US Bounty Hunters, we are kidnapped back to Holland again.. US cavalry head carriers. Also by trying to buy three pieces again. It ended for us almost in Amsterdam crematory ovens. But like Capone we managed to eliminate Maria M. and burn her and other members of RARA in the ovens. Amongst some ancestors of us. See bounty hunt list excel sheet for a picture of Maria, matching with our US wanted warrant, as I remember.

my abused in movie Rings – our(my) NIKKEI Extreme camera’s –
my camera work – read  & see pictures below for more
we did not give these pictures – we kidnapped to this set
we hope to find a Judge for that

Police Report, also for the Dutch National
Recherché (&the Pentagon)
: Witness commissionaires in Amerika, while banking, in the US, and being kidnapped by lawyer Koops and friends, corrected me on me blogging earlier that the Dutch government gave me +- $10.500.000,-
compensation(or 11.5 I am not sure). Like the ones that now hear James Comey in the US, (ps I am eye witness that Comey and RARA tortured them, so we did not have to do it ourselves like in Minsk, not only with the bomb, and for the wrong names on our US passport, Indentity theft, again, we hop the Court martial therefore reads this too, what a puppetry). I booked that money over from my US bank account to have some on
my Dutch account, right after 9/11. At home I was beheaded, for as far I was not damaged enough by the 9/11 attacks, and the money is
stolen by the Dutch ING BANK management. I was beheaded by this management and some Judges that
helped them. Typical Mob practices, 
 like you buy a new car, they behead you and in
front of your house is your old car again and because of war trauma amnesia you will
only remember it 15 years later. PS John Brennan, Hilary and Obama steal from me too like this they told and I can confirm. Can I request the Pentagon for a bounty hunt team on my US nationality? Or protection? Also for my children. My ex is involved and a known 9/11 terrorist. The bankers were in my Pentagon Bounty portfolio!!!


The bankers threatened(or more) me with a gray Mercedes Benz on the parking lounge (Breukelen-NL) were I lived in my car in 2011. They were also attacking us in Minsk last year and my Son Janick was pointing them out to create some facial recognition before we pushed the button, they might be killed in the blast. Read about Minsk in the middle of this blog. With the same gray cars they run over me on my motor bike in 2001-2003
in Hoofdorp, Holland, a couple of times. At the same time trying to kill my
children. Also they hit me, on my motor bike, with their car on the N367 around 2005, I was repaired next to the road, like here in this movie, read below. They are serial killers, they do it for the kill not for amnesia.

Multiple times the bankers have shot us, also here at home, even their children help. PS for Pentagon, to bypass Canadian S5’rs, on request, in second attempt, in attemt to kill us on Réserve écologique Louis-Babel, Canada we started fights with Russian troopers who had there a secret base camp. Advantage: Russion troopers shot at RARA. The Canadian troopers could not believe their eyes. Are those?………They live around Lac Observation and hide with dive gear. The Pentagon nuked their own “commando’s” on this Canadian island for betrayal with the enemy, perfect timed, right after we killed a set of Hitlers, a perfect blast like this one from us.

In this video I escaped again an attack from the ING bankers(also could be the Lombok AH manager aka Robert) in Russia. I turned my
bike, it was all staged, drove back and almost managed to kill them with flame throwers and sword.
We killed some Russian marines for it. There were US Court Martial witnesses present, identifying the bankers and managing us.

US macroeconomics promised us that the
Dutch national product will be lowered with more than 5 million dollar per
second if they do not pay it back because of US boycots.

Why is me
driving terrorist Renee of the road, see movie, a Court martial like the
bankers do and why did I do not have to go to jail for it and got paid and they
do have to go to jail for it? They are all reasonable very high US bounties by the way. You really become
Billionaire with these gangsters. Both bankers with guns tried to force bank employees, of my US bank, to book money to my ING account so they could steal it again, fascism is being used.


children raised like monkey’s: 

If you are good to the Woods the Woods are good for you…a Court Martial Judges once told us.

RARA tried to kill us for the numerous time with Grizzly’s. My children and I were dumped with a riffle inside a big herd of Grizzly’s. Now Grizzly’s like Bison’s take revenge in herd you can feel before you shoot one. So watch out to shoot the small ones or Momma’s, you will feel on your barrel.

On your barrel than you will discover how to start war, how humans start tribe wars. Oepsie our terrorist family remarked. Because that is how terrorist, war fire starters operate. It goes back to Indians vs cowboys, Rebel’s vs Yankees.

We were in Court some later for shooting a Grizzly’s, for food and clothes. With 911, where they are guilty off, trying to start a war to wipe out their criminality, he told us with a wink “If you are good to the Woods the Woods are good for you…, only good Hunters know”. The terrorist in Court were paranoid, “are they Bounty Hunters?”. The Judge, kept hostage, said “you will find out”.

I was pointing a shotgun at the bear although we did not understand the photocamera on tripod yet….(war trauma amnesia)..am sich a cool experience it was

Mount doom for the four of us, we knew we
were going to be killed…
both my children, the bear and me

So one year later RARA dumps us in the middle of a group Grizzly’s, in attempt to kill us again! A world famous video we managed to upload. I guess like Elephants they remember if you are a GOOD Hunter. The Bear just sat next to Janick my Son, hilarious. The bear is tortured to dead for it, by CIA agents and Huub B. but repaired by medics. We hope he lives his live in freedom further.

The firestarters always become the Bounties, the wanted, they do it on purpose what they do. Many of our family members are poachers, they know …..

What were my children doing in a herd of bison’s,
as pay rolled cowboy’s, except from working hard, wishing to belong to the US industry?
Dumped by our family…..well with these Grizzly’s in the back of our mind…..them
as poachers surrounding us…we have clue…great beans and meat love paste…

See all those bears fishing…the greatest thing we ever saw……


Our anger but as Court Martial Bounty Hunters ok I guess:
police report: RARA has kidnapped us to this grizzly tribe, for some “fishing”, the original Youtube movies are uploaded from here at home by me and my children – the camera on tripod is from Martin S. – 9 million visitors already!! We already shot down(back) the one(think Volkert and Mo) that identity stole our credits, that includes John Brennan too. this is our video, our equipment. And for Volkert his Judge: hey baby, hey Bounty, we are gun man too, & Bounty Hunters. “After his prison I saddle you with a gun man, stealing your indentiy”

Something else: our soap torture to dead’s(it’s fascism so a court martial report)


In the back of this car on this film set from Cheech & Chong set I
was murdered to dead by beheading, impalement and soap poisoning. My family’s big schizoid-nazi name to create real Hollywood assets was in at stake so I had to throw up as much as I
can soap and sperm clouds so it could be used for this scene. A bit like on stage in Manchester. The lead role
players repeated it at home with my parent in our kitchen. My children are
abused like this too, also again in Hollywood. My children(sisnse they were born) and I are misabused in every movie and concert from 
Cheech & Chong.
Chong had cut open my belley so soap could be enetered more easy, with his fist he was pumping it out, for this scene –
I can write about it, I was still alive at the same time vomiting -Cheech was removing the foam outside
Hollywood 2016 -torture to dead

My Son abused with sledge hammers and
skinning for the movie Rings 2017 – although the pain His sister and me are very
proud on his persistence this wounded to act very good! Again we do not get paid for it. It looks like they used our NIKKEI Extreme, read about it below about Minsk

My Son, my skull top with long hair, switched without anesthesia!!!  The holes in knees and under legs too, with my tomahawk!!:
Janick was sledge hammered on the
hip, three times or more, by three people or more* and thrown in the put, he had to climb out himself or they would flam thrower
him. You can see in the movie how he tries to correct his fractured and
dislocated hips. * also his Mother sledged  hammered him, Martin M., Jens, Huub, Renee, Grandpa Bertus, he was repaired time after tim, all this to creat plea, a sort of impossible to police report…


The two Dutch customs agents, who have arrested me in 2010 on Schiphol, we killed on this film set and also as we did at the killing Rodney King occasion, we had no gasoline anymore on both occasions, we used it Rodney(read below about Rodney). We now know they are there to kill us and are official wanted in out Bounty portfolio. They were repaired again.

As supplement on my previous report(s) here maybe some prove that my
children and I are actually kidnapped to Hollywood film sets with violence
forced to act in those movies. Here my son Janick. On the other image his penis is removed without anesthesia, his jaws are re-formed with brace knuckles and surgery on spot again without anesthesia. We were both raped by government officials, both with vagina

Stacy Title and Marisse Zuidema(his Mother) torched Janick to force to act in this movie, not to much or else it would be visible. It is visible. I killed Marisse and Stacy and torched them with skin, They were immediately martialed by court. We were kidnapped again(Giltay, Renee, Jens, Falco, Bertus, Brennan, Hilary, Obama, guards) and I threw their remains in the put. Apparently they have a lot of clones Judges. “Work harder” – Janick his skinwas this white because they left him dead for that long to look this way – pure horror for a loving father &sister for what those creaps do with us….Not in any way this has to do with giving
this beautiful kid an upbringing or career.

see his burned arm
Again terror from RARA, my Son and I take this picture from my cut off legs a bit like his skin in Rings. After we visited the USA and killing Hitler. As you can see not without being wounded, is also supposed to be the message. One of the reasons and our advice “” to use it for the clogged veins commerce. This is the second police report about this John Player Stop Smoking campaign. “ohw he is taking the picture, can they repaire this?” see also my fakir picture at the top of this blog..A ex Jonh Player F1 race driver, go figure.


We are the ones why the American people,
even the mob, out of pity hyped the whole zombie hype, so we would not be alone being zombies, to play on the street for example, go figure. So we are bigger than
in the US and we hope it inspires the Judges.

They really turned us in three Godzilla”s Pentagoners, in all Godzilla movies, with a lot of meat and those clone techniques. We even fought with the army against RARA as Godzilla’s -to bad we had to be killed. We got shot by jet planes and that realy stained. Remeber us? Hitler wanted us as secret weapon. RARA members we killed meanwhile inclusive their clones 

our famous eye glace -IN MY MOUTH YOU WILL SEE MY SON JANICK STANDING!!! THOSE *SSHOLES!! WITH AN AXE SPLITTED SKULL..BY 5 MAN AFTER ANOTHER*.(LUCKY WE GOT JUDGE WITNESSES) my daughter stands behind him, some later they jump into my belly* RENEE, MARTIN, MARTI, bERTUS, UTRECHT POLICE OFFICER -they re-used the giant dogs nose again to build this godzilla(read “Cloned Dogs” at the bottom)-rara used those dogs to kill Judges and Generals – “The Traveler” writer a co terrorist wrote about them….Maaike Ouboter witness on filmset(future victim or witness)

janick posing trying to make a link with the Aliens monsters – for police: see Janick his vingers – dirty fingers – he shot me so he got shot to be turned into this beast – obliged – have look at his expression with his under leg again like in the movie Rings – see pictures above

One of the skeletons of a t-rex they changed us into, long enough for the bone glue to set. We were hunted across the mid-east(USA) and shot down by marines. This was Lauren, we were obliged to take these pictures in presence of RARA and our witnesses: Google &MS bosses and Merrill Jr. Look how fake the teeth are, it is a real torture to buuild into these animals, they do thta with us alive as possible so we really suffer a lot. For torture amusement, the “high” placed audience they want to impress and to create war trauma with it. So we shut up about it or might forget it. Well they got a new skeleton without broken bones, almost. That the Godzilla medics are related to this museum, also financial, might be interesting……The Field Museum in Chicago. We did some axe and Flame trower on the skeleton after we burned to death  two medics their clones were already watching us like the instorming Marines.

imortal after Kong Island….


In the movie Kong Island 2017 again I am
turned into King Kong, like all the other King Kong movies. With thousands kilo’s
of human transplantation meat my children and I are build into Kong and his pre-historic
aggressors. My children really have to fight with each other. We try to spoil
the movie and at the same time we try to act. Factually killing each other
surrounded by these people is very appealing. You might as well give it a try.
real dimensions, my Son as lizard
a too small Kong


King Kong
was acting and Bounty Hunting a couple of Court Martial where hidden in the
mountains and very busy presenting me (on the fly) warrants for actors and
terrorist. Over here I just slammed Samuel to dead, he was going to ignite me
with a build in nuke. Hilary shoved my children into my hand palm in the hope I
would squeeze them to dead. For homicide: Samual his eyes are in my eyes, again
I beautiful, some sort of Judge hammer, bounty. The Judges smiling, showing the
warrants, came running in, taking the kids away. The most bloddy frames I removed in post, in the hope they would leave it in….

Tied up we
witnessed RARA and the CIA kill thousands of families all over the USA. Just to
collect the meat to create these King Kong’s and dyno’s. From Washington, to
Los Angeles. Or right after and during big disasters like New Orleans, Miami
and New York. Brennan and his man do the paper work and just have those people
erased from the computers systems. You will have no idea how much work they
have put into it. Hollywood already offered them roles in movies in attempt to
stop it. Some people have to stop these maniacs. My kids and I already flamethrower
killed more than 1500 of them……..it made us, my children and I billionaires, the bounty money. They only kidnapped us to Holland…….
x-tra for police: they de-boned me alive
and atached me tothe meat to build a giant Kong with
a lot of people, water was sprayed upon the meat, all this outside
dutch queen Maxima with her shizoid finished it -I came in her mouth as usual
just a pijp konijn meer niet
Marisse her hanging breasts My kids and I created for having done that with
my daughter in child porn(a Dutch Judge “” laughed at us having it reported, we got his attention,
do we got it again d*ckhead?), for her older face we jabbed with I knive in face
the Queen too for more than 20 times so would suck my d*ck better

The Senate
& us navy really doesn’t talk like that (King Kong Hollywood practices) to us and the kidnapped Court
Martials, In the US everybody tries to make a living, so this body count list is our answer back to all those Hollywood horney d*ckheads. A honest living
indeed. they can be hunted too and we will if being ordered.

Again the Navy
was applying for a Hollywood Job(instead of hunting 1.4 billion bounties like my ex, they supposed to be richer than Hollywood in science) and did absolutely nothing to prevent that
Kong was build. They even took hostage of my children while I was damaging the
boats, planes and attacking the Marines. They are standing next to Marisse
without even arresting her while she is wanted by the Court Martial. Some
Marine on the Washington base took revenge on us with flame throwers because we
know that they forsaken their job. A bounty was refused since we were the
victims in this story. 


Some skeletons of us we build in Beverly
Hills after Jurassic park, we were hided “” in this Hilton Room -I played some Nintendo with my kids….so that was ok…..




–mid east notes

Marisse, the Mom of my children with serail killer syndrome and Martin S. tied me and my children together. We were launched into the air and exploded!! “maybe something for Hollywood” the other RARA members smile, even ther Grand parents helped. We survive and are obliged to upload this movie ISIS suicide bomber fail(our revenge we nuked them, read below about Tsar bomb) NUCLEAR SPRING LOAD ARE BEING USED FOR THIS MOVIE(WE HAD TO CUT THEM SMALL) :

Utrecht gangsters,
Brennan, RARA members (Marisse) have shooting party at wounded my children and me, wounded from a couple hours of torture



We survived
–got shot – here at home I have to dub in the fighter jets sounds and place it
online with this title since I flew A10’s in Vietnam – the explosion is a
typical RARA fragmented bomb a cluster also used or to be seen in other video’s
– they are asocial towards civilians and truly being mob – just two mobsters from
the village give them help – if you listen closely you’ll hear someone speak Dutch
– I believe Micheal van de P. at least he was present – villages are tortured
by RARA and killed and burned – dragged out of their homes etc etc – what happened to the CIA we can not say anymore honestly – I also created the Youtube Image with red circle

Some fro Dutch police in Dutch(plz some translators)
The  Reunion (BBC1)  – Police  report

20-5-2017 – ’91 seventh grader known  as the inventor of the House music – I was humiliated by Christians – Very often abused in the recording of this program – RARA was also looking for class tonight – I recognize even childhood photos of the girls that I raped them – quite coincidentally called RARA bomb attack in the broadcast which was more than rude  handiwork  
Even the teacher I recognize 
Less than a year or so ago again  abused  with their classmates –  up  in  South  Africa 
My children and I are still gabberen the  dark  lady and friend in wheelchair EOM 


I can not look -we are  raped  life  geskinned  and beheaded –  Marisse  guilty

RODNEY KING raw notes

I was there
too and maybe the reason for the beat up
Rara was
there to but removed by Brennan – Renee, Khalid rest of the family
a big fights with the King family – they needed to shut up – and they were not
allowed to become rich of it
First I thought
it was – 
First I thought
it was me  – I was beaten up too on this same
spot skinned and lit on fire and beaten to dead, of course to put the fire down -NOT
This could
be a mask up –they do to others too…etc



My children
had a re-hearing in LA a couple years ago but were to wounded at the moment
during the riots I was lit on fire too, see chopper cam images – my skin was kept apart
– out of protest my kids and a ate serials for breakfast with the King family, go figure(during a RARA Kidnapping) – a Judge removed us because Rodney was on of my skinners – well is this than me I remember the beat up? They even poked my eyes in you can see in the video, like they do with my chidren too

Like the Judge correctly remarked, The
King Family kidnapped me and my children too. I hope we fulfill your hope that
it is now again our knowledge level.

The police officers, schizoid as hell like Brennan, told the Judge they wanted to stage how hard I had beaten up Rodney to explain my wounds – Rodney was brought to his parents with new name I believe – I saw him alive – police officers are in preparing the return of de-frozen Hitler, they will be the new jet-set they tell me

other motif: in prison camps, also were I
was captured with Brennan, you will have to do this with friends, to break
relations, it helped and it did not(trauma amnesia), but it has certain look… – but typical Red Army –
think Manson murders and me as child victim having a relation with Justice

They laughed doing Lauren like this to even police had some poke with their stick, laughing that it had remind me about something  (Bronx 2015)

I was very (still) more famous in the US than Hitler, known as the kid, a bounty hunter. The police officers wanted to end that. Here is the Kid with Bruce Lee and his first golden teeth after mistreatment, I paid for it myself and bought 30 ice creams for school girls in Tokyo that came to see me.(videoI do not
know if it is related with these amounts(story) of 300 million or 30 million dollar I already owned, but a
couple years ago a Swiss bank showed me my(a) bank account at $0,-, it could explain
why they(RARA-Brennan-Hilary-Obama) withdrawed the money in Tokyo…..

I was wearing a Yankee soldier cowboy head, in Tokyo, and Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead stole or took it from me, it would help maybe I was too much a Bounty Hunter like this, although you are. He witnessed that RARA ripped me to pieces. Quarter me, how they call it. It is really their brand and they do it with Judges, Senators, Bankers and rich people. It did not help. On of the reasons they want kill him too. A couple lateley out ptotest I guess he wears that head again. So herebey also a report about the attempt kills on Lemmy his live. Even my children walk around with these heads, so that is cool. That was until RARA figured out they stand for the Order Of Bounty Hunters.

Hunting: Buy yourself a Horse Son, then you’re Cavalry. The General tabbed our shoulders. With these wages?
Have look around inside the fort, I see a lot of “horses”. Resque their victims and you got a horse. [we did for real-this oldskool one]

The second beath up John Brennan puts me in a truck ans pays some black persons to beat me to death, the truck owner is involved -in court even they keep on using violence -the news and court is falsified – in The Pentagon they have already briefed it to me and my children – they stored it thr right way -my eyes were poked, stabbed with knives(and even removed), you can see in the movie footages deducing it from my body position, just for the camera

this is my Son, they have me as truck driver long hair, with my skull
top and long hair, his cheek are cut out with knife and scissors, the cross is
done with a chisel and each time after CPR so he would suffer more –his cheek
is also broken by a knuckle duster(Marisse, Comey or Brennan). The blood is
mine, Lauren and I painted the 666 and his hand the prevent flesh pealing for one

A Judge in ’92, you always with your “If you are good to the Woods the Woods are good for you…, with those people, änd your right……..” were his last words…….he survived

The fierced White RARA Fan Truck, most of the time used for bombings, this time Renee is dragged out

Me with a half cut of head, done by my brother -my eyes are poked in by I believe police officers – my hair is done as tucker trucker -my Brither \Martin Moesker stabed me with a shovel – still in my barn – he was not my brither anymore – the only thing with war trauma is that you have to remeber- hence Prescriptions – very F*ched up…you will drink beer with them until you got memory back or some assh*les did not put them in prison, or or have him as witness on your marriage eeuhw eeuhw eeuhw – according to the lie detector it was not Martin, RARA did not understand…

LA 92 RIOTS SERIES  – THE REAL RODNEY KING – my children and I’s video compilations
second attempt -my children I were obliged the Jason Tucker[Florence and Normandy LA riot beatings] version for John Brennan and the Royal dutch King -Tucker means Hill Billy, stand for RARA it’s identity

In the beginning you can see the police officer poke my eyes, it is made blurry by my children and me so they would leave it on YouTube, I thought I killed them but had to kill them again in prison, again they were repaired, they are on my Bounty List, and again I(we) use the same violence back……Obviously to see they do it more often – they had thrown my children from chopper in prison , they did not listen to Marisse, me some later, my children, naked and sex slaved, me too, pointed them to have poked their eyes, I killed them with weight lifter pole – not for sure but my daughter and I finished two of those cops with flame thrower we believe – John Brennan also participated in the bank robbed was filming, the police officers showed me before they betaed me up – they had an equal share too in the profit of the robbins- see the black Colombian wig(they used) of the other arrested. Joke I guess they were anry for using all their coke. I you don’t have to ask youselves what I did, together with female bank employee’s, with that chain back after this beat up to those police officers…in their prison cells….

This done with that same police officer’s weapon, you can view in the YouTube movie, +- 2015, Houston or Dallas I believe, it stored and “borrowed” from a police station’s stockroom, ps in 92 and still they do this to innocent people, employee’s, during RARA’s bank robberies, like in 92, this man is RARA supporter, he also did this to my children amongst stabbing, it is my blood on his shirt, they cut of my hand for it I believe – perpetrator: Martin M.(Renee B., Bernhard) there goes your bounty

LA 92 RARA: Lisa, Martin M., Riek M(K), Bertus K., John B., Renee B., Marti B., Cynthia B., Huub B., Grandpa and Ma B., Grandpa’s sister(aka), Grandpa and Ma Z., Marisse Z. and sisters.

These “Rodney King” movies are shown to my children and me inside the Pentagon under professional guidance a couple years ago. With the insurance, also a lie-detector, this was me and they were correct now I have my own memories back from what happened. We already composed & posted movies like this but they were erased.

Two days ago again a very big dead rat on the bike path before the Catharijne tunnel, like muskrat as big!! It’s typical for RARA, i have seen Renee and MArtin place those rats before. I am sure I am not the only one that reports it, hopefully this way.

This is me
again after a RARA beat up (broken (hand) bones, with sledge hammer stabbed in the chest and
beheading in the hope to get ab accident. The cops killed me on kicking my
behind. They did not know my head was loose and as discussed at least I had it
for that day. The hunt was on to rescue my children. I am trying to, after
advice of my children to transmit some F1 past of us. This time with police, but we lost battle against CIA. 
Bounty Hunt msg
My children and my FULL Bounties(we(I) killed those people alone* by hand) since 9/11 in
an excel sheet (still working on it, 
we also burned a lot of nitrogen bodies during the big LA fire*- we filled this building all they long with coffin’s together with daddy) – all people behind the attack on New York & Washington – goal: to make RARA, also behind they attack needless to guard these “oldies” – as raised on Woodstock 99 – the acces all area’s oldies were dangerous murderers they flee in nitrogen tanks & kill RARA his weapon: their(for schizoids) weapon to rob banks etc  kill their best coupe attempters, dictators from the past – published live for the court martial since we are kidnapped from us court &
Pentagon with violence – pwd is in the file name – if the court martial still behave like crooks this excel sheet is for
ticket window r
eimburses fees inside the House of Representatives as agreed -we used I lot of flatbed pick-up trucks with Judges to bounty hunt, infiltrate into RARA and transport wounded marines(
were sever mistreated by Utrecht police trying to identify the marines to put
them in jail for fascism- they will therefore claim our bounties. For the other
question: we had no gasoline anymore. 
They appeared
in court martial but quickly ran away seeing the lie detector) & body bags to the sherrif’s office. My children and I now understand why there was $,- on my US bank account, even Bill Gates personally congratulated us in our living room. WE ARE KIDNAPPED BACK TO HOLLAND AGAIN HELPPPP!!!! Also the Google bosses congratulated us and followed us to Utrecht(Holland) being very curious how they manage to kidnap millionaires…..answer: beheadings and nitrogen transports

PS my
children detonated 5 or more Tsar Bombs on their way to the USA during our
bounty hunts. We nearly survived. It caused the tsunami in 2005, Japan Tsunami 2011,
we shot movie material with GoPro’s in Minsk we
hided on YouTube(my kids and I bought a NIKKEI Extreme for it) 
and as told half way this blog. It’s White House vs Pentagon regrettably. And we still left for more than $,- bounties alive,
RARA Dutch terrorists, our family members and maybe we are missing a zero. 
My children even bought[staged?, obliged?] an Airbus A380 test model for $300.000.000 to fly into the Bundestag on top of Hitler’s head to slam a hole in RARA his defense system and or to eloiminate him with my Swiss bank account which is now at $0,-.
this I did for real, same damages, landing an A380 on an aircraft carrier, Germany their revenge and ideed as rara supporter present some game script writers but the game was already released –video

*My children (and I) want to protest
against tax on our Bounties at all, since it would be unfair to pay for
something the Generals were not capable to deliver. That is freedom in the USA. We hope to
find a raise in bounties in there Senate and Court Martial because we had to
bring freedom to ourselves(&USA) times a whole US army some kind of algoritm…etc etc etc.

a picture I took before we left to Minsk

A fake Tsar bomb was placed inside the Pentagon’s garden, to film us wounded survivors of Minsk, The Generals had some sweat drups if they remember……My Son and me, Lauren films preparing the tsar bomb, acting that we are Russians, even with the Pentagon on my Phone…..see original movie [for us in: we stole some nuke loads to take revenge upon no action taken on our car bomb reports – sitting on the bomb, no 3 in row, some US senators saw the symbolic – rolls….car…bomb and we pushed to button to springload the bomb -we hoped to be repaired and catch our camera back eom]

With this nuke, Lauren build, I photgraped, all our left over DNA material was destroyed, RARA’s also – the photo was stolen by intruding thiefs – Janick and I torched some official US official bodybacks – I believe with Judges – we blew them too – we also torched Marisse with skin in a body back but her clone was already watching us – nice to know: in the Twin Towers a RARA bastion there was a level with all kinds of weapons even nuclear loads…..like Ernst & Young in Utrecht had….

Taking Down
the Twin Towers: it was a deposit for RARA’s their nuclear loads, like say a
500-1000(a couple 
thousand) megaton was stored and other weapons. We had Brain washed soldiers about how to handle
nuclear loads, with a view to personal safety and the union. My children and I
had to do it, we were hostages. RARA was exposed.
Two-sided importance: the
terrorists, the Pentagon, I was quickly briefed.
The Pentagon attack: some righteous
anger of me is in, that is how soldiers talk with their Generals. For the rest
it was staged to traumatize The Pentagon. Is it so hard to have this in school
books etc? It would end us to be hostage of RARA. The other blast would have
been bigger apple.
they are not in prison so they will try again and are able to.In this picture I took right before, you can see in the right tower the nuclear loads were stored.  
I even managed to switch the nuke
detonators for bomb vest detonators, a schizoid, by me(and or Google boss) stabbed in the head CIA
agent. The plan was to detonate at the same time the planes flew in. [eom]

Manhattan belongs to Holland(schizoid) – what if we would kidnap Ray and his children, that is the same….kidnap Hollywood, Pentagon, White House etc etc


remarkable was the number of clones of
RARA present in Russia, we lured quite a lot of

building this bomb
and detonated it while our clones where at the same time making photo’s of it
the marines that
helped us did not bounty hunt so RARA can grow in (psychic)strength
again the same
cycle as hostages, deliberate terrorism by even these marines
they tried to accuse us in court of terrorism but the Judge did not
out of revenge and fear they also kidnapped us back to Holland
nice Bomb or what? with sqeeuzed eyes, some viking fantasy, we see our dragon in it…

Court Martial to negotiate with other Bounty Hunters plz, real ones. People killed
in blast:
Marcel B., Marisse Z., Remko K., Mark, Martin S, Martin E.,
Martin M., Renee B., Barend B. Bertus C.,
Maxima Z., Willem A, the princesses, Riekie K., Wil M., Marc M., Nancy M., Bertus
K., Trees C., Renate C., Obama’s, John B. + agents 
Jacco D,
Erica D., Johny S. Hilary C., Bill C.+ daughters
Bernhard J., Maria M., Donald T. + family etc etc etc
[like say a $,- (=>20) the fake hunters spoiled]
we killed all[ALL} RARA their clones as negotiated with the Kremlin & Asia
some left overs are left in Germany and  the US

The second reason or maybe the reason why
they closed The Utrecht Red Light District is the fear of nuclear bombs, at
least His Royal Highness told me finding our blog b*llshit. The mob calculated
that the Yanks would find out my children and I being kidnapped. RARA kidnaping
other people to the District from the USA. The US troopers aren’t here no more,
no bridge back to the USA., at first a horney for the kidnapping mobsters. They
kidnapped people from out layers of society.



Martin M., Micheal vd P., Micheal v T., Stefan de B., Hennus,
Mila, Marisse, Martin E, Willem A.
While RARA
was trying to rob Hitler in principle I transferred his money to the German
government’s account. Under supervision but very feared not to do so themselves
because the Bundestag was really under siege of RARA and his aristocrat
de-frozen oldies. We to but we are under siege that much that id did not
matter, you cannot kill or torture people more than they do with us. What
followed in the news was how it was presented in the news. For us of course a
hole in their defense, in their access all area.

you do General Staff, we hope something, work around Washington or else some
people have more media training than others
J!a good tip – Bounty Hunters are very popular…..

This me as US Trooper shooting in this bush down Hilary, Brennan, Obama, Renee, MArisse and too bad my children trying to prevent that RARA stole some nuclear loads -we won we lost they managed to gtet the loads see pictures above…the black soldier “heeuhhe what do got against black soldiers all at once” not if youre normal – My Son did explain how to click the ammo to each other – so it was all staged – even the Judges we already killed writing this for the second time – 

I was allowed to shoot after being
beheaded so I would not de-man them – after my children were brought back from
hospital we detonated some bomb-vests with c4 we managed to behead this whole
team including Marisse, 2 Judges, Renee and the rest of RARA -we took the truck
but bleed to death – very proud medics brought us back to hospital next was
Alabama see out killed Bounty list:

The video -we even had air support – strange day shooting your own President….uploaded by us, The Pentagon, here at home, to hide the movie, see title – Marti, Giltay, Smoorenburg, Patricia, Riek, Cynthia, Bertus(2x), Jens, Meis and her ex soccer player are securing the load and fighting against the A10 – behind the hill – we got the children – This is
what they call war
, to get rid of ammo, rednecks, like all the other movies on YouTube, ridiculous, THEY way,
for this moment, amateurs, to keep them busy not to attempt any more fascism on
my children -all these mans stabbed them in the chest to dead and beheaded them -they recieved CPR time after time….how sick…a real Court martial?

The marines from video, tortured us here at home and removed blog material. They also torured Court martial Judges in the US near the place this video was shot……..they co-kidnapped us from Court house to Holland.

Just like Rolls
Royce told us, just invest in a Roll’s and the money will come, we did and
their voodoo was right. (extracted from 
Johan de Wit (1625-1672) a picture we took last year SPOOKY but PROOF

My younger mother and Sonny Barger (50’s versions) – both de-frozen clones – my Bounty Hunt Hat – see modern Harley’s –
we uploaded pictures on the net under 1950’s pictures -2015/2016 -right before we bounty hunted them
With human
body shaped wired nuclear loads we enlightened them, like with the arms of Godzilla
2015, before we shot them down. The loads my children and I build in during
surgery bringing these clones to live. These loads are used to kill us and we
also witnessed them being used on Generals inside The Pentagon. Pure disbelieve
and fear were on their faces. Maybe you guys know who build those mini nuclear


People we killed & burned with skin from the nitrogen project: clones KILLED
Bounty Hunt List R.J.J. Moesker 01/05/2015 – 01/09/2016(all
Full Bounty
Queen Maud old 2 X
Queen Maud
young clone
2 X
Dietrich young version – test on lie detctor svp –
lot of high res new picts My kids and I made
2 X
Emperor China
7 X
Emperor China
young clone
7 X
Adolf Hitler V1
– 2 clones
& children 2 X
Adolf Hitler V2
-2 clones
3 X
Eva Braun 4 X
Stalin 3 X
Lenin 2 X
Marx Karl 2 X
Queen Beatrix
young clone
2 X
Queen Elisabeth
young clone
2 X
Mother Theresa 2 X
Gaddafi 4 X
Emperor Japan 2 X
Arafat 3 X
Mandela Nelson 3 X
Jan Moesker 4 X
Al Capone (all three clones – Daman + 2x Washingtonngton) 3 X
 J. Edgar Hoover 2 X
Prince Bernhard 2 X
Johan Friso van Oranje 2 X
Charles Bonaparte 2 X
Napoleon Bonaparte
4 X
Emperor Julius
5 X
Emperor Nero 5 X
Queen Wilhelmina 3 X
keys 2 X
Pablo Escobar 2 X
6 X
President Nixon 2 X
2 X
Klaas Bruinsma 1 X
The Royal
Family of Nepal
2 X
Elvis Presley
& parents
2 X
James Brown 2 X
Muhammad Ali 2 X
Heinrich Himmler 2 X
Wernher von Braun 4 X
Jan van de Brink 2 X
queen lead
2 X
Lady Diana 2 X
Jimy Hendix 2 X
Jim Morrison 2 X
Janis Joplin 2 X
Cornelus Moesker 2 X
Saddam Hussein 2 X
Marlyn Monroe 2 X
President Kenedey 2 X
Fred Astaire
2 X
Frank Sinatra 2 X
Martin Luther
2 X
Malcolm X 2 X
Barack Obama,
2 X
Begawan 2 X
Khomeini 2 X
I have 2 X
JRR Tolkien Gates of Moira key link for the frozen ones 2 X
Bruce Lee 2 X
Pim Fortyun 2 X
Menno Buch 2 X
Theo van Gogh 2 X
Jos Brink 2 X
Pim Sonnevelt 3 X
Andre Hazes 4 X
Manfred Langer 3 X
Mary Servaes-Bey 2 X
Johnny Jordaan 3 X
Willy Alberti 3 X
John de Mol sr 3 X
Geertruida van Unen-Moesker 3 X
Tante Leen 2 X
Gwenette Girigorie Martha 4 X
Bart de Graaf 2 X
Sam Klepper 2 X
Willem Ruis 4 X
Rodney King 2 X
2 X
First Lady
2 X
Michael Jackson 2 X
Ho chi minh 2 X
Mao Zedong 2 X
Deng Xiaping 2 X
Osama Bin Laden 3 X
Terrorists Mosque US shootings X
a few +- 4 9/11
terrorist(so called) – fake dead sentenced
Prince 2 X
John L. Nelson 2 X
David Bowie 2 X
Wild Bill
2 X
Calamity Jane 2 X
Buffalo Bill 2 X
Dwight D.
3 X
Harry S. Truman 3 X
George Patton 3 X
Winston Churchill 3 X
Tupac Shakur 3 X
The Notorious
3 X
Father of
2 X
3 X
Kurt Cobain 4 X
Bobby Brown 4 X
Winey Houston 5 X
Rudolf Hess 4 X
Hermann Göring 4 X
Joseph Goebbels 4 X
Albert Einstein 3 X
Charles de Gaulle 2 X
(FR)Georges Pompidou
3 X
(FR)François Mitterrand
2 X
Benito Mussolini 5 X
Francisco Franco 4 X
Charlie Chaplin 4 X
Harry Houdini 4 X
Charles Dickens 2 X
Edgar Allan Poe 2 X
Emperor Wilhelm
II + wife and children
2 X
30+ clone
surgeons dif. nat.
Emperor Wilhelm
I + wife and children
2 X
King Willem I +
wife and children
2 X
Queen Emma 2 X
Herman Brood 3 X
General Robert
E. Lee
3 X
President-Jefferson-Davis 3 X
Chief White
2 X
Twins Jesus of
Nazareth – bank robbing – stabbing my
children&me – crucify
2 X
Stan Laurel all these people visited our
house – I should be…
3 X
Oliver Hardy 3 X
Arthur Davidson 3 X
William A.
3 X
William S.
3 X
Davidson, Sr
3 X
Louis Renault 3 X
Fernand Renault 3 X
Marcel Renault 3 X
Enzo Ferrari
1 X
Enzo Ferrari
1 X
Ferdinand Porsche 3 X
Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron) 3 X


-Just a Quiz question, did my children and I
blow the Pentagon with another nuke, just to see if you guys would report it to
the General Staff, our personal safety, were there constructors repairing the
building?, did we too?. Are we the only ones that would know? Was it an attempt
kill on RARA to end a hostage situation?, is it ended? Is the White House your
superior or The General staff? And why? are we still hostages? Are the banks
secured? Do we have a Court martial? Are they secured if you have hostages?

-Here, Hamburger Hill Vietnam ’69, I was
killed as embryo, I am under that soldier his dagger. The other soldier is a
family member from Holland, Grandpa B. I believe. For the King Arthur kills
King Richard with his last breath effect. It did not work, in Hollywood I would
be team King Arthur, he would be team King Richard. Yankee vs Rebels(Church) and we are born Yankee’s. A photo
from our family photo book, they showed us in the Pentagon, toasting on us being no hostages no more but RARA has clones……Hilary Clinton was one of the photographers….go figure Before we “helped” the Yankee’s we had to change clothes given by the Kremlin in dissaproved camoe clothes….for them a protest…my family had to change clothes in Saigon….I had no legs I did not understand



–This for
the other Judges and soldiers that did not fight for these bounties, but are complaining about a share, this how we
looked too. In this case I photographed a 9/11 terrorist named Erwin G wounded
by other 9/11 terrorist Bernhard J, after he stabbed him with his famous Kung
Fu wooden stick. Just have look what force is used with one poke. This happened
to us to and in special our children too. Terrorist Humor, “wounded after lung surgery”:

if a Judge couls help us build a case against John Playre
for illagal use of our photo’s – bitte gerne
like the Hollywood production companies ^^
This a picture I was obliged to take for RARA from my ex-stepdaughter while being a baby. Her mom is religious sick, like my ex, hence the malnutrition and dehydration. Police just pay special attention to my Son’s “big” finger attached to her hand(she is older I believe), they do this all the time, cutting our fingers and penis. Janick and I stole this picture from the secret service and saved it the John Player computer.

I simular picture of my Son, ask Snoop Dog he was our witness taking it on Robben Eiland or Suriname or Venzuela:


Ohw ps by now as agreed creating this picture together, after I was able to make my children’s and mine Bounty List, this other Google boss is one of our witnesses of the Bronx Grinder Murders, un like the frozen and de-frozen oldies on our Bounty list he was repaired, and is not dead. 

Another photo I shot from RARA terrorists while being kidnapped by them, training to attack the USA -taken from this movie -have look at the movie – US -vs ussr – the birth of live(god level) vs copy cats – 9 mega tons? -baby it was 90 mega tons we co-build it baby (hence the first piano loop my children and I dubbed in – It was a perfect that for the USA)

– a +- $,- bounty’s in a row(ps we gave Stoops our afternoon falsifying bounty orders, we even bought a scanner in Lawrence):
have a look at their clothers, that ain’t US army, when I was young even the woman had to wear army clothes
even miss Kennedy

A picture from my kids, laughing they created my Red Neck with my long hair, Judges kissed me for them to be laughing:

Another movie I obliged had to compose, hence the stupid balloons, my kids and I I were floating on top of the bomb, so did the Royal Dutch family

*Lauren, Janick and I, skinned burned waved our new me’s, or living
skins, goodbye from out the burning building in LA. We kept on burning frozen
ones with our flame throwers until our gasoline and our gas tanks exploded. “Mister Rodney just burn them” LA people kept on carrying the bodies in, “the bounty is yours”. And so it went doen on the Sun killing Hitler and is sport backs full with DNA material…..

This was daddy’s Saigon’s street youth girlfriend taking over the parliament,
watch our disappointment giving the power back to the troopers. I gave her the gun, she said, give that to your children, I knew enough, a lot of images are shot by me in this rolling stone video clip. Some time she is in my live protesting againt me being murdered so thank you….
like all pilots I wanted to know how many children I would recieve man

A chopper I had stolen from The CIA(Brennan), the offered it to the heroin boss, he flew in it, to run away from my parents & the heroin boss, I landed it on my marine ship, where I slept. My parents kidnapped me and forced the troopers to throw it into the water. Some parts first had to be removed to make the picture authentic. I could be the photographer -at least this how I remeber it and how the Pentagon briefed it to my childeren and me. It make them smile, I looked like them…funny

look at my son’s eyes when even (red neck) US marines killed him, dissapointment, American dream lost – he wanted to be a pilot -we let him down

Here I through
a real spear through Paris Hilton her head – I see it is in a movie – must find |Judge for that- I burned her body in body bag in crematory – she must have clone – I/we have to arrest her again……the movie House of Wax
Add caption
In this
movie on xhamster(see title) RARA Brennan and my ex in special has me tortured to create another,
in their heads, black mail movies. My testicles are being abused while I am
strangled and slowly beheaded. You can hear that a bit in the movie. This movie
is created  +- 1013-2014. 
was an attempt to kill me and to blame to porn woman. We immediately killed a few CIA agents who recorded it, also kidnapped us, Pa is too high ranked, and uploaded the movies. Hilary Clinton and MArisse Zuidema, in the US, actually showed pictures of this movie to a Judge to blackmail me. The Judges already had seen the movies on the net.

Ditto: fat is added with broom sticks and anesthesiano 

John Brennan
and RARA forces me to buy this house in Los Angeles again(+-2016), I recognized
already7, it could be that I already bought 20 years ago for around $80.000,-.
I lived here a while skinned(see photo-high neighbors). Neighbors thought I was strange, wounded and
helped me with glossaries. My children were there at once to help me. They had
no idea how long I would live in this condition. My children and I are killed
by Renee, Brennan, Martin, Marti, Marti(Maarsenveen + brother) and Huub with the surfboard still present on
the satellite Google photos. By Marisse, Riek, 
my current upper neighbors  and Hilary with knives inside for
a second time. As you can see on satellite in 20 years’ time not much changed
but the surrounding houses. The reality of all this depends on how much we paid
for it of course or at all. We hope someone can check this, like someone from
thePentagon. I believe this house was bought after the Rodney King cas, I was the the “real” real Rodney King, there was a military base next to it so that seems a bit saver for me.(read about Rodney in the middle of this blog) -The blue car is planted by Hilary Clinton and John Brennan. We lied to agents if that was correct so they would post these satellite images.

A clip from the Queens, a pop group that we have as bounties, the forced me into the this video clip, my children again we abused by the Queens, the Judges and I had already half of them in body bagg -we failed – but the fools have put me in video clip – must find Judge for that – linked: killed Paris with spear


2012 – Van Heutszstraat
– before I rented my current apartment RARA kidnapped my children to this
address. The wooden floor was removed and my children and I were torched in the
sand. They skinned us before.
Me – torched @ palace Noordeinde
photo is taken in the Kings studio
Cloned Dogs

Like Humans,
RARA cloned dogs too. The book the Traveler describes two and is based upon my
children and I being eaten by them, the writer is a witness and RARA supporter. Their
size is huge, they kill about 30 protected wolfs for it. Their noses are somewhat
bigger than a basketball and they have real teeth(see godzilla’s pictures above).
 Hence their
spastic reaction to bring me to court after hunting two wolf to cloth my naked
children. We were dropped. That’s more than 10 yeas ago and they used and use
the dogs to eat generals and Judges too. Everybody who is in full consciousness
of the content of Democracy, against fascism. It are the ones that changed us
into monkeys and monster Tarzans on movie sets & battlefield too. We hope
the Pentagon can eliminate them for us. Google: dino dogs – pictures -they used to store some idea’s and victims

tyhis is how they dropped Lauren in the Woods -and stored the image I took on the net


this is what they created from a Judge and me – we both had memories on it -it was alive -I remember the teeth at had two consciousness

the left overs of my daughter, stil alive – she could be repaired -dumped in the water and murdered by her mother – alive so their would water in her lungs (man with stick: Marti or Sandro or Huub)

They abuse
surgery backs for it normally used for rebuilding humans in for example war areas.
The keep organs in it partially alive to save nitrogen and for if the bones are
not ready for transplanting. The tissue has consciousness as you can see in the
face area. 
She was skinned and deboned alive, CPR’d and kept alive doing it, pure torturer. They did with her brother and me too, typical RARA. The face was created with a firm hand, very painfull, I know they did with my Son and me too. At least now we know how they changed us into Godzilla’s on the movie set.[read top of blog]

we planted some flowers herewith the people of meadows court because RARA killed us on this spot because they lost the fight with us and the people of 6375 meadows court malibu california
RARA was so called looking for a court – they where just serial killing
It was big fight like with pabloescobar zambesidreef mid 90’s

Rara: oranjes, family, obama’s, Hilary, brennan, agents etc etc

My children and I had some problems turning
the Rolls on the end of this shop street. RARA harassed a lot of shop owners.

a mini human RARA created – they did with my daughter to in Lawrence – easy as mice


This is me,
thanks 2 police, surviving another attack from RARA, my ex on our, my children and my live, medics were already skinning us. There were fights inside the police station, RARA did not give up. 
After hospital
visit my children raped, skinned, killed, beheaded and tried to burn all these
officers. We see the hospital repaired these terrorist mobsters so we hope the
court martial can identify the surgeons too as they promised as so the marines that
kidnapped us.

We were, staged, taken by RARA from the
Key Bridge Mariot(DC) right before this attempt burning happened and we kidnapped
to Holland again. Our passports, Marine base passes, bank passes were stolen.
We killed several RARA members, Marines and CIA agents with Judges and Marines.
It could be even our (rental) car which is burning.(hilary, Renee, Willem Alexander & family, Brennan, Obama, Grandpa, Giltay, Smoorenburg, Martin, Bertus, Riek, MArisse, MArtin E.)

Right before inside the Pentagon were they
were showing a TV studio a window was removed. Kaddafi walked in and a shot off
his head. My son and I put him in a body back and jumped backwards outside the
building, the last thing we saw that Lauren was taken hostage with a bayonet on
her throat. Together with Judges, we had to do it, our bones were broken from
the jump, we burned the last Kaddafi clone in the back of a (our) truck. Lauren
was thrown out the window too. We were lynched and drowned in the Pentagon’s pool, the Judges maybe too, by Marines, that walk around like us, real marines.[hence the symbolic: dragging someone out of his hotel] –for those who do not go to a choir to impress women, laugh, we keep track of our martial body counts.
video -my children watched this how my ex tried to eliminate me -[for Utrecht police 2] -I am burned here, my kids and a killed and threw and some of the van Gogh’s in the fire- officers are beheading me trying to turn me into a terrorist – what they already do by not arresting RARA members in our opinion. I(we) recognize the officers(bank robbing, hijack planes, serial killing, lynch/burn innocent people alive) also as the bully
club from Brennan. We had gun fights in Chicago with them a couple years ago.
Between RARA and us. Judges, marines and police officers helped us in attempt
to shoot down RARA with their Capone de-frozen. They look a bit like their
Utrecht colleagues, also according to others, see his beard and so.

How my kids and I flew towards the White
House to throw bombs, we were shot down and crashed into the Tidal Basin behind
the White House. We flew very low through the street after big fights at the roundabout
in front of the White House. Our last breath before departure, being kidnapped
to Holland, since we are American official citizens.
rara attacked the Army Country Club with choppers for the Coupe  => jet planes for us

For the numerous time RARA mistreats us
and this gentleman at the Gulfstream factory. We are beaten through the whole
plane, from the cockpit to the back. We don’t even know if we were there to buy a G550, there were some Judges present suffering the same. This happened right
before we left for Holland again after the above car in fire story. This man was here too, in my house, kidnapped, to say goodbeye.

This is me
taking off with my children in a Gulfstream. We are kidnapped. RARA, CIA (Brennan),
White House crew is so paranoid because they always molest the front wheel of
rich people’s private jets themselves they have to extra check the front
wheels. My ex employers Marcel de K. & Martin S., a RARA member, check’s the front wheel. The employers lie-detector question already was asked on this air port after big fights with court martial and marines(or “”). All the kidnappers were so doped up that they made us fly through torture and
CPR. [link to video
Would you
dare to give, by you kidnapped people, instructions about how steer a plane
into the air, because you saw that in movies? They are really trying to escape
the claws of justice, they were nearly captured again.

Another CIA(Brennan+Hilary) & RARA hooligan disguised as anti-terrorism operation, attempt to kill me
and my children. They cut out the roof of our plane and kill us. Two lines of Marines
helped one of them were real ones. They did not fall for it and yes we still going
to buy a Boeing 737. As discussed with the US Court Martial[video link]:
For Court Martial? This man is a RARA supporter and stabbed us to dead with srew driver on a airport. They attacked Judges too.[video]

The men is this video tortured us to dead and forced us to fly in this plane in test condition


My first take off in a Boeing 777 BBJ, obliged to practice long length planes.
RARA wants to hijack our eventual Boeing 777 BBJ and it was free transport.
Terrorism that is. We really do not want them flying in our planes. Brennan and
the President have their own planes. [video] [landing video] [my son Janick(14 years old) lands it in Geneva, I recognize his(our) voice(s) on the radio!!!] => for us flying hours, instructor? oh we were heavy wounded(beheaded and skinned and put back together) – and maybe Boeing offered us some flying lessons while being kidnapped togehter
after this flight they tried to arrange this to be our plane…if they succeeded we do not know

Girl in
rise field
Why don’t
you back to rise field? We will protect you, we are your troopers over there. A
woman from the Red Cross took us to the sheriff’s office and showed us some
warrants of criminal’s that were the boss in the region. “I guess they wanted
to say hello to you guys with is girl”. We felt embarrassed and started bounty
hunting and discovered that it is truly the one and only way to bring freedom
to the woman and children and other hostages(the people) of the Mob(church).
Like me. We even Bounty hunted the marines asking the girl their question to
return to here rise field. Why don’t I go back to the states with my children?
Or alone? Well our Mob has kidnapped us back to Holland. So, that includes me
too. The girl was me, I had a vagina. I even could afford a new penis. My kids
and I jumped out of bombers with the last bombs, to wingsuit to RARA terrorists
just for the money -our WII ancestors did too – hence the similar WII patches…-
my jacket with bomb jumps rewards from court martial Germany WII-2 2015



Court Martial

As promised for Court Martial, if
our money needs to be divided, we decided to choose only US banks, seen
loyalties to the rise of Hitler II in foreign banks.

Therefore  these banks had our preference a couple years ago too,
so most possible already some money was transferred to the bank of USA since a
was already millionaire at the US Trust(see my police report for the ING Bank), we were kidnapped and we had to
destroy our credit cards and also they were stolen again (a red one some credit cards), also by my ex family(brother & mother), as our identity
therefore our credibility. Even my marine base entrance passes are stolen by
Dutch government and maybe some CIA agents.
 We tried tried to report them missing but where killed behind a computer, being kidnapped. I think Merril will block them if has memrory on it. We are kidnapped by GOV people, so damages RARA made on our account are their’s. Our Bounty List

1. Merrill Lynch
2. Citi Private Bank
3. U.S. private bank
4. U.S. Trust, now owned by Bank of America
5. Northern Trust in Chicago

Please, we guess our money is better off at Merrill Lynch – the Bank of America had some fascist(fruit cases) on board. They thought it was normal values to give credt cards to my gangster family -wel it isn’t, it would be criminal and I(we) are not obliged too. …Oh we already agreed with Merrill Jr..
 Please II, we guess our money is better off at Wells Fargo
Chase??? The other banks stole our money…..7/15/2017(Or was the other/better option to go get cash at
one of the Court Martial offices with a veteran like pass?

we already
attended this bank with martial Judges but we were attacked & kidnapped
away by RARA and the Bank of America crew…

next the Judges, my kids and me are beaten an torured to dead in front pof this office by RARA and Brennan

a logo we had to, obliged, falsify with bank owners, hence the next picture where we had to spray chemicals on US forest in California and created a cry for help which RARA did not recognized – merrill with us build, with bull dozers, naked(merrill in underwear) and burned roads for Google to find -We are kidnapped Help!!!![ps the real plane hijackers of 9/11 – see pentagon computer – also printed and wrote down people who recieved bounty money – we hope some genrals are lesser media sensitive than us – that whole media sensitive bs is classified as fascism and it aleadt resulted in angry terrorists that tortured Lauren in a hospital body back to prove they could change us into Godzilla’s, see also above – so thank you very much] We killed on top level (the most dangerous people), at least we were
soldiers. And we were not trying to kill them. We plan, attack and kill with science because that will not fail. And terrorist are schizoids and can not practice science because they are schizoid and do not perform normal. There is your science. Very simple. If are not operating on top level you are not soldiers jet and might even call Hitlers army an army. Do clothes make the man therefore?


google maps url
hence my tattoo

Dutch government revenge, my arm de-boned (srewed-no make up -Lauren he skull to with long hair) Son in the Dutch govenment plane:

People we shaked hands with (I took Merrill his picture for his wiki)-he was shocked to see his cloned father(strategy) -he touched my tattoo – put in your blog (Charles E. Merrill Jr. like us like has dad I took b&w pictures philanthropists)  The bank owner was harassed (by torture) by RARA: Comey, Brennan, Hilary, Ruud (NOB), Riek, Renee, Martin, Jens, Willem Alexander(family), Marisse, Martin E., Reinout O. + Family (gtst), altmont Angels, ING Bankers(three musketeers) etc etc

Our answer, the military top for having us in brothels in this city: Hiroshima 2016 – like 1000 nukes or so – we had the privilege to be bombers – not six bomb’s like in the ’40’s but 100 per plane -massive – we did some bounty hunting on popes in the ashes – it could be we did Hirishima again too –to give them some deaths to remember (the politician of the world made us say sorry for the bombs in 2005 but hanged us in the ememorial, see previous link)- so thank you US army – Oh we were also on our way to Holland, Japan showed up in the air…..we took a right turn – SORRY FOR THE BOMBS – my kids and I flew the up front planes and were given the freedom of choise – we are so proud – we also had a lot of dead ninjas taped on the bomb they used to kill court martial judges, oh and an emperor…..

This picture my kids and I took too – captured again – we thought it was appropriate seen our abuses in Hollywood – the up standing house quickly re-build by Hollywood assets

Renee and MArtin found the skelet and were carrying it around
RARA mangaed to enter out planes on the second or third run

I picture of my Son I made from out my F14 Tomcat guiding bombers through space, LAuren had a Jet too

Motorcyclist(ghostrider) kicks car in road rage incident California

Court martial report: Here I kick John Brennan of the road in a staged scene, I am their hostage. In the white truck Hilary Clinton. In the camera wagon amongst terrorist, my kidnapped children. Or in on of the other wagons, or in Hilary her truck…..this kick my kids and I drawed on a flap over, we learned in from Hollywood stunt teams. A very brave attempt kill again…Brennan killed the Judge that did not convict us…..since we are
their hostages and 
.this is typical how CIA keeps us hostage, they create accidents to transport us in nitrogen for example this time we fought back – my mother drives the gray car


Meanwhile we are denigrated & disrespected, like they did with admission
in a mental hospital, by making us buy new Dutch driving licenses, dutch bank passes and passports.
Not even our real names are on, we paid money for our new names by the way. All this in the hope we would forget, after
torture, we are billionaires and just received new ones from the US government.
The King of Holland a schizoid, therefore a dictator like Kaddafi, jealous sick,
kidnapped, because we are richer, kidnapped us back to Holland. But we did not
forget. Did we insulted a dictator? 
An ordinary nazi, a bounty no more he is…. a head of state is a scientific impossibility….

We even drunk Champaign with the US Court martial(DC), Merrill Jr.,
Microsoft & Google bosses on becoming billionaires before the Dutch King
with his terrorists started to shoot at us. Well, we(my kids and I) killed halve his gang. He
made us even more richer. We were hostages while Bounty Hunting so we do not have to pay tax was agreed I believe….:-)

Remarkable was the temporarily released Molenbeek terrorists participating
in the riot, Marines that wanted to kill them appeared to be better dressed
French “soldiers”. The French president we killed and burned for bounty but he had
a clone in France. We laid the Dutch passports on his chest and burned them on and were closing the body bag…..

This is me after RARA dumped me near a crashed plane, in front of the
eyes of my children they hammer axed my head, I believe Marti B.. Erwin G.
shoved a steel iron pole into my leg.

Girlfriend Of Road Rage Victim: ‘I Wish I Could Have Done More’

This girl although Southern, eye glance, but more normal than Church, got stabbed, with
a Zulu spear, in the head by RARA member, sorry, my brother…..I stitched her
for emerging…in IT first line…obliged…she was (cia- Brennan) allowed to stab my children with knive…..she lives nearbye the above motor-car accident
A Ray Janick Lauren geography or better we were raped and killed by this crew……
Me made
into a f*ck clone – the left leg and penis is mine – my kids are in the upper
bed – obliged to do this –I was cut into piece alive for this movie in a air plane to create
this new human clone made from two man, the other man was Boris Becker.[
He was hold
still on freeway, stabbed with poles, repaired. They followed him to his French
private jet. Captured him after landing.]

 I or we show his red under leg hair. He even visited my home to compare our navels, I do not have my own navel too… [source xhamster, title: Homemade fuck]

this is not a fake picture either, it’;s made out of us remko and UK hooligan -real tissue -I took picture


raw notes:
An obama
brennan kill – brennan &barend beeren broke his jaw & eye brow with
brace knuckles
We had to bury
him –beth hart and marisse ice picker in the eye
Could be a
child of Mila
Skull is stepped
upon hard by Renee beeren to flatten it out
My kids and
a had to make the hole I believe – as slow as possible we did – witness: google
bosses and merrill



Nose look
like young janick -the hand is from Marti with a mob sign
–Police report: my children and I & Paris Hilton our skins were baked in the ovens of Domino’s restaurant La Vie Utrecht 

By Dutch secret service – aka the plane hijackers

Also she keeps on beheading daddy, like
Boing people and Court Martial Judges, like the popes Court Martial. Lately
they are into hijacking billionaires 747’s and that does not always succeed. We
flew home with this one, still hostages. Paris beheaded dad in one of these
beds while we were next to him. She quickly stepped into Sven Lampe his bed on
the other side. Jens killed dad again with pole through his head.
Boeing showed us around being kidnapped with an eye knot in Germany, we were very busy bussiness man. RARA did not understand. 😉



Rob van Tuiyl my uncle going to rob a small store – my dad helped I did cam work – they needed dope for the camp fire [source]

got burned and hells angels got covicted for false testifying – typical brennan cia

linked the HA and me descovered beheading cia and the popes– what did they do to us?

Brennan even gave them cigarettes’, go figure

Police report Satudarah -hells angels and rara


1996 – RARA kidnappedme to Hollywood – I have to dance in this scene – From Dusk Till Dawn – raped-abused-with vagina and
female breasts. There were fights on this set and Merril Jr., also kidnapped,
showed me, obliged, my unborn children –“twins twins twins” – they had cut out
Marisse her belly. She belongs to RARA. Second attempt publishing because it
was erased a couple years ago. Last year they asked me some questions about it on a lie detector to see if Marisse could claim my money, the answer was no. She kidnapped me, is a terrorist and tricked me into a marriage by damaging my brains(functions) for example, slavery. For the same reason she than may not raise the children. meanwhile she and her gang kidnapped us back to Holland again.
raw note – got killed for one  note publishing
Ditto flame thrower – see bomb vest imprints 
A panlo Escobar? A clone or Marisse pharao 
A Marisse combined with Escobar clone –  
for if she got hurt and to confuse bounty hunter reports 
50% change half of them will survive a battle field  
they can build two persons from that- egypt
ps threy cut of my son’s Testicles to create this on
with a bowie knife – he got new ones – I co-created myself

The last julius caesar – on the street my ancestor
our last bounty
We hided him as ramses – in his eyes tombola and jess because i had children with cleopatra(renee did his nose- cheeck army boot imprint are mine – have a nice flight gandpas)


My children
and I were crucified for this game trailer of Conan Exiles. They changed us
into these “dogs” and we were repaired somewhere in a hospital from our left
overs. We had to fight multiple Conan(RARA) warriors for more than four hours.
Our repaired human Janick, Lauren and Ray killed participating Marines and we did an attack on RARA
warriors with their flame throwers. See also the burned to ashes bodies above.


Maria her feet after Renee beheaded her


This is one
of Janick his clones they burned alive and not “Mummy of Pharaoh Seqenenre Tao”. I gave him the Mark IV bullet hole. The
other holes are done out of jealousy because of the bullet I gave him. Lauren
and could not prevent we just came out of hospital and if they would repaired
us they would kill Janick. We came running in, I stabbed an Angel for his Mark IV with my Bowie gun and gave Janick mercy. The Bowie was taken away and Obama stabbed Janick in his head with it. I took picture with Janick already again, repaired that is. Janick I photographed right after in Portugal.
Photo’s I took from burned bodies(my kids&I burned with flame thrower) of Rude Boy- Marisse Zuidema and Freddy Mercury, the last Freddy, we never have to build his stupid jaws again!!!

a photo of Jesus Crist I took, I had it painted one of my bikes, the mob crossed his fingers doing it, because they want their own properties too, for the film Planet Terror(2007), espionage……he is a big Bounty and we hunted him, but for his fans……a original Ray polaroid serial killer

The Hollywood we fight againsts, miss Houdini, my pictures -both were rara supporters -attempted murder on my children on this set