The real Point Dume Estate Mailibu owners

Raised in the sect we found out that churches and musk’s were being used for night overs, for example to travel from West coast to East coast. To transport bombs to create Tsunamis, to create masses of rioters, that would kill millions of people in New York. The survivors were hunted too, what quickly became a Festival, named Woodstock. And like
churches are tactical, the churches’ old Rome sport stadiums too. It explains
the riots and of course the church, the police, will handle them. They work like
Trojan horse, they leave the stadium, kill people inside the city. The police
and news will handle it. For if the army is army again and intervenes they hope
some people will still be left inside the stadium, the Trojan Horse effect. Inside the stadium they fight with each other, incl. the police. They create news images for their war trauma amnesia, to have memory on their raids.

All robberies are planned they just what for us to go for french fries, if we are not there they rob too -to create a falsified feeling of safety with our absence….
tip for you clone hunters: Vincent Van Gogh survived his dead penalties with cutting of his ears, they canrecreate a new Vincent from that. An before you know you hunt cut of ears….

\Before this all happened we had a meeting in our hous with the Iron Man camera crew, nothing they could do, but to fil our estate:
My(my children’s) old house after my divorse, somo gay gangster generals killed me in it protesting, killing my children and me, bombing my(&my children point Dume – this 1 billion dollar estate, anything cheaper is not a good sky craper or mega structure(Donald Trump 1996), can CM fine staff staff? for absurd mistreatment and mental illness like say for a 1 billion dollar on our account?

we had a MH-53E Sea Dragon(new memories:A Warhog machine – READ BOTTOM BLOG this house is
already a rebuild from a wounded constructor – I had the Starship Enterprise build and it was parked here
as megastructure – I remember to fly to space once with Janick and Lauren their minor school mates –
 the President collected them from school of course –
a structure with dishes was over their – at least so rich we are….how.. read about tyhe machines their engines –
schiziod Hollywood thought it was meant for them….it might be used in a movie – magnetic shoes…etc etc)
I believE for tsunami escape and help after
the landingspot was a big pool you could mini waterfall slide in with waterproof towel bag
from the house – isis forced us to buil a landingspot for the president and hitler
edit: John Brennan flying it into a breaking(by Marines)tsunami – old images for Hollywood – they had to adapt -just look how we build
the engines – on rotatable wings just like the machines -our own space and troopers supply ship – we evented they cook meat sealed in plastic method -our tooth were falling out in space – we needed fresyh meat back than – this is already rebuild II – version I could host a couple machines for maintenance hence the sliders instead of the later placed regular wheels see machine pic below – we were invloved because we had Galactica ships too in the 70’s that is real ones – the enteprise’s like this belonged to it to – like a catamaran sailboat with engines -you know what we mean?

thanks for Cosmopolitan for bringing us these pictures so we could hide them on the net
we build this house with 60-80 US Court Martial Judges …pure university…they are still furious
this is after tsunami, Brennan than organizes House Parties(see bi grass fields) were we on stage are humiliated and burned. The amount of mob in hte army in the neighberhood is to high to help us. It takes longer, tha have to come from even ourside california. In two sessions we killed like 70.000 gay(read bottom blog) youngsters and their parents, made me think about what happened in Koeweit on 100% pure gay US army camp……they removed the factory from our soul, even I workked there who did not, even Lisa Presley worked there……

In the first build – wich was mega stunami save we could dock our boat into the mountain
it’s removed so we are not going to rebuild we said – it was removed because of the movie
– they had to pay for all rebuilds in attempt to steal our money – we had put in 10X more mnoey
what the build like the modern sky craper was rubbish

my kids and I were abused for the movie Iron man in our house – they really shot at it – we did not mind having those criminals in our children and I were tide up down here by the CIA, Brennan, Martin E & Marisse after diving with C4 -the rockets from the movie choppers were ad hoc writen into the script -these were Court Martial images espionaged into the movie – with arisocrat flamboyance Brennan ordered it to look like a earth Quake – her ordered a tsunami over the phone -they had problems with stock(nuclear loads) – Some Gay(==schizoid & criminal) Commanders, although they are all decent married with lebians, from Oxnard had stole our bunker and were placing it in a hole that they had dug ?!@#$ withour bearings etc etc to schzoid to even watch, my god we hate those discusting creatures – we bombed it – the house was wrecked already – it was transported to Oxnard with two machines(Warhogs we call them -read bottom blog) – one of the reasons why Brennan and his Gay leage do sent us tsunamies in attempt to erase all macines – even in space we had to fight against ISIS and gay punkers wrecking our ships…..

even stole our private jet for the movie – last we flew in it again


a photo of me – kids made it -MArtin M. stabbed me in the head before it was taken – i was beheaded too by agents too wipe that out – after this picture the kids were taken away – I was brought too a Marine base too hunt them down with Marines

here we dried our wetsuits -actors from movie flamethrowerd cm judges and us in here, in revenge we did back -in washington we placed these showers in the garden of The Country Club -we managed but their clones were already watching us

the basement where Brennan and it’s Bearing mob stole our mecha schok demper system to hold the house down verticaly – to have bearings without has no use with big ones we tested on the test site
in the battle for those bearing we killed more than 60 thief Marines, not deadly un wounded – they stole dampers from all bridges, mayor offices, shools( I even removed my children from school), military bases – eye witness – all in multiple states – killed people with demper knowledge – I guess ISIS likes quakes more than Tsunamies to eliminate their enemies – they send a TV station team and we might forget – like going out with our limo – we even aranged extra guards, we got killed and ripped apart by the crowd for four botlles wiskey –a TV station team – we were repaired and armed guards stay un needed that way -it happens with other stars too – eye witnesses we are as hostages of ISIS –we had diagonal shock
dampers of 90 ft(27,meter) length and 10 ft width (3 meter)-John Brennan sold
them in the harbor total proud of his insides for $2000,-

oh PS they ship they iron “legal” to Europe(UK) and China to wear us out

our blanket – fire place marisse burned the children in alive – we here – she sneaked in in ninja clothes with jess and some secret agents in attempt to steal it – the hammerd down the fire place it had to be made smaller- to cold for such a big room


toys for boys and girls department – Brennan organised a lot porn being shot here also child porn – our car proteciont boxes, system, he stole and replaced them with this studio floor

all fire places the same ther were – my kids and i slept here during the build

the two croncrete pilars plced against the constructor and our will, obliged with ISIS violence, the snapped like matches durin an aerth quake -Brennan raised the sea to ram with oil tanker our mountain and house into pieces, his excuse: there was no lighthouse on top of the mountain

the stones were placed by the CIA – very dangerous – they destroyed half the house – we had palm trees – the cut them to pieces with swords – and to make the stones near the fire place notmal in the living room

our limo parking – with a anti slip floor – next time also in the sports car garage

the workplace – abused for captain America -even our heads and those of Judges were placed in – again to thin pilars – Braun engineer (I think build jetengine turbines her hunted by ISIS, than they were gone than they were there, go figure and not only for our boats…..agian pls shoot them or we have to swim litarly)

design we had let made – they were stolen and claimed by the man that signed them

the new coast line we paid for too(cool for delta’s) was detroyed by the mob construction companies and Brennan – this is a picture I took and edited in photoshop -what a bounty to sign it  – just have look on how much they took away in google earth


the plane with Erwin G. ISIS/RARA gangster in front of it -our last flight in it – we bought it and had it developed to remember how expensive the house is to build -the CIA destroyed the Court Martial his paper work in de hope to destroy our army bank account – it should be build with four turbines, two for steering and extra air speed it was not much more expensive in flying we saved a lot with removing the tail that catches a lot of wind – four modern enviroment improved engines the pla reached almost 1700 km/h, far above mach 1 and even through space. The plane stucture was enhanced build to fly above it.

report childporn 2016:

John Brennan obliged me too fil
Lauren in a hotel in Thousand Oaks California – her clit made smaller on the
sport without 
Anesthesia – before she
was killed by abnormal fishing by John Brennan, Huub Beeren, Martin Moesker,
Marisse Zuidema, Martin Everts, Riekie and Bertus Krijvenaar, Hilary Clinton,
Obama Barak, Royal Dutch Family,Senator Cantwell and Sandro Thamer A more than
ten times after CPR her again screaming we are the mob we are child porn over
it started outside at the gas pomp – her brother: the other option with them is
the Flame Thrower time after time
of course I all killed(and their children)
them the same way and both ways in reaction with her brother – I even mounted
their cut off arms on my son and burned them to dead – even 12 marines(with Marines) protecting them on the streets of Thousand Oaks we poured gasoline over them
under laud public applause -they survived with their clones but not all…even
ripped out their organs like they did with Lauren


source xhamster – see title as requested
we had Court Martial and medical assistance – Goolge employees took care of their bosses the same way -butt he they are ok so we killed them to – to bad 4 google  pentagon sftware is better

source xhamster – see title – as requested we had Court Martial and medical assistance

we were just buying some vegetable & meatlof for dinner – atypical Brennan IQ to stage this porn movie as if Lauren and were going to use the vegies for sex – making it they’re glundering of self…

This is a piece of our house in Corona Del
Mar. It was built like a caterpillar. Caterpillars most of time survive earth
quakes, that inspired us & Caterpillar toys(and or the other way around). Always some sort of a shelter/house. All the concrete moved in parts over each other with big earth quakes, allo we had to replace was conection material sometimes, the original also stole and wrecked Portabello Estate


navy report cm:
Janick(Lauren and I) beaten up to dead by Brennan and Comey with brace knuckles launched in f14 betterthantortureafter crazy day making thisdocu – as hostages of ISIS    
Like me like a lot of USA children sent into the sky to survive mega tsunamies, to take revenge, we learned to fly!!


Aka the rat – needs to be verified – i cut his eyes etcetcetc in voodoo after tsunami 
Made plate – Europe’s reaction on our tsunami “Na Und?!” our money our management & drugs
First concert in the usa – my song after killing aunt dolly Parton living in Mexico living like this- blame it on the band – making my children or clones rich adopted by Judges 

First electricity after the tsunami we all looked like this
butt still our song as vets livin in mex – not thos fegs


our other house build attempts on Point Dume Malibu – alot of angels to the side(gay people) – also in this blog we work live – if you see any storage of nuclear loads in the ocean disguised as a dormant whale – remove them – WE work live!! in contra tsunami sending – form sub and flight decks ok do this for us? 4 your memory and kids sent into space…..?!:-)

ps this stone is fake, the history on it too – it belonged to a piece of history from St. Helen I believe, creative espionage from us, the man in question is bounty hunted by us – we even poured the iron in a mold ourselves

My penis, Brennan made me, while keeping my children hostage, film and photograph. We had to place it on porn sites as advertisment. It’s made smaller and thinner. Typing this it’s even made smaller. Eeeuhm o jeah the cough is mad of gay human skin. Grown thicker with steroids by LA leather fabrique. We were obliged to buy it by Brennan and CIA agents. We eliminated almost all Cleopatra’s(female ISIS boss) on it, she wanted too have my penis smaller, that was good hunting.
In Holland we dismanteld a human skin factory too, it’s big and cheaper to have people disapeared seamed. Think of our houses & tsunamies.

— For Penatgon Only —

We found
out that gay people are schizoids, serial killers, criminal thieves, the Monarchists,
the Communists, the terrorists, the Nazis, the religious people on this planet.
It explains a lot. An open mind for criminals? You may kill them on sight and
it will always be self-defense we found out, how strange. It explains why we
have Bounties rewards from different heights, or else you would not know where
to start……it’s practicing science. It even makes genocide on them legal. It explains our rich, they are our Jetset we always say.

Every sky scraper
is a trophy for gay genocide in the eyes of gay people. It explains why they
want to take them down, it explains 9/11, their tsunamis and the attack on our
houses. For us they became trophies indeed. Democracy.

Pentagon with Nato, France and UK deals concerning nuclear bomb loads are abused for tsunamis. To
fill their stock they riot in the USA and steal bombs and warehouses empty
accusing the tsunamis itself. Like they say just now wat we mean with gay
pride. PS after we discovered the nets and were removing them they blew subs for tsunamies – it’s 100% the independence war we encountered – with old Europe and the far east

ps these boats look like aid boats
from the Dutch but were used to eliminate and also generals from Pentagon after
Tsunamis – maybe interesting -we destroyed several of these boats – they
destroyed out Pirate ship near Miami – we patented 
these boats did we not? Car deck and crane is
gone – real wave buster Damen stole our designs we and the army payed for –
with severe violence that is


my kids and I designed it together with a US Navy designer -it is put
back on our name I believe but the Dutch keep on building – like the Ford Jimmy
Jeep something kind of construction – or like stealing all jimmy’s back like we
did- the deck was somewhat made more closed for just being too late for big
waves  -they cut them of on sea and stole it

The Game Changer – it was capable to sail against a big tsunami – we
survived one whit it in the back under the flight car lift with protection –
the CIA welded it open to see if we had not a nuclear motor?? Which was already
shown and verified with lie detectors….we have a freezer can also fish with the crane we catched a $10.000,- tuna -the CIA coviscated it – it had to be first researched if we catched it lega – Brennan just stole -they do that every time – lucky we had some smaller fish in the freezer -can we report this to any one – hope so

our wooden front deck was closed for height diving and sun bading
I we shot of the nose of this boat while they were stealing it
and because Jess , Marisse, Marita and Cleo dived fom it
we killed Jess and cleo on it and discovered it about clones

We also live on it in Jacksonville – did groceries with our Ford Flex, payed
for the harbor. ISIS appeared with even troopers. On all spots listed below,
the us navy airport we had fights with ISIS – three Generals etc the harbor
boss and his family became Bounties (or can be made again pls – the population
agreed)they burned my kids to dead but they had clones (we had to go out to sea
for that again)- we even eliminated some to a full Bounty on the base like
young version of my dad – we had only help from police even with hunting – I
shot down Brennan and a General running from mall towards us to kidnap us. We
had a couple body backs in the trunk -unbelievable this is all true – even the
allowance to shoot them

ISIS even abused us for all commercials – A tsunami was send over Holland…..
before our boat was stolen we destoyed all interiour with flamethrower and water, demolished our washmachines as instructed by the US navy even used our sledge hammer axes(why did we disinged the boat like this?)and hunted at the same time – filling body bags – we tortured them so hard they even brough the boat back -we took picture – from Utrecht police officer Jens we were allowed to publish it because of it kidnapped back to Holland – we also used to hoped helping with collecting nuclear loads stolen back from the UK after the Manchester bombing – we mange to steal out the US navy patented turbines out of the ship as instructed with some help – this was the only way the ship may  brought back – without all the gear – we already had our money and design back – even placed them on the net

see picture name -the |Dutch demanding their stolen jet engines back
back in the USA -with some Judges we went fishing
a temporarily bow add on we had let made to
push against tsunami debris and small block of ice althoug we had a triple thick bow, to protect our paint some more – we took pitcure – our fish gear on the car deck if the car is down we had a terras tent – looked chique enough we had a small ice make – it was our billionares prepper boat – with a navy wink because we bought the army as promised with our money after the tsunamis – it will we be payed back of course – this picture was also meatnt to show that they removed our artic protection – this ship we had build to live on building both houses in Los Angeles -to speed of the vessel was 55knots(101 km/h) -that is with sails to make it more aerodynamic  – very strange we could not send images of hijacking kiled marines, to satelites with the two Court Martial Judges onboard sailing towards the mega tsunami

– we invented for this vessel and patented also for the US navy the super turbo diesel double turbine jet engine -where air and diesel were so hard compressed by contra rotating on both sides turbines it exploded just like a air plane jet engine in the middle – the 4 motors looked like jetengines therefore
Testing it with Diesel, no pistons almost no maintenance, a self build engine non military engine – teh US air force had not even the ball to fly in it they let children do like all those NASA hero’s – than to see them on those pictures like hero’s blehh – the same for Hollywood stars and stuntman – they abused us for it and wonder why we are richer -is being Gay than important, the answer is no – but to rely on that that the Gay people here the terroroist, the Nazis, the Royalties, our enemey. No. To live for killing them, hell no. It made me rich. Are they all guilty, yes, they are schizoids, they are all guilty of murder in the first degree.

I invented in in 1975 on a Vietnam US Airforce base – having no kerosine but only Diesel
it was stolen by RARA/ISIS(code name for Cleopatra VII her gang)
it was patented on my name by Judges – past twodecades ISIS refused to produce again kerosine
– excuse as always the by them created Tsunamies -my kids 
and I were obliged to fly in Russian and US Jets
that had fought the war against ISIS with us aslo as pilots on Diesel – to make us quilty of polution

our garden in Texas looked like this too -masts with auto bungee ropes
with harnesses to escape from earthquakes -CIS/|ISIS demolished them -very
expensive damage
–Janick explicit wanted this in this blog

this a ship we build ourselves – we rented a warehouse for it pcqad cranes etc -Houston- we learned in the Navy – Brennan shot it to pieces – we their boat

we had 4 Ray Marines 4 monitors
for 4D fishing 
Our first attempt -below -stolen -the above is smaller
we had a time limit given by our kidnappers
a too big ship to build alone just to steel our steel
lucku we bought it with the CM

we slept  once had to hide our army Maurauder at the bottom of our ship dock – marines were proud of us – we used it to, like in the navy, building ships hide for CIA and ISIS bullets

we are still kidnapped by the GAY department in the army – we hope not
without revenge on their families and clones

Even with the last rebuild of the
Pentagon GAY department removed and stole the vertical earthquake shock dampers(read above about dampers theft).
One regular quake and like little babies with schizoid mothers you are shaken
to dead f*cked up your ass, and killed by flame throwers etc by your colleagues
that work at home. I you are repaired you would not even know they rule the
Pentagon because you going to suffer amnesia like us victims of the same sect. eye-witnessed and investigated by my children and me they indeed have the right setting under their private houses – we also had a option to place an extra diesel tank into the back of the ship, it was stolen in Housten where we parked our car and Brennan and Renee made this from it in Germany- we had to upload the picture we made from it to this
wikki – we bought three of them from the army – so we can help if needed with placing contra nukes in the water or stay longer on the water after mega tsunamies

the hard top is so forbidden – they mounted on top
to make up an excuse for the theft they were busted by CM Judges
although beheaded and burned they might survived ISIS
like us
the original one was one 2200 gallon big bag from Turtle-Pac


for brainiacs: we fished australian fish in water of north Florida and used ice from the north pole to cool our fish -not only Skipjack’s

two pictures stole from our ship, look how nice we eat -Skipjack:

we skin the fish half very fresh than push it back
and if lucky it is still that much alive that it grows back on to the meat
it looks nice


ISIS is terrorizing almost all
commercial ships that refuse to sail through Panama, stealing explosives for
breaking the ice and torture crew and steal whole ships and loads. On a massive
scale even trying ng to erase that the Arctic Ocean -Bering Sea did not even exist
for stubborn Yankees.  One of the reason we had a thick bow too.

Gwen Stefani showed us her boats as we were sad about the loss trying to get some help for our stolen milirary credit cards of our mountain again and cut in pieces ship, we had a stupid ship. We tried to explain about the Tsunamies, that it was a prepper boat, but indeed. Brennan arrested(beheaded) us for talking about it. Well it was good idea to maybe buy a bigger boat to have more attention but with tsunamie amnesia it has no use either…..ISIS took her boat too for a trip so they where wandering too…one thing it would not survive the upcoming tsunami(for it’s value) although she is the other Jetset –she & husband lived a couple of days on our boat together with us together with Court Martial – like a camping with a
lot of stressed engineers rebuilding the Malibu mountain and coastline – she was happy to see the Hiltons waving on the beach – so wanted to show her boat offered a soda …..
I was glad to sell it to her because
Marines, Judges, Police and CIA insulted with their presence(we are Court Martial. we most of the time take revenge with fe. bombing the police station on insult, not even even for speeding, we are too rich.) on our boat touching stuff ieewh normally I buy a new and they can pay for it. And we kill a couple for wasting our time. Of cource I was going to publish which I had to pay. Glen happy(after a tsunami!!), I happy because the marines had to pay of cource. Touch our money we are going to touch yours.  Even if it was for not shooting  
immediately am sight. In the end it was bought by a Paul Allen we just spend one night on it, forced to sell it both ways. We fought back and hunted the stefani’s, Brennan and Ellen’s. Do not pretend to be hunters, we might need your rear, wasn’t it? We already new capet and furniture in for ISIS to  enter the ship offered by the buildres but happy that we paid for it….

we broke the crane with a big Tuna and one jumped on board
I shot him in the head – again the CIA stole our profit around 20.000 dollar
all out toys for boys were broken -the lit us on fire inside the ship
so with water scooters and bombvests and three Tomcats F14’s
we eight back
Some Marines wanted to show off to Brenna, a 1.4 billion bounty, how to blow a hole into a starboard. The same ones that us sub marine oil tankers to ram estates to impress themselves instead of hunting humans. We almost eliminated them all wit family. My children and I. In principle unbelievable, create tsunami, ISIS is in an oil tankers with diagonal steel construction to resist water pressure ditto the steer hut. And we wandered how they manage every time with those tsunamis.
Marines impress with money not C4 gents…..

My kids and I had a farm build in Texas, like this. It really pinched a hole in Brennan his sub oil tanker, read above. We hope we can still live there. We were saved afte a couple days and survived on frozen fish and chemo toilet, oil lamps, accu’s etc . In the oil tanker every one drowned….

reported stolen for their own vessels by Brennan ouir
instant warm army food supplies wich can be bought at any base once a month or two weeks
really stolen fromn all our homes and vessls – we had top open the door….
some Brennan gave some too even gave a review on youtube about
the most deli chicken in the world

The firts and final design for Malibu Point Dume made on our boat -off b*llshit
ISIS complained about my dirty table…….they can not even build a decent tsunami resistant sky craper

the bunker I slaughtered 3/4 of ISIS
in – worth a billion? damm right more effective than a tsunami, damm right

It’S like the Big Giant, the Dutch frikandel. Dutch Royal family, my
family and me go to the USA. A festival, a French fries delicatessen store to
eat French fries and Big Giants. Big Giants were the answer to small Hot Dogs.
Brennan his solution. A tsunami , kill more than 30.000 hard working Big Giant
employees. French fries delicatessen stores where forbidden, these days typical
Dutch and Belgium. Mc Donald’s did not mind but did not agree. They will beat
us up than too. How it was to be eaten and f*ck the Altamont crew….owh jeah
Brennan and my dad robbed a French fries store, during the Altamont Festival ,
together with two Mac Donald’s managers 1969, All French fries store were
forbidden by the mob. The Dutch Belgian stole the concept to cover Brennan and
my dad and Capone – since than he demolish in every store glass showcases.Boat supply stores, Wall markets, Butchers you name it, total phobic.


This Coast Guard ship too, perfect for shooting at ISIS during tsunamies, I had to gray out the background air from the CIA, the ship is taken apart after a tsunami threw it in Los Angegles. ISIS and Brennan hijacked the boat and crew with all thei cruelties. We even used flamethrowers on it, the coast guards too.
This is my children and me on a honor round…..ISIS took picture – it’s our old boat I know remember -Brennan stole it from us with gay department
coast guard, the other coast guard tried to give it back -can we have it back?
it had crane for drinking water containers and our toys for boys – see other
ship – but with some more lesser open parts – it was even possible to load two
small containers with groceries – behind the high bow we had raymarines stuff protected for real storms

how they again cut pieces out of our
portside and starboard in total length and the backside either it had also a
stern loader tailgate – the deck was closed but could be opened for crane loading – was it build in Houston? It could also break ice a bit?


Concept and company that build it or at least again a Dutch Company that stole out designs , paperwork and patends. The also used severe violence on us, we shot at them but got hijacked. We were lucky Court Martial busted them but they had jump into the water…..the drive shaft was obliged with torture placed outside – Brown did not – so if Brown ever feels to build again after meeting ISIS we do not know – it was delivered with a inrternal shaft

stranded in the waters of Suriname
after a tsunami, Braun and my children and I

the cut out the propellers
section to remove  all jet engines -read above

Marines thought it
were F14 engines we had to leave some exhausts
do you know what we
mean? Yes the boat has for water without debris propellers too
we offered the steel to Suriname for guarding us while we were working
First attempts of the Dutch
stealing it -this is a boat build on a Pentagon approved yard named Braun -they gave us a
list to pic from…the boat is disguised total wrecked in a tsunami , out fear it would collanpse tsunamies(that is what we do too my kids and learned in the army in all war area’s since Vietnam)
It arrived in Rotterdam -I bombed
it with my kids in F16’s, we were captured and fur fun we mounted, although obliged as slaves, these exhausts, hence our ford F750’s(I bombed it in chad, Marocco & Saudi Arabia too I believe) -it’s back
in scaffoldings


Ulstein Verft was the first to steal our design with violence we bombed them(Norway) too and gave them a tsunami too, furtter we hunted all Royal anchestors in revenge to pay for the damage -with Holland we did the same…It was our shopping boat in Malibu Mountain which could transport some containers…it became a survival vessel -but we are richer now….

It’s like my design for like the
JSF for this plane -this one is stolen by the Russians -you really build flying
dishes with it -also used in 2004 Hollywood movies fabulous. And you can use
them to reach space….who would not like that….ISIS Washington…it’s still a US
patent in which I am involved or owner.
Jet’s it is being used in for the US army -my children and I fought in these jets after tsunamis -these are/were real Jets!! the Church did not like them(the gay)
conviscated they cauptred my children on this air port, the red army – we resqued my childrn with it on a 16.000 high frozen created by us Tsunami we shot almost all world leadres and even the on the ice lande air force one for it – the ice broke and the fel into the water(around tibet) – the air base was taken over by ISIS on return – my kids were allowed to film and take picture – Hollywood does too – we used machine like this in Alkmaar +- 2004 to rescue my kids from ISIS and Bussum/A1 2010/2011 – Libia 1986 – Kuwait 1990  the modern terrorist has(think google maps) high frequense sniper visors to shoot blades -even my dad had one in Nam…we needed  a replacement for the chopper – my kids and I also used b53 bomb(nuke) rack’s with some sort of container connection to bomb areas in the usa filled with foreign refugees while US citizens were drowning in the ocean – west miami that was..we hided in the sahara were loaded with nukes again an gave britain, France and Holland a coulpe thousen mile high tsunami back – we were shot down in the North sea by Nato fighter Jets, they do not want visuals on tsunamies, it was a gammble, since then we are caputured again by ISIS,my kids and me that is – with whole squadrons we watched the tsunamis from space in these machines – soldiers watching their childere and wives drown saying nothing about my children were pilots too – we just went on – even Hollywood stole and used our GoPro images – we used to park them in space – one of the reasons ISIS is searching up there hijacking space shuttles- – we had one of our own to hide in space with disasters, with a 3 person cockpit – me:

The Anti Christ
our Malibu mountain had a internal boat dock – it was sucked  facum
to keep tsunamies out – the door was tested, (also with me on it)
with rockets on a sub tsunami speed – it was blown by marines
from Oxnard – with this plane we blew thei shelter
hunted them down all with family after tsunami
we used this one too on rebels in Japan while the nuke still were thrown
it really like hot air although your swapped some yard from time to time -it stays in the air
it floats etc – we already had grave yards of these machines – after the tsunami
Brennan removed them and replaced them with A10 Thunderbold yard
well our army investments stop her – we are not investing in a after W!! looking
GAY army with gay quality navy ships – all has to be Court MArtial quality
THEN WITHOUT PROPELLERS – so where is they black departement of the us army we invested in?
thes mult purpose planes are wanted – hippies say that different…..the people tsunami/disaster survivors NOT
we had concentration camps disguised as aid in Los Angeles not even two years agoo
they wobble…yes perfect in space to not hit debris
all those thunderbolds yards a fake, think tsunami – who going to recreate a used plane yard baby? sick?
they hided my plane in some f*got military base – underground – researching it
whit even “our” Pentagon Generals and a Hitler and Napoleon clone, we killed the all
brought my plane back to the service and did some Terminator sh*t on ISIS hooligans
on the other if we withdraw our money the machines are gone
you guys have american citicens hostage longer than a day
do not tka any risk if manly importance but olympic
afraid to end up in washingtons prison – to homo to shoot
your trainer for any training but hunting like we
babe -homos you will never bve than marines or commando’s
the answer hunt chicken or rabbit fagot’s
and if you are trained with chicken or rabbits
better leave the army -ypou will never become a real warrior -that’s science
at leats not ours – and we kill nerd pretend to be hetero or commando’s
or marines that hunted chicken or rabbits – better believe it –
for the insult – for homo’s we do not build the machines
how do you explain to your child soldier that killed for you
that you train mannnnnnn -he got killed – every one got killed fighting
like i helped many many many army children to kill their father or mother for offending our race
not to take revenge, or to prevent by mur,der, on those tsunamis or at all
we made them rich like me -they did not even want to get richer
when chief asks for warriors you better not send your children
you know what I am saying?


Space Invader

punishment -jets look like this -and for the rest we need to shut up about it. janick and Lauren:(WE ARE NOT INVESTING IN RETRO/NEW COCKPITS – WE DEMAND THAT MONEY BACK – CM TOO I BELIEVE)



We welded engines
to oil tankers, on the sea with the same diesel technology, being kidnapped,
with the promise to Hollywood we would make a flying dish for a tsunami movie,
but at least we could bring millions of US citizens and animals back to the USA.
So with flying oil tankers!!! So we hope to start hunting the responsible this
way so we can make our war machines again. We invented even the turbo diesel engine 20 years agoo because they wanted to prohibit this type fuel  because you can also space travel with. It new its scary you think but no it’s a too powefull weapen to defend our country according to our enemies and thereby legal again.

— EOM —

When I was young (70’s) ISIS threw Tsunamis,
we earned 5 million dollar per ISIS gangsters per day minimum, all of us. With
an average of 20 per day….
top kills were om the above 300 million – we
just do not know why since 40 years the elite earns the same as us – the same
for us being hostages – you guys are more surf boys than rich – I had to shoot
Obama, I was working in Holland(as hostage) – he wanted to shake hands in Afghanistan
against all rules – 30 years out of service and the USA…we are ashamed more
than….after last tsunami we hunted with some of your children thinking their parents
were drowned – they wanted to die fighting and only to die fighting they made
millions like us – asking us if that was ok althought it was a bit their
parents fault not hunt….we guess we had to with them – a similar child soldierreport stolen by Brennan: Art from our Portabello, made by my children for me. While constructors were busy. It’s an earthquake – you are going to die detector – if the stones vibrate out from above -youre bearings are broken or stolen – can you make it outside – or can you reach the water

A piece of land my kids and i bought -to have some rest – sea life park -after a big tsunami – no hotels not boats…..we build a house lived here a couple months(2007-2015) first we lived here in an army tent – buying a small piece of land is better than to ppay for damages of by RARA wrecked hotel….


A tank my kids and I bombed into the tsunami to break it – we managed – it lowered 600 meters – we uploaded dive picture

My kids and I lived on the McDill Air force base Tampa Miami, we rented a house over there, we were kidnapped away by ISIS on a Sunday, swim pool day – bight fights between the gay and non gay
EEuhm like I am a Miamier too, was Miami not the biggets mtreopoles in thwe world in th 80’s and 90’s – it look like the 70’s now -thats a 15 million tsunami dead people? I remember to go  out with lis and we drove from west to east only within City area’s Last year Fidel Catsro entered the west Coast with aid troopers, he could not believe his eyes, it’s a bit uncle Fidel, so we promised him to publish….Even Arnold Schwarzenegger called it uncle sam’s cigar….I hope we can make nuke from cow poop

A us marine ship we found near Africa after tsunami – my kids and I staff staff staff brought it back – it’s me who plays golf – we had husky’s on it – CIA: husky planes are for grass foelds and golf tracks…we lived on it with Court Martial and did spy work and were on the run – ohw on this boat a lot of marines and commando’s are excecuted by the Court Martial – we had to shoot too

For the rest we found out that we have US
Navy/Army inside the troopers who identify themselves as and with NATO (independence
war). That NATO is our enemy and always will be. That was something to remember
for the Court Martial so they could strike out all compensations. They or we (my
kids and I) had to remember and blog and my other website…..saying while we
were captured again and deported to Holland.

Something Janick and I did to stop Lauren’s torturemnents on deck of a US navy vessel -see pic above -we killed all crew members plus family for not intervene

Our Leopard 51 powercat – stolen by ISIS, CIA agents and John Brennan – we had to sail it Europe -Lucky for us Leopard people tracked them because – they attacked the factory – I took this picture – and maybe stiil don’t who to adress to from teh CM reporting it
So starnge that we took aour boat to Europe….with our story……total happy with the boat having no home and looking for a new one -full hotels(tsunami) – we temp lived in it -easy to clean and have fun – with the tsunami warning some leopard mechasnics were so nice to bring us two extra 400hp external egines – we lost the hat & dropped 300-600 meters down – we broke the wave & destryed ISIS their art work – paint them white next time? -we could keep them up to save gasoline

Have a 3d tour in our boat -our towels and
linen – although Brennan stole all navigation to mount in his boat – Our extra motors, handy to have 2 types fuel, were removed & stolen for this picture…
Our Leopard 58 we bought first Marisse and
Brennan my former employer with colleagues stole too- We had a hurricane warning
but the docked it in Miami. Used it some later for hurricane news reportages on
CNN repeated two day ago again – together with two (Three) water scooters. On the
second picture we took, like almost all on Leopard’s site, you will recognize
Marisse maybe. 
me taken by my kids
Marisse and ISIS
the waterscooter lift – our pride –For real black & white Court Martial::
– attempts of Leopard to retried and expand to more offices in the USA – they are
terrorized by their global agents and ISIS members in our way – eom

our rubber boat they just gave away to others 

Things(pronounced  like Paris Hilton, although like us she had to learn by her self too)

 like this Brennan put on our boat while we are computer sail brevet educated

For stealing my kids water scooter every time while they we diving I had the Eclipse(for the |Java ide we sometimes program in – for our memory) build – with a sub marine onboard!!!- we lived a few days on it – we had to use our missile defense system in US waters etc etc it was shot at etc etc ISIS was captured and was obliged to buy it – it was repaired/rebuild in Russia – where we were kidnapped too to show what was now theirs…..

Our Renegade power boat – John Brennan and agents stole it and had our outboards replaced by these smaller ones – we had 800’s I believe – see the amount of oils presure meters
the boat was wrecked – repaired sold -gone
How USA can a boat be….it had to be destryed for like all waco planes etc etc
we managed to gave them the finger with a turle pac but were captured visiting Powerboats – we first had 4 engines but ISIS wanted to show tha to cut cut a boat in two??? it’s made smaller – we had three pilot chairs


how my aunt Ali went to the moon to fight war, a water-butt with diesel 4
diesel jet engines a broomstick for show. How we see if you did not fight the war
like that and we prefer the War-Hogs too you ain’t marine, court, martial or
commando jet. Diving on the North Pole –that is Venus or Jupiter training baby,
the hunt for nukes. Then again how old is Iron? How old are turbines? How old
is bio diesel? Cleopatra, my kids and me philosophized a lot about it.

Hoolywood made once this of me(like ET or King Kong – read our blog), this is no latex, all skinn and I am a man – attempt to kille me and ghuimor in one -fascism foir CM we hope

a piece of art I obliged had to create, photograph, alter in shop – from my mother’s her young clone her lucky luck gangster lips -did some lsd on he,  my son’s, hands…jup witches are murderers

the one thing we got in common with our enemy

This a young Lisa clone which was not allowed to live on my(our) pirate boat – she escaped from mxcico even doing her her hair hard rock did not help us eliminating her -no gay’s on our boats

my chidren and I and two Court martial Judes – they….(\Den Helder Holland)

eeuhm we still here

Before the
Coupe the CIA and Pentagon(theGAys) build here a mega office, from out of space
before the tsunami stroke Miami we nuked it. They were not allowed to rebuild
it because they had to compensate our damages and keeping us kidnapped from the
Court Martial. Our machine was destroyed by the wave, it was a suicide bombing.
Because of the bombing it had holes so the tsunami could suck it up. Because of the wave there was no radio acftivity, for the house owners. It was ISIS his headquarters, tsunami save….Last year they dragged us on a trailer with Dutch goverment, to show us to the people. All Dutch goverment were hunted by the army, Brennan kept us prisoner and with a boat he fled with us to Portugal. At least we did not give away our earthquake shock-dempers, this is how we lost our gardens in Malibu too,they were laready builing on them after a tsunami. ps should miami not be build higher with vulcano’s? Because of the lava- even visible through glass inside this building?? Bomb a vulcano – top it off and start building again….Why did ISIS flattern out Miami, well Brennan I observed on high building in KKK clothes with upcoming tsunamies, screaming, like a priest, burn mf burn mf, in the the hope the tsunami would pull the lava up….
there used to be a vulcano on this spot….


Southbank – Jacksonville
we were hanged and skinned on this radio sender by ISIS – employees of the radiostation helped with it as even as two Court MArtial Judges – help from MArines came late they had no permission had to kill some gay Colleagues – we knew why -we hanged Obama Brenna and the two judges back in ht e mast – tehre was still even some fake hunting inside the radiostation – we managed thought to hunt back….CM took our guns away and other CM Judges immidiate brought three new ones, well needed they guessed – we had some shootings indeed

Pico do Fogo

one of our(my kids and me) rockets missed target, our went just through ISIS his oil tanker -CIA obliged me to make wiki about this vulcano -the small vulcano inside the crater is created by CIA and the sovjets – it’s one of the reason’s the compensated our boat back -like we created the three vulcano’s in West North America – to bomb our own troopers for having people kidnapped for leaving soldiers behind – like me when I was three -and with my kids a couple years agoo -they were removed that’s wat constructors cough soldiers do rather than Bounty Hunting – we did Moscow and Washington to hence the mega building in Miami and again they kidnap us…wait until The Court Martial hears about it……….pico fogo enough for 3000 mile high tsunami over florida for having the megastructure, removing the vulcano,creating tsunaies with ISIS and most of all having us kidnapped – vulcanos do lift up the USA above sea level that’s an advantage – they were a lot of African people
collecting the iron on top of the volcano, most probably
of the melted
oil tanker, they told us laughing they always did, we were busy indeed with
contra and contra contra tsunamis for some time – ISIS suprised us with a machine – they stole from us – we had fights about it in Den Helder

I raised my kids her -I own(ed) this property with garden – tried a anti -earthquake company on it – in the trailers lived MArt(maarsenveen with brother) clones of my dad, mom, renee, cynthia, trees, Mary, Jesus and Cleopatra -my children Cleopatra and me lived on the beach it’s only visible with google earth 3d on as promised -a after tsunami survival place – we found out and we hunted them and again billionares -Cleo too she helped us – we had food – we did not recognized her

reported stolen from Portabello by Brennan – made by my kids and me – it had be researched for sect – we were not allowed to us a Pentagon sign it could remind us of our rich – we have to make this thing ourselves because a lot of designers are schizoids or the schzoid CIA is bothering them with our purchases – with fascism that is -ISIS was waving it around on our catamaran – my kids & I killed her for it -burned her outside on the Kay – RARA just let it happen

2014 – temp home in the USA – some Judges helped making the storage before wouls suffer amnesia -we bought this one to try to store our adventures in space -ISIS crashed our vessels on earth – we aimed it on Holland because of the polution – we were brought to the USA for Justice and had to live in this temp home -Washingtom? Could be – some time to lay low we hoped but we were lyched -see lauren her boots – isis walked in them too – we were naked these were some quick warm clothes from Judges (source ps CIA stole this logo from us – attemp or thought about to start bounty hunt company – 3 m = 3x a moesker eye=looking for convicts – site owner became a convict for beheading us – we already hunted him and his family a couple times, with contra beheading and flame throwers, he was helped by marine who were killed by pouring lava in their machines – by us tampa air port)


we really played with it (source) we played with it we played with it we payed with it we played with it… eeuhm we had some turbine engine problems, bullet damage, the smoke is from welding


I found some film footage of my children
and me filming lava at the bottom of our internal dock ‘harbor’ inside our
Malibu Mountain –as instructed by Marines suffering the same problem. Film it
so CM can study it.
It explaines why they tried to kill us on Hawaii and or had us filming lava on hawaii. The lava could remind us of our Pentagon rich(for stealing, having us disappeared – CIA/ISIS) -inexperienced “‘, we talk to each other aloud…

We called this image dragon poop – one of the reasons why THE Court Martial and we raised the tsunamies a couple thousand miles – for changing us into Kink Kong, Dinosaurs and Dragons for Hollywood movies Dragons. that could fly, knowledge we used flying the machines……on of the dragons can still be found in space curled like a planet, that was me in the hope to freeze – or did we explode it….

reported stolen and wrecked, wrecked while it went on transport, on delevery and in the water. while beheading, skinning and raping us, all repairements were paid by us, we had a wonderfull 350 miles but they blew it into pieces with C4(Miami). we bought it for the races, two extra shafts a couple tsunamies later. John Brennan and Hilary Clinton wrecked our new 2017 DCB M35 WIDEBODY powered by Twin Mercury Racing QC4V 1550 twin turbo with M8 Drives – $700.000,-(or they tried to make us buy one – we got the money so….)

I test drive movie Janick and I placed online for the date

My kids and I bought a home on Windy Point Road – Lake Placid also for our new DCB race boat – pushing it into the water on our first storm and earth quake at the same time – After Tsunami -evacuated area we were the first, we could flee into the water over here…. ISIS dragged us out of our home skinned,raped burned – we were brought to the navy loaded the bomber to nuke the presidential garde, the Royal Dutch family and navy, Cuban army, they got clones but no-one survived -we gave Miami a new face – we hope the house is still ours that’s all

We drove our boat, boaght in California, to Miami ourselves with our new truck. Janick received some lessons because we are very rich and have to flee wounded a lot……the truck was stole and shipped to China, we tracked but suffered problems with Chinese local government who was proud of the theft…

Brennan tires to show my mental illnes, family members shoot at my children and me. We just wabnted to show them our newest investment. Here I Burn Riek, Cleopatra, Martin(his young clone), Marti, Bertus, Brennan, Hilary, Huub and Renee. Brought in the news as a plane crash. A regular Marines flame thrower fo coastial work, an answer un burning us all the time..some extra tickers on our warrants for them whom we bought at the CM’s office. I was skinned black burned on top of this hill a three year old clone of me, clones of my kids tried to run away from them, they were also walking next to me, ISIS piled up to prove I they were traitors, I pulled the trigger – A Diesel Jetengine Flame thrower – home made

A US Court Martial Judge who approved my children and I walked around like this -we made him and legendary picture -before I fed him to dogs -roasted that is – a Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas productions(see our trailer more below), They did not want to remove the nuclear loads stitched into our bodies, of our team, team nuclear bombs& tsunamis, in such a way we amateurs could not remove them and my & me kids walked around with dogfaces to and dogs with human(ours) by the way. They just do it while you are in sleep, on the air force base too. We stitched young Riek and Sony(read more at bottom this site) clones too with loads, still they did not remove them, my kids and I hunted them and still they did not remove them. Inside tsunamis waves we tried to lower, in diver suits, they exploded us & fellow marines, white bright, almost electric, fire light, Los Angeles was hit, not enough man, too much gay terrorism.

Our galaxy a picture we made – we stopped a idiot from Miami, the build roads with lava over there -throwing hardener into the sun with ISIS – the are with their leader now -isis too again

a tradition of many very rich people is to straw a ounce of pure gold in our milky way
it’s as old as the USA, the first Pirates hided their gold in here – we did too
Paris and Cleo did too a bit so as the Royalties, with a na gut…..
for every stole golden teeth we steal straw a million back

flying through the in space ly through the sound barrier with our machines -my kids explaining and showing of:

if you shoot at this speed bullets look lik this to in front of you
church/schizoid==criminal collegues get into trance and can not fight no more –
they fly into their own bullets
perfect we say – Brennan and his brothers try tp erase the original machines
below the new machines their speed – denigration for gay pilots? Because of it
we are shot down into the North Sea kept hostage in Holland and no comes to
rescue us…

we found out by altering ammo for the Pentagon’s super railgun -so it would create a balloon of vacum around the bullet, being hostages with the staff staff staff – they applauded – we were showing off bare naked – in the hope they wpould like us more and for our passports -and for our heads not to turn into bullets nomore by ISIS they did – out thanks back

little air show the X-chromsome – |I managed but I had take photo’s – my children & two members of our squadron speeding up to split earth in two, I had the honor too finish it with the Y(ankee) chromosome

Anecdote from my / our (with some creepy Nazi clone state) memories:
As you know, I’m from America. Europe lived a lot of puritan, no cheese was made, only sausage. Everything came after WII from America, cheese, also French and Italian, grapes, vegetables, potato. Outcomes that did not come from the church. However, you had a Court Martial, the so-called Cheesecake from Alkmaar, this was on the Dam, which already has problems with military trucks. It was a trap for those who dared to address the old witch watch. A very young Royal Highness Willem Alexander knew that they were moving to Alkmaar with a student stew, so to import those cheeses, but they themselves wipe away with that thing, a floodwave across Holland and we would forget it. Funny, right. In France and Italy (a hot / hot / methylted cheese sandwich everything on it became pizza ??? to sick for words but a nice word … pizza) happened the same as Americans but know that they can be very proud of their cheeses and fries and rice (because of all US wars in the far east, you hear from a Yankee) this same story with those golfers here, There are tortured people who make them by Europeans, fearing some orange colored in the past. I used to be a cut out Embryo, and my kids were making me again, which my mother showed to men to rob them. A witness, chased by faith, was called the embryo. We got bread with cheese or sausage at home, very lean everybody and fat people were tortured. E same story with those golfers players here, there are tortured people who make them by Europeans, out of fear some orange colored in the past. I used to be a cut out Embryo, and my kids were making me again, which my mother showed to men to rob them. A witness, chased by faith, was called the embryo. We got bread with cheese or sausage at home, very lean everybody and fat people were tortured. E same story with those golfers players here, there are tortured people who make them by Europeans, out of fear some orange colored in the past. I used to be a cut out Embryo, and my kids were making me again, which my mother showed to men to rob them. A witness, chased by faith, was called the embryo. We got bread with cheese or sausage at home, very lean everybody and fat people were tortured. E very skinny was everyone and fat people were tortured. E very skinny was everyone and fat people were tortured. Eand Court Martial stands for science in shipbuilding, army planning, court case, mention. Anecdote? The American Court Martial has pointed us out to be our identity.

Like the home-chopped mill, when I was young, Americans put in parmezan of old cheese – for spaghetti and pizza – meat was made with slicing knives – all ia cover up for their own criminal activities

Pentagon Court Martial Message(pls send) -the non political ambitious one, the we wanna be famous by rich(bounty hunting one)
Like the Orange cheese read above, our machines were adapted to look cooler. To reach speeds like image above(the middle image is too slow for space wars)  we need to have engines like this…… – a picture my kids and I and one of the inventers of the engine made on Airforce Base Tampa two years agoo, we were drowned in lava, so to keep promise…..the mnachines also do not need!!! Wheels but sliders. EOM!! PS My kids and I are stationed at Tampa normally.

see how the engine is split in two on the wing – with channel in the wing – storage loss!! speed loss!! Too slow and……. we got shot down by a Jetfighter……North Sea last year…suck engine vacum -start it and go! Non scientific, Court Martial, litter with schizoid influences:

other machine standards: just as human can walk into a standing wave(created by navy) to enter a sub marine for example
the machines could do that too, it changes than into a sub with jet propulsion 
this desigh is already better, See the nod in the wing, think steering a catamaran sail boats with engines 180 degrees very fast :
When I was young you had to steer them like this,
my modern one had a Joystick.
One of the reasons steals our boats, one of the reasons he is wanted by the Court Martial.
we had start motor or outside start turbines and a internal, like a T-Ford way
to start the motors
A army that fines all their employees for leaving man behind or hostage or in prison innocent
 with having to pay back their salary for the time their were
who calls that an army – well we did – and we kill who made us
steal our salary – like in good pirate movies – or else you are not a soldier
did they not recruit soldiers? People pay tax for soldiers. You have to pay soldiers for killing people or else……ships build by soldiers not by crooks
you are now all criminals with a record for having us kidnapped
pirates of the wrong kind, thieves…..
that’s how we were drilled as yankee soldiers
Hope you guys find a Court Martial to un-thieve yourselves
pirates the crooks call you if you killed their fellows for slaving you bodily punishmentnot that we don’t dare…)
we paid our fines
we earned our skulls and bones the right way(deadly important for crooks, so not be used as camou
you will be fined) –
me an my kids:
in space: if you do a run-up, what goes faster your bullets or you
one way to find out – for some people – for all people sometimes (tip: the bullets have no engine)
they look than like the cool pics above – the bullets
I shaved my long hair of for the fourth time, four times the CIAs has placed it back
on after bullets through my head
me in 2016 attempt 3


my lips, nose, penis, hands and the back of
my skull, lesser brains are malformed by the CIA –so I gonna cut some skull to collect bones x 1000, my bones etc are collected, again, like our genitals, on
my victims and lips again –my kids too than – surgeons too – we go hunt again – in Utrech too – update I am training my lip muscles like I told my patients “;-)” 
Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas, it seams to help…..I had a big beard – lazy mien

Oracle Catamaran
Like they microcomputer,
now widely known, we do and did not mind, we had developed this catamaran.
Microcomputer controlled to save some crew. It was stolen by Brennan and sail
team Oracle (we have to hunt them from time to time). We killed them more than
once, as long as they now this winning ship, and it always the ship, hence the microcomputers,
is our design. Hell no we are going to settle for a leopard catamaran.They really toruted us to steal this ship, with fasicm violence.

 my kids and me nehind the steer, ISIS is on board, we try to get them intrance with jealousy, the version with micro computers – TheAC72  was born, I was born in 1972…  made up our new invention’s name as legal patent holder – we first had a different nam but it was stole by hte AC mob 

the Oracle version, more interesting crew
needed, we shot into pieces with F14,’s -just for fun – but thank you for
changing the patent rights!! The software of this ship Brennan tried to destroy
with tsunamis as so the scientists. It controlled the fins etc according
measurement equipment. What happened to the scientist we do not now……they
were attacked too and maybe tortured by CIA – tsunamis for a catamaran but it
has to do with army’s contra church machines we figured out and we might need
some help with this one comrades…..What do you do with your money issues are also important….
Those schizoid Oracle people wrecked ours, thinking it wat a new contest vessel, but we buils a yacht. The mid section had a kitchen. The ship could sink to the bottom of the sea to survive tsunamis, it had waterbalast tanks, easy to lower masts construction therefore, a from salt to drink water machine and even a diesel engine….very expensive……our next boat, our favorite for docking too was a sub with two periscopes, one for a small mast…..for sailing….Wasn’t this small sub not stolen from a mental healthy Court martial
Judge? We had one too. A water bike pedal option was included…a live
some marines think they may confiscate vessels(most of the
time gay/schiziods) from people of our hierarchy….they were executed but ISIS stormed in too….we are
Court Martial rich too..that means our money and behavior is tested monthly by
the Court Martial. Think Heineken, he and I were kidnapped by Amsterdam police
in the first place for our money. Even the clone of de Ruyter trained us like this, thinks you should/must know on the moment your pinky toe enters the deck of a vessel, a ship. This could be my kids & mine sub marine, a very strong cool -easy too build & to order material for I remember….anything we could buy on planet radar was in -Brennan stole all – we hat 4d radar computerscreens to steer this thing -see shock dampers(he even stole our spare dampers stored in wooden crats) – we could look inside other sub marines from the navy almost in color – and they inside our sub -so no use to sniff around on our boat -after a tsunami we were dragged by a sub back to the us with a lot more speed – we used diesel for balast had a big engine – it was pretty fast – but the navy is faster – i am in the picture(after naked being raped) for our ship builder my size is 185 cm – another vessel our gay staff staff staff can pay from their own money, in my opinion Court Martial – Our Blue fin Tuna, catched by harpoen – we attached the rope to the sub -sub marine..The hunt for blue tuna -for the rest we take pictures
Rissia dragged us to Moscow -brought the boat back – killed us in Lava

Brennen his cold war reaction: Pentagon’s reaction: we nuked russia from east to west -killed a lot of politician and almost Poetin, at least a lot of clones of him -we looked in churched – pushing our space ships trought the lava killing billions of those half turks just like in the states- killins much as black and refugees as we can – chuch(white house people….._ oh yeah it wa sus that destroyed the earth creatin tsunamies to even create lake lava Holland -we made some cokes from millions of Dutch people

we were hiding military salary adminstration
inside missile – we had to figh for it inside the Pentagon
before departure, with ISIS that is! under and on the water too
they want their names into the administration I guess

Our next invention was this DCB power speed boat with 2×1700 hp – we had a triler that we parked on the air-base or in the Country, rotated the boat, waiting for tsumami up 1000 meters, start the motor and we managed. hemets on, glasses on, safty belts on, radar on, crash position. Even the sky was black…first we shot gunned own for south american boat thieves – not funny half our bullets gone – for the scary part – the war between survivors – the crimminals-cannibals vs the normal people – with two pedals maybey the best option – some tools to dump the motors -than the gasoline boat comes and you have to dump them for real – or keep them in

An ISIS/RARA YouTube movie, my kids and a are captured again taken away from Tampa and Goodfellow, in the first scene of this movie they are on a bridge, me is in the boat trying to get them wet, in the rest of the scenes you will see my with short hair. Even Grandpa and -ma Zuidema are in speed boats…wounded beheaded trying to programm us scared for speed boats it was really….

ISIS even tried to put me on the geico speedboat in this Key West contest, we even cut off my hair for it more than once -for ourselves…we raced too we believe…

The ZR 48 Corvette Boat a boat we had let build, maybe Brennan would not like it, non marine gear in it who knows, to ride the tsunami, $1.700.000,-!!! We are taking it on a test drive rara/isis is filming and acting – a bit too 007 but very malibu mountain….we give(it’s coast money) them to the navy and they explode (have it cleaned up) our boats every two weeks or once a month – rent a estate or home to have fun you know…

For marines and other marines(commandos), why always start to hunt, our enemey, the gay/nazi/muslim/protestant/religious does not see the defference between a torpedo or the nose of a sub. That’s how schiziod they are. Hence the noce of the moderen sub. So hunting has winning factors, and maybe the only. That we changed the nose and are loaded with guns means those maniacs are dangerous…..

Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas
After flood my children bought(?) this truck.camper, we were placed on Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas. With axes, guns and beheadings ISIS kidnapped us out. Last year or at the end of 2015 they went back. Brennen torched us, threatening us, while opening the truck’s flaps. Meanwhile fight with SISI hooligans also from Utrecht started again, soldiers gained memory on them. Why do we, they, live on the runway track?(see maps) Answer: war amnesia to remind ourselves this was a machines space kadet training camp, they land on sliders, my kids and I were trained here too, to fly these machines……..

Some surreal pictures we took in Africa – see wannadive for more pictures – ISIS stole these pictures from us -THE REASON WE BOUGHT OUR SUB MARINE -OK OK THE FISH WE BOUGHT IN A STORE…..


Janick just shot – why o why we do not have pay tax NOT THE REASON WE BOUGHT OUR SUB MARINE

Gents please noyce: the Pentagon looks at your military saldo for creating elite troopers, the reason why we are active form time to time…..not at your training(s) or papers that’s for gays and stupid people like me….as elite you might become higher in rang than even the Court Martial….key: schiziod – if the mass tries to eliminate you, you eliminate the mass -nice for your body counts….money reserve for the army

We used to own a sm 3 submarine -bought a
yacht with it in 2006 -after divorce the kids were addressed to me -but the
Dutch government did not know I had that much money – about 120 trillion dollar they must have thought – so they destroyed this ship. I found it on the net, “my” sub is for sale – fine have
fun with I already had it(&yacht) destroyed by the navy -the window was to
big not to be busted while cheating and these days almost everything is see radar through…
Our next sub marine, more deck for my
small kids to play on, the CIA stole it, it was stranded in Spain, us in it, by
a tsunami and gave it to Spanish authorities. They honest payed for it and arranged
that it was put back on our account…..a couple years later Brennan lit the
front fan in fire with a flamethrower after he found out(see second picture) – WE ALSO HAD THIS SHIP BUILD WITH ESPIONAGE(CM) -THE FRONT ROTOR(DOWN FORCE) WAS TO REMEBER OUR SUPERSONIC SUBMARINES – (all design were destroyed or given to Hitler(we know how it sounds))-WE FOUND OUT THEY WERE GOING TO BE DESTROYED AFTER TSUNAMIES -THIS A SMALL REPLICA [eom] even in google not a single photo of those subs anymore…..the two constructions on top of the sub and the fence are disguise – we eye winessed the fleed was destructed in the far east, “Korea bay”-crews and we were torched alive in sea containers, brought to live first -some of us survived


Our small cash at portabello’s safe -believe it or not -the CIA stole it and published it like it was Mexican drugs money –look at this site what they hang on the wall -some ISIS terrorists are in tyhe pictures….My dad was they only one smart enough to recieve I pile of hundreds for Grandpa – the front row is from fishing baby!!! It’s like all rich have this -how much can you carry – we need cash all the time – if it’s gone it’s gone -but we will kill you if we catch you – we bought this money money from Oxnard Court Martial being victim of a coupe – at the same time becoming part of the national gold reserve – Judges came to our house to bring or get money -go figure- alol on tthe lie detector – so yeah you will be shot dead and even worse eliminated – six pallets of hundreds it was?

my guns back than – old weapons stored in the safe’s trash can

me in the black coat -very braun from sailing with my kids- ps also money a recieved killing Brennan and a gay friend Colonel int Oxnards CM’s office(raising their voice, fascism violence and threats)-the Mexican text us was given by they Mexican narc police – to frame Brennan with his wanna be in the news syndrom -My children and I sat down and slept on this pile just say we did that on our OWN money(AND THE SAFE WAS THE MOST EARTHQUAKE PROOF ROOM….GOOD IDEA FROM THE CM, THE MONEY)

The Pentagon’s credit card was introduced but still we need a lot of cash….some car dealers demand it….it’s same as get shot for your car or else

 Our last ship – my kids were kidnapped by Brennan -they took pictures – my kids from chopper
We had just eaten easter breakfast, we still had to clean up, but there was a whale so we jumped into the water as soon as possible – this our vessel two the other was more a navy one. A CIA brain wash but a cool breakfast together again….
In that vessel every wall, ceiling and floor was radar 3d, like an
inverted vis tank. The navy wanted it too, to increase the amount of eyes,
because the monitor people as important as they are were constantly stabbed in
the head by gay(nazi) colleagues. The CIA had it removed on all ships because
all their divers were discovered, a big hole in the enemy’s defense it is.

 me looking up – 15 second later we were hit by 1000 mile high tsunami – to whipe it out -the chopper was caught too -in tyhe water lefy behind : renee, Davin and Cleopatra

so nerds what else is in this picture….black spots…black spots on your marine boats for radar see through – gays/schizoids can not handle it
our in China build(obliged by CIA) yacht/transporter – the remains of it plus add ons….
Brennan in those days shot at every USA made Yacht – still does
we painted it this way for radar

The blue tubes stood for that we dived on Neptunus and that we took
these pictures of earth during the war’s tsunamis, the second picture shows
frozen tsunamis, we placed them on the net as mmx2000 pictures – we hided these pics on the bottom of the sea’s of Neptune, as we planned they busted us, and placed the images online through us…the black spots are trees, billions of trees – a navy contra reaction on the Houston floods read below, and the Washington student joke tsunamies – they did not manage to lower them with higher waves – bounty hunting is always the better solution – believe it or not Hollywood was filming in these tsunamis – some of them were killed for palying a part in ISIS’s terror – we landed our ships in these waves to hunt ISIS on the floating trees

in 2013 we already saw these waves to erase the riots after
the movie Iron Man see picture top blog
my kids and I build three backpack Jet Eninges to fly to space
with our dive gear and wet suits -we got frozen and were picked up by Marines
mannn…… even space was moving
we are to rich to hhave no memory -self defense it became
because it was on the lie detector – that’s slavery

A picture so called made by Voyager 2, Those were our code names, Voyager 1,2,3,4,5 etc.

Another CIA attempt to whipe out the mnachines from our memory -I picture Brennan kidnapped us for to take –  I took picture from this vessel once meant to repair our ships in

Bounty Hunt report: Governor Ross Sterling(+staff and famly) picture I took….


 Our house with tsunami damage after Washington his tsunami. Picture we took for Court MArtial. (Google maps location)

my Kids and I had this House Build for our new boat. The government stole it from us and we reported it to the Court Martial. Before we eliminated this high placed KKK politicus I took some pictures, even Grandpa Moesker, a man who is declared dead for over 40 years is in.

The building was made out of one piece of concrete, even we helped with making the malls. They were stored in army warehouse. All windows we latticed with thick steel bars, very a 19th century army style. Very handy with quakes and thieves or curious people. 
our beach was removed -you can still see some of our created dunes “”

first Texas White House??????? goes for action – see tsunami images above – the reaction on killing CM Judges – this site is back on again -helppppppp! CM?!!!

our revenge a smaller port – lowe fences – we paid constructor for quickly and a White car for Brennan to steal and sell – we hoped not -original fences were in order

You know Lauren – a container shipment
company, willing too, for her groceries….and ours 

Brennan had all our big trees stolen by the way – the were on both sides of the car drive -typical southern, we spend a lot of cash on it, he sold them to a constructor – ditto for the bi seaplane, sauna, hangar, garage etc etc this how he left it, we had this tree placed in the middle, symbolic:

he even rammed with a oil tanker our quay -it was like an earthquake inside we had a lot of damage again- we activated our rocket defense systems on our yacht and roof – all were shot at the tanker – a small win in a long batlle

we even build a machine in our boat house – attacked twice but we stabbed them also in the head – the machine that took the space pictures….and took part in killing tsunami, student joke, creators

How it was wrecked, the pilar section is a cover up for John Brennan his mental illnes,

Our swimming pool, placed by ISIS, we hided it on the internet although placed next to the house not in front of the house – 

this was original

the old one – our ex family hijacked the house with violence everything was wrecked -the kids were getting older – the marines & we killed everyone  in this picture, all clones of European…

also an old one -it was ripped apart by the oil tanker’s “earthquake” -all pools internal stairs were placed by ISIS to make us look like fools towards Court Martial

we had this swimming pool too – swimming and diving lessons we had here -our nitrogen was stolen to cool our diving bottles -Brennan needed it for clones -we used the pool instead

we had this design too I believe – but as always we choose houses that are Court Martial approved – so therefore we have to go to a Judges all the other pooles(&houses) were placed by mobsters from Brennan

The house first was build on this hill by the CIA transporting the mall to Lake Sherwood(CA)
an attempt to kill us, abusing our money from Portabello(see pics above) in it with or without quakes – they create them opening vulcano St. Helens shooting explosives towards earths core -the machines you need than too 

My Son, so proud counting dead ISIS terrorist we hided under water – our gasoline was stolen -in his hands officiqal CM’s 

Brennan placed us in a Home in Water valley near Oxford. They managed to lift up oxford and all the lake to give us different kind of tsunami. The do that through the lava and nukes I guess……in revenge Washington was given a big lava lake and of course people than are thrown in, we too….before we were kidnapped we had all our containers, vessels and cars destroyed by the Court Martial and the Navy, for crooks to know…
Also to remember the tsunamies, we also, placed the woods in the US like this…What if the Court Martial is not couped, dayly – we have to catch tuna -they conviscate our house we are on the street again, the Judges too – and they are murderes

To prove my kids and I were work refusers ISIS * the Dutch King created some waves I had to surf on, my kids took pictures. In the water renee, martin, marti, marita and Huub and cleopatra in dive suites and with explosives. And to erase this from our memory they started the big tsunami festival. Jealousy, in between the terrorist, also within the Navy was the main reason…

pictures we made – the appeared to be prove that ISIS sends small tsunamies over Houston-the mob stores
quickly stolen garden garden entertainment on the ocean’s floor in attempt to resell it
one of the reasons we may not dive(after tsunamies)-state secr3ets and all that bull
our revenge on our stolen dive gear
After Houston we tried to start a live in
Tampa Miami, we had obliged with violence a big house build with a pool up front. From the Hotel even
Obama shot with grenades on our home. The Navy killed them all. ISIS created
the tsunamis and we bombed the White House back. After the Tsunamis we obliged
with violence build two temporary homes as we saw it. The Court Martial for
hunting property thieves. Before this house they had build a house on Gulf Blvd around 17th street but Court Martial removed us their and booked us rooms in a resort and the Hotel below, for always some food.

Next we bought and had a house build in Miami Lauderdale Harbours it’s now the garden of the old neighbors we saw in [maps] so sorry for this but we have to report it because of war trauma amnesia and also not, Brennan and the CIA killed the former neighbors and placed some mobsters in this house, we had big shooting over here earned more over a billion dollar hunting the neighbors and our family here -and it still could be our  parcel – this a after tsunami temp house – we lived in it – CIA hides criminals in – psl do that in those typical CIA villages pls – ro dpoes this look like a cia village? nice try baby

our house looked like this- 1 level high L shaped, not a flat roof – car garages

a famous picture -Brennan rammed our house -big fights with marines -we were taken hostage – took this picture – the first dragged us out of this restaurant – humans may not see us – we are hostages -he promised to destroy the city again with tsunamies he did -the city had to look like this again

next they had us build this home -not sure if if we were happy with it or if it was ours, the boat is ours, we slept in it finding a home – we cheated on the fence – see this movie for this ISIS member who wanted it like this – construction mob

All houses or everything we ever bought (except food) or build we and the Court Martial were obliged with violence(hostage taking) to build, by ISIS/RARA and Construction Companies Mobsters – thanks for the weapons to break out now and than scoring hopefully Bounties.

pictures we took from hotels ets from lighting -they were stolen from so as our camera’s by ISIS/RARA gansters


we saw a white Mustang in the right clouds – Cia stormed in I gues we were wired -we were kidnapped and killed again -see Colt Firearm story below



NExt -to stay Maritiem my kids and I bought this piece of Bois Blanc Island -a big save estate,(mariteim was omportant for my kids, two landing tracks etc etc etc – ISIS kidnapped us away and destroyed it with a tsunami, as victims too the buils, we too small houses……we did kille 30 -40- ISIS members, White House Clones and Judges over here – the MArines more than 120 -they turned it into the Utrecht Maarseveen Camping -we bought it for survival – the tsuamies a open connection to the sea and detroit…

ISIS as KKK -with black feathers this time – for a change i really put a lot of millions in these populatin – ashamed for my @ million dollar speed boat – did not I own this island?

in the night people from this island and Brenn KKK’d us -we nuked them to lava for it, some later burned their clones into body back’s – with white feathers -they still had clones

next we bought this house on Lighthouse Road, Southampton, Bermuda – obliged but two helping Court Martial Judges(the got beheaded and beaten up with us all over the island) could not prevent ISIS and a lot of family with clones tried to kill us over here again and on the marine base – they would try to keep this house[maps] -our farewell plant in pot in the other entrance

from out our boats we send these images to the Court Martial, they picked us up in attempt to lower down these by ISIS created hurricane’s in US fighter Jets!! with fighter Jets – we placed the wrong year number and names to hide the image on the net….

Our new hobby making guns, these werte good ones, with silencer, we recieved eduction in the Navy for making them, 1911 too – Brennan always takes away the ones we buy 
the real barrel is taken out by Renee

Brenna have these too ghost town guns or they stole them together form us I think last
we build these fron stainless steel to win the army contest -ISIS took the byte -thats a lot of money
we were kidnapped to the USA -stainless can handle more heat – you can shoor harder with it -also with better & hotter gunpowders
marines and commando’s most of the time make these themselves, inlcusive the turbine ovens
says enough about the price
build in this boat(see almost top blog for more) –


how the CIA steels them and brings it in the news 9they are coke we are meth -in his head)

old ISIS guns we took away from their dead body’s -ready to be taken to the Navy -guns we made ugly so they would hnot steal them we hoped

and these US(original) Uzies

and this beauty,used in pace 

Even Starwars/Hollywood stole our weapons, some still in development





 another good one very stylish







Janick showing our quicly made pen guns -we managed top escape from out kidnappers with them -his hands are a bit burned by steel ship building

the next try [video]

our very very first guns that made us millioniares again – how sweet -Janick his hands




As the
inventor of the 1911/1991 model gun, I (we) earn a lot of money with that. We may
make it ourselves and with disasters we help Colt too as they have this model
in production. We bought 30 -90 kilo’s raw gold to make a real operative gun
metal, what it takes, that’s what we mean. Lifesaving quality. We made a couple models to hunt down four bad cop
CIA agents with their flashy guns. Brennan stole all, but building them we
already hunted them down this time. He sold the guns to mobster gun shop
owners. Well even Angelina Jolie bought one. Lucky we made plaques of our alloy. 
Even giving
out the 9/11 to be free to made for other brands was fraud and revenge from
Brennan in attempt to kill us and Court Martial Judges. He was very angry to
see all the paperwork again. Damages will be payed they promised. It was mine
decision to call it the 1911 model –my family and Brennan were going crazy at
the door inside the Colt factory1911 stands for this gun will bring you your first self defence – your first full bounty -your first millions and a gun permit – your Colt one 911 you than can buy
1911 was also the 911 I had to call when I was young and lived in America, Pentagon’s 911 -linked steel theft to China to have the 1911 model build in China with our own steel – we were tortured and shot dead whem we found out also in China we were tortured
1991 stand for LA 1991 were I was beaten by police on TV brought in the news as Rodney King

My children
and I eliminated Samual Colt, wife and Son for pretending to be the founders of
the Colt factory stealing my old self-made guns every time in Vietnam which not
even the Colt factory took for granted in public they just falsified black and white pictures. Colt a name given to me by a Court
Martial Judge, since I was a kid that was extremely white because I was skinned
a lot by my family, sometimes doctors could not even attach it no more. The
Colt factory was an army workshop I also founded with my millions because they
were making me a small kid again, to have some sort of legacy of preserving my
invention, the colt 1911, my top of my children’s & mine black welding
skills. A revenge against Nazi terror with DNA where we were victim of but DNA technology
is also the reason we are still here….
Janick showing onee on YouTube – showing it’s air pressure – knowledge they will beat out of us for stealing gold…

my son again: these we still use too – tagged for CM recycling

we made it…..three of them

In company
of Colt we even had the privilege to recreate the first colt I made to hang on
the wall in the factory. The CIA destroyed it again and it’s always a big
fight. Also about what name must go under it. It’s very cool to see that Colt is using a lot(almost all), of our pistol designs in their shop. Good of Janick & Lauren that we started to build CM guns.
An article my kids and I wrote to remember our steel gun smith knowledge, we were just robbed and shot through the head, not knowing if we would survive the tsunami attacks and in hte hope it would end up in the back-up of internte that would be taken to space. In this article this piece which is not true in our opinion, we smith and weld everything if we do not use aluminium, ISIS forced us to type it. The text, with my Son Janick his hand, should be:”we make to trigger guards and triggers from this piece of our self created stainless”

Something like a trigger guard doesn’t have to be made of high-strength alloy steel. Mild steel, easy to machine and relatively inexpensive, works just fine.

this how we store our stainless as bolds, to give lazy gun smith thieves a fu, from these bolds we make round pieces like in the above picture

our tools, they stole everything, the CIA, illigal
this was our life



Brennan/ISIS made us steel, copper/steel coils/rinse, raymarines and other
sonar dishes etc(everything) and really everything to lower the quality of
warehouses the army stored approved material –kill/torture everyone inside.
Even taking the effort in falsifying the second or and third recheck of the
material that’s going to be used in the army there, although than soldiers are
than used to make it themselves they sometimes manages to smuggle the material
in. Result: burned wires and plane and spaceship accidents, electrocuted
personal. Or / and they put effort in electrocuting whole ships on the water,
like sometimes happen with whole crews building them. They did with us too, you
just drop dead. For the reason with all that afterwards amnesia to create a lot
of diffusion, damage …. time spilling. We are the enemy, the Yankees.They are
the church. They do this with crews as big to falsify, exchange with a new one,
a national newspaper from of the streets, which they do sometimes….They have
people inside here and there and one is enough…even the super rail gun unit they use to create mega electrocitions during floods, man in swamps using the developers dressed in spidrman hero clothes etc etc

crime report:
On the run ISIS kidnapped us away out of Califorinia City…

In this movie you will see Janick(my son)
showing his mini canon, shooting a toy monkey you will see his head in de
window: bondage around his head for his cut of skull, brace knuckle blue eye,
broken nose etc etc by his mother Marisse. We were obliged to make this movie.
Meanwhile they were raping me and my daughter too. Comey and Brennan.

Typical how the CIA tries t sell our weapons to frame us and or to sell the guns they steal. It was tagged already and signed off -hand made with stainless in our workshop

The Colt factory
Where my children and I stayed with Marines, while ISIS/RARA were building up troopers in surrounding churches and homes of church people to take over the plant with Samual Colt.. We nearly won and survived, in the factory where a lor fights. A lot of workers were lucky at home because of eartquakes and a tsunami. So we used very strong fire.

Ray, Janick
and Lauren Colt names once given for a witness program, we have passports like
that too. Too protect against our family(ISIS/RARA), the gun was (legal)invented
for to shoot down, that must say enough.

I shot him(or it’s me? my brains were exchanged with secret service agent this saved time) wrecked the Lathe to prevent ISIS to kill my kids with it -this was inside the Colt factory……..

As kid they alway blew us to pieces with nukes, everybody saw a snake in the mushroom cloud when my soul was dying. A Judge did not give me the C to hammer in my gun 1911 I had to create a snake in the form of a C……hence Colt’s logo…..1975…snake…the gun..the logo…ISIS retreated defeated and we could leave Vietnam…with the army…
a picture my clone took while we, were killed-skinned with fearthers and burned, with a nuke…..

Because Bounty Hunting in the army made us
rich we allowed our gun to made by the army, without compensations, with the allowance
to make our own, for ourselves, gun, 1911, with varieties. Running a company will not make you as rich as a Hunter, the Generals raised us, that is if you are going to hunt criminals. We even made heavier
guns like the Magnum etc etc. The 1911 proved it selves against old revolvers
and stealing parts in between soldiers. And for children a shooting army is important
to grow up in freedom and more safety than a parts stealing army. Because of
the danger of identity stealing we are still the inventors. For example what
happened to me and my children, we got shot and kidnapped more than a thousand
times because of it. Not only that this gun made it possible that
 Hitler got shot in Vietnam.
 The CIA cut
our telephone lines to the Pentagon, we knew they were going to steal the 1911,
our 911 number would them be smuggled into the Pentagon. The CIA cut
our telephone lines to the Pentagon, we knew they were going to steal the 1911,
our 911 number would them be smuggled into the Pentagon. The CIA takes all the telephones
in imitates everybody up until today we found out. They even try with this blog,
the Pentagon’s counter cooperates in this, frustrating. Even with couriers. My
kids and I trained pigeons to get new credit cards, the CIA killed us for it do
it worked sometimes being lucky the Hotel owner could not stop laughing.

\We gave
some rebuild oldies, we used to confuse Hitler and kill him and ISIS, to Colt
because all their guns were stolen. They even looked 1911. Hitler mumbling to
his agents looking at the guns: ”there were not really from 1911 were they?”.
Even Colt management mmmhd, how do they do that? Tsunamis & beheadings we said, but we going
to hunt them. Even the Nazi top giggled, our children…..So mister Colt a Judge said looking in his computer – Nazies dragged me kinto the factory and shot me in the head.. We also hope the Court Martial fines the General top for having my 1911 and in principe all Colt weapons that are designed by us shiped to Europe and China against our will, this all because we have fobidden the Abraham tank to be exported. And to bo honest we do not even agree that a factory that shakes hand with the CIA produces our weapons.

Abilene, Texas 2015
After tsunamis my kids and I managed to buy this piece of land, and we build these stays and a steel workshop to make some guns. We were hunted by ISIS and lived like Bounty Hunters on the run for the mob. ISIS collected themselves in a nearby village in two churches and they were building weapons to. Even soccer players for the WC soccer were helping them. We managed to fight ourselves out and were brought to DALLAs by the army. See the grenade holes we created to kill really hundreds of hooligans…inside a Hotel they managed to kidnap us. Soldiers protecting us were shot by Christian Generals and they took away our Pentagon credit cards and US and army passports.

one of the guns we build and used over here and in Dallas -my US Marines uniform with Ray Cole and not Colt on it, the Royal Dutch King threatned to cut my daughters head -we kidnapped his daughters but we know he does not care…


we were also placed back over here at Lake Abeline were they build two podia in the lake, where ISIS so called organized a House party tyo collect a lot of people to attach this house -the ven had small nukes – agan a smithy was build so we could make guns to protect ourselves – to have fight at all ISIS must have thought



some bleh
unbelievable again, again a stolen picture, fish with sweet potato -I had them imported into Holland for it to prove it were not carrots source -I took cooking lessons to feed my children around 2006 -se plate with tuna in the middle of this blog

a Janick clone breede from his embryo -more real than you know, my Son, fighting for me -new for me too
early 90’s – looking for my FBI – as hunter – one of my car songs

black pudding – I made from the Dutch and US president’s penis’ss

I was telling officials that I burned Prince in a sub while burning isis – don’t no for sure if I killed Prince right now but I do believe

Jim’s daughter
the only one, go figure, mu adoption daddy, he killed her, I killed him, as promised.
We have had it on earth…ok? My kiids and I killed each other too, for Jim’s p[parents,
like you guys. Nazis…mannn we still here mf’s. jep he was a Nazi we are humans too..happy with our children…just have look at my son 40 years pre boarn in vietnam…sieg hiel….sieg heil…sieg heil….seig heil…

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