More worth than Gold…Black Gold or ATARI

Magnetite made into a crystal Iron. Like we covered the pyramids in Egypt with, living there building weapons against the Dyno’s. It scared dyno’s away, they were confused seeing a mineral as bigger that them, ditto the cube in Mekka we covered with it. Going to battle it was all stolen and destroyed by paranoid thieves. In raise a bigger craze than gold diggers syndrome, go figure.

The picture you see shows my children and I were buried by the robots. It’s point Dume in Malibu, California, USA. It was covered by Magnetite. Later the Terminators build a very big Pyramid somewhere in space to bury out mummies. Too bad we were discovered but our DNA was saved. My children and me, the young Colt’s were resurrected around 2000 from the DNA they found in the mummies. Died in battle, the world’s 1st Black Smiths, creators of the Terminators (the non Hollywood versions). Too much tourism.

from right to left Janick(14), RaY(12), Janick(7) and RaY(11) from Atari – 2016/2, A couple Laurens are coming down from space/time machine – i took movie with Lauren

Janick 7, the second one above….is fake* mother killing him in Lijen(NL) 2015/16 * as you can see above I created my kids from my own DNA – inventing cloning etc etc

Magnetite, the popularity of the drug XTC and corresponding large black shiny pupils is related to the gold rush around Magnetite ….:

Magnetite & gold, found on our private beach califoirnia(I hide images on wike with some text about human brains producing Iron). Gold is being abused by humans to hide the fever for the black gold…although it first need a good Black Smith. When I owned Johny Player race cars they drilled holes in them to check if they were not Magnetite, end 70’s….

our beach:

some more shine…or Black Gold, created @ Malibu USA 2015 – from pyramid shap to cube shaped

1980 as founders of Atari and Acid House – no water in the Ijsselmeer
-time for some old-skool Acid party – nice spot for our current band Atari
Teenage Riot
– this was our podium at IJsselmeer – they stole it – music too –
The Terminator beat is still a bit(butt adapted by us) hearable – have look at
the camera angle, I film 8 yrs old and stand made of willows braches…remastered
version from our own archive…(like our stolen Hart House and Bonsai record
labels) – as writer of all Tokien’s books…they even stole our logo…last time shot them wads two years ago…all self defense

Our Atari Teenage Riot band their stolen Windows—have look at the Kong logo of the drum machine….we killed several people of propellerhead already….as you know we are/were Piratebay and KickAss torrents….my FREE version!!!! and for our stolen movie scripts – of course the software is downgraded by us….we even broke in for it….We owned
1.4 trillion dollar from the US Colt factory, because of our guns…. a lot of European
left America so called and our money was stolen by the CIA and FBI(and for I was 3 weeks in prison for shooting Capone, for TV he was shot again)–we killed
all US(40 billion) North and South citizens for it…this Software is stolen be

Also stolen, the reason. why we fought with Roland..The Atari 800 Pro & Itegra-7 & Sonar music…as all of their synth’s…obliged under torture

My Son and me in 1980, Lauren took pics – Amsterdam the Dam right before our performance -all bands gathered on Dam square – after our performance my kids were killed on the same spot out jealousy by family & Marisse from future – 20 years later I created them again with help of my kids and my Terminators, alhough obliged, they had to be clones….for the Judge to pay his debts for God
Janick Colt also 8 years with big muscles from being a Black Smith

me in our Atari Teenage Riot Stand – IJselmeer:

went to prison for torturing them back with Terminator living Iron, middle of
this clip – banned off MTV -strange to see it back – “Action Action ”
was their protest…..suckers…playing human robots like our secret service….

kids had to obliged create some Terminators, we created these ones, I(&my Son &daughter(the orange one) in turns) was
turned into one too (possible with soul transformation), we only agreed to
repair our memory, like now -but again nice robots – in the clip we were
humiliated of cam we kicked some *ass…..killed hundreds of IS/Church people

These are
Dangerous  Terminators, a commando species, the big ear/antennas are for exploring
deep space!!!!!

How we were present as Atari end 70’s on Dutch Cable TV – payed!!!

The Cable TV -non |PC version

The Atari-box- 2015 – replacement for the playstation IV/V – OUR REVENGE – 30 Ghz CPU 100 Ghz GPU – 50 TB HD – 50 TB RAM- touchable plasma features – optical sound & video – TB WIFI – 36 Watt’s -fucking CIA wanted it to be sold to Sony….NO WAY BABY – 400,- – an 1979 replica Game Console/PC

this is what we mean -for 1980….not bad…….sad sad gamers we met…but we are not able to program…not willing not even Windows

1979 – the Atari 9000….a mobile PONG master – conviscated by CIA – it would train terrorist’s too much??? as tou can see we already founded Google

Our Atari Game Hall version 0f Pong

Atari published Microsoft -micro…not 4 nothing – in comparison with our mainframe

At my parents place in Utrecht/Overvecht 1979 just a cable TV router -we were ahead of other children

Brennan gave a stolen 26oo like this to Family in Huizen, creating a Family war and fights::
a revenge of Alarm Stock Photo….have look at the LED TV graphics 1979 compared to how it’s being brought by the government’s attack on Atari – stealing our Philips TV factory….

The or A 3D plasma Atari Studio(we had one in Studio Baarn) used for thew movie Blade Runner, filmed on our space ships obliged but with a pitfall – our train studio::

Atari also means in Japanese アタリ or Portal which is 注意 standing for our invention Time Portals, Time traveling

Our band name was given to mommy boys even colored people by Church Judges – “we were I ruin of the past” …my Son Shot by a schizoid Marisse thinking/wanting/delusionating she is the Mom…like the new Atari Teenage Riot band….we call, and I as professor psychiatry…being serial killer schizoid…like mad dogs…we are not talking about dogs over here but mad dog humans!!!

trying to prevent Marisse killing these kids from future, the Terminators and my children and I jumped to 1980 too -they made me this logo see previous blog about our Star Wars

we jumped too I believe 2008/14 -to give a concert -to prevent all this…my kids and I seperated by schizoid church fanatics/pedofiles from Dutch government/Court and army – Westergasfabriek – Amsterdam 2008-2014(i believe), the only image of the original Atari Teenage Riot( we are wanted illegal dead, obviously) – Acid parties in the 70’s brought us 5 billion dollar per party/day – other artists like Snoop (ab)used our set

we were even invited by Primus Live Outside Lands 2008 in attempt to prevent all this….they had space ,man on stage…..we were removed and killed
see also our prev blog about us creating the Terminators, for Titanfall 2 we were again obliged to created Terminator robot’s, also for this trailer. Terminators and we play te Terminators, the fights are real with the Humans….holding us kidnapped with their stoel jump devices

here I play leadrol for a pitfall trail, 40 years old, a lot training…also programmed it…..we even had to shoot our own robots…but we survived….as usal Atari(we) us helmet inages for our games, code already there because before mission we look into furure too, to train them in our Atari Portal

Another Atari stolen song we had to re record in England(2015+-) to replace our 1980 version,,,,forced by secret service..very smart….I am stuntman crashing into the wall on a BMX wit a long wig my 43 yr old version!!!…. .non techno but to say Fuck U to the Sex Pistols

My kids an I founders of Harley

My kids an I founders of the USA Hells Angels, in the beginning….for the thieves in Amsterdam maybey nice to know this was your first logo. You found out that the USA was Nazi and wanted a new one, stealing our, yours new logo….very smart again….USA…a mutual eeeuwhw indeed

a stolen famous painting(a’dam 1980) I made of Lauren her skull….cocaine I guess or fighting with the monkey’s in the USA for harversting our Wasabi root (monkey:”what are you doing” me:::wassen aapie (wash monkey) – Judge through time portal:: oowh that’s Wasabi…Jess always used a bike tire pump to identify me as that’s him….putting it on my forehead – the Dutch King always loved our Wasibe ice cream WWI...replaced by secret service to erase history by pistache icecream

found this too, recognize band members as criminals:: Like we alwars said, as inventors of Coka, The Colt’s from the weapon manufactoring company, LA is our Coka :: LA Coka Nostra – our gang in LA going out meaning in Dutch “Los Angeles onze Coka”

a average Colt Black Smith at our McDonald farm, at Malibu, breakfast….a picture from 1976

were my kids and I celebrated newyear 2016 /ski holiday in our outpost farm  – with all our clones togehter – a short one -we were kidnapped back…Termoinators…thanks again 😉 I obliged had to sign it with Q07

an old painting from us – the Colt Mill (74)- I(we)made this on the Dam in Amsterdam, I used a Harley brake disc as paint pallet….”What all this” a criminal asked & my brother from future, I said “rem”(brake), the torched the painting and I screamed “brand”(fire) – I Judge protecting me by saying oh his name is RemBrand -“Öhw a schizo, they know what to do with him”….RemBrandt was born…We had to paint some stupid old skoool painting not to be killed by these IS gangsters…

Our Colt smithy coumpounts for WWI on the moon…we were abused to make NASA better suits, images are placed in some stupid movie – Ray-Janick and Lauren 1974-1978/79 – see helmet reflection in upper image of this blog

my kids and I using time/transport portals, provided by two Terminators during launch, to escape to space…..a lot fuel so they could not follow us with the second shurrle – pictures were taken from/through A’dam court time/transport portals

Inventing hormones, no test persons, not
even from future, dangerous acids I lost my teeth as 6 year old, my children
too. Me his older me too, we grew 50 cm of hair. So first I r3epaired my
children and younger me their DNA, remove all their hair pockets. They repaired
me. Even Star wars made fun of us as professors, we helped them raising the
film industry. A picture of my melted teeth and for a six year old strange
black beard hair……..captain Blackbeard from Tintin and Bigfoot was born…..a pic my kids took in the 70’s


report stole from Malibu: this self made Anvil,wood block and steel guide – also this mand attempted and murdered my children – although I burned him in my lava bath he had a clone at home…