The Colt Gun Mill founded in 1976

Satan derived
from my mother saying “Zatan”, after dumping and burning me after my birth, which
means in Dutch “Zat aan” she meant he is a thief explaining it to others. The
reason I gave Satan a place in the Bible as writer was my children created a
big plasma daemon with my soul in it during the big war half seventies able and
killing millions of people. We also created the Hell for real to torture our
enemies form more 1000 years together with our Terminators. Have a look in this
blog at our plasma sword…for every Bible sold we earn one dollar –  I also wrote Mein Kampf[download with our preface]

xtra notes –Just discovered
that we build the first Terminator living near Pathfinder Reservoir – we placed
diving pics on Wanna dive!!!! Our 1st Smithy(maps) Our House @ Natrona County Parks-Mntnce  same place:: 
The Presidentialprivate motel, for escaping scary situations, sleep over having a meal and evengasoline(not always go figure) in brought daylight sold illegal by even CIA to new criminal owners!! One of our hiding spots(two years old)

After Beijing, were my both platoons, my
kids and I killed each other with flame throwers[operation destroy portals], not to end up in China’s prison camps again, this is
the second time Washington stabs us in the back, for some
smuggle profits from
Colt and Samsung, delivering extracting troopers and Just like Nam leaving us
behind with their contractor union mentality. Attempt murder I say. Read all
about it…..

Where we come from with the terminators: almost shooting them, thinking
they stole our teeth…that’s Cocaine and being wounded too…& what a gay(david/leper star) army we (the US) army we have leaving us behind..
for they
have to smuggle Samsung TV’s for Kmart via Marine bases and warehouse as we
already witnessed and confiscated, the reason why we used atom weapons against them…..

Not only
Ford automobiles but total Mc Donald restaurants are exchanged against a single
Deawoo car (this while the companies needed our help not going bankrtupt and Mr. Tax)– confiscating and arresting failed in being kidnapped into a trailer
to Goodfellow air force base Texas. Companies suvival is hiden behind 
tsunamis abusing goodwill of the people rebuilding the USA unpaid…..

As already
reported the police in our country is the organized crime, without exceptions
and their families and friends. It explains our severe violence back with flame
throwers and bombs.
this a bit how we want our guns to look lie after 24 hours of shooting*, even the bullet magazines
and not like those Chinese carbonized copy versions – we lived in of our old houses defending it,
on the internet a house of the fake founder – Colt my real name, Co Lt – commander lieutenant – my(our) rank starting in the US army – I am still Upper Master Chief (Chief Master Chief) – why did the US soldiers called me Ray, as astronaut soldier:

The Colt Gun Mill, Colt’s Manufacturing Company 1976,
4 year old Ray Colt(me), with kids, founded and have build it with Terminator robots already, right on the spot he entered America in 1973 after a long adventure on the ocean looking for better grounds…we were busy renewing the factory in 2015/2016 but were kidnapped away to Europe….and still we need your help {maps} {homepage}

shots we made of the falls(patterson) we started our US live…with permission of rangers, hope they remember because our Terminators were quite impressive for them too, Terminators filmed this, I still see Dyno’s trying to open the rock crevices we hided in….

A funny to know: Where did the Colts
invent the lead bullet for? To hire as quick as possible as much as we needed
and could Generals. The best hunters of the tribes. They were given a sword,
from a few meter they were given a shot at the chest. If everything was right
they could split the bullet in two and were automatically in service of the US
army as General. How did I know this was a good practice? Well, like baseball, with
a bat or piece of wood and a stone, we hunted animals like that in the wild. 
It needed a sharp eye and the position hunters have a bit, to be
captains and teachers of tribes.

The Colt Mill 2015/2016 after we closed Hartford in Wright County Iowa -you can see it’s bombed, if I am right territory is still our, starbucks and the air field included –

we were going to our observatory every day, around the corner we lived, the two big barns(on the right under) we had built secretly two race boats for the Miami race

Niceville USA – Starbucks – as founders we
worked here too, after a tsunami again, the Indian man is from Europe, he used
jump portals to show up in our store and then he disappeared at once -scary
very scary – even we believed in Indian natives and we even had ghost catchers
on out porch

What a creeps Ameican people must be raising the flag my children made for their army, family fightclub, back in the 70’s, even creating 50 states for it, what a creeps, wearing a David star on their swords……as writer of the bible I write this – if ou terminators are still here, as we showed aready we are going to kill them all for it…all…ps did you know this flag from origin as Maths to? from the fractal family? Once they
had they Israeli flag on our White House, disgusting, I guess they were losing their
imaginary(they are falsified) voters…..we sold the flag to Israel…[edit]it’s a sea
weed/grass the stars sparkle from out the bottom of the grass(see monkey
pictures in this blog), which enlightened the West coasts of America, it’s DNA formula
in discovered by my kids and me, and patented so was the new Nazi/Empire flag(thibnk Star Wars). Criminal politician
and compadres have the weed systematically removed ever time we plant it back, to
hide they are criminals, for if we got killed or might forget it

students be
warned to create this algorithm. The stars on step 4 are generated with the
energy from the leave. In the end they will light up with plasma creating a
holographic light. The church(org. crime) has a lot of spy professors on our
universities and in the army, claiming atom energy, they might kill you

Some of our grades as co-founders of Havard -Yes ther are not false –this man is sick!!:

a 70’s movie we made to explain atoms, mat the same time film

another one (Gold atoms being pulled apart) from 2015 – volcano malibu smithy

near our old house, kidnapped, making Google pictures we asked the terminators to program this effect in, linking to atom weapons, we won the bet from the Dutch, here it is…

Toys for our kids after WWI in Malibu, atom driven marines, we were herous….now in games to give it a fantasy schizoid glance,…once stolen from your desk + war amnesia

proud to have worn clothes in the wild – we know how it looks
This is maybe more real to show WWI than Rembrandt paintings…the Colt’s inspiration to write Lord of the Rings…and many games…so if you see these on desks in the Pentagon…they are not retarded yet man, or suffering grandchildren syndrom

a painting of me, with the horns on the belly, biceps removed to show I left DNA material
the heads of animal to revenge our dead animals

the Yankee inca – the horse shoe as omega sign..

The terminators in robo suit with the double headed eagle as symbol wher they were fighting for, my children, the twins…

For Avengers: Age of Ultron we made the atom driven robots & vehicles to, obliged or to hunt ISIS?  maybe both -or the WWI stolen the hulk “robot” an atom driven warrior (tranform)software & device

my children and I practicing for New Year’s Eve with a plasma geyser, the twins in +-2010

 For CM: I have, my kids too have some memory on living ihn this house too, attacked by European who tought it was too Tolkien – Matador state beach CA -{maps link?}

our Tolkien tree -the garden is destroyed we see

Jalapeno Peppers, from our garden, stolen from our home- self made glass – placed on this website – came back with terminators basebal bats with knives in it(they told they were the mob, like the judge in amsterdam -go play in a playground or something nerds) to take back the glass

back to the Jungle

Oh Ohw plasma police: sword stolen from smithy -I have to take picture kidnapped – a terminator takes this one – weapon eliminated in Holland

The case stone on the beach I used as one year old first americam to flee from cows, that’s why it’s called El Matador beach

A picture my kids and I took from the cave we lived in(again) with our graduation new digital photo chips -& camera’s

A terminator stikes back to impress the professors and out of recvenge nfor the laughing at the above terminator picture from google maps(about our ol house)

WOW – apicture of my(ray Colts, Tolkien’s) cave, ONE year old -a termoinator took it a send him away  -a few minutes later I send him away again (although they showed me this picture), with myself and my children, but some older….1973 – I made fire with lava -to roast my mussels – not only the wales brought me some haring sometimes – my first food -like some other Dutch we I learned from small monkeys to byte of their head to eat them – in those days haring you could grab in low water -later I learned to fish them  and gave Holland their first famous bucket to pay for my immigration(tax) – The Mussel man his cave, just another nick:

I made with my kids…our other family

this is me
pulled out off my cave, F*cked up my ass, but a shark took a bite of it, I stichtyed it, so I
had no anus, they threw me back(time tunnel), with snake poison and iron after
stoma I created a new anus…The Kid-2 years old -the 1st american – a black man saves go figurte -for both reasons – to bad

to prove I still got an ass I pointed at visitors I still got an ass by saying “bil”(dutch for as) showing my
bow, saying “bow” to scare them away – I used this in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings as Bilbo

Black Berry Beer, 40 years agoo an invention of me and my kids which we sold to a other company, still drinking it, very cool they are still making, even the same label….Marisse thought it was loosing face, see me in in the mirror of the glas without face skin

this was a beach read from out Europe and Asia,
this how many soldier can walk through the portals. Civilians up to point dune
were brutally murdered….leaving old cars and boats…
Grapes we took from our garden in Malibu, from the 70’s, these are a bit ripe but Which Fingers are very jurassic and bring nice wine – we called them wchich finges – as small boy I almost ate a simular jelly fish

My Son Introducing them again – after fight through the jump portals back to WWI

The Colts back into boose

We have have the grapes in our family logo, see the doors of Castle Belvedere, NY Central park

a try out logo’s Samuel stole(mannn we even made Trump’s logo)

A picture to make fun of colt without a single hunt on their names, by well trained US veteran, well fed, marines, we made gun powder of them and their families – marines standing next to a Coke plant were children were raped talking tough to their girl friends “they did not see me” also they publicly expressed gay love – see the upper picture and our bio weapon bullets

Ànd just have a look at the Dutch and US Wiki’s about microscopes, a Colt invention, all were once stolen or sold from our smithy building the Terminators and Microsoft on 5 atoms per xxx Nm(-stop ands tart bit) into the electromagnetic spectrum, Renee tried to bake an egg on this Micron version – 4 year old’s!! we even restoren it for the right aura, on the house -after an ISIS attack on the museum

ditto we made from our old toilet, they wanted to steal, to create arguments between the terrorists

pictures taken with our newest camera’s to bad they were stolen and broken in panic the are better than the electron microscope – a cat flea living on our volcane – killed he needed to shut up about this picture

with a gun test camera, also stolen by the Dutch(3 neutron visors, -microscopes, -camera’s worth more than 1 million dollar -for the 3th time!!)

The Terminator 4(Bacteriophage T4) – our breakthrough in science to fight our Dysentery and she lob’s – a by us genetically created bacterium – to scare she-lob -we could make her this small – and she had Dysentery too – this one is from my body – it was also created to comvince people that creating, changing or injecting DNA wasn’t always for the bad – we eliminated the fake inventors

the weapon against Coca Cola’s management creating Dysentery
on pupose, with cleaners before the bottles are filled,
 to have hierarchy in serial kill country killing
more than 100.000 citizens per year – we have fobidden it but
the cleaners are tastable back also in Europe
we even killed some managers for it
Iam Dysentery sensiive too
and again they can go f. themselves
linked:: contstruction fraude

T4-v2 – this one we build for our presentation, in Black and White because our colored camera’s were demolished by visitors  -this one we created after our Terminator thought us it could be done this way too – he made picture with his eye camera

presentation picture 2 -a transparent png/svg, we just invented it(half 70’s)

a remake of the picture we made in 2015 to help our younger selves in the past, their computer was smashed before they could print it

one of the fake inventors, Seymour Benzer, on wiki he is shown with a wasp from our smithy -after we teached them micro biology he stole it with deadly violence, kil;led my children – I killed him after taking this picture as the polaroid serial killer, with severe violence and flamethrower

Brings back memories, ou family laughed at us, we were born blue with wings, we saved our DNA in Microsoft, around 2014,2015 we showed up like this in Tivoli

a picture we made from me after the Dutch injected me with polio, we treated it ourselves..

ditto ebola

a little joke as inventors of steel, the microchip and microsoft, a ant with chip/steel

Our first commercial microscope we sold all over the world to universities, for professors and students, as always Japan/Olympus tried to steal it with violence that is, but most wanted a real inventors Colt one…E-model

Not only CD,DVD, Blue-Ray(laser and plasma) we invented the vinyl record too

here I changed my self in this whale to see if his brains were superior, to play with them, to hide ourselves, witnesses of us going to america

Another photo stolen from us bombing stolen
ships, atom weapon guided, see vertical fire guidings in between the bombs…..needed for
this alloy -same camera’s -it being used for a online game

for professors nice to now – once used hide for dyno’s – nice big chicken – stolen to Europe to be the National sympton for americanism & the KKK – as we all know american natives did not excist, indians, that is, we wlked with these feathers and were observed by European schizoids…..go figure

as inventors of all(the horse shoe), we invented tap dance too(the only way to learn to dance on techno)_ I even had fred atsaire as pupil-not only in movies as director
some abuse we photographed, the hand of my Son(2015\), this is how his fake(dna) mom abuses him
real tissue

My cousin Marcel B. one of the MExici clones, my kids and I also got beaten to dead in this clip(kidnapped away here from home), the “ancient” public and artists are ISIS their hidden regiment, we eliminated all. ISIS her regiment turned from 500.000 -1.000.000 soldiers to estimated 1500 soldiers – JEFFERSON AIRPLANE LIVE ALTAMONT 1969) -movie is compiled here at home – Jump gear eliminated!

Marcel b(a Hells Angel member!!) again with my brother martin in his neck I shot 8mm video – on our way to uncle mick

I believe this is President Poetin, I hired “” as police officer, he wamted to work his way up?? it explains why he can fly through USA airspace(without genocide) maybe…we had fights here

me filming again, terminator holds my scoulder, see fil angle, terminators repair my just killed twins Janick ans Lauren(by family) – terminator put’s in timeline 2016 -pointing at my computer!?

a negro beheading to pay debt on me being killed-eye-witness

one of our angel buckles – we firts dressd the soldiers in Angel clothes, so the clothes were salary too , something for later but the war lasted longer so we created soldier clothes

Guitars, concerts,
the reason why we had guitars on our fence, in a house we build in Memphis. My
family and the Presley’s stole it. Up until today we are still fighting for
that house. Criminality around it even from out the government is very big. My
twins are raised in it, Grace land. Pictures made in the house were made
possible with the jump portals. Last couple years we rebuild several time
because of fights and Tsunamis. Not only we but our horses were severe tortured
by hillbilly Elvis fans, out of revenge we killed Elvis, my father and Tom. A picture we maded while being kidnapped….( we got hanged on this
of electricity company hanged us in the garden to electricity high voltage
cables??, they are still wanted, did it again in Tenesee(see blog), lucky we saw marines
hunting them too
after Graceland, it had to be rebuild) we also bought Neverland & Johanna’s hof in Holland
Graceland!! with our own rivers!!

We placed this text on a Dutch wiki, to no forget that those religiuos lepers Yankees stormed graceland to steal these gosaries…poor bastards.(not only my beaten to dead children)..believing their own falsified history…??and heroism
A nice fact is that Elvis had a fixed list stating what should always be in “house”. Below the list:
Freshly ground, not frozen meat
A chest full of Pepsi Cola
A chest with Sinas
A box with candy bars (Mars, Snickers)
Boxes with sandwiches
At least 6 bowls with cookies
Hamburger Buns
Potato chips
Potatoes and onions
A wide assortment of fresh fruit
Cans of sauerkraut
3 packs of gum of different flavors
Grated coconut
Vanilla and chocolate ice cream
Freshly made brownies
Ingredients for meatloaf and sauce
Banana pudding
Freshly hand-pressed orange juice
Peanut butter (for the banana, jam, peanut butter sandwich)
Lean bacon
At least three bottles of milk
Cigars (El Producto Diamond Tips & El Producto Altas)
All his necessary medications

Magazine about American Football matches

A drawing I made to tell my story, the story of Tolkien, a run away to the sanbanks of Holland, to America, building a army with “God”, the dragon the mother trees etc etc creatin my children….Vår ære er troskap = Our honor is faithfulness – read above story for more -the broken wheel of our hey wagon, the wheel our invention….terrorism – hence Elvis his song In the Ghetto I wrote once – as we see Europe(symbolism in History writing) – a page from the real US Lord of the Rings book – more important in the up left the first USA flag!!! we made with the man in our smithy in Malibu, enemy laught at us for our cone heads, it was even inspiration for the movie conehead family, more:
In this Singer Castle, (the nine of us hand build) we owned or still do (Dark Island, Canada), we left some left overs from our helmets, see above, even Lauren(and ours) her sew machine is placed here(worlds 1st!!, in the office we wrote Lord Of the Rings too and law books – even our hand made floor carpet is still there….great palce for ice skating it was…
a statue of WWI warriors from our smithy we placed on nearby the river bottom – even in the news – it was hot in Malibu……the Smithy was bombed so they were waiting for a bomb, with atom technolgy we were alredy sketching them….big fun – “They may through a bomb on us too now”

one of the White House copies(read previoud blog) in East Europe, I planted the dead bush/trees [source] – as my kids and I already stayed in the Washington White House, ISIS thought it was a goo idea to let us do here some gardening too
The Colt’s – on stage learning jimi hendrix (santa clara 1969) how to play guitar -uploade Amsterdam Court 2015 in precence of Dutch CM – jimi does lead vocal -just like prince the court killed him for stealing our music…

some more plasma/atom art from the Colt’s on stage that is in captivity

my hat as the real “führer”(also in germany) so oft stolen by Renee, Prince and Róisín Murphy (made by my daughter over and over again) …I shot the Dutch King, premier and Trump for pretending that I am not the President of the USA – all my murders apeared to be self-defense two years agoo…

we found on the Dutch army website -a hopefully Abraham(hoge Veluwe) tank with our colors to shoot some hippies -hand made Colt tank baby!!!-survival – for the Judges – its also detroyed by hippies -already published 1-2 years agoo
my kids driving it +- 2015

pics we made in malibu, on top of the volcano –

ohw reports stolen our water color paintings(Disney’s!!), stolen by Slaveika Aladjova – aterminator quicly mades her self-potrait(for her a 1.4 billion dollar bounty -other involved(also dutch) half a billion -calculated with terminator) – Black Beauty again and panter and ….ditto the painting so called made by Paul Lovering – we hunted him during the bombvest fights in the Machester stadium, for all I know a full bounty – we were busy with Judges to conviscate our art work back – we got kidnapped

 Jungle book….

 Winnie the pooh

 Like our horses these “our” animals liked a hair cut

Bubbles loved our Coca Cola “bubbles” he could almost say, Michael Jqkson stole him from us, we eliminated him for it – we just played with him and his family in the sea with light giving algae

 Bubbles when he was born(with our digital cam), Lauren did his hair….we were very busy to restore the chimps wild life in US forests to go give Bubbles a war veteran that even wore a harness and iron man robot, the go to the beach live he deserved…mister coca cola::

My(our) real Grandpa, ande yeswe took revenge

two of our cats

A picture of our first smithy and house in Malibu demolshed by isis hooligans jumping from future 1975-1976 we had many dinners on the porch looking out over the ocean -it got stolen with deadly violence by this woman and a artist named Julyan Davis

Los Angeles during WWI – art(maybe animation/story board) created by us, it got stolen too – these cats were real tortured by hooligans so we gave them atom weapon poer and made them giants – the could take down a grown up T-Rex for us this way

Why The Disney’s, 4 year olds, needed the Terminators, even grown ups started to need them -Both black smithed by my kids and me , as you can see – by the way this is a real terminator, the wires, as they have none, were distraction – I can see Renee touced them – last seen during the fights in Central Park and at our table for X-mass diner 2015 NY

As we never or hardly given the change to
watch our bank account, the Terminators we not allowed by IS to program on the
genocide back program. Our list was to go to Disney and Marvel with new Iron
man storyboards and robots. This one played décor and even fooled Renee.

We also asked Terminator to terminate(disolve into powder being use in chomo industries) if
involved Generals and Wallstreet brokers(&others) persist or again continue to have Colt
on the market. Researched as being self-defense and we got money enough, we do
not need Wallstreet. We found out working on bomb-orders. It’s being uploaded as a continues loop..
Maybe one of the reasons they keep us kidnapped in Europe.

As you know we(terminators included) earn 300 billion dollar per
year with this factory. In the past, broken, we even sold galaxies to Judges we
stole our income over the past years. They were eliminated and we had our money
and galaxies back.

In the Heague our terminators upload
genocide for the people in West Hartford(for moving my factory illegal, for the
involved court(for charging 100 million dollar for kicking out the brokers and
employees), people involved in smukkling our weapons to Europe at the same time
importing them from China, so for having our boys walking around with China
steel as reported to me in Miami 2016 – manual help is wanted is approved we arranged and I may say those things because we already eliminated with genodide after the upload it was self defense in A’dam 2016 -Hartford we already did manual and with bulldozers – it has to be done again

it’s also a revenge on us rolling up the same West to East herion smukkle(also in body backs) – the same people are involved – we made heroin illegal

my kids and I eliminated the possibility
to connect contra(gay)souls to Terminators, 
Once self-created, European are
not able too, a DNA thing, to create the necessary quarrel(&eliminations) within their troops,
to defeat them, so may that be a comfortable thought

 In space we destroyed billions of Terminators who were contra programming.
Damage restored. It’s save to type now(I know how it sounds). So we have traitors
inside, possible trace we used is removing my Pentagon’s parking spot. 
The problem now is that some will play these Terminator in contra programming
the(one of the) reason why we are still in Europe
….ps traitors we(the world) gave Australia
remember? So we are not intolerant….

the last thing we did was bringing the factory our latest hammer technology 🙂 (for my kids links: J and cutting rectangles in J)

PS Taking Down LA and San Francisco with
our plasma/.neutron bombs are real!! in Terminator Genisys[original population
restored] -the Terminators too – European had allowance to film, for memory
restore as I do now – target destroy jump gear and illegal US citizens   – and yes the plan was to call windows 10 maybe
11 Genisys 1.0 – we installed it in the source of life(all) even marine ships were driven by it and we had stolen with threath and violence, so easy to gain back therefore and again)those images tabloit one were real too – the Pentagon –one thing better than tsunamies

the creation of one of Genisys her CPU’s – so called Terminator Soul:

weapons used in movie are real, granted for one time for European actors, as usual a mess but we had no other options, the space crafts with robot’s we made for Janick’s graduation, for the movie with lower caliber, and of cource that the Terminators can be set on a off mode is nonsense, they obliged us too by kidnapping my children, if they go they go with a blast – Just compare our blasts to the GENERALS ONE’S, while visiting San Francisco….what a (international)laugh…..mosquito
farts compared to a real nuclear army – note we will kill you all for this with
genocide…..for walking around pretending to be us….
introducing a new OS…you know what we mean? Just know Windows 10 was the maximum you could make of windows 8 – linked to thede bomb’s:: founding VIZIO -no way we were going to watch smuckled Tv’s or having our companies stolen

In the big
tsunami we filmed from space(see pic on this blog with big area’s with dead
trees) we also discovered that the contra Terminators created them and not the distracting
American citizens and IS terrorists. We proved the three of us could terminate
them, so we cannot be held responsible.

on the other hand the factory can go to hell, we made some much momney with bounty hunting now, they only have to change their name, Colt will still be their, we raise Colt defense for that and we always will have smithy, the Judges agreed… as usual we will send per year a 1km high tsunami over the world times every year in Holland, as we did. And mainly they may not use our name anymore because we fought with the army against the factory fighting against us together with ISIS, go figure, and having
stolen machines and oven from our smithy, the atom weapon industry

A real Terminator(We film), we attacked Apple back, see video’s notes(he plays robot—he is 40 f. years old!!) A real Lava walker, black Smith of the Colt mill.! He wanted these feet because we always lost our toes in the lave building the Colt factory….ps these Matrix images we made with Terminators are once again real

421 leader street. Marion, Ohio – once to protect our rice we told thieves it was NASi( like my daughter protecting her Californian food Bah Me…bami), looking for it brought me to this US site I am not allowed to view – –having a look at it in earth I recognize the site as we had severe fight here with European(through Jump portals) – my kids and I even had to guide guard the Google camera car in our pick-up with heavy armory….{maps} again no army to be found to protect their people

And for
Dutch(and or all) Generals, what to do with billions, like we, you can take out
your tin soldiers to even Alaska in your private jet!! Even Lauren liked it.
The Veluwe, go figure….

A nice movie of what Disney(the US army,
we) are capable of with atom driven robots(this is real images from 1975 us
machines WWI-the big war between all spieces). The movie stats with a robot
suit, I painted for my memory to 1975, from the resistance””, the punker
hooligans, protestors. Well wounded we had to recalculate our software…..1-we
brought the robots back to Washington, to the army’s storage where they belong
and not in movies, these are atomweapons were mentally sick people do not
belong in…..again no army to be
found to protect their people – I call it a coupe, technically impossible
because these Generals mis our and CM’s mental capacities – we do not pay
their salaries to think for really intelligent people, people that can build
these weapons and found companies, societies – so herebeye seen the lack of
being active presence in Europe to protect us and US companies they are laid
off –we propose to Wrest point to send their students home dishonorable and to
make haste to build army for American people – youtube link

Now I do
not want say that much it’s your fkn President with his fat aSs on scene  6 OR 7…MANNNNN -sOME SHE LOB VOODOO BABY -2015 – BEATME BABY -XX LU
Painted my son with black hair and red eye bales Abingale and Renee just shot him in the mouth with a Kruger, he stood right up and grew back together, the Terminators aranged that, I painted him – 2016 – in Quake terms a Dracula …like an Excelent

A typical German copy of an USA villages,
for the mask being used for porn. In reality or for that moment used as jump &
kidnap and torture houses. My kids and I were often kidnapped to this villages
to “travel” to the USA. Terminators have filmed here. This pair shown in video we hunted more than 6 times in Utrecht/Amsterdam/Germany -the could be eliminated
hre I paint agin obliged, the band and we got beaton up and yeah we can turn homo’s into hetero’s but they do not want it – the result as other same kind of violence

a video stolen from malibu, already put online, our knowledges building world’s first iron and sink drainage

ditto voices are created by our Terminators

This me baking pizza for my kids right before
Dutch secret service kidnapped us. With their schizoid fears they went to
Utrecht looking for a kitchen like this. We ended up in Marseille were even the
French army shot at the(IS) for torturing civilians. This movie we made with 70’s
material to remember it and placed it online.

My son or meshowing an with atom energy
created 110K diamond, Stolen and damaged by IS & Dutch secret service,
brought to England. Diamod^2 it was supposed to be. We created it with our software to show Havard what you can do with our Smithy Courses. They(ISIS) even allowed us, Harvard was proud at us again, almost bleh …..;-) – maybe a good adiea if your had bad luck scoring a Bounty? Me was granted once too, to create than a diamand instead. “copy” the right atoms in the right order…or something
Something other nice my kids made while I was repaired in hospital – a floating plasma sword – well that’s were cum laudes are for, see our linkedin

This axe I once made, later it appeared to
have concurred America leaving traces of human cultivation(think irrigation) scarring
away the dyno’s. In Amsterdam were my kids had a butchery & smithy after a tsunami
(think my dead feet on Tabaco packages) my children were creating this site to
hide them away from espionage. It’s even witnessed by Senators. As inventor of steel it’s the first human tool of Iron. Whitout it it was not possible to create my children from my own DNA, I really had to kill people for it as one year old. Also funny the sword we were going to make from shower coins…..the upper on on that site…

a drwaing I once made, I found it on the net, my 4 year old me drawed it and my40 year old drawed it – nice hand writing, with a feather I believe – building the malibu smithy, explaining the use of ink to neighbours

Walter Russell my ass

ditto – 4yrs old we programmed some Java Swastika code with it, easy.(Note, see previous link, that my kids and I were obliged to write the bible (and almost all
holy books on the world) in slavery and with violence. We therefore find religious
people knowing this despicable. Although God, for the occasion as human typed
some lines in the Bible, as he did with Lord of the Rings, to become our witness
and one of the nine. The one with the biggest tsunamis and atom weapons….
) The first swastika of the world we once have drawn in our smithy, we also used it for the US Army in Malibu- 40(+-1975) years agoo we used it to mark our officer swords, as you can see,
a square chisel and a rectangular was al we needed to make thousands of swords –
we already invented the lcd calculator!! we invented Maths I guess…my kids and I gave this sheet as work for our first class of soldier students at our Smithy. one measure was allowed

All the
students had to do was build a PC, Monitor and toner printer, and chips, to
solve this Swastika assignment, of course with a minimum of raw materials. My
kids and finished the course ourselves finally in 2016, Princeton. Much better than the Jew/David star we give to trators and homo’s(sorry for my military language)…..for the ones that did not dare to jump through the  portals, the reaons I destroyed the twin towers(for our memory, and they were loaded with portals), except for the medics again….and now they need the portals to rescue us…..
while writing the bible we hoped to be rescued
after each small story, offering another story to buy time, after all we did
for the army, very sour, we were American children kidnapped from school, kidnapped to Greece and Israel!!!! 
Some translations: IS == the gay criminal regime, also in the news as street
language. The mid-East ==Holland and Germany because of the amount of Arabs in
these countries, also in the news as street language. So Iraq was a bit of
distraction, although done by European, 
all 3:2

runninge the code::, who ever give me the formula for this sign gets a grade, a professor, in al grades::

What I(&my kids) once meant with
building an operating system, genIsys into Skynet(god, mother nature) was something
that would repair humans, or us, after being wounded. Like nature did with the
sea weed polyps(swartika, Iron cross, German cross shaped, we only found them at the US West coast) we harvested. First we had to prove everything was built with Math’s,
by inventing all Math’s(or else it had no use to build the OS), the polyps too
and like Swiss watches are made with formula’s, we found the fractal formulas
how mother nature rebuild harvested sea weeds like polyps do. We still live……

One of the reason Europe changed our original swastika, with their schizoid interpretation and research, to a David star was Psalm 86: 1-12 (1,86:1,12) – the prayer of David,
the width of the white small rectangle = 74, the year we created this in our smithy, I was two years old!!, or the date is adapted, go figure. Note that my kids and I were obliged to write the bible (and almost all holy books on the world) in slavery and with violence. We therefore find religious people knowing this despicable. Although God, for the occasion as human typed some lines in the Bible, as he did with Lord of the Rings, to become our witness and one of the nine. The one with the biggest tsunamis and atom weapons….

In our Smithy we also used as radial of the smallest center square 2π,
this to only need a small square chisel and π was our invention. From there out you can create this swastika.(squares are 88 by 88 pixels)…The Fake German one, they were not able to make the real one…

A picture of me, the Terminators and I
placed online somewhere(obliged, as the text, but handy to remember my war crimes on Jews). I picture of one of my awards…it is not a date you see but a top score, a fighter of the day award… like a lot of anno 1547 or since 1942 est(imated) 1258 on products of rich ex soldier family their pasta sauce or beer we bragged about our dead’s(which is really eaqual to your intelligence…it sell’s)….something went wrong in history writing…the reason why some people are fined for falsifying and some don’t-thing the Colt 1911…that’s a record of 1911 dead’s with one price(and too seen my previous publications)

European war criminals did it too,
also for their memory, if ever regained. Obliged I was a CM judge founding
these distilleries. How to read it: army – established company after 1863 dead’s,
make no mistake about the hooligans against us…jealous ISIS even beat them up
for it two years ago after breaking this code…schizoid we first thought but I have memory on father killed me once for it giving a bottle like this for his birthday….I needed to shut up about it….

a miserable contractor that did not stop building buildings with the wrong measurements until the army repaired my memory…..

The Trump European kidnapping us back to Europe, the moods rose high….thanx 4 the bb

Where does the nick “JEW” come from: in the war we fought gay from
Germany and Holland. The always say “Joehoe Joehoe” or “johow Johow”(like gay do). The name
givers interpreted that as, being wounded I hope, oh they are Joehoes, later
that became Jews and in Dutch or German Joden

another we created to explain plasma and morphing (2015) – i even made a look a like ikea lamp still on my desk

 crime report:
a lot of these images/video’s are stolen from our smithy, really US property. They are made from our latest space travels eliminating the tree, viditing the souce…ditto about how we created a new sun
God’s soul in space, the Terminators filmed him ditto, at the end of our journey
he found himself very beautiful apparently – see the rest of the movies, after we made disco lights from him, ad f*cked him up the *ss, we extinguished him and placed a new Terminator source(for my twins) SKY NET HAS GONE UNIVERSAL BABY!!!!!!
My kids, the terminators and my soul the Terminator’s filmed after we exploded the earth 🙂 the Dutch c alway called us the (sea)”anemone” after they killed us…
crime report 2:

On this site you will find the books my kids, the Terminators and I
wrote in 2015. Our sources got stolen by European charlatans but the
Terminators changed them into HTML pages and Princeton was more than willing to
host them. It explains why we did some graduations over there. We hope you will
enjoy them and we recommend to Dutch students too and teachers. ditto

in Amsterdam my kids and I made this rubber doll from God’s/Allah’s and even fake Fokker’s and Prince’s remains(or again a mp4 player terrorist? he was wanted), for his joke us being the Dutch National rubber, being butcher and black Smith was a disguise…[source  we took our time too] – My penis head is made smaller by ISIS to
place young girls on it more easy, to wipe these publications out they again
halve my penis size….

some bigger doll hand drawings of me….xxx!!! some drawings I made around ’76…this also the Disney’s! Lined Wonderland murders, infiltration, creating porn different, lure

Crime report: several US Generals, marines and the Colt factory involved.
My kids and I went to the Philippines were they showed us, with God(cool too
meet him
) in our team, sick of tsunamis9ours, the really high ones ;-), how they made 1911 copies. The model I
erased from the website to repair my memory. In the Colt factory not a single
person able to black smith a 1911. The reason why the army never picked me up
out of Europe. We talking about $100.000.000,- deals instead of the
$,- deals I made already in the 70,’s, sometimes per week. Loosers, I still make more money and we we hope West Point do see the why we can afford the high bounties in here, budgets, tax money from millions or billions!? As young founder I did not open the factory for less, I went fishing….Deliberate and against our will and order the Colt factory sell guns 400 dollar above the regular price also too stimulate to buy fake guns even within the troopers, young starting soldiers , this al with deadly violence… explains maybe the content of the computer, we can not be helt responsible…the factory is..Hartford did attack New York, to steal the factory, more than once and military bases with Smithies, the even used Colt Europe to travel to the portals to commit crime…by hand and with termination genocide we tried but that God repaired them, God is replaced and terminated! read one above…….in trouble or on war they refuse to deliver to show power, do the smithy cource
some ramance:

First stop on our way to America, my kids and I lived here. Compare it
to walking to Wally’s, our boats for fishing were laid here. Ireland, 4 yr old run away’s.
Almost like bank robbers, there isn’t a better live….
Our first war, on the left the ones, we too, that tried to escape from Europe, on the right family members(ISIS)
the song i wrote for this and drawer and director

some being tortured pictures of Lauren and Janick – done by Marisse, adressed, in full awareness, by the Dutch government but we found out she is not the Mom, the children on HAvard graduating for genetics…I created them…of cource I did this to the prinesses and Queen back……you pick un us….I only pick at them…..and the US General staff’s :(they are fired) children….as usual….duh… for every f*cking General who did not became a billionair within a month…with these bounties….an army of loosers they represent us…..2015/2016….as if intelligence is innate … the big mouth these f*got *ssholes have against us, the court martial

arm cut off -> marita/marisse etc ec

my son or me

some more about the war, read above and previous blog, black beauty section and our (obliged)synonymousTolkien
Mono Lake tufa, not a church but the first
US Court Martial my children and I build. To welcome 20 to 30 billion Vikings.
Our Mustang(&dyno-we were dyno,dragon, riders) tribe, as even as big cut their pass from the North(East and West) to guide them to us..the bell …to alarm the man – the change our terminators filmed all this, as Lord of the Rings raw is very real, the hunt for this material released or not is very high…to bring to Europe or to destroy to cover modern fasified history!!! I made rings of stone as kid to lure chicken and lizards for eating, like viking comes from vaerking, King of Sailing they named me Lord of the Rings seen my body fat…..THE FIRST PENTAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this how it looked the 1st US Army believe oit or not!!! +- 1975 – a artist drawing of my kids and me – i remember …how cool — plasma weapons

a compilation of what we did to dyno’s an cartoons my kids and I mad in the past

Some US Court Martial billboards stolen too Europe to show we are Nazies, we call it The Hunt, it’s very popular on TV too, live fragging criminals etc, my children and I are often on TV :-)..The Hunt Europe? billboards to show the children if their daddy’s were succesfull hunting in Europe….

surgeons are underpaid!!!! man

Trump himself destroying a star -replaced by his own -we painted the gay swastika on it

ISIS filmed all this movies, we kidnapped, to show what we brought all these people,…fighting the war waiting for for the war to earn some more…..that’s how we see founders of McDonalds, Coca Cola, Domino’s, Shawarma, Subway feeding billions of soldiers fighting fascist’s as the Nazies….WWI -+- 1975

Italian food we invented. The word Italian
can be broke down to Ita which ment ”eten”(food, in german dialect Eta), something we said to crooks
visiting our dinner table, waving around spaghetti, lianas. Which ment we would
take revenge. With the monkeys through the trees and we would kill them. Soon we
became famous as Tarzan and Italians, that for Californian food, go figure. A
Disney drawing we made(&th4e movies), again to scare grown up criminals. We must have impressed Italian soldiers…….

a believe it or not(my old family still claims my property)
Blowing up North America, to genocide the lepers(gay in the bible), we the first American soldiers, tribe, moved to Colombia, yeah vikings turn that brown here and there & me too, it explains my kids and I filmed naked on catamarans… kids and and I bought that lan…the reason my nick over there is el persidenta……….we buil a Pentagon fortress…to regpoup…indedd and agaian the cocaine came from Colombia…some pictures of public buildings we own

our home(again public!!!!you know?!)

a Generals home, more Tolkien than me, but as even sick<Nazi< in the head as me..a hotel!!!???

the pentagon, for that time

how do you mean made in China?

Our Malibu estates next to point Dume 1975 -the Colt Smithy and rise fields….hided this pic on wiki – it was totally bombed -world’s 1st agriculture!! mustang breeding stables(extinction prevention) – all modern horse race’s are breeded and re-created over here!! in the garden we had this bug trap, for our rise and to feed out porks a movie shot in the 70’s -just have a look at Hollywood’s mountains….

note:: a picture of a internal door placed on wiki after we were kidnapped to Holland and were placed back in our farm, everthing was broken and flame throwered
Our Catalpa
(Yardlong/kouseband) long beans trees, you can see the Mailubu’s ocean in the
distance(we took pic ‘75), We planted some in Overvecht for if I would run away
from home
Jessica(13) her getting killed for a f*cking bean
ouit first setllement tree hut in thus tree – anti earth-quake- they made a porn movie in it- have a look at the size of our matras -this is a grown up girl with 1,65 cm!!

a real one with new barrel(to prove we are the boss of Colt), picture made by us I believe, creatively we put some of our fresh build Abraham tank experience’s in… for serious troopers Colt Canada is runned and or and and secured by militia, already hunted but I can scense they are still in busiiness, be warned, very warned they hunt!! anyone asking questions….bounties remain

our first (free)magazine after turning LA district into a F1 race track to prevent a big city with aholes was build – after the war – the chinese characters I had to shop on with gun against my head…

An old original record holder we found in our ware house -we were obliged to show both

some US desert – jet engine
Malibu 2014/2015 -no engine – atom driven – nice for graduation
for students: all plastick -linked: suit stormtrooper see blog
A LP from our plasma wearhouse, like the above car, I made movie, a stolen song:: escaping from stage, ecaping from US jews- eeeuwh -not even their food

Later the
track(Newport – Santa Clarita – Oxnard – Malibu – LA) changed into a F-Zero/
Wipeout 64 track with atom driven race vehicles. With our software minors made the
first F-Zero game computers (VR was for grownups) they were named Nintendo’s(Niet-te-doe
= don’t do it – don’t demolish)

The playstation Vita hand held Janick developed for a master, stolen again but with a wipeout version(2048) to tell our story as inventors of (race)cars and racing….maths and our Colt Smithy – for indentification and espionage we have put some tank caterpillars in the movie at the biginning, in the hope to mislead schizoid eyes so they would use our intro for Sony

A lot of 70’s “” race cras we have put in the 90’s in the game star citizen, for out memory, more bottom blog – The M50 (we are the colt’s was ours)…to the moon…my kids will remember

same ship, to carry the big engines we created these robot wheels, for to create the software, needed to carry the load even with quakes, we created ao. this atlas robot, also stolen

the engines we even used or made in our power boats, sometime crreated together with the USA famous brands…..this could be an off game picture…i remember some

Limo’s mids 70’s, rich, also the wife and children had these, thids one is from aka The  Emperor, could be a real picture again – with this black speed-boat they tried to erase our memory

ingame “” navajo dessert :: my kids and I

our revenge on BMW for slavery work on our air-port – although stolen I see

Some real images are in of the acient race track technology – Goodyear hepled us with to publice – can me made but we have more thecnology

Me on the Iron Man set, with a down sized plasma weapon, made by me and my kids, down sized and not for nothing, not for children(schizoids) -Janick drives the car construction …so it was obliged

this is what we mean – stolen atom weapons!! – status:: eliminated

this cut is real!!! qua weapons….on humans…most perfect

Also stolen from our car park The Aspar Owl – look at the video’s in this page, we were kidnapped too it to decipher the 5 bit software we used which we again refused, even the burned out is fake!!! funny…even our plastic is still on the windows…fresh stolen!!! we made pictures….again a car only for LA Man, the LA race track – some schizoid wrote it down later it became the Le Mans race event

PS. For if rescue
teams doubt about hostile Terminator activities: in Holland big amounts
Terminator vs Terminator fought war, ours won, all enemy Terminators are
eliminated, there is no change they can create them anymore…the air was hot and
burned with some sort of fractal sparks you could lit a Marlboro on those spots…a
reason to wear leather heads or put holes in your helmet!!

a practical joke they did with my half dead body, our reaction was a 10 or more tsunamies and fragging earth a couple times…space is not for nerds of who we had to invent a baked egg for or breakfast cereals – US real Nazi only!!, we elimate accordingly

–Mi crime report: my children and clones pushed into a video clip(from out Groningen-Stadkanaal or Oude Pekela) into the future, older Janick and I jumped in a other direction to try to save their lives at the other end of the studio, my kids got slaughtered and burned, we too, I (clone)also obliged do camera work. They even showed up on our pirate boat in 2015 before we all jumped back….in time…… not my habit…the black kid got killed too by Obama Barak…fagot reasons…air time…as you can sea like we dancing for life(ps a35 more than….) – my son plays CIA, lokking to the pas with a thumb in his mouth but as marine they regroup….

Join Or Die – our flag also soldiers and we created for abofe the Smithy and recruitement stand, this time we lokked for soldiers to revenge Kaa (“he is ok”, later the snake in Jungle book) who was cut into pieces by hooligan family members…… we did for our horses and Lions too, see this blog and our swords -again history was falsified around this flag which resulted in dead penalties(some of them we were hired for to kill our selves) – we also killed Kaa ourselves, this was the first flag of the, our, war against the animal’s (dyno’s) – Kaa was a giant phyton who could beat a 200 meter high T-Rex, fierced oin both ocean’s – it was world news we killed him hence all the tribes visited the USA the congratulate us – we killed with a big circle saw we used to create water terraces for agriculture, even in 2015/2016 people from Malibu showed us some still excisting grooves in the rock

the US Rebel Flag and stars and stripes ditto, both US army regiment flags being abused by fraudulent people(police)
and history falsifiers – compensations will be paid on illegal fines wearing, showing the rebel flag or swatika
in the right way with the right background, not forged history – up to dead punishment for id theft(from out my robben island)
Of course
we repaired Kaa and to have him take revenge by himself as requested we turned
him into a monkey actor for planet of the apes(enlarged his brain and nerve sysytem) were his slaughterers would show
up in future. We changed him in a ape to see how he was fighting war, a T-Rex had vistited our earth again and we failed beating him, we managed and put Kaa his soul to rest too, ps this was a US military procedure…

Founder and
as Harley Davidson’s, where does the name comes from: my son and I building
bikes, court martial visited us with police: “What are you doing” grinding
grinding “Can you here me?” my Son answers “hardly” , that’s his Son(thavhisson)
the police answers and pointed out…the Judges smiled “that’s a Harley Davidson”
, I think they gonna bring some more good

– a photo from our stone age, on internet, Tamales, from our kitchen, solen with violence, what we we made often normaily with meat but our havest of strawberry was too big for even concerve it, starnge to see our neanderthal plate and table again[source]…and typical fork

my son or me, captured, even by criminal Judges, burned with flame thrower, covered with plastic for Resident Evil, Terminators just could save the little ones

the reason, on the set us was given only some teflar to make suite fighting IS

ps like Bruce Lee, make a weapon of you weak points, your wife cheating aiming for divorce…and you not going for more money…real money that would make Judges jealous to give to your wife because they got wifes too……going on with your life

An old invention, grinder machine, of me, the CIA killed us with it stealing it, making a new on enlarging it we went to the CIA’s office and grinded and killed +- 15-20.000 agents with family, the terminators  collected them from their homes…

me beheaded against wall, done bt IS, AIVD and CIA(renee & marti) -our reaction, we are still the terminator their children was doing it back to 30-60 of their childrens/clones and we raped their woman -for my students I got memory on the wall being nice and cool without brain….and pushing for it and aginst to the wall

My Son posing for Ikea, one of our USA
founded company’s, how coincidentally, how he look like me, long time no see
Add caption
one of our first catalog’s

The 25 most expensieve estates of the USA, bananas, my kids said to be the Fuhrer “” you will have to buy them most prop(for if we not already did)…..I can calculate that too…if we do they are not for others when we are not there!! Terminators are still shooting at trespassers, up until today, one told me yesterday, but I was almost drunk….we alreadi lived in these houses, with groceries!!

other pics from the war we remember our horse robots(see black beaty story above:

us painted by Terminators, older me flirting with woman – USA not PoLand

aka captain blackbeard who my kids gave a role in Tintin cartoons
my divorce “” with Sally -future portals brough to much danger

my son or me

ohter Colt weapons:: I as robot in Ditrict nine, shooting at stunt man with real wepons and real effects of those weapons, the stunt man could be my cousin Marcel

She Lob her old robot, watch only wires keeping it up, she visited my home for identifying the pictures, and for some juices….I recieved a tab on my shoulder..I took pictures—stolen warfare or illegal sold by criminal generals!!! lady’s…status:: disabled

reporter is wanted for kidnapp
with slaughter

since we invented everything possible with Robots som Criminal politician, generals and compadres sold our old toys  I see?? nonsense to invest tax money in it of cource like the spider above- do we have to store everything in space? why do we have to live Holland??….kidnapped

some more robots, too bad and not isis took pictures from it and try to show them to a shooting Judge
ditto, pictures we took in the old restored Colt mill(NY)
A movie set they thought…..

welcome on board they thought, why on accu? to make electricity necessary

 Lauren made this one[terminator]

how we kill our man……to become terminators[we are graduated, don’t worry] but indeed placing their souls can be done too

As forseen we would be captured we builded a starfleet like in the Game Star Citizen to fight the counter party – terrorists forced us to build the game in like 15 minutes wityh our terminators but with violence also the people from Star Citizen – some real images are in of me filming my kids with their space ship:

A cool story for if we are not going to kill all Americans, project killing and eliminating The Sandworm (again). As small kids we already succeeded to kill him on earth with our terminators. With water pipes from Malibu to the desserts of El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve, approximately 450 miles long . The craters are from the worm and our bombs. The right person for the right job for a lot of pesos!! My kids and I made the statue. The video is taken from my helmet on some far away planet…..the images are used(stolen) in the game Star Citizen -in 2016 we taken and tortured in this dessert to threath us to shut up about, a lot of jealousy indeed

The crater in Arizona ditto, just a small neutron bomb and in tyhose days there were not a lot of humans in America the rest waited in Canada to hide for the blast….

the Iron we used for the pipes we conviscated back and stored it into space, we forgot it – to bad – Hollywood did not – we lived in it for a couple months
we us so many iron fot the pipes, we had to build space ships from our tractors, my Son and me..2016
taken from Star Citizen, a game I already developed early 90’s inside my Microsoft office, we had to delay dev because Gates tried to steal it to Europe, hhe is a bit schizoid, he saw Nazi’s 😉 – a company raised by the CIA to erase our copyright claim – we were totured over there on old shop of me and my kids to see if we could make mal’s to create toys of our fleet – we killed 2 or 3 of their families for it already
Our typical badboy tail(as inventors/founders of Harley Davidson)
we had to kill three or four of them and soldiers were complaining about 101 cloned George Michaels we eliminated!! Good commerce for the Colt pistols…

For team F15 hurricane-creators hunters, they wanted this weapon t0o for their country, Holland too 😉 – ex pilot

our moon!!!! I had to bow the wing tops, in Malibu, building this ship with my kids and terminators to protect the wing being slammmed with axes by terrorists – mid 70’s

Disney Concept art – European and US spies did thei hair the same – it turned into the 60’s…

On vacation ……where did we write Lord of the Rings…..over here too

An old Shell ship with those iron snake arms, older riggers maybe remember

Utrecht-Holland after bombarding it with the Terminators, a plasma too to repair the local earth’s surface, it will influence the US’s one oif we do not – still an attempt – a revenge on activating Malibu’s vulcano(2014/2015) killing several families -it looks shopped but it is not -minutes later we were attacked fom out Germany and got kidnapped – +- end 2015

Lift off for Holland…2015

another pic we hided on the net – same journey -the Dutch are right we love lava!!:-)

Inside our Point Dume vulcano’s smithy, a smaller version made for and by 4 yr old’s – it was also the filset for Iron man 2010/11….& other movies

our pump up for this job(last clip, real murdering me), hear Malibu, like schizoids do in the clip – a real murder, Marita, my ex, is commited by me in this clip- of course disguised – i am holding the manchete

inside the tower this above – NY 1st building..

impressing some girls with my to young Son behind me…..

squeeze your eyes looking at this one, you will see our beheaded heads….so in revenge we build this one

obliged to make these but they f*cked us over, so jetengines and no atom ropulsion, my kids test flying:

taken from this site -table & books are stolen from us picture: imagine these ships placed on big planets too look like sea stars, that’s really how big dyno’s are for people who visited our ships anr or fought with us….staff staff… etc.

Space Shuttle Ruins – or me and my kids trying to escape Russia, financed……we managed
but had to build three shuttles!! To create a mask – all done by hand…..we are
out of tricks – like a as small kid was kidnapped to a eagles nest – no way you
could escape – my kids walked back from California to Wyoming to rescue me…..2-3
years old!!

for the girls & non gay Judges, our penises where this big hence the hint

Once created to kill giant eagles, like
the ones from Lord of the Rings. My kids and I have to fly it, at the same time
it was a film set I believe. The air-force tries to intercept but cannot
penetrate our shield. They were convicted for murder and kidnap.

One of our room in the 70’s our 90’s one of our
planets – I was just a simple Bounty Hunter and not the upper professor, again
they killed all my children. We waited 30 years and eliminated all human
colonist, their robots and dyno’s. Even the possibility of human cloning if
GenISys does not allow it. We gave our room a place in Start Citizen to repair our memory…..[this planet “”, at the moment we hated lava, I created inside Pentagon’s garden, they laughed at me, we eliminated all illegal citizens, on my back you can see were NASA comes from…..NZSA == NaZi Science American]- nah nah from neuken…szzie as Z

Here I(&Janick) drive into IS keeping Lauren kidnapped and tortured, as bounty hunter killing my own daughter. In hospital we were repaired….like this one we did almost all crash into crowd counter attack’s even in F1 and Indy 500

here we lived in Germany, escaping Dutch RARA violence, with A’dam bounty hunt money, the Dutch/RARA kidnapped us back – a little bit graceland is in…

our revenge on Sony Barger, calling us nothing but Computer Game characters…:-) programming Star Citizen at company stolen into RobertIndustries….

This was not at Newport ca but at Maarsseveense plassen Utrecht 1976-77, I was taken hostage from out the USA, Jimi Hendrix was deported so was my family

discovering the USA, we ended up in Holland after the big war. This was our
farm, a Smithy for Colt guns and a lot of sugar beet fields for producing
Cocaine. Which we sold in Amsterdam in our Acetone and alcohol factory, for disguise.
We saw the Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison crew(Janis Joplin) as visitor/workers
more than my mother and GOV
J!!! The house was stolen and they gave it to
old Grandpa Beeren, We had to live in Utrecht……wonder child’s & upper
professors…go figure….do we want it back? Who knows?!
Soesterberg Holland 1978:::me on vocal @ 28::28 like some f micheal Jackson::Fantazia Takes you into Summertime 1992 via

the Leetun microscope, Bruce Lee wanted it, but
Janick invented it and sold it to the Chinese. As 3 and 4 years old we
swallowed lenses sometimes so for the market and court these were better for
minors to start with…not….a mega rage in the 70’s USA – also a stolen invention, these power full, like others, digital dino microscope, my kids and I already tried to get it back, but there were hostages

As the inventors of steel, the Colt’s…

4 police that tries to prevent (internet) publications and with murder & rape the other way around….i give you the bullet, sieg heil..The Laptop Boys:
4 police awareness: the real ones , including Marisse and family & Martin) that kidnapped Heineken (and me) are kidnapping my children away from me for the same reasons. As kid Holleder walked in and out of our House, while Utrecht police dragged me out to bring me to a playground.

Note: we are for America, which was and is also together with Dinosaurs and Religious. Too bad we have both spieces, like we all have animals, as natural enemy. For us, would you start a McDonalds if you do not profit, you would start Justice if you there is no distinction, it’s all about making profit.

Could it be the entire US Army, therefore trators, lives in Europe, with uniform that is? Even the fake President Trump? For I and we know I am still the President….a bit like Poetin….but Democracy is my invention….for all I know we(my kids and I) still live in the White House from time to time…..since 40 years…James just told me….

The President’s sword, welded by my Son(original) and me, with a hinge to replace the brace knuckles more easy(the us marines officers swords had a swastika instead of a Isreali star…jewhh) self-made pictures…the Lion from our books and movies, as the the black panter and bears

right about now even LA times is European(hacked)

As the inventors of Colt’s , we also invented computer & element controlled welding, intelligent steel. Like our first F14 planes were built out of one piece of iron or aluminum. To widen up the wing, the plane without mechanics, cut itself into pieces and welded in a new form (even into a flying dish). Famous was our Cube from the movie Hell raiser (a gift to the Pentagon / General that was stolen by Hollywood). Remember trailer trucks full we loaded and transported with massive pallets just with cubes, for our soldiers …….

we just build and sold Colt 1911 guns like a hell raiser cube (Colt hell raiser editions)
, with fancy designs that could be chosen from a
one time use remote
no serial number attached to the dna / software of the one that touched it, connected to the Pentagon’s criminal search computer – more at the bottom – we are General’s / Chiefs
after complains we had this one that could be changed into a gun or big knife – this is one of those I malformed a bit


advice -always have a gun in our hands – we do
A pile of Iron and elements is enough to build any ship. We transformed this invention into Terminators and from terminator we went to human & brain building robots, very needed in the army. With 8 monitors to inform and guide the rest of the surgeon team. All it needed was some basic elements grown in Mc Donald’s bags for their shakes.
Again we were destroyed, bombed and stole by Hollywood, ISIS participants, medical industrials to be used in sci-fi movies, while it was still in development by the army.
Hollywood with test models…..

Robots my kids and I had to build from ours, being kidnapped & tortured by ISIS

a punishment down grade, because we already could morph people
some doctors changed people including us into mise
A plane we build in 2003 was down to a F14 with mechanics for a movie …
Morphing in Atom driven steel (changing position against all known elements of all univeses), we invented it. Comcept, but a real picture: (I remeber a flying 6x smithy, the fans kept the smoke away – the flying Colt factory !!!)
Like this tree hologram, a screensaver for
a criminal search program, atom driven, from our office in the Pentagon stolen
by Hollywood at x-mass night while my kids and a were having diner inside our
office. The computer looked inside the DNS of live for DNA belong to our
Universal sectors in space(and further fur criminal astronauts) – to see if
they have clones or were eliminated from the DNA tree -we thought it was
cozy but the CIA/Brennan
bombed our office -it is anti terrorism what we do and anti dinosaur…think
aliens, that was real embryo T-Rex’s, they can be found to on the individual
more(one of the reasons
the earth cans split in tow, or we do id that T-Rex’s lay they eggs deep into
the lava)
this tree we build in our garden, somewhere in California, to test if it is nature like our software, with atom energy and elements that is, they were very common in America early 70’s form east to west – a very bizarre sight from hills – T-rex did not repair their tsunamis – punkers neither – could be our only rescue after tsunami terrorism -maybe once our inspiration to build Microsoft (army) – America as first Americans is a lot of our property – we build the twin Tower, my kids and I, and we remove them when we want – we plant these trees too when we want – hopefully with our army behind us – as we write as the highest in rank in the USA – no matter what the White House, the Church, in what we call, why we are trying to forbid us, the aftermath of the self-created disasters job proving that planting trees was faster than our method – Upper Chief Masters Janick, Ray and Lauren – as we see it now hostages of the Dutch Army summit, a war declaration for us
Our Black Smith stamp we left in MS Edge Browser:

A hint or Windows in Windows mail app Windows 10, just have a look in how it is created in 3 to 10 days in contrast with the pine trees – our inspiration to build Microsoft (Army)

Not all DNA is suitable to regenerate a person or his children, this computer shows it. We would never have started our invention If my children could not be regenerated from me, I did in the 70’s, or the other way around. The reason that we bounty Hunt family members or really crazy criminals too ….

A atom driven B52 morphed to this shape by Lauren, Janick and me – we could even walk on the wings, some Russian terrorist and CIA trying to sell one, bringing it home
My Son and I shooting at CIA, licensed? we were obliged to develop this weapon (texas?) a eapon my kids and i build 4 years old in the 70’s, the degrees buttons was a lot of work together ISIS members ……. we just hardened the steel a bit –
We did not pay our taxes, we were confiscated so we turned into terrorists
the bivouac hats were stolem from our Smithy in Malibu, for doing operations
Cluster Bombs, also an invention of my kids and I like to drop on our family – I still see it folding them in as 4 year old’s … aaaah
Worldwide, 137 private and public financial institutions continue to invest almost US$43 billion into producers of banned cluster munitions. Leading financial investors and loan providers include:…
My Son and I, kidnapped, 70’s – our plane & spacecraft (stashing the torndo) stolen to Germany to steady the Hitler fraud, believe it was not the US army first colors – like the swatzika was a wheel invention / try out to steady hay wagons for earthquakes we made with other farmers later our Generals … on and off the Pentagon people still walking around in our Nazi (space uniforms and we ate a lot of nasi / rise in those times) uniforms (also the bad people)
earlier inventions but not everything goes well as you can see
yhat’s what you get from stealing old planes
Me 4 years old, I think, bombing
family(ISIS)in California'(see the tsunami damage of Dino’s), self build F4(the
first) & bombs – 70’s -topped mountains from mining by me and my bull dozer
-billions and billions of people where watching us in these valleys(from Europe
& Asia) making the invention of all time – the invention iron, machines
& war – and photography – my kids made picture and hided it
on – it’s one or was one of the most wanted by CIA picture to destroy -it was stored on chip -we were looking for source code on old 70’s computers that were stored by the Pentagon -cool we found in sufferin amnesia from being tortured and kidnapped by the CIA – This planes – jet eniges I used to make bombs – it flies atom driven
The front of
the plane had a hole, not enough iron to complete (morph) the plane, we filled
it with the same morph technique and empty glass Coca Cola bottles. The only
thing that was not stolen from our smithy. the small flat mountain my children and me(4 years old) did with our self-build bull dozer and dynamite the big one

the US Army -clothes, education, food and weapons -some later we pressed the first money – we were the first Americans so the honor was ours

I was 4 years old in America and I was 4 years old in America.
They hanged around my neck hammering on the Smithy though they are warm welcome to European hooligans, see jet fighter above. The kids do you remember playing puppet show next to the smithy for you? Later we had to build puppet traineeships for the Puppet show, Sesame street all over the world, in Holland for the movie from Ome Willem ……

police report: a machine stolen from our house @ the old canal in Utrecht to powder powder for our olibollen stand at the Neude – stolen by ISIS in attempt to give us bad name


Maybe we
have to warn for Point Dume Malibu. It was The us first army airport, our
smithy were we build atom weapons from environment and enemy soldiers hided in
the woods around Point Dume. It happened and can still happen that people can
disappear into dust. We have warned the population in 2013 but Brennan and the
governor sold our property to construction companies. The Pentagon had budget
again(and always due to not Bounty Hunting enough creating budget from tax
money – the companies suffer less terrorism) It really should be an MILITARY
airport, hangars, weapons, terminators might rise, might be programmed to
appear. Our programs also eliminates schizoids in the US & Canada and body
parts and genes all over the world by erasing them into elements -you will then
see some black cloudy stuffy like small tornados -there will be some time left
to hunt them for the game – my kids and I refused to stop it -it works 2we saw
it with our own eyes—unbelievable beautiful – the reason why Brennan is often in Europe

Also over here we get an empty ship back – the crew is killed by the programm – first we tought it was a tsunami left over -I was working on my skills so we had some grass placed on deck -I payed a 1 dollar fine – we also did an evac in the Senate and House of representatives, same story – for the movie Vanilla Sky we abused the empty city to make a movie- two yars ago half Houstan, Dallas etc etc was gone – whole suburbs had to be removed – I believe we removed jumping to Europe because it was undemining the Genocide – that brings extra tasks in that we have to be transported back manual – they kidnapped jumpers to commit crime – open issue – pls come get us – stolen jump hardware from the 70’s we managed to destroyed all over the world and in space
We also discovered some bits of Hollywood and the White House is European for better wages but illegal and made possible by kidnapping us. Even Trump * governs from Europe and we already deposed him once. The European television / movie fraud is very big and aggressive, be warned. How we already knew, we had a video rental (Family video Oklahoma / redbox) with original Hollywood movies, for example terminator or Rambo with American play no Stallone or Schwarzenegger,. I also experienced European steal scripts through jumping as director, for example the Aliens movies …. * The reason why they are from Cambodia and not Obama [my kids and I also recorded additional White Houses all over the world movies}

we found “alien” acid, slury and a jumping gear onboard
we used to attack ISIS with their stolen technology

My kids and
I were kept in wheelchairs, our little 4 years old build this circle & me from the 1991 riots with open skull –to walk
with us in area’s they were allowed to walk in, later we had a Smithy on the
other side of the Volcano(North CA). It was their goodbye to us they hoped it
would be on Google Earth –they suicide commando’d themselves in space
destroying hardware and software that criminals used to keep us prisoned/hostage.
Bye sweethearts…

ps Cris stapelton(tenesee wiskey-my song) like the Colt factory or Lord of the Rings(I ate Tolkien & fakre Colt like shawarma – John Brennan – are high on my list to kill – i will not take compenations –I earn my own money … … …symbolic – if this is not arragned within one week we make Mcdonalds Cheese burgerds of the Court martial I mean one Youtube -1 week (we hope to find some comanders, marine and commando’s for this becuase we are going ti kill every Cm we meet firnthis) – the CM is therefore dismissed for salary adminstarion until further notcie -Pentagon take over and stay verifiable
My children
and I payed the CM more than $93 million dollar to arrange the replacements of
the Coca Cola, McDonalds, Dodge, Harley Davidson, Microsoft, Colt, Walt Disney etc etc(our companies). Also
to have the songs we wrote in the past back on our name, like the one from Chris.
All child murderers upto in our McDonalds on birthday parties with baseball bats,
you name it. All victims if alive and with these people dead or in prison will
be compensated of course. If the Pentagon would be so nice to book the money
back from the Courts budget, we would be thankful. Budget for the victims, who
have to fear the life is calculated by my kids to be achievable, certainly after
the perpetrators(CEO’s after the CIA kidnapped us are back into bussiness in our companies which they did with violence by the way) are eliminated. -the one(s) with stars and stripes
– Chief Master Chief Ray Colt

Walt Disney: last thing my kids and their clone was creating How to train your dragon (2010-2014), as goodbye to each other(we talking about 15.120 man hours we have put into it!!! not really a stolen can of Coke), they were built from left over materials from the ’70’s, we had a good time reinventing the Terminators. The animation movie was stolen by Dreamworks with deadly violence. Our clones were at home on Point Dume, Malibu, CA / USA Again we were back at Walt Disney, but apperently Dreamworks managed to republish it but we still have our money from the CM – so that it can be withdrawn from their budget at the Pentagon ……. it’s a lot of money – Cressida Cowell’s book is also stolen from our smithy – those were our notes

Some Judges and me verdict Pixar guilty (verified), an old stolen office or me where I started Microsoft media and reprogrammed Microsoft, and some Disney Staff members. DVD and Blue Ray’s where already sold under Disney’s name.Customers could exchange there Pixar one for nothing. The army was needed to deprive the Pixar building and even the Air force used bombs. That’s how much weaponry they used and my children as hostage. If the CIA would wipe it out with a tsunami we would write it on their budget. So they did.

ditto the song: “

Pull You Through

crime report:

My Son and I, kidnapped by bad cop CIA, have to practice to jump into planes for ISIS,



“Work methods we are good at thats founders of McDonalds” – Renee stabs us in the head to behead us after crashing into the plane ( original movie we edited):
For the Pentagon, a aproved model from our smithy, upfront laser to aim, two plasma / atom canons, the fans were not nececary to cool the steel (under water navigation holes they were) – good for hunting almost everything (but schizi t- rex included) -one to remember (strange to type this now after 2 years amnesia being hostage – all resources gone)

a you have wrecks of a SU29, F16, a stealth fighter, some solieds and gasoline adnd Colt designers – would you like to have a middle finger up – we won a batlle with this one

me paying ransom for my and Trump his kids – to the Dutch

a other Genral from Pentagon / designer – humpf (normal jealous) – with our knowledge, we could work under water without the fans …. good design (malibu 2013)

a drawing of my daughter or her fav dino – standing up the rich over 30 miles high-looking into space – ready to jump – we had nice day at beach with them ….


We were
kidnapped – bombed Uzi etc – dinosaurs polluted Israel
We and US navy build this for our smithy later to create drink water
To create genocide – let dinosaurs pollute the water while we had drinking water



history – we created this picture like this temple with one push on a button
with our software as a wink to the
US original jungle my son took picture of me
taking pictures

Also we had a lot of slurry or dead Israel in here because Israel did not want to pay it back WW2, it was proven WW @ did not happen so we killed 100 million of millions, one of our coolest assignments, We the temple of the Saudi and they have a temple of it

a contest between my children and me who could make the best robot Terminator, 1975 – just to distract our enemy, to cool them down, “we did not create the Terminators” -:-) -they were conviscated as the Flemming valves

traces of our gang – chigaco – the hunt for capone (isis / my dad) – hence the bullet – a violine suitcase of mine – I took picture – the bullet my Son threw in

Spiders from
space(they shot some rag next to my head couple days agoo)
– believe it or not – sometimes you will see spider rag from space from
big ass she lobs(I am the writer of Lord of the Rings – based upon the American
jungle wars). Those spiders lived in Europe to. My momma offered me to one as
half embryo, she left to Malibu(point dume) and breaded me in a cocoon. I breaded
my kids in dead cow after their dead I passed them over to a she-lob to breed
them so we were both Son’s of spiders(the are between 30-50 meters bit) – these
saddles we not only used on T-rexes, found in Swiss – we can raise a massive army with them even beat up T-rexes of 300m high….
a hard raising we had -see the stone puins to compensate the spitedrs their teeth
we found a lot or thesis in army deposit in Washington too – funny
well if we presented Windows 10 and a plasma motherboard like this….spiders do small snack management, that’s tru too- our inspiration to raise McDonalds for example
Pelicanshided our embryos at sea for the big spiders (in 2000 they did again in Miami)
as hostages I am the constructor on the ladder building the Berlin wall – Janick movies with a 8mm

New York, Staten Island – Seaview Hospital – Greenbelt Nature Center



After tsunamis and being repaired in this Hospital my kids and I worked there. We started to develop robots with Terminators for the Hospital as an experiment for the army. We had a house build which has been turned into the Greenbelt Nature Center. Brennan and ISIS some fraudulent troopers and constructors removed us with violence. Even the guards and soldiers were kidnapped and beheaded. Technology and a smithy supporting a trillion dollar business were demolished by Holland from the Senator and the Mayor. We solve a couple Terminators, the source code and our lives. We already have $ 10 billion dollars on our personal account, we do not know how the Pentagon feels about it’s losses … .. + – 2015 – the animals on our property were rabep and tortured and cut into pieces – see photo’s google maps

Belvedere Castle, Central Park – New York

My children’s and my old castle, built by us where we were raised 70 years old, as first President of America with the Metropolitan Museum of Art families. We built the world’s first Zoo for the children, to have nice walks. Central park is still a bit our property, our garden, hence it’s shape. Well if you were told, we took back out money, built some theater and rock venues, rebuild all buildings and added 8 baseball fields and had a nice dinner with limousine in our old castle.

after the bombvest murder attempt on us at manchester 2016 my kids and I were allowed to take pictures we hided on google maps

The Colt’s family weapon


A statue, made for us, the way we dressed our Mustangs (dino / alien acid, they offered their help) defeating the European tribes and spiders in Malibu CA. The crown made dinosaur think we were clove, schizoids …. Linked: the Mustang on our Colt weapons –The Mustangs were bullied and hunted by schizoid humans and dynos, until their hoofs were gone and they walked on their bones. One of them is a Mustand in need almost speaking loudly, showing me his splint in his hoof. “Must Tang” “Must Tang” “Must Tang” has been slissed (swished). He showed me his hoof aaah and I removed his splint with a Tang (pliers) gave him (some later with my kids) and thousands and thousands of Mustang iron horseshoes (a Colt invention) to make my parents and the dino’s even more schizoid so I could kill them.

This is him boss / General or all Mustangs, Black Beauty, my kids and I jumped back in time to say goodbye to a stolen a (mis) abused for Hollywood movies (pic duties point dume ca 1976/2015) …. he offered his help in the war … aka the talking horse this is … Mustangs learned me not to look like monkey’s to invents something but to open mussels and oysters (a wild horse’s delite) .. .pleanty to find in Malibu … later exported to Holland


Janick his horse back then – an oldie but wild

Lauren’s Picatoo or something



on the statue The last King of Poland, my kids and I killed him for it and contributed to publish this book with our own money – a picture of hundred years ol from the polaroid serial killer

A statue of my castle, my clones and I made it in precence of soldiers “Romeo & Juliet” = “” Janick and Laueren “-Janick on our typical malibu shoes-Hells Angels they were happy to see in Malibu – we have impaled & dried up in the sun the mother and mother of the volcano – hence Lauren her small belly

A picture from us all nine together, small ray (4year old) placed him in Holland online – made with his 40 year old camera and ISIS while jumping behind them

The Colt’s B choice for the Colt weapon factries logo – it’s still a discussion

Our names are removed for this new design (+ – 2014) The Colt’s but same inventors, you know a lot of money, cheap bastards – although we used it – an other violation by the patent council 1911 model in revenge – they charge us money for all our patents – putting them on names of dangerous murderes

2015/2016 The Nine were back home – we prepared a small plasma show for New York at Malibu Smithy – Like all Mario’s games we’ve been running here -millions of people runned into the partk to watch, we just show the “fire works” dragon from Lord of the Rings -ISIS members that were jumped in the field were eliminated

updating Microsoft as usual with big show -this time jumping is dissabled -you’ré on your own

\ The troll(for not make Homo’s jealous), described in our Lord of the Rings.
My kids and I were obliged to rebuild it again. Al “special effects” are real.
This is real atom bomb warfare, flushed away with tsunamis. It’s build from our
cellulose, this time with my soul, the pain is real, it results in anger and
with the right Justice the right kind of warfare. The “burning hearth” is
copied from T-rex cellulose, the way a way they transport themselves or are in
ware mode or both. We used it too in vehicles. A Euro Hollywood Superman movie.

A Euro Hollywood Superman movie.

Our grave stones, one for my twins one for me – the perpetrator was martialed at once – the one with 100 clones – from their ashes and our blood we mad camouflage to honor them like in the big war,we started to hunt him thru the jump ports and finished him – some drawings the little “tolkiens” left us after walking in the wild in Holland also after a tsunami 2015 and having bought all the still fresh mushrooms next door, they got stole by a Italian girlfriend of Lisa abigail L. we already hunted her with flame thrower more 5 times or more she was US Convicted and has clones -we founded Walt Disney with these images – a Judge saved them for us…some are as 40 years old!!

Angels forced us to make emblems (70’s), this is what we did to them – years later they took us back whit black widows over here in Lombok -they also know she-lob (see picture story above picture)

The images are stole from Disney US, where they were stored, big fights. We spent half a lifetime making them digite in our castle in NY city. I promised Disney to download them myself, here they are in a zip (ripped). The little ones would have loved it ….. The Tattoos we made ourselves..Everard ??? the Strongman:

The little ones left the stars in Microsoft Maps app in Windows 10 to say goodbye and as a link to programmers of many computer games

A revolver of the Colts (the Nine) after tsunami North east polder Holland2015 / 16, made of Dutch lava to shoot wild humans – handmade in outdoor nature smithy [ on youtube as ] [ ditto used to hunt down the fake / real Hitler – ditto it looked like an airgun – we used inside Arendsnest]


The house & smithy my children and I build in Malibu point Dume we were all books of Tolkien -it was moved to Central Park mid-70’s – in the theater we had a theater where we read, just for and by children, behind us suits for open play with wooden swords – a lot of CMs and we finished the US LAW Books in this house graduating us automaticlly (we did our garduation too, more than once)

The Malibu beach was moved, even the fence …. the shakespeare garden, why ?, we wrote the shakespeare books too even in our Broadway …

Kidnapped away, we could not finish the other side of the fence

As Black Smiths we built our house on small poles, just Amsterdam & Sweden followed, we just lifted up the house after quakes with our gear -our bikes – we had a good time here again -work house / school / book writing / smithy / writing University lesson material / doing inventions (early 70’s that is)

A painting created by my children and me symbolic for the great big war between all spieces 1975

The Hill “” My kids and I sled on here in 2006 and 2015, 2016 – bloody chains with our remains, that was fake Tolkien too, we are so proud we killed him ourselves …. Belverdere we fed to our crocs .. .So was Einsten also my (our) aka, a man from Europe requested ein stein to hit my head others thought it was Toll pointing at our inventions kien (smart)

In this castle on Dark Island we are used to build very big Terminators but it looked like a church …. a big Dino always gets on this Island, for a trip to their planet he helped us building it …..
maybe New Yorkers remember

40 years agoo we cloned as much as possible jungle from Malibu (we survive the tsunamies) clone back on the hill of our volcano

Typical US / Colt / our species architecture – my kids and I build this together with soldiers, it was copied and we had assignments in Greece and Istanbul but it was used to falsify history, too bad, too bad -typical our good hearth
Architecture – we did in Ny with our Terminator Software – amazing not? one push on the button – could also be used for movies

Central park is as big as Battle ship Galactica the mini version the macro one is as big as the island floated above it after the war – we showed the New Yorkers 2-3 years agoo …. go figure – like ou mini catle it could be morphed into a macro version, the real pentagon, hwo did not belong in our castle, the Pentagon in Washington was used to different departments in turns

Point Dume
Malibu Birdview
Our last house in near Los Angeles, confiscated by Brennan and colored people. We had an office in the building, it was meant for living. As founders and owners of the Coca Cola, McDonalds, Domino’s, Colt etc factories … .yeah right ….. Cool to know is, here we defeated the European army, starting the USA and the little volcano became Mountain Doom in out Tolkien books.
we hope CM’s is gouging to keep promise to every one of us having put one foot in our home

Gives they build dunes in Holland in the 70’s – I must have been mistaken– bad loosers they are -we won ….. the children won …..

n o du t Y O f