Everything was perfect that day -9/11 – marine’s perspective

Holland RARA was going to attack New York. Since Vietnam the terrorists are
used to be cloned. You step on a mine, half of you is burned, the other half they
use to build your clone, as they call it.

  1. The street
  2. The airports
  3. The twin towers
  4. Fireman & police stations


Four groups
of cloned terrorists, four hotspots. One group of marines.
Four me’s,
I was in the planes as pilot. I was the pilot that refused to go airborne in that
F15/F18. I was on the street being lynched to traumatize people, like with a regular
RARA bank rob, I was a marine, all at the same time. Also present my unborn children at different locations. Taking this picture we thought we caught them for example.
The marines
as we were totals confused. In control, then they were not, in control, then they
were not etc. etc. The terrorist managed to attack New York in that chaos, police
& fireman stations were attacked. On the radio everywhere the same
My children
and kept on hunting the clones, as ordered by Bush, “no matter what they do,
you two go back in the belly, further you will take no orders”
, to become free,
to become rich American Citizens. 
The President
pointed out that I was a victim of Marisse, kidnap, “that will lead to the
terrorists Gentleman, dismissed”.


The give
you an idea how big that group of clones was, our bounty hunt list for the Court Martial (partially silvered), via http
because we are still hostages of the still not being arrested group ofterrorists.

My children and I are naturally born @ CA 90210 as victims, lie-detector checked 2016 by the Court Martial Chicago. We are held against our will in Holland. Still hostage victims, kidnapped for one year again, of the mother, still a wanted US bounty. That gives a third world country security level for the USA, hence the dollars on her head.

ps. The international Court The Hague we
already call Vatican city(see our bounty list with acient Popes we killed) –US Judges be warned for them too, they are a severe
fight club that we saw killing with fascism Judges in the USA in big amounts. We already Hunted inside the Court with Marines, all stabbed in the head. They also made the comparison.

raw police report note–

This is me,
just skinned by RARA (Renee Beeren and Bertus krijvenaar),my flesh sticks loose
one my body. Nice plane we hope it counts for our flight instructor……my children
do cam work. +- 2015 -my skin is total loose frome my fleash just have a look -for if you know me – video Heny Vrienten “my” co pilot “kon ik de k*nker krijgen en ook weer niet”
My children
and I and Boris Becker on the run for RARA to DUBAI –go figure –in a FRENCH PLANE
As Marine it’s a hard plane to shoot at all three engines from an other jet, for that matter my children and I like the plane…..

her I am obliged with violence to do this air show with a Dassault Falcon 8X, Janick pushes the landing gear button to spoil the show……

Ditto for this Boeing 737 movie. Boeing already called my kids and I their best test pilots with a 😉
my kids and I edited into the movie therefore: “Flown by Boeing best test pilots. Do not attempt.” Boeing employees were tortured, maybe they remember us being kidnapped by RARA and Brennan.
The world famous Boeing vertical take off:

Over here @ Boeing’s test site I am to woudend, beheaded, skinned, raped and beaten to have a lift of -I give up

Janickflies over here – mark landing gear – end of movie people killed by Comey and repaired(for homicide: Comey is in their/his face) 


Over here
in a F-16 body id burned with radio contolled self-ignition
– I managed to land – see end of movie -brought directly to hospital after hard fights with RARA
For the tooth restore department of hospital, for rich people that is ;-), my tooth fall out!!!help!!! it already fell out last year, Janick placed it back, in the OR RARA forced the medics to place it like this…
And for
taking away my and our new teeth, by RARA, US and Dutch government. We going to
keep slamming their teeth out with axes, hammers and iron poles until they pay
me my teeth back. At least that is how we killed the Clinton, Oranje, Barak,
Beeren, Brennan, Moesker and Trumph clones. Secret Service even falsified our new dental record back to old again, so we do them to. We even build our own new teeth mannn We paid for those new teeth ourselvers after they were beaten out the same way

my daughter after an axe attack


Some of our victims “”(we were hostages of RARA!) in Africa 2016.
For Court martial, full bounties.……
Hereby we
declare Nato’s and therefore Dutch Court martial non related to the Pentagon’s.
A veto given by the US Court Martial to my children (and me). That includes all
compensations and bounty money. Plllrrrffrllrlffff
…….Ps for what CNN presented today about MH17 we gonna kill again…that is identity theft…not for a billion in the world..blue passport…royalties….so again see you later…first revenge than pay nerds…first revenge…those burned mf’s are our bounties FOR RAPING US TO DEAD IN aMSTERDAM  we want in the news……it’s our news our way…. WE(sorry pentagon lock us up long time – we will kill them) don’t give permission!!!! WE WON’T HAVE THE VICTIMS SAY AND WE DO NOT ACCFEPT SUPRIOURS IN THIS ONE 0LIKE THE PLANES WE CRASHED BY KILLING THE PILOT -LIKE THE ORANJES WE ARE GOING TO KILL YOU NOW…….WHORES -LAST WORD FOR NOBILTIES-OVER OUR DEAD BODIES…YOUR MO’S..EEEUHW MO’S..WHY DON’T YOU EEUHW BIG MIGHTY DUTCH POLICE AND CIA ARREST ME? HAVING WHORE QUEEN MAXIMA AND WH*RE DAUGHTERS TO PAY MY EXPENCES???? WE ARE YANKEES…WE DO NOT APPLY TOU YOUR NATIVE LAWS(ps the same reporters attacked us while killing the Clintons, we killed them too they got clones) -you simply do not transmit new we cuased without contacting us anymore(think 9/11) -we will kill you(back) -they trynig to kill us too, typical for schizoids who have commited crime, so we may kill them

This plane rara used I believe, with my
son and me to bring us back to Holland, after some Judges and us payed some
advances for the supersonic Jet project. We were, are kidnapped and tried to
intimidate but are serious interested. This plane is nice to and if possible or
needed or Court Martial dares to hijack us back. Since the Marines want to
impress the girls being boys. Please buy this 
Cessna Citation X+ from our money – the movie
says 20 june 2016…. we uploaded it with comment under threat off Dutch GOV – the standard white will do with a real chem toilet -or so? new landscape software and we gonna get home….Or the Gulfstream 650 ER so we do not have to fuel on St. John’s(again) 

Landing track at St John’s airport was used to skin my children and me and bur us alive, ou skins were tranformed into repaired us again. US marines, the same that burned us at Marine base Washington last year, while trying to cash some bounties, were negative involved in the burnings. Also to intimidate airport no x. They also tried with torture and burning to turn around and steal our and those of the Judges their Bounty Hunt money, not worth the money but torture leads to dead and not being able to to anything for the terrorist.

Again Marines that were sent to help were helping RARA terrorist, humilating the victims even their instorming not believing their eyes on airport Santa Monica, even the tower is complaning. The same Marines we think as on St. John’s two TWO years later. I recognize the camrea zoom in the beginning of this movie I was forced to make as hostage.

I am wounded, the kids and Court Martial too- hospital too – RARA made us belive I was pilot -these man rented the plane – my (ex)mom and younger version(clone) made sure there were some biker movies in the plane – my kids and I do the vertical take off -better than surrounde by RARA and the ANgels!!! These man were involved in kidnapping us to stabbing, raping, beheading and skinning us to death…….Maria showed her face once again, walking around with young Riekie

What happened in Washington last year:
RARA Bounty Hunted up to 30 Generals to impaled like us on the terrain of the
Washington Country club. Effective, as Bounty hunting always is, every subgroup
of 4 gangster had at least three names on small papers of to eliminate Generals,
they succeeded, my kids and I and a lot of Generals dragged from their homes
were impaled. My kids and I were skinned and burned first with flame throwers.
We were dragged out, repaired and loaded int F35 JSF fighters by medics and the wifes and children of the generals. We made a plan,
we Bounty Hunt them back, We would circle in horizontal mode around the group, like a carousel,
the County club’s terrain, with guns down. Janick was going to Shoot the Angels
group,I was going to shoot the Royalties group and Lauren was going to shoot
the FC Utrecht hooligans trying to burn the Generals on their sticks. We succeeded,
next get out of the horizontal circle we were flying and get new rounds. NEXT RUN

How my kids and I flew towards the White House to throw bombs, we were shot down and crashed into the Tidal Basin behind the White House. We flew very low through the street after big fights at the roundabout in front of the White House. Our last breath before departure, being kidnapped to Holland, since we are American official citizens.


Chronologic: King Kong distraction – kidnapped to Washington –
Car burning – attack Country club – plane crash into water – fights roundabout –
burn French President – fights Court Martial office Marine base – in this blog more


rara attacked the Army Country Club with choppers for the Coupe  => jet planes for us

this is us bounty hunt back on the fil set against Urtecht hooligans turned into dino’s, it always works

My kids and I are launched with this rocket, in the hope the crew capsule landing, with an avg of 20 mph would kill us to knock a hole in Pentagon’s defense. In the end of the movie you can acutally see RARA(Mathijs, Renee eo) are shooting bullets at the capsule. Just an idea, like the army does too, leave the crew capsule on!!!!

Ditto, an attempt kill by my ex on me again, some marines told me to hold my hands up, so maybe they could iD me, my unborn twins were watching, their eyes were pushed open…(for police – movie is briefed and reviewed with my kids which had actually memories on it, go figure) typical Marisse, cutting out the babies and use them as hostages, says enough for the Dutch & US government

RARA kidnaped us to this rocket festival, we even bought soem rockets too Paris Hilton, my children and I, were allowed to make them ourselves, the two rotating ones

this one too an ohw ohw Paris and i made out……

ditto – we killed the monk id’t as KKK

This mans abused Lauren in this garden,
shoved a knife in in the back of her head, neck an beheaded her. Present
marines approved it. Janick managed to bring me a gun and shotgun. So we shot
some terrorists & “marines” – Court Martial Judges helped us, LAuren was brought to hospital by them and she was repaired.
As far as I know he was also present in the axe beat up of Gulfstream mechanics creating this image after demolishing a 650ER – to escape from rara Gulfstream took us in the air and we pretended to have fotoshoots – at the same time creating images for this Gulfstream site like the rotating jet, it was filmed by a chopper

My kids and I are made ridiculous in this truck by RARA(regular, Sander T., Hillywood etc), with surf boards and sand
and beach towels. The, this, sales man thought it was ok how we looked in the truck(we hope for my driving licenses, or if they are the as “my” Dutch).

RARA attacks this commander right before his speech, he got beheaded by Martin Simpson a Videla (young) clone and a Pinochet clone. Report attempt, the first one got me beheaded. I believe the commander witnessed it. ONCE AGAIN IF AREN’T A MILLOINIARRE IN 24 HOURS AFTER GRADUATION YOU AREN’T A MARINE OR COMMANDO -WE WILL KILL YOU FOR IT AND GET RICH ABOUT IT….OK? IF YOU DON’T YOU BETTER HURRY – WE AREN’T GOING TO SALUTE A SUCKER!!! this man also stabbed my kids to dead I now (12-8-17)remember – I flamthroweed him on this spot – he had a clone – in Utrecht my kids stabbed him in the head on the street – we almost managed to flamethrower him again – it was taken away

Again a police report about my children and I being kidnapped and abused
for a photo campaign without my and our permission. The photo attachment shows
me in a hospital bed after my leg was being cut off for the same photoshoot
being used for Tabaco usage warnings. I am not even under narcosis, my
condition is wounded by beheading and leg cut off by sword. My kidnappers: Marisse
Zuidema, Martin Everts, His Royal Highness van Oranje, Renee Beeren, Rude Boy,
Martin Moesker.




lessons for me and my children- we were the pilots and forced to fly this plan
– we at least I got stabbed in the head to create this crash by RARA


nice plane -amazing looping – some staff
staff generals of Pentagon were on board – witness – hostage and survived too
inspiring we laughed at each other this plane -also we crashed the on top of RARA terrorists divided in two lines the filming and watching(some Riekies, Marisse’s, Zuidema’s, Clintons Renee’s and Grandpa Beerens were in) -they were repaired too – for bounty better the medics tried to encourage us


Last year RARA(+- same date – end June), my ex-wife with friend kidnapped my children to Nato Airbase Geilenkirchen. In attempt to make me withdraw some of my(our-my kids and I) Bounty Hunt compensations. Big fights with troopers were raised. RARA tortured my children and me so cruel with knifes and sword to make the Court Martial pay compensations, we died. They did not pay. We were even sent into the air in a plane. And I don’t know if it is possible at all on that base but interesting, to improve my life standard and work on our return to the USA. Help is wanted and needed of lie detector to be
tested Court Martial Judges if you please. Information too since we are
kidnapped in Holland, lie detector tested, Marine base Washington DC 2016.

Some Dutch:
I have tried that before with my children. But apparently it is possible for our abductors to abuse us even at the police station and agents. That’s why I prefer to do it first digitally. Certainly without being in possession of my children and Marisse as a kidnapper (etc) safely in jail. I’m valid and voluntary for lie detectors, if with a drawn gun, it’s me and my children just when we report to the desk in the Pentagon, again with a drawn gun. It involves abduction with murder and murder.
With kind regards,
Raymond Moesker
From: MDN Digital Report [ mailto: UTR-MB1036@utrecht.politie.nl ]
: Wednesday, 26 July 2017 10:15
To: ‘raymond moesker’ < raymond_moesker@hotmail.com >
Subject: RE: 170726-00542453365, application form
Dear Mr. Moesker,
If you want to report abduction, you can of course contact 0900-8844 and make an appointment for reporting at one of the police offices.
Regional Service Center
Police | Central Netherlands | RSC,
Loc Hilversum
Groest 69, 1211 EA Hilversum
T 0900-8844


Being present at these Graduotion – RARA showed Hitler, Capine, my dad, eeuwh – we treid to drill being hunters -being jetset -their famly’s hopefull smiled -we killed hitler -we leave the rest of the up to you guys&girlds -go hunt – be rich – come get us -and “who you work for” Court Martial – we want to hear ladies

RAW notes

This is me with flame thrower – still
My kids were very very scared to see the
fireman truck – no no no not again
Rara hoped it would became I fight – the
kids were burned any way by CIA agents
I burned their kids alive to with skin – I
kidnapped them – had them in the trunk raped to dead by oral sex by ne-



Fucking cops – with our pentagon tabloit voodoo we no were you guys live too -we already burned & raped their wifes – I was done f*cking them -pretty nice – even (holy)Mary was jealous(I f*cked her up her *ss to make happy) me raping them….[me first half of the movie] Brennan was in panic -his family showed his children -we burned them too…mannnnnnnnn -ps jus me and my children on a saturday -I still have to see court martial for it 😉 – also in the movie, the longer I take they did not burn my kids

We also bought a marine officer sword at
the Marine base in California next to a licensed on name for California
flamethrower. With the sword we defeated 5 clones of Said of Egypte, and Marisse
and a young version of Pablo Escobar. Some later in our adventures with the
Court Martial. The sword is most probably confiscated by the Dutch government
taking us hostage in North Africa. PS before we eliminated Hitler we witnessed marine swords with nazi(Swastika) crosses in stead of a Pentagon sign. With Marines we torched them in two to protect the Gunsmith, they just were trying to hide the swords.
Marine Corps commandant Gen. James  A.– ONE OF THE swastika SWORD OWNERS 


Sun hill ranch airport 2015/2016

forced my kids & me to land here
us, the airport owners and some kidnapped Generals that hoped to remember us
owners were not willing to kill us
the same time rara tried to rob them – 



Riek, Obama, Hilary, Jessica, Brennan went total crazy in raping and killing us
and the generals – we in killing their clones the next following period
received help from Edwards Air Force base(pls read flame thrower part above, see: dad fight like the soldiers(you guys) too – you guys raped dad so we slaughtered REAlly slaughtered Jesus(@ 
Sun hill ranch airport ) and your Mary ok-pussy’s?like dad did with you guys and wifes) and at the same time or next day RARA
attacked the airbase in the village North Edwards…eeeuhw they even have a church(go burn some candles over there i guess :-), even Guns and Roses attended
the slaughter party – we were killed, skinned burned again…..
in other word the “soldiers that came in for help participated in raping my children” we eliminated some of them to borrow their flame throwers and f*cked them up the *ss for letting us
The fight went on to California City(blvd) – we were repaired brought back into the fight – our Amazone echo dot, long version was sledge hammered up my 8ss over here – it killed me

A girl I was forced to sleep be her and Mary – in a or her house in California City – RARA supporter gilty of man slaughter on my children [source xhamster]


Cavalry who is unable to ride horse in
formation for longer than 10 minutes without beating each other up, that’s no
cavalry, that’s no army but just like the Nazi army is a theater of religious
schizoids (pleonasm) – even the Dutch army’s cavalry suffered the same, after
10 minutes only my kids and I will be on the horse if we manage to escape the
beat ups out of jealously, what a embarrassment to lay your hope in in fact
payed criminals from our tax money – not even able to Bounty Hunt criminals out of loyalty -so Pussy’s indered they are -my kids and did 1500 bounty kills – the US army showed us over a period of 14 years just three dead terrorists -a Broadway Army even have beaten, go figure

PS we work for the Court Martial, not the Government that seems to be a “University
level” who needs to be explained that what we do is not the same as giving dead

We murdered so hard for our money that we
foamed like horses, like real Bounty Hunters, liker horses, we became US nobles. 
 Like the old US refugees we do not satisfy with a Royal sugar cloth for our hard work
and we hope to find Court Martial for that. 
Even a horse dies after a day foaming if you do not give him the appropriate
rest. If l
ike stealing their boats and the USA was piracy, don’t think so. Like the first scout must have said, we did not know there was that much gold in the soil.

Ditto – sword fight with black man – shooting with my children & me with canon – we attacked back – flame throwers



marines I believe used their sword to chop Lauren time after time after being
quick repaired – Janick and I managed to de-skull – behead and almost burn some
of them – as hostages -we cut them to piece to repair Lauren and threw remains
in the sea(back)…. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI5RSFAaI44https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI5RSFAaI44

them too were here at home to erase our first attempt report, they participated in bringing me to Amsterdam to a crematory were my children turned things around and we killed Mary M.
in this military movie they tied the bodies of my children and I on the planes thes shoot -half carbonized – cut off hands – already reported – but we had to Bounty Hunt to get compensations

Kidnapped by RARA, Brennan forced us, so called interessted in this rail gun, to shoot each other -they were here at home like marines above they went to Amsterdam
source movie

Ditto with this army one

heee JAnick and Lauren do you remember this house too?, I believe it’s rented by every one – it could be mine not sure if they filmed me – in hurry 20 years ago I placed it in the hands of a rental company becuase RARA kidnapped me to Holland. our-usa-houses.kmz (google earth file)
or this one?
R. Moesker
4627 Brighton Road,
Corona Del Mar,
United States

RARA kidnapped us to Oxnard were we have this home in attempt to rob the Court Martial from our money. After they hijacked the Marine base they were beat-up too. We had flame thrower fights and were kidnapped to Washington. RARA beat up people on the air ports in Oxford and Camarillo. Some staff members visited our home and even witnessed the happening in Amsterdam, eliminating Mary M. We even created a picture like this together….

upper left: The big plane could be of my my children and me or Court Martial, at least RARA and family members tried to demolish it with seldge hammers. We landed it on this airport and maybey now it is rotting away……I guess government has to pay….if so

left under: The harbor also were we parked these ships….RARA terrorist & flame thrower is Jeroen de K. I believe, who is just got burned in his face, my “mother” triedto fix it with camoe

Rara for Oxnard: Huub, Marti(maarssenveen), Marti B.,
Renee B., Marcel de K., Jeroen de K., John B., Riekie K., Mary M., Martin M.,
Bertus K., Grandparent’s Z en B, Marisse Z., Martin E. Obama B. Hilary C., Bill
C., Bernhard J., James A., Marce B., Huub B., Jessica K., Sander T. and some Dutch lawyers and
politician etc etc

The house I bought after the LA riots I believe, a vacation rental house:

We were obliged to make these pictures and indeed, we like this more to be build on the spot our current little house is. If I measure with the front door it will be 8 meter by 18 meters…..Lauren liked the white house very, the other one too…..that’s what we do when they back with me….instead of robbing banks like their mom…..

or a bit like this one -or the surf house maybe than from other material -they lifted this one with crane on our spot -crazy Americans….. – we also placed surf board

And this one, although we got skinned and burned, still a nice picture, nice home too, Altmont Angels were there again…

We were also kidnapped to the Portabello Estatebowled to ecape torture with owner – did we buy? 😉 out of fear? Even Oprah and her team had look what was going on… School children of Janick and Lauren(or protesting parents against the Dutch kidnap(the kids are better of with convicted Marisse, she’s got a dead or alive warrant) were having fun with them on the bowling track and shopping lane, indoor bistro….. a $75.000.000 or $50.000.000 estate – we Bounty Hunted more than half the group harassing this place -earning more billions than they will ever see -even our Pirate ship was docked in the bay


News flash: with Court Martial we bought this house to lure Pablo Escobar
and his clones and the rest of RARA with a picante House Party. We eliminated
like 10 Escobars, from the remains they could build one more, who was eliminated
by my kids once again in North Africa or Israel. Like while being hostage….let’s get rich……even President Trump visited our home mannn, he said why not build sky crapers? mannnn Dutch and US Mob Jetset had their party over here…for security….
We discovered houses in North East Mexico(CA) were clones of my dad and
mom, grandparents and kids, Escobar’s Mary and Jesus’s lived like real outlaws. We managed
to lure them via the rail road track down the coast, often used to force us to
smuggle cocaine.

Renee pushed car so we could take picture

Also RARA made make an account on the
BEACHCITIES real estate website, we were called right away. RARA used the site
to pic very big Real Estates to harass the owners, to make fun of my children
and me that they already touched everything in those houses. The woman that phoned us was picked up and to come to.

RARA compensations Palm trees
I believe Lisa P. paid them for them
we need bigger once – they even hanged us here
and on the trees….


Utrecht police laughed at me at Riots
at Orange County Motors -like my kids
and me were not able to
acomplish a workshop olike them
they right but Orange County was
fighting with us in this shop
and disagreed -hunting we
hoped 😉

The coast guards or Marines even helped RARA to get on our beach. We killed them for it with Court Martial Judges because they gave RARA allowance although they were known convicted terrorists for us. We entered the party some later and had fights at their office. As promised we remind Court Martial about it. It is not allowed by the Court Martial that they visit our properties and they are the “bosses” of the army somewhat more than marines(both ways) if both are honorable. Than first check the Judge.

We even saw this house from landing the space shuttle after killing the Hitler clones, it looks the same as the rocks, we did not recognize it anymore….We landed the Shutlle on Newport Beach’s John Wayne airport. Whole Newport Beach came to see us and brought us home. Mr. Thrump screamed if we would make him president he would witness it. This pic could be taken from the shuttle….

R. Moesker
4627 Brighton Road,
Corona Del Mar,
United States

my kids and I even over took
the watersport gear of the previous owner so we could feal at home. Sinse
we bought we spent 2 days over her. For the rest we were kidnapped bu John
Brennan(CIA) and the King of Holland because we know the participated in 911,
even their Mom was released from prison for it. A lot of attempts were made to
put the home on other peoples name, no success. We did not buy one of the known
houses in the world for nothing. Seven years being kidnapped living on welfare
while we are rich……rescue attempts ended up in being tortured with rescuers
with mayor war trauma as result(amnesia) So once again we hope people from the
USA can help us against our schizoid dictator Khadafy, Morocco King like King
of Holland his attempts to wipe out his worldwide terrorism……Renee tried to
steal the watersport gear last year……he had to put it back….google
I also want to report total schizoid John
Brennan and colleagues that more than three time in a row rammed with their
cars guided with severe violence, us as hostages and witnessed, the Butchers of
our Resort. It made them schizoid and lowered down their kidnap abilities. We want
them back for safety……we had something build in in our car…..

CIA agents of Brennan and Hilary that followed us beheaded and beat car owners and other residents to wreck boxes out of their broken cars to get of the resort……….[if you read this, those people are court martial convicts, so maybe report it to the court martial, Sherriffs office has a court martial desk to I believe – we already had fights there about it with the terrorists I believe….] rara: Brennan & agants, Hilary and Bill, obama, Renee b, Renee-Stefan-Toos-Fred de B. Riek and Bertus K, Martin M, Marisse &parents Z., Martin E, hooligans FC Utrecht, Falco & Gijs V. , Berharhd J.(utr police)- the beat up police station and my children and me we outside skinned and burned alive -our skins were stole by medics – and for you Jesus loving police officers, we already burned a couple in front of our house, don’t come nocking on my door with ex family -we might bring the to your station 🙂
The court already offered my family, my ex, The King of Holland and RARA compensations, but it is withdrawn because the continue to be terrorists, the so called reason to explain why we are kidnapped to Halloand….

News on the internet about the estate was sold we were obliged to type ouselves by CIA agents, we bought it for $50.000.000,- and we had to type Portabello Estate was eventually sold in late 2010 for $34.1 million, less than half the original $75 million asking price!” My kids and
I were there while the house was still a Marquette, we were framed, or the
previous owner just had more money. It is partially our own design, go
figure!!! Scandalous
We also determined the asking price of
$75.000.000,-, to hit the news, those idiots followed us blindly. To hit the
new so we would maybe find it…..and we did…

In 2005 after we got almost lynched inGroningen Nieuw Buinen by Dutch police and RARA we were transported to the USA.
We had The Portabello Estate build and bought it, my children and I were laid
down to rest on this couch to gain some strength. Brennan and Hilary with my
family did not agree. Killed the Generals and kidnapped us back to Holland. In his Hotel room we almost killed the last set of clones of the previous owner. Marines stopped us not being shure if the man was a bounty, the got shot in head by Generals and police. Or did we hunt them down? He already lived in Hotels he said that mf.



Over here after the police station raid my Son was tortured by this woman, I beheaded her, burned Berhard J., and crushed Hilary’s skull with Jens his iron pole he used to impale my Son his Intestines, he needed CPR, in attempt to prevent. This woman we are going to eliminate too, according to the Court Martial, first Mary, Mary we killed in Amsterdam. Well quit some torture Son, I know this too, proud of your endurence you wish you don’t have at these moments…  [source xhamster.com] On a low trailer RARA wanted to show us to the village, we turned it around with Court Martial, up to Hollywood, one message : not welcome yourself. My kids and I eliminated, for practice terrorism, above 85% of the people that entered our home without our permission…i guess we cursed it with real black(mail) voodoo…in the end we lost the fight and got kidnapped as US Citizens, we did manage eliminate all Trumph & Brennan with family clones (young to old models) in Newport Beach, en public -erased as ordered Senoritas – we did this with marine with Brennan, Trumph, the Oranjes, The Barak’s, Martin, Jens, Renee on the trailer too en public(like with the Super bowl opening 😉 – just to let you guys know who are the real people’s heroes, not you guys, you are the heroes of mental patients or something – the mob (we also burned a lor family in Palm Springs, just f*ck off East Coasters)

No one(& involved) from our family and Washington or The Hague  but the police and court martial is allowed to enter our home is what want to emphasize, and pleas also not under accompaniment – we will invest $25.000.000 max. because they entered our home and sue them for it or we will hunt them for that money as real Marines…..eeeuhw and for what they did with us inside.


my kids & Judges tied me this penis……on the trailer outside 😉

We also had flying lessons in the new Seaplane from Dornier, between our two houses. A revenge frome Dornier sinse RARA kidnapped them too

In this commercial RARA oblies Dornier and me to create this movie, I am obliged to claim it….obliged to fly it. The coach teached some sporty movies indeed!!!!! Better than the US Navy Grumman  ones without the wing floaters… with us on top of the wings!!!!

ditto me obliged by RARA fying for Husky…we got skinned and burned alive over here – RARA also stole seaplanes for joy at Lake Anna – for the next movie court martial that fought for us went out of their mind, waving around with warrant that I recieved my flyng brevet – when we came back from hospital we court martial killed some Jos, Mijntje, Renee and cynthia, Trees and Bertus clones over here. We also killed a lot of woman from House
of Representatives and her family here. Which we gave a last warning too, she is convicted for it, a terrorist, also for stabbing and beheading my children. She
keeps on changing my nationality to a double one and again I am kidnapped and
killed because of it to Holland again, the insult only to be called Dutch..So we are going to eliminate her out of revenge and her
clones too. [the court martial] We hope in Holland too.

At all
these Hotels, Harbor, Boat owners and restaurants in Oxnard RARA practiced terrorism
and tortured people. We fought with them hostages of RARA. They all seemed to
know us, duuh we appeared to belong to richest people of the village they told
us and we found out. It’s too bad those schizoid sick terrorist apparently see
to manage to keep us hostage. Victims traveled along to Holland and here at
home to have last look at us and our blog in the hope due to memory loss to
remember anything.
Ditto in Corona Del Mar

Ditto for Treasure Island San Franscisco – big fights

For US Court Martial & Pentagon:
My children and I still want to research(again it was disturbed in Oxnard) with Court Martial if Germany stole 4.7 billion Dollar from my Swiss bank account and booked it to Adolf Hilter is account so they could steal it. If so and Germany does not want to pay it back we volunteer for a nuclear attack like we did on Japan 1.5 year’s ago. Or something….we already trained for it….through space too….they already tried to stop us, even in space Or did we already nuked them? Could be….It could also be the money is already stolen back to our Pentagon deposit.