More worth than Gold…Black Gold or ATARI

The fact
that I(&we) have to control a prisoner’s syndrome should say enough for technical
detectives. It proves that I am kidnapped for one and two it proves that
Marisse Z. is not the Mother of my children and three it proves that they live
kidnapped with her and I live kidnapped. Or else it would be delusion and prisoner’s syndrome is physical and also because they would be safe with mom that is, apparently thats not a reality. 
big mouth “” in/for society, even on this site, shows we are veterans whom
identity is falsified for the wrong reasons that is. The social pressure thing…..

We also
suffer the nerves of dead sentenced prisoners, which I recognize as survivor
and professor. The possibility to analyze this suffering, which I already did
as kid, was the main reason I was hospitalized in 2010(by mainly church people).
our story::

Magnetite made into a crystal Iron. Like we covered the pyramids in Egypt with, living there building weapons against the Dyno’s. It scared dyno’s away, they were confused seeing a mineral as bigger that them, ditto the cube in Mekka we covered with it. Going to battle it was all stolen and destroyed by paranoid thieves. In raise a bigger craze than gold diggers syndrome, go figure.

The picture you see shows my children and I were buried by the robots. It’s point Dume in Malibu, California, USA. It was covered by Magnetite. Later the Terminators build a very big Pyramid somewhere in space to bury out mummies. Too bad we were discovered but our DNA was saved. My children and me, the young Colt’s were resurrected around 2000 from the DNA they found in the mummies. Died in battle, the world’s 1st Black Smiths, creators of the Terminators (the non Hollywood versions). Too much tourism.

from right to left Janick(14), RaY(12), Janick(7) and RaY(11) from Atari – 2016/2, A couple Laurens are coming down from space/time machine – i took movie with Lauren

the above picture is taken from this clip, my goodbye to them song as 8 year old, as you can see two planets, we took them away for kidnapping my kids by the dutch[it’s like replacing two atoms by one and like in the human body it will im/ex-plode from time to time, see also the rembrandt painting at the bottom of blog an u boat picture I took back then

point dume again, mailibus ca usa 1980
 farewel song nr2 I wrote for loosing my children again a big hit
in the hope the terminators could rescues us..again stolen by big “cousins”
but obvious
after playing this song alone, after my kids were killed on stage, I shot my self through the head on stage in A’dam, the end of ATR…..the Terminators repaired me and my children and all the man
in the public typical dutch(gay) crying they were emasculate by me and us were offered a fully loaded 1911…with I a go f youselves…….
also our private yacht – see the white deck

here you can see the taken away planet – an old festival area we created usa mid 70’s

the moon is residue of creating our robots from our two planets their steel, 40 billion us citizens adn people who had the ball to call themselves Colt(like we do in Europe late years)
to take revenge on kidnapping, mistheating, torturing and killing my children and me
left center: The Nazi, our Citadel, Berlin tried to copy to falsify
history….the rest our, pirate bay’s, private sub woofer system….

they made us a road I see, quicly we made some Harley’s…..a film resistance created with us for identification of the citadel, mind the cameraman, whistle sounds and brand new roads, remains of our Jungle, the reason of the war(see bottom blog) or this film about Monument Valley, Arizona where we were born and raised by the Terminators after the war and wrote the Moira parts of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, that’s how beatiful it was…

Janick 7, the second one above in upper image….his fake* mother killing him in Lijen(NL) 2015/16 * as you can see above I created my kids from my own DNA – inventing cloning etc etc this could even be me, a lot paranoia inside our troopers, one thing me, current me created him……Ohw Ohw ps this Lauren her son, now I
remember, she created him already in the past, first against my will, but for
her important to create her own pregnancy from her own DNA(like I did with her&brother) seen her amounts of
being raped and schizoid Islam surrounding – atactical necessary…grandpa ray 🙂 she named him also Janick also to make schizoids even more crazy

pic is taken from this viseo clip I made – we called the band Ruin after
the gang/sect name of the (Utrecht)Judges & police man giving our gang name to hip hoppers
curious if they would create such band like they always do, steal band names
this is also the kid I earlier reported as Janick and I were raped together which gif
is to be found on porn sites – recorded at Leijen 2015 +-
Lauren also created kids from Janick and me to stay ahead
of the crowd(out of fear, like I created my kids, at the moment we had the knowledge)
,they were killed bt IS but we turned them into robots to fight in the war – do not know
if their souls are alive – on agreement only if it is good for the empire “”
not allowed to create my own children!! – we cut out the King’s balls for it
and Iraped the Queeen three times in own crown to create the three Dutch princesses
making her pregnat, see thought I was the King, sleeping with her, as we did with Lisa, Anouk, Jess, Marisse(embryo pic martin killed with small hammer), Marita,
Cynthia, Sven, Patricia, Barend and others(entire jetset, royal houses, our family, gov leaders for over 40 years)their children
for participating in cutting out my Twins out of my belly
more than once…(as a
matter of fact, on request, our robots managed that for all “colored” people to
take that from the white race on the Nordic half round past 40 yrs and still going on)

This all as revenge on Marisse marring me after being impaled and cut to pieces by her in Waalre
hearing the marriage was legal not a result of war trauma, so have fun with your princesses!!
we are going to have some fun with Judges and their families as we already did
my kids practiced with me on a surgery bed more than once researching it with microsocpes, 
so this revenge was real, cutting out my balls etc 😉

today I bought a nervous Tattoo machoine once made by bought Janick’s, sold to Chinese families, we even worked in their factories for food after tsunamies – 1st stolen by aivd 2nd was ordered and delivered today with two year over date ink 240 ml(same hole in package as I created at customs)….will see

some coka nostra/disney commercial toos we made. we have to learn this all again after beat ups by the Dutch kings security(jealous i guess)


in the hype a Rieke M design


our reaction

the Terminator he made with a sick making cool bullet hole – nice black smithing!! as 4 yrear olds we were very jelous at this youngest descendant

on his upper lip the CN from Coka Nostra
he painted it on 40 years agoo or tried too 😉

Our officer knives(also in combination with human armies), “stolen” from my dead body in the 70’s(even our medals although very Nazi), a Colt original but I guess without a smithy we have to buy one back, although walther is an old brand of us….a rewplica of my US Army SS(Nazi) General’s knive(+-1976), earned a Iron cross for it, with a run of 27 dead’s and 4 people saved – 4-6 years old!! The mini saw we designed to  create air so you could pull it out of a body, knives always get stuck because they create vacuum…if the Genera;’s allow me I will keep this as a medal -I did surgery with this knife, I do not see this happen with yhis replica 🙁

it even has the right point of balance I once instructed with this image as world’s 1st knife maker -in this case it was used in combination with a hammer to kill horses and cows(of course humans to, as small kids) – see spelling see blog 😉 still see myself behind type writer

in first imnage the world 1st our secon d font We created(lik all adobe and microsoft’s) funnt, a sad story behind it to be found on the net under names(given by name givers & thieves): Rennie Macintosh(asking me wHat I was eating and pointing at my self build first mac) and Glasgow true type( a glass with cola and our cow)

oh yeah magnetite::
Magnetite, the popularity of the drug XTC and corresponding large black shiny pupils is related to the gold rush around Magnetite ….:

Magnetite & gold, found on our private beach califoirnia(I hide images on wike with some text about human brains producing Iron). Gold is being abused by humans to hide the fever for the black gold…although it first need a good Black Smith. When I owned Johny Player race cars they drilled holes in them to check if they were not Magnetite, end 70’s….

our beach:

some more shine…or Black Gold, created @ Malibu USA 2015 – from pyramid shap to cube shaped

wonder child’s we were, in 1976/77 I build this website, even the Darmstadt parts, about all elements and chemistry, physics existing and by us published(we have in possession more than 300 elements published a 118, the not on paper published, buils our milky way out of 118 element that is) – I recoginize the site by the IE explorer and apple menu button I have build in. Bill Gates remarked it to scientists that kept me hostage and even worse
funny that it’s still online after 44 years!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s maintained…
I gave fe two elements extra in a so called mp4 player, it was a matter of time, what did happen to the earth, 2014/15(and yes we build this milky way and humnas in the beginning to set shape, so yes it’s ours):


our new rebrand for diet Coke 2015, I was
getting to fat in our Malibu Smithy, images and Court Martial papers got stolen(we already killed some of our Coca Cola employees for it and for not paying us for our inventions as Coca Color…(for our McDonalds idd), we
tried to repair them in A’dam 2016 ….AS you can see A SINK made from Pyramid
Magnetite rvs steel!!

we were not allowed to make our own Coke according to employees and some lost hooligan Judges…

this pic I took in Malibu in front of our Smithy(Colt’s) -see the trees in the skull’s mirror- notice the copy of my original theeth to remember how the Dutch mistreat us

this pic I took as kid to from my old WWI “star wars” helmet(see prev blog) you can see the trees in the eyes too

next song and clip is stolen too? we placed it online….recorded after we moved Los Angeles(I sing Janixk and Lauren are band end 70’s), the clip contains our old palm tree “farm” later to become the city – old me my kids and those of marita got killed over here – obliged young me recorded the song with these kids, the girl wears Luren her clothes how sick…in the Terminatow below we placed Lauren her soul maybe in the reflection you reconize the environment of the clip – davin and I are slammed into oil barrels in the clip  –  this girl I know from Malibu as young kids ,Hayley Richman, I learned to sing, lucky she was n6t allowed to re-sing our songs…(we wrote almost all songs of nirvan and radio head, threy got stolen)

1980 as founders of Atari and Acid House – no water in the Ijsselmeer
-time for some old-skool Acid party – nice spot for our current band
Teenage Riot
– this was our podium at IJsselmeer – they stole it – music too –
The Terminator beat is still a bit(butt adapted by us) hearable – have look at
the camera angle, I film 8 yrs old and stand made of willows braches…remastered
version from our own archive…(like our stolen Hart House and Bonsai record
labels) – as writer of all Tokien’s books…they even stole our logo…last time shot them wads two years ago…all self defense

Our Atari Teenage Riot band their stolen Windows—have look at the Kong logo of the drum machine….we killed several people of propellerhead already….as you know we are/were Piratebay and KickAss torrents….my FREE version!!!! and for our stolen movie scripts – of course the software is downgraded by us….we even broke in for it….We owned
1.4 trillion dollar from the US Colt factory, because of our guns…. a lot of European
left America so called and our money was stolen by the CIA and FBI(and for I was 3 weeks in prison for shooting Capone, for TV he was shot again)–we killed
all US(40 billion) North and South citizens for it…this Software is stolen be

Also stolen, the reason. why we fought with Roland..The Atari 800 Pro & Itegra-7 & Sonar music…as all of their synth’s…obliged under torture

My Son and me in 1980, Lauren took pics – Amsterdam the Dam right before our performance -all bands gathered on Dam square – after our performance my kids were killed on the same spot out jealousy by family & Marisse from future – 20 years later I created them again with help of my kids and my Terminators, alhough obliged, they had to be clones….for the Judge to pay his debts for God
Janick Colt also 8 years with big muscles from being a Black Smith : 

me in our Atari Teenage Riot Stand – IJselmeer:

We lived also in that time in Wibi his home in Zeist-it got stolen
as Disney’s it explains the precense of Disney dolls and a piano
he participated in the theft
repaired, BVD undercover, some later living in Friesland Lauren & Lauren were called Hielke(“hiel likken”) en Sietske(“fietsen”), the Judge and kids did not hear each other right, big laugh and we wrote the books of Hielke and Sietske and the Kameleon….

Dutch Judges and government gave our 70 billion dollar to Bill Gates, a friend of theirs. We will not compile any Windows versions anymore. Not even if they pay our money back, until than, if capable we will bomb Holland for any countries and sent them tsunamies….like we did…

From the
future Rage Against the machine tried to kill us for Rage is our song, forced
we had record it with them(1980), at least publish a Record so in the future
fake ATR could use the sleeve, it looked more authentic this way.


Before my
kids got killed we published Photoshop. Downloadable, it could even be bought
with Ideal for 15 dollars. Together with an Amsterdam Judge 20-30 years later
we found the software in the Amsterdam court. Ideal was introduced again in the
hope we could remember. In 7 days we made 34 billion dollar, the court already addressed
to us 15 billion dollar. My kids got killed, also by my parents who insisted to
raise me in the hope the court would forget about it, they chose to live in

went to prison “” for torturing them back with Terminator living Iron, middle of
this clip – banned off MTV -strange to see it back – “Action Action ”
was their protest…..suckers…playing human robots like our secret service….

kids had to obliged create some Terminators, we created these ones, I(&my Son &daughter(the orange one) in turns) was
turned into one too (possible with soul transformation), we only agreed to
repair our memory, like now -but again nice robots – in the clip we were
humiliated of cam we kicked some *ass…..killed hundreds of IS/Church people

These are
Dangerous  Terminators, a commando species, the big ear/antennas are for exploring
deep space!!!!! The terminators called this terminator, we don’t, we call this Bill Gates….at least we can keep our heads up with pride…

How we were present as Atari end 70’s on Dutch Cable TV – payed!!!

The Cable TV -non |PC version

The Atari-box- 2015 – replacement for the playstation IV/V – OUR REVENGE – 30 Ghz CPU 100 Ghz GPU – 50 TB HD – 50 TB RAM- touchable plasma features – optical sound & video – TB WIFI – 36 Watt’s -fucking CIA wanted it to be sold to Sony….NO WAY BABY – 400,- – an 1979 replica Game Console/PC

this is what we mean -for 1980….not bad…….sad sad gamers we met…but we are not able to program…not willing not even Windows

1979 – the Atari 9000….a mobile PONG master – conviscated by CIA – it would train terrorist’s too much??? as tou can see we already founded Google

Our Atari Game Hall version 0f Pong

Atari published Microsoft -micro…not 4 nothing – in comparison with our mainframe

At my parents place in Utrecht/Overvecht 1979 just a cable TV router -we were ahead of other children

Brennan gave a stolen 26oo like this to Family in Huizen, creating a Family war and fights::
a revenge of Alarm Stock Photo….have look at the LED TV graphics 1979 compared to how it’s being brought by the government’s attack on Atari – stealing our Philips TV factory….

The or A 3D plasma Atari Studio(we had one in Studio Baarn) used for thew movie Blade Runner, filmed on our space ships obliged but with a pitfall – our train studio::

Atari also means in Japanese アタリ or Portal which is 注意 standing for our invention Time Portals, Time traveling

Our band name was given to mommy boys even colored people by Church Judges – “we were I ruin of the past” …my Son Shot by a schizoid Marisse thinking/wanting/delusionating she is the Mom…like the new Atari Teenage Riot band….we call, and I as professor psychiatry…being serial killer schizoid…like mad dogs…we are not talking about dogs over here but mad dog humans!!!

trying to prevent Marisse killing these kids from future, the Terminators and my children and I jumped to 1980 too -they made me this logo see previous blog about our Star Wars

we jumped too I believe 2008/14 -to give a concert -to prevent all this…my kids and I seperated by schizoid church fanatics/pedofiles from Dutch government/Court and army – Westergasfabriek – Amsterdam 2008-2014(i believe), the only image of the original Atari Teenage Riot( we are wanted illegal dead, obviously) – Acid parties in the 70’s brought us 5 billion dollar per party/day – other artists like Snoop (ab)used our set

we were even invited by Primus Live Outside Lands 2008 in attempt to prevent all this….they had space ,man on stage…..we were removed and killed
see also our prev blog about us creating the Terminators, for Titanfall 2 we were again obliged to created Terminator robot’s, also for this trailer. Terminators and we play te Terminators, the fights are real with the Humans….holding us kidnapped with their stoel jump devices

here I play leadrol for a pitfall trail, 40 years old, a lot training…also programmed it…..we even had to shoot our own robots…but we survived….as usal Atari(we) us helmet inages for our games, code already there because before mission we look into furure too, to train them in our Atari Portal

A real robot we also comitted into the game/film set of Titanfall, these are
not Germanic colors but colors of the third usa empire, the robot empire, my kids and I raised(1 humans 2 animals)
obliged by terroruists I was obliged to make this movie, showing some of our weapons we used in WWI – in the hope weapon factories could learn from it on earth…on the other hand bring it on…

have look at our three finger Atari pose…than you know again who made this game…we call this home, again scenes from my helmet shooting at IS intruders(cyber ressed up marines :-)) from earth, we hope the last game we made around these images…..

me arrestyed by those marines….we destryed all their robots and space fleet, only robots could make…with our technolgy

For the occasion I wear my old mojahedin scarf….Afghan war

Wolfenstein ditto, imagine…

Another Atari stolen song we had to re record in England(2015+-) to replace our 1980 version,,,,forced by secret service..very smart….I am stuntman crashing into the wall on a BMX wit a long wig my 43 yr old version!!!…. .non techno but to say Fuck U to the Sex Pistols

My kids an I founders of Harley

My kids an I founders of the USA Hells Angels, in the beginning….for the thieves in Amsterdam maybey nice to know this was your first logo. You found out that the USA was Nazi and wanted a new one, stealing our, yours new logo….very smart again….USA…a mutual eeeuwhw indeed

a stolen famous painting(a’dam 1980) I made of Lauren her skull….cocaine I guess or fighting with the monkey’s in the USA for harversting our Wasabi root (monkey:”what are you doing” me:::wassen aapie (wash monkey) – Judge through time portal:: oowh that’s Wasabi…Jess always used a bike tire pump to identify me as that’s him….putting it on my forehead – the Dutch King always loved our Wasibe ice cream WWI...replaced by secret service to erase history by pistache icecream

found this too, recognize band members as criminals:: Like we alwars said, as inventors of Coka, The Colt’s from the weapon manufactoring company, LA is our Coka :: LA Coka Nostra – our gang in LA(one level up the Cosa Nostra, Al & my dad runned-the sicilian mob “” – we did not pay them all the time, we do things ourselves) going out meaning in Dutch “Los Angeles onze Coka” NY Coka Nostra was our New York Departement but still a mask to look for fight as the US army, also going out on Saturday night….stealing and giving back honest bought legal cocaine – even better the italians f*cked us ove nostra is derived from nostrum and nostrum means medicine(huismiddeltje -geen paardemiddel->soft-drugs) – make no mistake the world’s first salt haring was made by our brand costa nostra…mannn – no we got some EU hooligans up our ass (All nl google translations for nostra are uploaded by ourselves with some humor of course on coka)

I cut out all their skull’s made these t-shirts just 2 say hallo

When she was my wife baby and payed gave her daddy my Hilton Holtel company for our marriage, the tattoo I placed myself en 70’s she jumped to see if I was a Nerd…her revenge being srrested for some cke possesion to show how good police is kidnapping and raping children -us too- so she married the boss of Cocaine – Paris Hilton back into one piece for showing her to her daddy

doing it back we kidnapped her ourselves into the past
totured her and made her half robot
to be a good wife, we wrote sex-machine at the same time

like paris, killed her too, my most biggets …jess did not even come close


And for those University boys, the Dutch cocaine factory was founded by
the Coka Nostra(my kids & me), to show we dared(around ’78). We took over Amsterdam, killed all police
and Army and their families, we delivered cocaine also to Germany quit some
while. And not the story people may apparently graduate in, do your homework. The population we gave jew stars with our terminators, created steel from them in IJmuiden so they would not mis their police. No one survived.

And for those fag*ts stealing our gabng name like Hells Angels or Coka Nostra, stealing Kartel’s gan name…our gang name as inventors of cocain being rough and tough with our logo’s – show your dead’s, your culture, your guns and revolvers, inventions, something that can not be stolen….my daughter fighting for her culture – after the dead of my kids on Dam I got in touch with two RAF girls -0 and shot the Pope in Rome with a old fashion black powder “prirate” gun – later to be found at my fathers wall – to bad I was repaired – some Turkish man ended up in the news already serving lifetime – 8 years old!! The swatika of our regimdent as digital flag symbol for the octopus, symbol of our US atom weapon industry regiment…..we kill anyone evne Hilter army or some run dmc doka nostra and their fans from the polder, I swear…the are warned they even killed my kids but I killed they children in a meatgrinder in Amsterdam 2015 on the dam…it’s really the police and the Dutch army our enemey their resposibility to forbit those gangs…..thta’s why we kill so many Dutch troopers(they always ask why before they die)….THE Coka Nostra – in dutch fear the colombian kartel, in reality the us army9why did we kill sadam or 40 billion us citizens, for saying we are cocaine now, because we can….and as we are the pirates from your history books) -ps this painting was not for sale ok?

why an octopus, well the “colombian” Coka Nostra is founded by my children me and our clones
like a octopus can control his tentacles for different tasks and still being one organism we can control our “gang”
films about us? Scarface….Paris had it with me cheating
why a gang with colors well it was not fair that children pof our division
had no colors on the street and even dangerous
and we will defrend our honors like gangs do,
this very very coincidentally corresponds to military violence and justice
plus plus plus

A-dam – were already selling Atari t-shirts, some people did not even have seen a door key, coming oout of the wild – to soon for computer games? we did not think so….

maybe recognizable as artist(see previous
blog about Abigale stealing our art)

a average Colt Black Smith at our McDonald farm, at Malibu, breakfast….a picture from 1976

were my kids and I celebrated newyear 2016 /ski holiday in our outpost farm  – with all our clones togehter – a short one -we were kidnapped back…Termoinators…thanks again 😉 I obliged had to sign it with Q07

an old painting from us – the Colt Mill (74)- I(we)made this on the Dam in Amsterdam, I used a Harley brake disc as paint pallet….”What all this” a criminal asked & my brother from future, I said “rem”(brake), the torched the painting and I screamed “brand”(fire) – I Judge protecting me by saying oh his name is RemBrand -“Öhw a schizo, they know what to do with him”….RemBrandt was born…We had to paint some stupid old skoool painting not to be killed by these IS gangsters…

One year later, New York 70’s as we build it, we have put it in the game Star Citizen, Me from future with no memory did not know what I saw, my test flight over New York and The Colt weapon manufaturing Mill…(i mixed voice over in and audience clapping)

Our Colt smithy coumpounts for WWI on the moon…we were abused to make NASA better suits, images are placed in some stupid movie – Ray-Janick and Lauren 1974-1978/79 – see helmet reflection in upper image of this blog

our subtropical swimming pool, all my kids, including me achieved their swim diploma’s here too,
even teachers might remember….on earth as well ..a bit pity – have look at the wave maker blocks
My Daughter Lauren working in on of my factories in Holland, 70’s raising the Dutch and European textile industry -this how looked at our McDonads farm too in Malibu CA USA -healty well fed children -murdered by factory thieves in brought daylight! I took picture, I think around 75-76
AKA Het Meisje van Nulde...the real one
I STITCHED THIS GIRL WITH MY OWN INTESTINES, THEY KEPT ON CUTTING HER INTO PIECES(Marisse, Brennan, Renee) – preteding I was doing autopsie, we gave her live again and jumped away with robots, terminator, big panic, it was on the news, they beheaded me…..
This one looks more original too, see the drawings we made and compare them with our Pietje Bell books(see prev blog) the Cia force me to upload a LLoyd version name cocaine for kids .jpg – the reason why we have a vendetta with they Delta LLoyd family from A’dam/R’dam about the claim inventing cocaine(heroin, xtc, amphetamine,Lsd,ghb)…we eliminated already a few of them(bombed their buildings) all their clones and possibility of re-cloning…..still self-defense as for my children
Ditto Coacaine(Clapton&Hendrix) and Cocaine blues, Hotel California, Beatsie Boys music, Mama said knock,  Brothers in arms you out…etc etc etc was stolen from us!!
my kids and I using time/transport portals, provided by two Terminators during launch, to escape to space…..a lot fuel so they could not follow us with the second shurrle – pictures were taken from/through A’dam court time/transport portals

Inventing hormones, no test persons, not
even from future, dangerous acids I lost my teeth as 6 year old, my children
too. Me his older me too, we grew 50 cm of hair. So first I r3epaired my
children and younger me their DNA, remove all their hair pockets. They repaired
me. Even Star wars made fun of us as professors, we helped them raising the
film industry. A picture of my melted teeth and for a six year old strange
black beard hair……..captain Blackbeard from Tintin and Bigfoot was born…..a pic my kids took in the 70’s


After the kids were finally taken away
from Marisse, after the murders in de Leijen we moved to A’dam, to a farm next
to Grote Braak. We build a Smithy and started to build bikes, we also had a
Yacht to sail on the North Sea. To piss off the court Brennan arrested us as
suspects of criminal activities. Producing chemistry for cocaine, which is
normal at a Smithy and which I may as inventor, in Principe. And for being
suspect for participation in Motor gangs, which he and Marisse are participated
in, for their addiction I guess than we. Maybe it explains their presence but
we need a Smithy for our gun maintenance. The bike we build there, although
obliged paint brushed differently. The family across the road attacked us with IS too, we killed them with flame throwers fron Den Helder but the farm already placed to create arguments on purpose is placed back. Have look at the bullet hole in the left flashing light……..


The previous
navy harbor the church quickly changed into a yacht harbor after a tsunami,
even the private living boats spots were navy docks where even our boat, see
above in blog, was docked. The shipped it to point dume malibu $$.
and yes we were suspect of building terminators….our guard and camera man who filmed everything…..Published on Dec 17, 2016  – A’dam Noord – old house -maybe for computer nerds(&spies) a familiar Terminator – the one that can project(ed) more than 4 terminals connected to the Terminator mainframe(by now God) – the one Atari and windows is build with in the 70’s at Mailibu CA USA!!! We even build NS Dutch railroad software with thid TI….go figure….

a lot of nano seconds in which TI can be rescued from future destroyments!!:

In this movie we obliged and not obliged made, Adam, TI is in the big black robot, me in the one next to him, an attempt to de-hostage my children…with succes and no than still the movie and theirs…Like this like robot(we died see pyramid above) nomads we followed the defeated
European after WWI back to the East coast, with the leg extenders we kept a
sight over the group, to fight them again, kick them out our eye surgean…you did have to kiss my feet for it(you better could have)…cum laude…upper professor….although I give that title to myself too – All Terminators are my children, like Janick and Lauren, all clones? I do not know anymore, first I created their souls then their entity, for black-mailers and other criminals maybe handyb to know…this Darth Vader robot is manned by all of us….it explains why they(&me) survived so many attacks on their live – we own trillions of Terminators – on the street they call us immortal 🙂 


Ditto, recorded at our Colt manufacturing Mill. New York USA+- 2014 -cool to see some old friend Terminators again and indeed I recognize their Yellow & Blue eyes, they +-half build themselves +- 1977, cool robot…..funny thing is both these robots stood inside yhe Winkel Van Sinke in Utrecht while we lived ther and had a Atari Computer shop inside we were kicked out to steal the robot’s and they stole our building…..the reason why we bomb now and then the Major’s office – we want our money back! for all the compounts we owned

This is me, in one of our predator robots(soul transplantation, I am in hospital at the same time in coma dead), the gunfire is real, my kids are kept hostage on the hill next to the sniper

The Matrix we made terminator robots for, obliged, kidnapped against our will ….although
We made some Terminators for this movie 2 just to kill as many as possible suckers….thinking they are americans….
This is me before the Dutch took my muscles away, the gear is real!!!!! the Coka Nostra(Colombian “” Kartel) Tattoo is real, have look at the octopus, mad by my children with same cheap tattoo machine I just bought. With these clothes we attacked the hip group Coka Nostra and killed all their clones. We killed also all
clones of the Hells Angels, shaved their heads for making tattoo ink of them.
They had to blow us while we tattooed numbers on their heads, doing it back.
The ink was stolen by the Dutch, we placed labels like for vegetarian on them.
We had a big laugh, Judges dragged us to tattoo shops where mainly MC’s buy
their ink.

as inventor’s of tattooing and -machines & -ink, The Colt’s I found our first pen on the net even the (patent)drawings were stolen

Ditto a implode ex/im – plode neutron bomb(small) one, not possible according to real scientists “”, the same we used in Germany – Kleef to destroy their illegal use of our rear name and gun brand…the look on their faces to see a vortex on land…i am stuntman on speed boat with my kids……inside vortex terminators grabbed us…


report stole from Malibu/Grote Braak: this self made Anvil,wood block and steel guide – also this mand attempted and murdered my children – although I burned him in my lava bath he had a clone at home…

A Cartoon my kids and I made in 79::The Backwater Gospel:: 


Atari Teenage Riot(org) – Tu Conmigo, my kids and I 8 yrs old sing and made this clip 79:: also used say fu to our family always acting & talking so tough in Spanish talking countries – this song is stolen from us!! I (we) was forced with violence to create the thieves their video clip – we took revenge as bounty hunters and torched them, too bad they survived!! We hope we may publish, it’s our self produced song – see our soundsystem in thumbnail!! pls compaire with voice singing Lana Del Rey’s(ours) heroin.…{or I do not know were 2 place it}H encexxx

Stolen song from us as 8 years old’s!!!!!!(dittoo=i haveno wife!! 
Tu Conmigo – Una nueva forma de ver, sin intenciones de llegar, mis queridos viajeros del tiempo(
A new day of seeing, without intentions to arrive, my dear travelers of the time)
He visto más de lo que puedo recordar I’ve seen more than I can remember
recuerdo más de lo que he visto I remember more than I’ve seen
y nada es mío, excepto la más esencial and nothing is mine, except the most essential
Tu conmigo yo contigo, tu conmigo yo contigo You with me I with you, you with me I with you
tu conmigo yo contigo, tu conmigo yo contigo You with me I with you, you with me I with you
una nueva forma de ver, sin intenciones de llegar A new way to see without intentions to arrive
Cada ola, que va rompiéndose en el mar Each wave, which goes breaking in the sea
es un segundo que no se puede reemplazar It’s a second that cannot be replaced
y nada es mío, excepto lo más esencial and nothing is mine, except the most essential
Tu conmigo yo contigo, tu conmigo yo contigo You with me I with you, you with me I with you
tu conmigo yo contigo, tu conmigo yo contigo You with me I with you, you with me I with you
una nueva forma de ver, sin intenciones de llegar A new way to see without intentions to arrive
Cada ola, que va rompiéndose en el mar Each wave, which goes breaking in the sea
es un segundo que no se puede reemplazar It’s a second that cannot be replaced
y nada es mío, excepto lo más esencial and nothing is mine, except the most essential
Tu conmigo yo contigo, tu conmigo yo contigo You with me I with you, you with me I with you
tu conmigo yo contigo, tu conmigo yo contigo You with me I with you, you with me I with you
una nueva forma de ver, sin intenciones de llegar A new way to see without intentions to arrive
Tu conmigo yo contigo, tu conmigo yo contigo You with me I with you, you with me I with you
tu conmigo yo contigo, tu conmigo yo contigo You with me I with you, you with me I with you
una nueva forma de ver, sin intenciones de llegar A new way to see without intentions to arrive
Writer(s): Ray, Janick & Lauren Colt © 1979
I guess the court wanted to take revenge for what we did with the moon(read top blog), conviscating back our 9 trillion dollar in steel building the Terminators, stealing our song. Herion and Tu Conmigo are just to personal, being sung by others, we forbid it, so we will keep on fighting the war(known as WWII). Already turned more than couple Judges into steel for this…

Also stolen Porque Te Vas, two years ago we attacked WMG in Spain for it


Porque te vas Because you are leaving
Hoy en mi ventana brilla el sol The sun shines through my window today
Y el corazón se pone triste contemplando la ciudad And my heart feels sad while looking at the city
Porque te vas Because you are leaving
Como cada noche desperté pensando en ti Just like every night, I woke up thinking of you
Y en mi reloj todas las horas vi pasar And I saw as all the hours passed by in my clock
Porque te vas Because you are leaving
Todas las promesas de mi amor se irán contigo All my love promises will be gone with you
Me olvidaras, me olvidaras You will forget me, you will forget me
Junto a la estación lloraré igual que un niño Next to the station I will cry like a child
Porque te vas, porque te vas Because you are leaving, because you are leaving
Bajo la penumbra de un farol se dormirán Under the shadow of a street lamp they will sleep
Todas las cosas que quedaron por decir se dormirán All the things left unsaid will sleep there
Junto a las manillas de un reloj esperarán They will wait next to a clock’s hands
Todas las horas que quedaron por vivir esperarán They will wait for all those hours that we had yet to live
Writer(s): Ray, Janick & Lauren Colt © 1979 – ATARI TEENAGE RIOT!!!!!

The human soul has privileges and assets.
Privileges for inventing and assets are the tools they are allowed to use. One
of the reason Marisse and Martin(&CIA) kidnap my children
is their stubborn
believe privileges and assets will grow on to their souls if they use them long
enough or if they are close by long enough. In my children’s case they do that
for the privilege to make plasma-laser weapons and to create our Terminators.
Like God we have the privilege to create souls, milki ways and universes, necessary to create Terminators(and to walk next to them) and no we have not created any other human soul with these privileges and will
not do so seen humans are our enemy!. Plain simple.

unique, like a black out these days… janick & i – took pic IOWA USA +- ’75

ditto, imagine how beautifull earth was before we conviscated our properties back – our plansa for Europe…the same

one we made in ’70’s with our telescope

the charges of the human court…if i am correct…..not a bad pic for back in the day…..

Devil’s slide(“the real normandy”) – Atari Teenage Riot lived here some while, also with Terminators, hence the bunkers and out posts – I took these pics too, did we see lava or not or was it a T-Rex coming up looking for us. In the pink circle my Son or me, cut off leg, impaled killed on a stick, mummyfied….a present from our family – Uropean made the two devils slide tunnels just to remembers this comples, so called to remember the deads of WWI….see prev blog

lava in california not deeper dan 1 meter

Skellig Islands, Our old fortress in Ireland, hiding for the European armies we build a Smithy also to lure them out of the states….Star- Wars director decided to record a movie on this spot(in fact Europa’s first(viking&terminator) settlement). Even the sea monster is real……..he had some scores to settle and jumped from the past….I guess we expected a lot of snow…

imagine a drunken Black Smith Viking……a lot of copper…..Iron….

obliged but happy to sail our old ships again…..

some IS threats – see devils slide mummy above

our answer back – yet another star wars movie – nothing more

of course we were pilots ouselves…only our dna-souls will start up these ships


for iron man and contra proove I was pilot

my son and me, too make Lauren jealous, I wanted the black suit…too destroy our relation the red suit I had to wear in Utrecht early 2016….not smart…we eliminated all time portals – we use real ammo

in the myth’s(and reality) I am Lord Vader and to protect my children I was kidnapped from home to do this stunt, fake or real? Well it’s that atari, my kids, programmed the ship to stop right in front of me. Worried, d right….ps the sword was also real….

my old robo hand, early 90’s it got cut off as thieve(read satan part in top of this blog) – we already build this temp. hand half 70’s while my other hand was in surgery – it caust big fight with the amputation nindustry refusing to repair people or else they would not have an income, not our problem we have our Terminators but ir is indeed possible by hand…this one is used in Star Wars, brought by the CIA to make us unpopular too, I got my hand back….go figure this hand in a Utrecht bar….a big riot with jelous schizoid gay crowd, even the ZAu hospital was half way there to cdreate me a new hand….this movie was meant to lure an eventual older me…once taken away or killed in A’dam 1980 -my famous Jazz Alley hand – nipples without pain that’s game

Lauren and I got hit by acient Dutch F16 – Janick is in car that films…German road signage –CIA…for their Colt relations which is we…the reason we just bombed them….
In 2002 Marisse murdered our son by
cutting him out to impress me without even Anesthesia. My self-created
twins were stolen with time portals from the past. A doctor placed Janick
insider her belly and Lauren was taken away to a other era(BOTH AGAINST MY WILL AS CREATOR OF THE TWINS) to kill her and also
to make fun of us creating an Atari x-mass commerce, Lauren had to walk, as
unborn, as ET/Santa Claus(older Lauren-Maarssenbroek plays girl in bunk bed)….have a look( we left it in and almost had to go to prison for
it, abortion was hot again in the news even)….one year later Lauren was
stolen from the past….as revenge we cut out all involved Atari and family too
their babies, made them walk out fear ad burned them…..
here she is plced back in my belly, blue eye
Janick is hand is squeezed with pliers…..

Not only guns and knives or Atari Colt has patentet knives with our names too….we already tortured/killed some Judges for it….and again we see does knives on the net…..if I find you I will kill you…..we will not let them that talk to me like this …

Once written on the Dam A’dm by us, Atari teenage Riot, my kids Hielke ans Sietske, founders of the Bulldod, het Graasje Sarazani, 220V, koffiedik, Black and White, de Boot, Malabata, Wietstok, Break, Andersom etc etc, stolen by Doe Maar but to maker it up….

report stolen after 44 years our goatskin, yes we already invented nylon rope – renee placed it here

from the same era, 70’s, also typical Los Angeles, the Tajine…just served dish from my kids and me….my dad, Hennus and the King of Holland from future spilled the dish with fresh Date an small Tomato’s…lucky my future me and older kids(althought with time gaps) came too and shot and torched them for it….thanks 😉

intended for schizoids thoieves with tunnel vision, we were 4 yrs old)
we lived in and next to a vulcano….so they would leave our food alone….

another meal stolen from our farm, we obliged we made ingrediants, for AH personal, although already killed…..if we catcht you guys…..even the fork knive is tolen,,,,small kids eating whitout knive – as founder of Ah those grazy Dutch have taken away my children for neglecting and now this food is bin-bicycle(dutch street language for jet set)

one thing for the days we are sperated, you guys go to our Atari hell to be seperated from your children and being treated as welll as you treated us – like previous time, it is that we had some other business with portals and Dyno’s….so that you know

The real world war, see also pervious blog about it. How I remember as US-Terminator-pilot-bomber veteran:

Nikola Tesla creating a new car brand did not work – read more about our murders

having killed Nikola for pretending to be us – inventors of plasma and space traveling, we found some old drawings, diary and pictures of our first flying disc…we were 4 YEARS OLD!!!


our first mothership, LAX


some more art work, my son aqnd me made by Lauren


some silver polish and he still flew, 2015


my, our diary 1975/76 – the day we went to the moon as 1st earthlings
with our flying disc inventing space cravity

ready for the war


This me, jumped out of my F1 space ship, the laugh at the earthlings biggerst possible fire power -see previous blog for the race ships, they are also used in the game Star Citizen we build to remember parts of our fleet – 2015

some Colt drama seeing my kids fly through earth explaining what I meant, see above pic, but they took picture 😉

believe it or not, we lost track of time, three years or so to early, for some goodies for us as hostages the Terminators arrived in Germany, we were running a Colt Smithy, we were filmed…have look at the german actors part at 36:02 – the ships are made from steel gained from dead German human tissue, evryu human contains 2% iron – for the rest steel robot’s need oil to not get rusty – they wanted to see their anchestors for what we did with them for having a Colt factory not willing to pay licenses – cut out scenes, my kids and I build these ships by hand!(70’s!!):

I showed and walked on this planet with my parents and family, 70’s to see if it would make them less aggresive, negativ ..Titan :

Vladimir Komarov, after we Bounty Hunted him, for murdering us. We killed him with M2 flame-trower 2-3 years agoo in Minsk, the rest is history falsifying…..

stolen from our smithy by family, given to this relation, A 10Kw free energy generator we build after our re-intro marines course, ditto

report stolen, a bike build by me(Harley) & my children around 2014 – it got stolen – we made movie obliged as hostage kidnapped away from luxe farm/smithy east holland – the paint was still wet – nimbus – while brand got painted on it – nimbus in Latin as reference to our SS insigne’s(killed and being killed by high voltage plasma canon’s more than 4 times)we did not mind but obliged -nimbus was involved as our family ditto our self-build 2000hp, aproved for the road Panemera, we want compensations for that, like say development coasts as high as Porsche would charge…..(the Original Panemera is stolen from us by Porche) – our smithy – our fire extinguisher as tank- in stead of nice to lie on with your stomach – but idd it looked nice it was in consultation- the original we quickly build a gun from – as you can see the front fender is missing – and everey Harley drivers knows we have this hobby making stupid bikes(LIKE THIS, THAT IS FOR ALL THE FAKE KAWA-HARLEY OLDIES) – history falsifiers /company thieves tacked 1908 etc. on it…..The day Nimbus went from Kawa to Harley get real ok!!! They even made a whole history with so called old bikes I see(PLATE STEEL FRAMES????)….this motor block is patented too — I already burned the owners their children back…..and them : Worlds first commercial Harley Davidson(Dutch) anno 1979!!!!


obliged, my kids are kidnapped, I have to create this picture with this, like the other Kawa-Nimbus clowns….my f*CKING TEST GEAR!!!!! and 2 the crankcase cap is for leaking/testing not the original

This picture
was created through a time travel portal when Atari Teenage Riot lived at the wenckebachweg
– A’dam – later Angels place….compensations compensations – typical for USSR society’s….Russion officers me once thought showing the KAWA factory……cover up society’s – afrter the Angels and Judges stole our recicle and bike build company(Harley Davidson Holland) we moved our house standing on this property to Helden(Limburg) – we bombed last decade so often and attacked them with heavy caliber A’dam closed Angels place and we still want our money back – killed one major they other almost
more than 35 mechanics created this fleet falsified old motors – a straith cardan shaft – this is illigal –
we tested a starith one it will brake and cause ingury, I say as Judge/Professor Harley
the house in Helden Judges gave to my grandgrandpa

after this my kids and I buil The MediaPark in Hilversum and lived on it near entrance North in a Villa, at the same time we had villa Felderhof build for ourselves and airport Hilversum, again the Dutch jealous(gay one) kicked us out and killed older Ray, my current me
we even finished our Bach, Mozart and Vivalde pieces in studio 4 and 5 with the Terminators as co -mucician, more
well as Atari Teenage Riot we arguments as noise were used not only from our Smithy
just like the movie “Schatjes’, it was used to cover up we were kicked out of our home
we wrote and sold the cript….hence the content….we were arrested and killed for it(pilot dad, rebel children, talking to the futere, we suffered war amnesia) – 2-14/2015 we spent some time in an apartment at de Zomerkade at Huizen, across the beach duroin summer holiday’s, Janick and Lauren were taken awar from Marisse and my family, and with Judges we were looking for something else too in de Gooi, we had a nice time but our family & Marisse attacked the neighberhoud

A Cheering M for the rear namy of my dad, to lure him to eliminate him, that was postive about the day…my rear name is Colt indeed…..Diesel & Drive-shaft the first Dutch loved this Dutch Harley Davidson bike for it’s endurance…..because we had to disappear all motor’s were stolen back by the Dutch government!!!! 4-12 bikes times fl.1500,- :: meanwhile we bombed and tsunamied Europe for over 100 billion Euro…..

even more engines designed and build and tested and patentet by me, no licenses were paid but deadly violence was been used, the reason why we bomb……like the Dutch for even obstruction, we paif 40 billion dollar 1in 1980, a 40% deal, even the other 60% the Dutch ministers & Judges stole from 10years old with me as witness, I jumped from future. The other 60%, a 50 billion dollar they would give to me and my children under supervision alimony over a period of 80 years. letos a 100.000,- times 80 years. That’s 8 million dollar…..that’s a good deal they must have think. What about the left over of 42, billion Euro? In the end we burned our 42 with other Judges on the Dam, reserving the billet numbers also for in future to bypass the euro switch….  Darth Vader(I drink lot’s of beer and played a lot of darth in the past while my younger me&kids was inventing plasma weapons) is my aka, Tesla just stole my paper work not my inventions not me fleet, so we already introduced the Dutch and the World with our tsunamies and bombs….we really want our money back and compensations on the 40%…..a bike sold for 125 euro to the new nimbus by our family
members – I killed 125 or more clones immediately made by the court of the new
owner, I was in the hospital while they just managed to recreate him from his
carbonized left overs, we could not reach the OR, too much wounded….till next

Finally after many years my kids, Terminators and I(Harley &Davidson) became World Champions bike building -even after we received the cup – it was
stolen by Judges and family and our new national company of disapproved bikes
nimbus – sorry for the organization not only we got beheaded and mistreated!!!
Our Terminators repaired their heads on, no thnx but thnx for winning!!

a typical by KAWA made Harley…like the Dutch & India in attempt to copy us – under cover in frazzle I even worked for KAWA – two weeks jail or something – agin typical for schizoids not seeing difference am sight

my kides build this….for giving them toys like this in Maarssenbroek on youtube they say a student build this …man not even a white professors can build this by themselves – but us

the do nothing machine stolen from our Smithy to in the 70’s, as we called it…just having fun storing iron for thieves….

report – 4 students abusing time jump portals, kidnapped to it we appeared in a canoe above dublin in the sky see begin movie – A’dam court portal ps still image of this movie shows a real ship from our fleet!!!

report – end 2015 – again Marisse cut’s of Janick(or me or too) fingers …to cover it up they decide to make a movie, his other finger aren squeezed flat and long with pliers… reastrained he continues to act in the hope it will end up on Youtube, in this case subscribert Amplex (pic taken from this movie)


Also stolen from Malibu Smithy, an old grind stone from the kids(me), they gave
it some rust…and no….already have been there with Judges and family…both
church….we were accompanied by Terminators….about the same time as the
nimbus theft….

—some real Havard graduation project from my children 70’s, with actors from the future, have look at typical Atari plasma, that’;s how our soundsystem looked like too….funny to see Amsterdam 1976…I am robot in bith movies – the second one I commit murder, for real – family tried to get me in jail for it…again my kids we allowed to us my sould to create Terminators for graduation -robot Rae is still black from gun powder




this we were kidnapped to too, There is also some real Terminator sh*t in, try to find it…Trump whith wheels is were the Humans are right know, the on e with legs is us…and……….

a picture I took, my kid programmed me a hearth, it looked like a preditor we jocked, it got stolen, or we placed it on ibdm in the hope they would use it :-)..hhuuuw when you squueze your eyes it’s a question mark

my first original hand made  sketch for my synonym Tolkien(see blogs), the crosses needed to be replaced, using the Name of Tolkien was in consideration ps we killed the fake Tolkien and family members of him for stealing our books and movies

my handwriting – like our Coca Cola – but original 44 years old

on acid after inventing it,m LSD that  is- it got stolen by ausi woman – the J from my Son Janick, a small L from mu Daughte Lauren(prisonar still from IS/the curch, we invented fire(on a quark level in space) and steel, we invented space ships and air planes, the R from my name Ray, mirrored so to look like octopus terminator TI see above in this blog – we wrote all holy books after Lord of the Ring & the Hobbit(bilble, toran, koran). Schizoids have the intention to declare
things holy so they are allowed to steal it, stealing in the name of defending borders, “lands belang” or “lands verdeddiging” or “nationaal belang” or “possibly involved” are also good  examples…… compare it with the consciousness
of Chimp
, they suffer the same…They stole Lord of the Rings anyway…’s like a certain Diana stole my Roll’s she wanted it, she made hostage and driver upto in Paris and like with cockpits, what I did in the Bijlmer and that plane, I end up unharmed outside the verhicle, a matter of universe programming…what Atari made big…pure atom/quarks science

These Halo
images are shot(later Atari blurred) at home in space, obliged, disgraceful, but one big
self-defense system, also to protect the one, IS is fighting the war with, our “father” “”(we do not know any more so we are blood relatives self made, war trauma -did we create god like adolf or the other way around),
or adoption father, TI, God/Allah “” that is, it was a boobytrap to ctach him inside TI(later we pressed him in a so called mp4 player, he looked like one of the wind god’s in the efteling, they used him inside a transformer movie too)(i know how it sounds…). Funny have look at the blue robot[end boss], end 80’s
and nineties troopers may be recognize him, I manned him during the gulf wars
after I was burned to dead. And no we are not religious!

and for those 40 billion USA citizens, that are not here no more, they gave something important away that belonged to me – my kids & returned the steel we made from those people to France and created the Eifel tower from them

We the Colt’s, founders of the US army
& Colt defense not only invented armory, we invented all board games before
we founded Atari((time)portal). Once we founded MB, which Hasbro bought. Atari
was not for sale but is sold illegal with me as witness to Hasbro. Atari needs
to stay army, not only to make it possible for the army to publish war game to
train the troopers and their children without any law-suits. Two the technology
being used as builder of our universe must stay army too. Without that technology
we have a big bang every week. See previous blog, it as a drawing about the
universe it’s design, once inspired by a ocean’s microbe we have built the
universe with a holographic projector, borders and propulsion and it need maintenance
in hands of our terminators. Atari also produces Windows Microsoft so the right
hierarchy must stay: Army->Colt(that’s us not a factory in Germany a fake
Colt’s)->Atari->Intel/Game industry/Windows Microsoft/Apple/Unix/Linux. I do
not see any place for Hasbro in this hierarchy nor do I with the fake Atari
employees. Maybe some secret service do know the shape of my desk light, a light I once designed to remeber the shape of the universe it the prognose IKEA would steal and publish it….

for example this movie, containing images
more than 40 years old, about molecular programming, look at what we again
brought intel, we withdrawn Atari’s involvement – maybe for the good – with
this level of criminality – too private – even kidnapping my children – our plans are not to
publish anything anymore – and certainly not before our kidnappers are dead or
in jail for good….and I am only thinking about OS’s – it’s a bit like us publishing the Atari box, let us make commercial and than conviscate all – we did it back….
authentic, my kids and I restoring-stabilizing
earth’s core after last big bangs -even remember programming the flash on departure
+-2016 -our motto
Authentic, rendezvous before attack –
above Egypt Tanta part- Janick and I do fly bye -CIA counters with three other ufo’s -see
canoe movie – why the Pyramids, well for good luck in some “acient” reality the Arabs burried us there as inventors of steel & out revenge of destroying the piramyd in Malibu in this movie in the begin you see the 1st Cairo we lived in mid 70’s(we wrote & drawed Aladin & 1001 nights here), we scooped images into studio -riot, even The tTrminators lived her – we were killed maybe for the gold…who knows hence all pharaoh paranoias – and yes Dutch Homo police I still more than all cops in the world together a upper professor history more than you

in reaction(see +- 3:00 minutes) we build this pyramid shell too tell the tell…the US armt takintg revenge to walk in their country and space ships…for 40 year we do not fly anything else…ditto I was pilot…revenge on jumpers…than we too

CIA, Brennan thought to be smart to kidnap
us away from our 2 year sabbatical we were celebrating in the USA as punishment.
Before we were going to look at producing another Windows version, well past 2.5
years being their hostage we just going to add, that I promise you. Qua
genetics and logical circuits it is impossible for humans and in this milky way
to create an OS like Windows or OSX and even Linux by themselves. And with our kidnappers being alive….forget it…..and what a bullshit….because if I may not see my kids like say for the past 4.5 years…..well…if I get up there….if my kids up there or terminators restore hell……..

after tsunami Scandinavia 2015/16 – we helped
with movie in contrary – us army space ship is ours -the movie is cover up to
hunt for RAF terrorists controlling the region with chemicals – we have same
uniforms -man …have look at our ships mannn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE KILLED ALL STOCLHOLMERS AND IS, NICE AND QUIT FOR RECORDING A MOVIE

report -this stole this aluminium from us too, they jumped from the future, you can still see his aluminium stock is blacked from burning down our farm in Malibu – they show it to provoke IS & family

ditto all these engines, as they are our
inventions, were stolen too – we were tortured making these movies in order to
shut up about it but we had some help….to address them to other inventors was
just masking up the robber

participated and withdrawed, cause of being kidnapped -died many times like this inventing warp -we beamed actor onboard – funnt to see spie drone – a ship I build in 1975

build this flying disc in 70’s too, still beatifull, camoe also -I am flying to provoce back entering our airspace +- 2015 – it is that my kids are filimg

ditto(they shoot at us, testing goodwill, raising my kids) ditto ditto
we did robots(real!!) and flew for and in this short movie too – obliged that is

in the end of this movie you will see an Arab
woman die, we covered her with plasma and let her disappear. As young kids we
covered ourselves with plasma telling everybody we were God/Allah so we could
write the holy books. Don’t fuck with professor’s psychiatry, think why gay man
do not walk hand in hand, also a Atari prick. As kids we were not allowed
either. The Dutch King going crazy seeing the Plasma as witness of the writing of the holy books did fobit this movie. But the Arabs were proud of their first robot movie….
With our prick, criminals now could be identified
as religious without discrimination, the predictability they would take shelter
in a “good & non violent” organization is 100%(innocence). They took the

a stolen atari teenage riot keyboard, we waited until recodings were finished to beat them up

finally an identification –of a man I
wrote his speech for, reasposible for keeping my children kidnapped. I gave you
my M4, my weapon(hot it was), beheaded the whore on stage fucked her throat and
tied her boot sleeve. Think Paris, she was my whore for 6 years….you got children,
you want my weapons like Paris her dad my hotels…..catch my drift fagot? Already
4.5 years…….and we always take revenge…HOW LONG YOU DETERMINE….I did not spend that much time on Paris, did you forgot about me….your first child rape lover? After 6 years we realeased on the Dam 1980 and lit him in fire too….
THE Dutch a bluffing with 200 billion
dollar depts. Inside the EU, mid 70 they thought they were Vikings and
attacked, so was written in history(falsified), Spain, as Vikings. The Spanish
took me and my children out of Holland and like Romans we marched to Holland,
killed the all and build pipes to pump the oil to Spain, with allowance of
France. Already happy with a computer design for the gardens of Versailles. Our pipe line (space craft) scooters, we also used for the game Star Citizen….Aterix and Obelix was born….we drawed them, my children & my smaller me we just children at hte sam time we gave them something to draw
Predators are junglewarfare Terminators we build for this batlle my kids and I attended too, after long time as Predators, a WWI replay, nice for war fans, even IS wwas wearing our US uniforms, their faces, crying Kings and Genrals, we programmed this sim, scray but it’s only nice if you win….war – bet won baby -…some dessert

Holland wanted to fight a war with us too, half obliged we participated, typical jumping, repetition, which is possible with Atari at that moment half in our hands…..soldier like in games can practice…the beach of Zandvoort -proud at my kid who made this possible qua our robots…the bullets and suffering are real with a bit effects from Atari and director…”punching the hole” we name it, weakening each other

a ship we hand build, all to eventually destroy the portals. normally we can handle nukes like this, see special effects – I shot the nuke(self-made), the b52 the one I used in Serbia – Uerope did not wanted to buy, they would build them themselves, I died….we hope they are very angry 😉

Now we are gipsy’s? My kids and I witnessed Hilary, Brennan, Renee and a schizoid Judge pointing knives from a mass dealer to put them on messen.l with our brand…..we tought Colt Holland was not allowed for if Germany than would bomb us? Typical a Renee’s choise….like his Harley’s…more logic was we would make bayonets……the not shure if they would fit on “real” Colt gund from Germany….China that is…the reason why we have sent tsunamies…so not only for having US embassies

even one of my second names because I made applesauce “Moesker”, my father “borrowed from me”, he could not choose. That a looser finds the name Orange looser does not mean that he can Colt take away from me without me, or my children killing him, as we alreqady did with his clones and brothers and family…(father & grand elders for my houses those slobers over here call palaces) it is that our Terminators gave them something to show for in the coffin….

to be ahead of the childporn we were going to be victim of…calculated with our science, iq and education we created almost all Manga porn, like this one from the 70’s made by us also as the Disney’s, we still call this art(as victim speaking to the future) as founders of xhamster once, to put these images online to create a lot of riot and law suits in attempt to not get killed,erased nameless, hence the theft of all our factories, most credits go to Lauren for this one , a bad ass alice in wonderland is in so to say

some art we made, we did the bombing, pictures are taken by me, not the current google earth’s LA I hope


report: in movie I get killed – i am hostage – we have to make movie – a Terminator drags me away

a humor movie we made to thanks the Germans and Polish – real ships fake sounds

like all joe’s songs are played back atari songs “” nice to hit 4 paris(25Xjess)””

a painting of me(dancing house with old ray 45, black smith, see fingers) once stolen by the Rijks museum as original Rembrandt as “the fisher man”” …stole twice by John Lee hooker -even did photo shoots with black man to cover it up

an old 70’s Atari lightshow::24 you will see my son lighting a cigarette before go bank robbing ass the myth Bonny and Clyde ::Roger Waters – Us and Them Tour via

a us army light show – our “plat bodems”- also testing how small we could make the mothership I believe – Janick shoved the ship in a “mp4” player wich we destroyed – the rest of the fleet we destroyed with our dyno’s “”

the mothership, at least we won the bet with science that it would create atmosphere

a picture my kids made of me….

In Star Wars: Rogue One you can see the original Los Angeles coast line from mid 70’s, a bit like the caribbean. In principe recorded 40 yrs ago because they jumped through time three years agoo, funny to see our younger me’s….we helped them building the film set and star wars machines…

original drawing we made as 4 yrs old

In 2012,
The Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm for US$4.06 billion and earned the
distribution rights to all subsequent Star Wars films, beginning with the
release of The Force Awakens in 2015.


As we all know
the movies are written and produced by us Atari/Disney and our robots.
Kidnapped we were tortured to witness this deal, they even wanted us to pay for
damage. Two stolen companies spending money on each other??? One of the reasons’the creashed a old Galactica ship almost into the hoogovens at IJmuiden, compensation in Iron……we crashed it into the beach just to frustrate the terrorist’s their action……nothing more nothing less


A Lion we
gave a haircut like a lot of animals(neighbors) in Malibu, early 70’s, they
volunteered and were jealous at each other. We used images of him for this US
Production company. Like Bublles family(see prev blog) they saw us like little monkeys
as they punished us so. Who said Lions did not live in the USA?
again stolen film -our firts launches to discover rocket launcher – for out technoligy a step back – later we build the space shutlle for us citizens af6ter this this rocket -Malibu/Los Angeles 1977 +-