As the inventors of steel, the Colt’s…

4 police that tries to prevent (internet) publications and with murder & rape the other way around….i give you the bullet, sieg heil..The Laptop Boys:
4 police awareness: the real ones , including Marisse and family & Martin) that kidnapped Heineken (and me) are kidnapping my children away from me for the same reasons. As kid Holleder walked in and out of our House, while Utrecht police dragged me out to bring me to a playground.

Note: we are for America, which was and is also together with Dinosaurs and Religious. Too bad we have both spieces, like we all have animals, as natural enemy. For us, would you start a McDonalds if you do not profit, you would start Justice if you there is no distinction, it’s all about making profit.

Could it be the entire US Army, therefore trators, lives in Europe, with uniform that is? Even the fake President Trump? For I and we know I am still the President….a bit like Poetin….but Democracy is my invention….for all I know we(my kids and I) still live in the White House from time to time…..since 40 years…James just told me….

The President’s sword, welded by my Son(original) and me, with a hinge to replace the brace knuckles more easy(the us marines officers swords had a swastika instead of a Isreali star…jewhh) self-made pictures…the Lion from our books and movies, as the the black panter and bears

right about now even LA times is European(hacked)

As the inventors of Colt’s , we also invented computer & element controlled welding, intelligent steel. Like our first F14 planes were built out of one piece of iron or aluminum. To widen up the wing, the plane without mechanics, cut itself into pieces and welded in a new form (even into a flying dish). Famous was our Cube from the movie Hell raiser (a gift to the Pentagon / General that was stolen by Hollywood). Remember trailer trucks full we loaded and transported with massive pallets just with cubes, for our soldiers …….

we just build and sold Colt 1911 guns like a hell raiser cube (Colt hell raiser editions)
, with fancy designs that could be chosen from a
one time use remote
no serial number attached to the dna / software of the one that touched it, connected to the Pentagon’s criminal search computer – more at the bottom – we are General’s / Chiefs
after complains we had this one that could be changed into a gun or big knife – this is one of those I malformed a bit


advice -always have a gun in our hands – we do
A pile of Iron and elements is enough to build any ship. We transformed this invention into Terminators and from terminator we went to human & brain building robots, very needed in the army. With 8 monitors to inform and guide the rest of the surgeon team. All it needed was some basic elements grown in Mc Donald’s bags for their shakes.
Again we were destroyed, bombed and stole by Hollywood, ISIS participants, medical industrials to be used in sci-fi movies, while it was still in development by the army.
Hollywood with test models…..

Robots my kids and I had to build from ours, being kidnapped & tortured by ISIS

a punishment down grade, because we already could morph people
some doctors changed people including us into mise
A plane we build in 2003 was down to a F14 with mechanics for a movie …
Morphing in Atom driven steel (changing position against all known elements of all univeses), we invented it. Comcept, but a real picture: (I remeber a flying 6x smithy, the fans kept the smoke away – the flying Colt factory !!!)
Like this tree hologram, a screensaver for
a criminal search program, atom driven, from our office in the Pentagon stolen
by Hollywood at x-mass night while my kids and a were having diner inside our
office. The computer looked inside the DNS of live for DNA belong to our
Universal sectors in space(and further fur criminal astronauts) – to see if
they have clones or were eliminated from the DNA tree -we thought it was
cozy but the CIA/Brennan
bombed our office -it is anti terrorism what we do and anti dinosaur…think
aliens, that was real embryo T-Rex’s, they can be found to on the individual
more(one of the reasons
the earth cans split in tow, or we do id that T-Rex’s lay they eggs deep into
the lava)
this tree we build in our garden, somewhere in California, to test if it is nature like our software, with atom energy and elements that is, they were very common in America early 70’s form east to west – a very bizarre sight from hills – T-rex did not repair their tsunamis – punkers neither – could be our only rescue after tsunami terrorism -maybe once our inspiration to build Microsoft (army) – America as first Americans is a lot of our property – we build the twin Tower, my kids and I, and we remove them when we want – we plant these trees too when we want – hopefully with our army behind us – as we write as the highest in rank in the USA – no matter what the White House, the Church, in what we call, why we are trying to forbid us, the aftermath of the self-created disasters job proving that planting trees was faster than our method – Upper Chief Masters Janick, Ray and Lauren – as we see it now hostages of the Dutch Army summit, a war declaration for us
Our Black Smith stamp we left in MS Edge Browser:

A hint or Windows in Windows mail app Windows 10, just have a look in how it is created in 3 to 10 days in contrast with the pine trees – our inspiration to build Microsoft (Army)

Not all DNA is suitable to regenerate a person or his children, this computer shows it. We would never have started our invention If my children could not be regenerated from me, I did in the 70’s, or the other way around. The reason that we bounty Hunt family members or really crazy criminals too ….

A atom driven B52 morphed to this shape by Lauren, Janick and me – we could even walk on the wings, some Russian terrorist and CIA trying to sell one, bringing it home
My Son and I shooting at CIA, licensed? we were obliged to develop this weapon (texas?) a eapon my kids and i build 4 years old in the 70’s, the degrees buttons was a lot of work together ISIS members ……. we just hardened the steel a bit –
We did not pay our taxes, we were confiscated so we turned into terrorists
the bivouac hats were stolem from our Smithy in Malibu, for doing operations
Cluster Bombs, also an invention of my kids and I like to drop on our family – I still see it folding them in as 4 year old’s … aaaah
Worldwide, 137 private and public financial institutions continue to invest almost US$43 billion into producers of banned cluster munitions. Leading financial investors and loan providers include:…
My Son and I, kidnapped, 70’s – our plane & spacecraft (stashing the torndo) stolen to Germany to steady the Hitler fraud, believe it was not the US army first colors – like the swatzika was a wheel invention / try out to steady hay wagons for earthquakes we made with other farmers later our Generals … on and off the Pentagon people still walking around in our Nazi (space uniforms and we ate a lot of nasi / rise in those times) uniforms (also the bad people)
earlier inventions but not everything goes well as you can see
yhat’s what you get from stealing old planes
Me 4 years old, I think, bombing
family(ISIS)in California'(see the tsunami damage of Dino’s), self build F4(the
first) & bombs – 70’s -topped mountains from mining by me and my bull dozer
-billions and billions of people where watching us in these valleys(from Europe
& Asia) making the invention of all time – the invention iron, machines
& war – and photography – my kids made picture and hided it
on – it’s one or was one of the most wanted by CIA picture to destroy -it was stored on chip -we were looking for source code on old 70’s computers that were stored by the Pentagon -cool we found in sufferin amnesia from being tortured and kidnapped by the CIA – This planes – jet eniges I used to make bombs – it flies atom driven
The front of
the plane had a hole, not enough iron to complete (morph) the plane, we filled
it with the same morph technique and empty glass Coca Cola bottles. The only
thing that was not stolen from our smithy. the small flat mountain my children and me(4 years old) did with our self-build bull dozer and dynamite the big one

the US Army -clothes, education, food and weapons -some later we pressed the first money – we were the first Americans so the honor was ours

I was 4 years old in America and I was 4 years old in America.
They hanged around my neck hammering on the Smithy though they are warm welcome to European hooligans, see jet fighter above. The kids do you remember playing puppet show next to the smithy for you? Later we had to build puppet traineeships for the Puppet show, Sesame street all over the world, in Holland for the movie from Ome Willem ……

police report: a machine stolen from our house @ the old canal in Utrecht to powder powder for our olibollen stand at the Neude – stolen by ISIS in attempt to give us bad name


Maybe we
have to warn for Point Dume Malibu. It was The us first army airport, our
smithy were we build atom weapons from environment and enemy soldiers hided in
the woods around Point Dume. It happened and can still happen that people can
disappear into dust. We have warned the population in 2013 but Brennan and the
governor sold our property to construction companies. The Pentagon had budget
again(and always due to not Bounty Hunting enough creating budget from tax
money – the companies suffer less terrorism) It really should be an MILITARY
airport, hangars, weapons, terminators might rise, might be programmed to
appear. Our programs also eliminates schizoids in the US & Canada and body
parts and genes all over the world by erasing them into elements -you will then
see some black cloudy stuffy like small tornados -there will be some time left
to hunt them for the game – my kids and I refused to stop it -it works 2we saw
it with our own eyes—unbelievable beautiful – the reason why Brennan is often in Europe

Also over here we get an empty ship back – the crew is killed by the programm – first we tought it was a tsunami left over -I was working on my skills so we had some grass placed on deck -I payed a 1 dollar fine – we also did an evac in the Senate and House of representatives, same story – for the movie Vanilla Sky we abused the empty city to make a movie- two yars ago half Houstan, Dallas etc etc was gone – whole suburbs had to be removed – I believe we removed jumping to Europe because it was undemining the Genocide – that brings extra tasks in that we have to be transported back manual – they kidnapped jumpers to commit crime – open issue – pls come get us – stolen jump hardware from the 70’s we managed to destroyed all over the world and in space
We also discovered some bits of Hollywood and the White House is European for better wages but illegal and made possible by kidnapping us. Even Trump * governs from Europe and we already deposed him once. The European television / movie fraud is very big and aggressive, be warned. How we already knew, we had a video rental (Family video Oklahoma / redbox) with original Hollywood movies, for example terminator or Rambo with American play no Stallone or Schwarzenegger,. I also experienced European steal scripts through jumping as director, for example the Aliens movies …. * The reason why they are from Cambodia and not Obama [my kids and I also recorded additional White Houses all over the world movies}

we found “alien” acid, slury and a jumping gear onboard
we used to attack ISIS with their stolen technology

My kids and
I were kept in wheelchairs, our little 4 years old build this circle & me from the 1991 riots with open skull –to walk
with us in area’s they were allowed to walk in, later we had a Smithy on the
other side of the Volcano(North CA). It was their goodbye to us they hoped it
would be on Google Earth –they suicide commando’d themselves in space
destroying hardware and software that criminals used to keep us prisoned/hostage.
Bye sweethearts…

ps Cris stapelton(tenesee wiskey-my song) like the Colt factory or Lord of the Rings(I ate Tolkien & fakre Colt like shawarma – John Brennan – are high on my list to kill – i will not take compenations –I earn my own money … … …symbolic – if this is not arragned within one week we make Mcdonalds Cheese burgerds of the Court martial I mean one Youtube -1 week (we hope to find some comanders, marine and commando’s for this becuase we are going ti kill every Cm we meet firnthis) – the CM is therefore dismissed for salary adminstarion until further notcie -Pentagon take over and stay verifiable
My children
and I payed the CM more than $93 million dollar to arrange the replacements of
the Coca Cola, McDonalds, Dodge, Harley Davidson, Microsoft, Colt, Walt Disney etc etc(our companies). Also
to have the songs we wrote in the past back on our name, like the one from Chris.
All child murderers upto in our McDonalds on birthday parties with baseball bats,
you name it. All victims if alive and with these people dead or in prison will
be compensated of course. If the Pentagon would be so nice to book the money
back from the Courts budget, we would be thankful. Budget for the victims, who
have to fear the life is calculated by my kids to be achievable, certainly after
the perpetrators(CEO’s after the CIA kidnapped us are back into bussiness in our companies which they did with violence by the way) are eliminated. -the one(s) with stars and stripes
– Chief Master Chief Ray Colt

Walt Disney: last thing my kids and their clone was creating How to train your dragon (2010-2014), as goodbye to each other(we talking about 15.120 man hours we have put into it!!! not really a stolen can of Coke, times three because two Terminators did as usual the post production), they were built from left over materials from the ’70’s, we had a good time reinventing the Terminators. The animation movie was stolen by Dreamworks with deadly violence. Our clones were at home on Point Dume, Malibu, CA / USA Again we were back at Walt Disney, but apperently Dreamworks managed to republish it but we still have our money from the CM – so that it can be withdrawn from their budget at the Pentagon ……. it’s a lot of money – Cressida Cowell’s book is also stolen from our smithy – those were our notes

Some Judges and me verdict Pixar guilty (verified), an old stolen office or me where I started Microsoft media and reprogrammed Microsoft, and some Disney Staff members. DVD and Blue Ray’s where already sold under Disney’s name.Customers could exchange there Pixar one for nothing. The army was needed to deprive the Pixar building and even the Air force used bombs. That’s how much weaponry they used and my children as hostage. If the CIA would wipe it out with a tsunami we would write it on their budget. So they did.

ditto the song: “

Pull You Through

crime report:

My Son and I, kidnapped by bad cop CIA, have to practice to jump into planes for ISIS,



“Work methods we are good at thats founders of McDonalds” – Renee stabs us in the head to behead us after crashing into the plane ( original movie we edited):
For the Pentagon, a aproved model from our smithy, upfront laser to aim, two plasma / atom canons, the fans were not nececary to cool the steel (under water navigation holes they were) – good for hunting almost everything (but schizi t- rex included) -one to remember (strange to type this now after 2 years amnesia being hostage – all resources gone)

a you have wrecks of a SU29, F16, a stealth fighter, some solieds and gasoline adnd Colt designers – would you like to have a middle finger up – we won a batlle with this one

me paying ransom for my and Trump his kids – to the Dutch

a other Genral from Pentagon / designer – humpf (normal jealous) – with our knowledge, we could work under water without the fans …. good design (malibu 2013)

a drawing of my daughter or her fav dino – standing up the rich over 30 miles high-looking into space – ready to jump – we had nice day at beach with them ….


We were
kidnapped – bombed Uzi etc – dinosaurs polluted Israel
We and US navy build this for our smithy later to create drink water
To create genocide – let dinosaurs pollute the water while we had drinking water



history – we created this picture like this temple with one push on a button
with our software as a wink to the
US original jungle my son took picture of me
taking pictures

Also we had a lot of slurry or dead Israel in here because Israel did not want to pay it back WW2, it was proven WW @ did not happen so we killed 100 million of millions, one of our coolest assignments, We the temple of the Saudi and they have a temple of it

a contest between my children and me who could make the best robot Terminator, 1975 – just to distract our enemy, to cool them down, “we did not create the Terminators” -:-) -they were conviscated as the Flemming valves

traces of our gang – chigaco – the hunt for capone (isis / my dad) – hence the bullet – a violine suitcase of mine – I took picture – the bullet my Son threw in

Spiders from
space(they shot some rag next to my head couple days agoo)
– believe it or not – sometimes you will see spider rag from space from
big ass she lobs(I am the writer of Lord of the Rings – based upon the American
jungle wars). Those spiders lived in Europe to. My momma offered me to one as
half embryo, she left to Malibu(point dume) and breaded me in a cocoon. I breaded
my kids in dead cow after their dead I passed them over to a she-lob to breed
them so we were both Son’s of spiders(the are between 30-50 meters bit) – these
saddles we not only used on T-rexes, found in Swiss – we can raise a massive army with them even beat up T-rexes of 300m high….
a hard raising we had -see the stone puins to compensate the spitedrs their teeth
we found a lot or thesis in army deposit in Washington too – funny
well if we presented Windows 10 and a plasma motherboard like this….spiders do small snack management, that’s tru too- our inspiration to raise McDonalds for example
Pelicanshided our embryos at sea for the big spiders (in 2000 they did again in Miami)
as hostages I am the constructor on the ladder building the Berlin wall – Janick movies with a 8mm

New York, Staten Island – Seaview Hospital – Greenbelt Nature Center



After tsunamis and being repaired in this Hospital my kids and I worked there. We started to develop robots with Terminators for the Hospital as an experiment for the army. We had a house build which has been turned into the Greenbelt Nature Center. Brennan and ISIS some fraudulent troopers and constructors removed us with violence. Even the guards and soldiers were kidnapped and beheaded. Technology and a smithy supporting a trillion dollar business were demolished by Holland from the Senator and the Mayor. We solve a couple Terminators, the source code and our lives. We already have $ 10 billion dollars on our personal account, we do not know how the Pentagon feels about it’s losses … .. + – 2015 – the animals on our property were rabep and tortured and cut into pieces – see photo’s google maps

Belvedere Castle, Central Park – New York

My children’s and my old castle, built by us where we were raised 70 years old, as first President of America with the Metropolitan Museum of Art families. We built the world’s first Zoo for the children, to have nice walks. Central park is still a bit our property, our garden, hence it’s shape. Well if you were told, we took back out money, built some theater and rock venues, rebuild all buildings and added 8 baseball fields and had a nice dinner with limousine in our old castle.

after the bombvest murder attempt on us at manchester 2016 my kids and I were allowed to take pictures we hided on google maps

The Colt’s family weapon


A statue, made for us, the way we dressed our Mustangs (dino / alien acid, they offered their help) defeating the European tribes and spiders in Malibu CA. The crown made dinosaur think we were clove, schizoids …. Linked: the Mustang on our Colt weapons –The Mustangs were bullied and hunted by schizoid humans and dynos, until their hoofs were gone and they walked on their bones. One of them is a Mustand in need almost speaking loudly, showing me his splint in his hoof. “Must Tang” “Must Tang” “Must Tang” has been slissed (swished). He showed me his hoof aaah and I removed his splint with a Tang (pliers) gave him (some later with my kids) and thousands and thousands of Mustang iron horseshoes (a Colt invention) to make my parents and the dino’s even more schizoid so I could kill them.

This is him boss / General or all Mustangs, Black Beauty, my kids and I jumped back in time to say goodbye to a stolen a (mis) abused for Hollywood movies (pic duties point dume ca 1976/2015) …. he offered his help in the war … aka the talking horse this is … Mustangs learned me not to look like monkey’s to invents something but to open mussels and oysters (a wild horse’s delite) .. .pleanty to find in Malibu … later exported to Holland


Janick his horse back then – an oldie but wild

Lauren’s Picatoo or something



on the statue The last King of Poland, my kids and I killed him for it and contributed to publish this book with our own money – a picture of hundred years ol from the polaroid serial killer

A statue of my castle, my clones and I made it in precence of soldiers “Romeo & Juliet” = “” Janick and Laueren “-Janick on our typical malibu shoes-Hells Angels they were happy to see in Malibu – we have impaled & dried up in the sun the mother and mother of the volcano – hence Lauren her small belly

A picture from us all nine together, small ray (4year old) placed him in Holland online – made with his 40 year old camera and ISIS while jumping behind them

The Colt’s B choice for the Colt weapon factries logo – it’s still a discussion

Our names are removed for this new design (+ – 2014) The Colt’s but same inventors, you know a lot of money, cheap bastards – although we used it – an other violation by the patent council 1911 model in revenge – they charge us money for all our patents – putting them on names of dangerous murderes

2015/2016 The Nine were back home – we prepared a small plasma show for New York at Malibu Smithy – Like all Mario’s games we’ve been running here -millions of people runned into the partk to watch, we just show the “fire works” dragon from Lord of the Rings -ISIS members that were jumped in the field were eliminated

updating Microsoft as usual with big show -this time jumping is dissabled -you’ré on your own


\ The troll(for not make Homo’s jealous), described in our Lord of the Rings.
My kids and I were obliged to rebuild it again. Al “special effects” are real.
This is real atom bomb warfare, flushed away with tsunamis. It’s build from our
cellulose, this time with my soul, the pain is real, it results in anger and
with the right Justice the right kind of warfare. The “burning hearth” is
copied from T-rex cellulose, the way a way they transport themselves or are in
ware mode or both. We used it too in vehicles. A Euro Hollywood Superman movie.

A Euro Hollywood Superman movie.

Our grave stones, one for my twins one for me – the perpetrator was martialed at once – the one with 100 clones – from their ashes and our blood we mad camouflage to honor them like in the big war,we started to hunt him thru the jump ports and finished him – some drawings the little “tolkiens” left us after walking in the wild in Holland also after a tsunami 2015 and having bought all the still fresh mushrooms next door, they got stole by a Italian girlfriend of Lisa abigail L. we already hunted her with flame thrower more 5 times or more she was US Convicted and has clones -we founded Walt Disney with these images – a Judge saved them for us…some are as 40 years old!!

Angels forced us to make emblems (70’s), this is what we did to them – years later they took us back whit black widows over here in Lombok -they also know she-lob (see picture story above picture)

The images are stole from Disney US, where they were stored, big fights. We spent half a lifetime making them digite in our castle in NY city. I promised Disney to download them myself, here they are in a zip (ripped). The little ones would have loved it ….. The Tattoos we made ourselves..Everard ??? the Strongman:

The little ones left the stars in Microsoft Maps app in Windows 10 to say goodbye and as a link to programmers of many computer games

A revolver of the Colts (the Nine) after tsunami North east polder Holland2015 / 16, made of Dutch lava to shoot wild humans – handmade in outdoor nature smithy [ on youtube as ] [ ditto used to hunt down the fake / real Hitler – ditto it looked like an airgun – we used inside Arendsnest]


The house & smithy my children and I build in Malibu point Dume we were all books of Tolkien -it was moved to Central Park mid-70’s – in the theater we had a theater where we read, just for and by children, behind us suits for open play with wooden swords – a lot of CMs and we finished the US LAW Books in this house graduating us automaticlly (we did our garduation too, more than once)

The Malibu beach was moved, even the fence …. the shakespeare garden, why ?, we wrote the shakespeare books too even in our Broadway …

Kidnapped away, we could not finish the other side of the fence

As Black Smiths we built our house on small poles, just Amsterdam & Sweden followed, we just lifted up the house after quakes with our gear -our bikes – we had a good time here again -work house / school / book writing / smithy / writing University lesson material / doing inventions (early 70’s that is)

A painting created by my children and me symbolic for the great big war between all spieces 1975

The Hill “” My kids and I sled on here in 2006 and 2015, 2016 – bloody chains with our remains, that was fake Tolkien too, we are so proud we killed him ourselves …. Belverdere we fed to our crocs .. .So was Einsten also my (our) aka, a man from Europe requested ein stein to hit my head others thought it was Toll pointing at our inventions kien (smart)

In this castle on Dark Island we are used to build very big Terminators but it looked like a church …. a big Dino always gets on this Island, for a trip to their planet he helped us building it …..
maybe New Yorkers remember

40 years agoo we cloned as much as possible jungle from Malibu (we survive the tsunamies) clone back on the hill of our volcano

Typical US / Colt / our species architecture – my kids and I build this together with soldiers, it was copied and we had assignments in Greece and Istanbul but it was used to falsify history, too bad, too bad -typical our good hearth
Architecture – we did in Ny with our Terminator Software – amazing not? one push on the button – could also be used for movies

Central park is as big as Battle ship Galactica the mini version the macro one is as big as the island floated above it after the war – we showed the New Yorkers 2-3 years agoo …. go figure – like ou mini catle it could be morphed into a macro version, the real pentagon, hwo did not belong in our castle, the Pentagon in Washington was used to different departments in turns

Point Dume
Malibu Birdview
Our last house in near Los Angeles, confiscated by Brennan and colored people. We had an office in the building, it was meant for living. As founders and owners of the Coca Cola, McDonalds, Domino’s, Colt etc factories … .yeah right ….. Cool to know is, here we defeated the European army, starting the USA and the little volcano became Mountain Doom in out Tolkien books.
we hope CM’s is gouging to keep promise to every one of us having put one foot in our home

Gives they build dunes in Holland in the 70’s – I must have been mistaken– bad loosers they are -we won ….. the children won …..

n o du t Y O f carenO Atotis HoriTYviewed from children (still a $ 5-50 million dollar on every US (false) history teacher’s head?)

Watches –
our invention too – a good idea let’s make watches of old Yankee stadium seats –
we as kids once build from North American hard (jungle) wood, too keep our “secret”
a village of my family we attacked bac, california 70’s – almost proud of them making such beautifull pots for wine / bosse and sauer kraut …. assholes -me in pink circle gen enlarged to fight the war as 4 year old (try to find our super mega welded chopper tail in this movie )

Why do they manage to kill their families? Do they do that for us? That’s discrimination to show our (non-gay) woman & gay man ??? We do not discriminate, we take responsibility for our seriousness by not hiring gay people (schizoids) ….

Image processors
Japanese thives stole our inventions like the Digic image processors (even the logo!?)again from our smithy – the army must know they have to pay for this – we mean take Sony and Canon – what they make with USA inventions they have stolen with deadly violence – what the losses are for us and the US economy…like our staying in Holland with not even our mother will cost you one million a thay per person – and going crzy that our factory is illegal using chinese steel for our fire arms the army we hold responsible for giving us a bad name or it’s being present in Europe same deal for us only morthan $3 billion loss of income per year – also taking out off bussiness the 1911 model, against our qwill as owners, giving the hand made malls to the Chinese in presence of marines and Generals,for making illigal so called old models will be fined and we want our missed profits from the army and guilty CEO’s back – that’s billions too

Our old helmets 1975 ….. stolen from the Washington army – the holes were to fail and the sun was flamethrowers (boiled brains) – not every soldier working with flametrower


How President Trump tries to make money ….. he was not even in the US Army but our European enemy

They did not protect against fire (my skull and cam helmet) ax – flame thrower – a space smithy (later a star wars movie set) in the snow ….

we do not call this German too baby –Us being the real “” Nazi’s did not excuse that some officers were
wearing swastika swords for the wrong reason, that is with Hitler as führer
of a fascist army they were serving,
which was history falsifying. We eliminated just a few of them, some flee to
Europe. Oh ps Saruman is God(the old man who we gave the Hilter sign with pride…so not to Hitler….his official right hand) in my stories, Lord of the Rings, that’s how he showed up….fab cool….wasn’t it?

a high speed picture tasks in our vulcano -Lauren morph’s Janick into Atoms to be transported to the garden – highly confidential … the US atom weapon industry at work !! he got shot in the head, 3 seconds later he gets back into the vulcano shooting – why these suits do not look like a snack – schizoids – a presnet for all soldiers who have our technology and fought with us – Janick his turn to get shot/tortured – over here he was angry and hoped I recognized the picture because all his atom knowledge – as you can see in the pic is herebey lost while the army walks around inventing it or like they can develop it -so we attacked the Pentagon and destoyed everything -standard procedure -big fine? we Nasis eaters will not accept schizoids walk around with this technology – too bad that is gay, religious and colored people – 3 bullets – Jens, Barend and Martin together and a two Pentagon agents – we killed them all and burned them I lava to upload this picture – the lava we used for our golden colt 1911’s

being kidnapped to Holland on our catamaran our kidnappers too
to bad ere deadly wounded and could not reprogramm gps
how: they were jumpers and a lot of clones (we just destroyed our own jump device)

to honor Roney King Ray we made this one – think b & w camou on ships worked fine to make schizoids more schizoids with their radar – pics stolen from our smithy – see numbers in picture: estimated on December 2015 estimated amnesia 2years – star wars director to steal our helmets again

if not from movie this is me I believe, Lauren and Janick take picture, I believe in Tampa-FL (or LA) – the white suits after a good look – they really are wrong schizoid & radar eyes – with your eye pupil you control your vizor from normal sight to terminator sight – the fire damage is from the thrown on lava and the machine gun

my son with a self made plasma slash something – it’s being used outside on point dume on terrorists

my children with the commands undercover on the set, the commands are liked too better but the white version has it’s tactical plus

kidnapped by them a photo of my brother and cousin(mailibu-point dume) -my colbert…someday he might be a fine Bounty Hunter

helmet sketches from other Yankees (my kids) -based upon ant and dynos – but they also have choosen the “Nazi” helmet is the first US Army -all used in Star Wars as far as I know to protest against our genocide

The water falls (escondido falls – malibu) I grew up were born (4x + their fake mother gave birth here) with also my children 40 years agoo and three years agoo (after a tsunami) – we showered water if dynos did not polute it – how cool -the reason to invent coke

the cave we also lived in – symbolically the cave in Rambo / First blood movie – to erase it – to find us


For therapy my kids and me (the nine) were living in the wild after disasters with wolves. So we were allowed to leash other people dogs and had to give our fire arms to the sheriff. I guess we had a good time in the wild – back to civilization “” (non personal)

This is me, stolen from our smithy, printed on home made Californian (good ol) cotton paper – Recruiting going for President again – The original text

the last convulsions of us being free and jet set

my son – 4 (euro?) CIA bullets later

Colt’s smithy on Appolonia

Some art some troopers(MY KIDS) made after I died

Cleopatra The VII (Ms ISIS) staying over in our malibu smithy – our Terminator “I got my eyes on you”

The images are real !!!the lasers too!! – so maybe for future


ditto-janick does plasma the rest is studio work – also the avoiding throwing up a plasma sword versions

our other suits from the Microsoft programm -metroid prime suites are a parody on it – think jurassic -the games we are lead developers too – all terminator technology made ready for the public

a picture taken with a Colt USA Photocam !! do you see plasma there too …. we tooo -inspiring indeed -why could spiders create this too …? my DNA reonstructed by a spider !!!!

an another colt weapon – pls book it – made in the wild – barre hands lava with my kids. walking from Canada to Malibu with one leg one my bones (wolves) just see the revolver marks – about her another Porsche design they would say

our milk shake bar to make some – robbed by the bank – we robbed the bank -kidapped again – we will not be McDonalds and Coke as revenge – the dices were all Al Capone him … real wounds on the girls

stolen too from our smithy

Instruments take away from Malibu, for the better (THE FIRST ELECTRICAL GITAR BASED UPON SPIDER TECHNO OR OUR MOMMA) and for grandma this is how we grew up puh – raised by spiders – Janick is guiding at the sides against his will (kidnapped) because I wanted it … the reason we killed two Beatles with clones for stealing our song


World’s real first McDonalds (commercial / non “” army “) the creepy cool (to make bullets) -Malibu (CA)

How we tortured ISIS with my kids and a She-Lob…it’s doing back…

Oh jeah my kids and I opened Colt firearms in Europe ourselves we also bombed one in Germany??UK to by the way(killed all UK Royal org. clones after Manchester bombing) The opening was to lure Klasnikov and to protect Marines for normal export to gain maybe Marines for personal protection……it may be closed since we demolished Klasnikov’s jump gear – it’s like all our USA brands in European a shamefull, against our will with violence…seen ou history with them – identity stealing we can not bomb enough for it or send tsunamies and we hope we do from the past and future

Someone we hunted in Malibu – a clone of or a young Utrecht police officer or a Marisse clone (Lauren and I confused about if it was one of us) – known as the Soap lady – we tricked the museum because they stole diper saftey pins thru jumping already in the 70’s while I had to change them … how funny – made by hand – world’s first


A role a plyed in this movie – painfull but we could show you all of our Plasma guns – the body shields were real and axes programmed by my kids..obliged by ISIS / RARA

We made this according to images tasks by kids from me at Colt’s Armory + – 1977 – 5 years old !! -decent clothes we had I see – a bit later from future we were kidnapped – on top of the roof was a plasma protection unit and radar not after tsunami muslim roof something

the clouds we made with our software machines / i-pods

this is the original one, a coper bowl to distract lighting -think smithy

For Red Light District Utrecht fans, did you know, my kids and I would like to be a homeless refugees / immigrants a temporary bed before transit to the states. We used it to emigrate, again, flee. Later some gay girls took possession of it and their schizoid gay man thought they had to pay for it, some in US soldier clothes. The reason no refugees were offered a home, the soldiers got killed in action, or we left some clothes for them. The girls did not complain at first ….

ps once more Model 0F 1911 in hexadecimal means model 15 19cm by 11cm -attempt 15 for a full bounty (or also) – a stole image and maybe an ol gun or us …… espionage or not?

model 19 oin hex 13 was the best one but ripped out of the Colt Factory soldiers, 15 was similar

the 1991 model can hold magazines 91 cm !!

some suggestion

your lucky last buller – we hoped it..

I recorded this scene with John Travolta thru jump machines from Europe with me and my kids as hostages – it cost him 20-40 clones – look at the Yankee first woman and him – non gay vs gay reacting on each other …..

Nothing is computer animated in this music video “”, my kids and I used pure atom warfare camoufl …. and (forced) also to create this video for euro cia – I just fucked like this with my 45 cm penis bounty)
report Ruud van I. a famous terrist for stealing US space ships and planes, pretending to be a Court Martial Judge, we are sometimes followed because he is good at stealing space ships …… boogie to work his way up … this is the Tampa MF …. reported !? aka the professor (also for troopers !!)

This is all WW1 in California (75), believe me, see my son as a grown up pilot with his scarface under lip – yeah we were the first to build rice (the batlle for cali and the usa)

my song – my oncle, this how i played too, no panties no under true … cool..impress my daughter in the 70’s … yeah i guese streaight are horny too on dope

report stolen: this podium the Dutch stole
from us(the US army, my kids and me) – in Amsterdam we demolished the jump
portals and the plasma functionality of the screens –
even the light and screen show they kept I
see…..made by two children to thank the troopers….ISIS jumped into the
audience, Central Park(+-2015/2016), killing and torturing dancing children
looking like fools in our Nazi clothes – the podium was stolen like moving
masses of troopers to other sections – as usual th Pentagon took no revenge –
we did a bit ourselves bombing concerts in Russia and Holland – also eliminated
Generals and lieutenants and their families – CM pls Stop their salaries and
fine them for accepting money and not being fighters like us, the amount ofBounty killsis of importance for the child of military appearance, and a university education without ….. we will punish it with a death sentence.
..not fagot waiting for criminals to jump but to go catch them abroad -Ray Colt from Shamanica (think Colt factory and Colt Europe we saw them collaborate with european, smuggling army money, weapons, coke etc -even the terminators pointed it out)

pls US Coca Cola, Colt, McDonalds and others if you do not do bussines with Europe – they have stolen too much already, riased our companies illegal and we have bombed them again

Funny (we found the Disney treasure collection ): which Yankeee WWI veteran did not know what we could do for her.

This is the first American minors writing in Malibu -a letter and story, by head or from book




We were living in the Capitols again in the future. We made this drawing, ISIS was jumping like crazy into this town, history falsery as motiv- we eliminated Jefferson. We raced on the track again ….. ISIS was also jumping into the zombie walk with black and gay people as can be seen on youtube facts: as 1st President we had the White House, our back up White House (earthquakes, plague ) was in Richmond – we would like to shoot at any officer or west point teacher preaching different !!! that’s an order!)




back to earth and they shoot Tomahawks at at us, my god…..

spend holidays in La Paz (mexico) with my 8 kids and 20 terminators some gay marines who we killed and their family

Tweed New Haven Airport
My kids and I got kidnapped from Holland by ISIS / RARA in two Vito’s we drive through jump ports and end up on the parking of Tweed New Haven Airport. The Vito’s are still visible in Google Earth. Also a pic of me or RARA member Falco V. 2015, my father was there, still alive that is, at the airport big fights and demolishing Breitling stunt team fighter jets … ..

why are there McDonald’s in crook states: 1. we do not know, 2. they are all over overs or US troopers, 3. they are stolen 4. for the US troopers to have some normal food overseas
-overseas and crook states…..the link why we are here….my kids and I are kidnapped but also with the goal to destroy the stolen US Jump portals – we were the only one who could come that close to them….we would cut off our own jump opportunities and therefore our links to the past..young colt and his magistral programming talent….but he did agree…..isis felt for it….missing in action….help
-we the hunters …to have something to offer the people/customer you got to have something to offer, me as hunter/marine it was a piece of meat(with red bull’s eyes/love we lost) for you, soldier, hunter, your millions or billions (same thing)…..and yeah we hate beggars WE ARE YANKEES

–X_MASS eve new flash Lauren her NY “heksenkaas” -daddy liked but only on his meat -you won the 2015 bet -it’s a bit mayo……delicious on pork loin

–come-on boys(&girls) rescuing us from Sadams palace was an easy job

Marks Janick and the Terminator made all over the US to mark the places Nato used to land in the US and even robbed space ships from this base were we were stationed, me and my kids. Portals to even Soesterberg.